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not resist the temptation of desiring the pleasure of her company to eat with me, which she readily accepted; and, on her observing that the chickens

very sinall and nice, and to be {ure I must be hungry after my ride, I confented to have a couple of them done. She then asked me, in a most bewitching manner, if I chose to drink any thing; but, though I declared that I never touched a drop of any liquor before meals, yet the inticed me to toss up a glass of sherry, to get me an appetite, which, before, she had concluded I could not want, and the even had the coniplaisance to pledge me. When dinner was served up, I was surprised to see a dish of eels brought in; and on my saying, that I fancied the cook had made a mistake, the most civil!y begged ten thousand pardons, and said she thought I had ordered them; but added, that indeed she did not doubt but I should like them, and for her own part she was excessively fond of them. As that was the case, I could by no means consent to their being taken away; and, after we had done with the fish and the chickens, a dith of tarts spontaneously made its appearance, without waiting for the word of command. My kind landlady intreated me to taste this, and insisted

upon helping me to another, which she assured me was most excellent, till she had either forced upon me,

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or taken to herself, a bit out of each sort. I should have told you, that, during dinner, besides the usual concomitants of a tankard of each, I was prevailed on to hob and nob with her in a variety of old beer, cyder, rhenish, mountain, Lisbon, &c. and, to crown all, my landlady would even rise from table herself to make me a cup, at which she declared she had a most excellent hand. When the cloth was removed, I could not but ask her, what she chose to drink; to which she modestly answered, whatever I liked, at the same time hinting to me, that nobody had better French wines than she had. However, I thought proper to disregard all her hints of that kind, and order a simple bottle of port. When this was brought, I asked if I should help her; she told me she never touched that sort of wine; so that I could not but call for a pint of Lisbon, which she liked better. She would fain, indeed, have prevailed on me afterwards to suffer her to produce a bottle of claret, of which, she said, she could drink a glass or two herself; but finding me inflexible on that head, she compounded the matter with me, on bringing me over to consent to our having a flask of Florence, the best that ever was tafted. I need not tell


agreeable chat, or the pleasing familiarities that pailed between us, till it was time for me to mount my horse; but I could not even then get away, without doing her the pleasure first to drink a dish of tea with her, to which a pot of coffee was also added, though I did not touch a drop. In short, her behaviour was so engaging, her looks so inviting, and her artifices so inveigling, that I quite forgot how dear I was to pay for my entertainment, till the dreadful reckoning was called for, which convinced me of the justness of Bishop Corbet's remarks before quoted. Indeed, as I had ordered a superfluity of victuals that I could not eat, and of liquors that I could not drink, and all for the fake of my hostess's sweet company, I think that the bill, instead of the usual articles of bread and beer,-chicken,--wine, &c.' might have been made out--for a smile,-an ogle-a squeeze by the hand,-a chuck under the chin, a kifs, &c.-so much. For my part, I am determined, for the future, never to set my foot in an inn, where the landlady is not as ugly as Mother Redcap. A PASTORAL ELEGY.


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EEP in the grove, where tends this devious

way, Whose various windings contradict themselves, May mortal footítep venture here to stray,

Or is it sacred to the moon-light elves?

With cautious fear I tread the mossy maze ;

Pardon, ye fairy pow'rs, if I intrude ;
I come not envious on your rites to gaze,

Or mar your myft'ries with my presence rude:

A gentle nymph I seek, whose wand'ring steps Perchance have stray'd to hear these linnets

chaunt : Beneath the oak where yonder turtle weeps,

In vain I fought her melancholy haunt.

The silver stream, by whose meandring fide

So oft endearing converse we have held, All knowledge of her heedless course deny’d,

Nor happier answer did the meadows yield.

Ye Ye fair inhabitants these boughs among,

Tell me, have you the pretty damsel seen? Cease for a while your rapture-tuned song,

And answer to my less melodious teen.

But hark !--methinks the ruftling leaves declare

Some near approach ;--may it my Delia prove? And now a double voice invades mine ear

Damon and Delia!-O forbid it, love!

This way

she comes, well-acted innocence Almost persuades me she is lovely still; But paßion sure is void of influence

To cheat the senses, tho' it charms the will.

In tears, my Delia! what has Damon done?

Say, did he force thee to this lonely grove ? Has brutal violence thy virtue won,

Deaf to the loud laments of suffering love?

No voice of anguish pierc'd this list’ning ear;

Yet tell thy wrongs, and strait the spoiler dies: Vengeance shall. poise the blood-desiring (pear,

And strike the coward villain ere he flies.

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She speaks—be muté, ye echoes to her voice,

And let the tale in deep oblivion dic “ That Damon there the fates decree my choice; “ This blushing n:orn mul view the folemn tye.

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