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HE principal court of the palace is in the

middle; the stable court on the left hand; and the kitchen courts on the right. As you enter the house from the principal court, a vestibule leads to the great hall, which occupies two stories in height, and receives its light from windows in the upper story. It is furnished with full length portraits, representing king William III. queen Mary, the present king of Prussia, the late emperor of Germany, the present hereditary prince of Brunswick, the late elector of Cologne, and the famous lord treasurer Burleigh : besides which, there is a very good hunting piece by Mr. Wootton, wherein are represented his royal highness Frederic prince of Wales, lord Baltimore, lord Cholmondely, lord Boston, col. Pelham, and several of his royal highness's attendants. In this room are likewise two large vases of staruary-marble, on which are cut in baffo relievo the four seasons of From the hall a passage leads to the garden ; and on the right hand of this passage is the princess's common apartment, consisting of an antichamber, a drawing-room, a cabinet, and a gallery, with waiting rooms, and other conveniences, for the attendants. The antichamber is hung with tapestry; and over the doors are two portraits, the one of the late lord Cobham, the other of the present earl of Chesterfield.

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The drawing-room is likewise hung with tapestry. Over the doors are the portraits of his majesty king George I. and his royal highness Frederic prince of Wales. There is also another picture in the room with three heads, being the portraits of their royal highnesses the late princess of Orange, and the princefles Amelia and Caroline.

The cabinet is finished with pannels of Japan : the cieling is gilt; which together with the chimney-piece was designed by the late ingenious Mr. Kent.

The gallery, with all its furniture, is intirely executed from designs of the same gentleman. The colour of the wainscoting is blue, and the ornaments are gilt. Over the chimney is a portrait of the late princess of Orange, in a riding dress; and on each side of it is a very fine picture by the celebrated Mr. Wootton; the one representing a stag at bay, and the other a return from the chace; the scene of both is Windsor forest,


and the persons represented are the late prince of Wales, the late duke of Marlborough, Mr. Spencer, the duke of Chandois, the marquis of Powis, , lord Jersey, lord Boston, lord Baltimore, the colonels Lumly, Schutz, and Madden ; Mr. Scott, Mr. Bloodworth, and several attendants.

On the left of the passage which leads to the garden are the apartments of the bed-chamber women. In their drawing-room is a very large collection of portraits of illustrious persons of both sexes; none of them very finely painted, yet curious, and very entertaining. The cieling is executed from a design of Mr. Kent's; as are likewise the cieling, chimney-piece, and all other parts of their dining-room.

The cieling of the great stair-case was designed by Mr. Kent. The principal floor is distributed into one state apartment for her royal highness, and into lodging rooms for her children and their attendants. The state apartment consists of a gallery, a drawing room, a dressing room, antichamber, a bed-room, and closets.

The walls of the gallery are adorned with grotesque paintings, and children in theatrical dresses, by the late Mr. John Ellis. The chimney piece and all the furniture are from designs of Mr. Kent; and on the piers between the windows are four large painted looking-glasses from China,


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The cieling of the drawing-room was designed, and I believe painted, by Mr. Kent, with grotelque ornaments, in party colours and gold. The center compartment represents the story of Leda. The chimney-piece, the tables, glass-frames, and all the furniture, were designed by the same ingenious artist. The room is hung with green filk, and furnished with a very pretty collection of pictures, by Domenichino, Paul Veronefe, Albano, Claude Lorrain, Pietro da Cortona, Cornelius Jansen, Bassano, Bergheim, Bour

gognon, &c.

The cieling, furniture, and chimney-piece of the dressing-room, were designed by Mr. Kent. The room is richly furnished with Japan cabinets, and a great variety of curious works in Dresden porcelain, amber, ivory, &c. and there are also in it two large pictures; the one by Dupan, representing the children of the royal family at play; and the other the princess of Wales, with his present majesty, the duke of York, and the princess Augusta, all in their infancy, attended by lord Boston, lady Archibald Hamilton, and Mrs. Herbert.

Her royal highness's bed-chamber is hung with tapestry: the cieling and chimney-piece were designed by Mr. Kent.

The antichamber and closets contain nothing remarkable, excepting an hygrometer, of a very curious construction, invented and executed by the learned and ingenious Mr. Pullein, oile of her royal highness's chaplains.

curious adorn


Are not very large : nor is their situation by any means advantageous; as it is low, and commands no prospects. Originally the ground was one continued dead flat: the soil was in general barren, and without either wood or water. With so many disadvantages it was not easy to produce any thing even tolerable in gardening: but princely munificence, guided by a director, equally skilled in cultivating the earth, and in the politer arts [lord Bathurst, we fuppose) overcame all difficultics. What was once a desart is now an Eden. The judgment, with which art hath been employed to supply the defects of nature, and to cover its deformities, hath very juftly gained universal admiration, and reflects uncommon lustre on the refined taste of the noble contriver: as the vast sums which have been expended to bring this arduous undertaking to perfection, do infinite honour to the generosity and benevolence of the illustrious pofiefior, who with so liberal a hand distributes the superfluity of her treasures in works which serie at once to

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