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A red-breast from a neighb’ring tree

Beheld his hapless state;
Ah! cease thy piteous plaint, said she;

Nor hope to fhun thy fate.

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Poor bird ! be sure thy death's decreed;

No eloquence will do;
Since he, the wretch to whom you plead,

Is judge and party too.

J. H.




THY influence, love! through ev'ry climate

The savage deiart and the rural plains ;
Through ev'ry region of u bounded space,
The feather'd songsters and the fylvan race,
Through earth and air and sea thy arrows fiý,
Nor miss the deep recesses of the sky;
Not ev'n thy mother Venus or her dove
Are spard by thee whose iliaf, s have wounded

But chicf the briny ocean owns thy sway,
Where sport the fea-calves, where the dolphins


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Hence Venus sprung, emerging from the wave,
Which since inherits what her influence gave;
Her snowy bosom o'er the flood the rais’d,
The nereids envy'd, as the sea gods prais’d;
Her ruddy blushes kindled all her frame,
And warm’d the element from whence she came,

Ere Sol, refresh'd, from Thetis' lap arose, Or bade Aurora's nymph the dawn disclose, Old Ocean's God quits Amphitrite's bed, And strokes night's circling billows from his head; With eye ferene surveys the quiet deep, And lecs his realms within the folds of sleep.

Happy the kingdom which the monarch's

eye, Thus watchful guards nor fees a danger nigh.

To Triton with paternal voice he calls, “ Quick lead my finny coursers from their stalls; " As on this day thy father Neptune led “ Fair Amphitrite to the nuptial bed; “ Her blushing beauties met my eager arms, “ And bless'd my wishes with her virgin charms; “ Sated with love, she now adorns my side, “ Nor longer knows the fervors of a bride : “ But, Triton, thou my mandate straight obey, “ Summon the nymphs to grace the nuptial day; " This annual morn a festival I keep, « To entertain the beauties of the deep,

66 IV hether

“ Whether upon the dolphin's back they ride, “ Or in the rivers bathe their snowy side ; “ To every silver lake and food repair, " Naiads and nereids with cerulean hair ; “ Tell them, their queen, bright Amphitrite, claims “ This tributary honour from the streams ; “ Their azure trelles let them quick display, “ And paint their charms in honour of the day.'

Triton obeys, the vocal shell he fills,
The fountains hear him to their distant hills

; Pleas'd they attend the god of ocean's call, And grace with deities the ample hall.

O muse! their names and dignities relate, And say what seas and rivers grac'd the state.


The British ocean first advanced to view, Various the gifts from different climes she drew, She comes enriched with iv'ry and gold, With slaves adorn'd, and warlike treasure bold; A ship of war falutes her as she pass'd, And bends the waving honours of her maít.


From north to fouth the great Atlantic rolls, And with her billows seems to wafla the po'es;

Rich wines and fruits her laden vessels freight,
And foreign treasures on her commerce wait.


The great fouth sea for golden ingots known,
Attends the state of Amphitrite's throne;
Rich cochineal its scarlet wealth displays,
And indico presents its purple rays;
A cocoa nut of ample

size the

gave, Filld with rich sugars by a negro flave; Rich were her robes of state, her train was new, By Mexico supported and Peru.


The Indian ocean next appear’d in place,
In her right hand she held a China vale;
In Persian perfume as the nymph drew near,
The di’mond jewels glitter'd in her ear.


The northern fea displays his icy waves, Rushing from Lapland's heights and jellied laves; A diadem of isicles he wears, Cloath'd with the fur of white amphibious bears ; Which nightly on the fetter'd ocean prowl, And to the moon their horrid dirges howl; Here, as old legends tell, o'er frozen tides Upon a brcom the polar forc'ress rides;


To wind-bound mariners she vends her gales,
Or raises storms to rend their hapless fails;
Then on the coasts the wrecks the wretched

And in their blood her webbed hands imbrues;
Luxurious feasts upon their reeking gore,
And leaves th’unbury'd carcase on the shore.

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The Thames, bright queen of rivers rolls her

Not less respected for her mounds of mud;
Wedded to Ifis in connubial loves,
Her currents visit academic groves.

[SEVERN, &c.]

Sabrina next presents her silver store,
And Tweed that washes Caledonia's fhore.
Humber his hospitable flood extends,
Receiving Trent and Derwent as his friends.
Old Cam whose streams falute the muses seat,
And Tyne where colliers wash their footy feet.


Foreign Orentes, Danube, Po, and Rhine,
In speed contend to rush before the Boyne;


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