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FOR Correcting our Calendar; Theologically, Theoretically, and Mathemati

cally demonstrated.


First the Year, Day, and Time, when the Sun and Moon were

first placed and conspicuous in the Heavens, with a brief Chro

nology from the Creation to the Birth of Christ. II. The Pallion, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord, and if the

Paffion-Day, on our Thursday or Friday. III. The Solemn Beast of Easter, and the Primitive Traditions

and Controverfies about the Time and Day of Celebration, with

new and correct Tables of Easter. IV. Propofitions for correcting our Calendar, and removing our

Fixed and Moveable Festivals, to their true Times and Seasons according to God's Command and Institution, without having

any Regard to the Gregorian Correction. V. Festivals directed by New or Full Moons exploded ; the Insti

tution and Celebration of the Paschal Lamb in Egypt; the

Passover, and all Jewish Ceremonies absolutely abolished. VI. The Antient and Present. Arian Heresy exhibited and ex

ploded. VII. The Godhead, Divinity, Personality, and Unity of the most

Holy Trinity provid, and defended against the Unitarian Doĉtrine of the Present Arians, as published and taught by them and others; and for suppressing the new Arian Meeting-house

now errected and opened in Southwark. All which is most humbly submited to the Approbation of the

King's moft Excellent Majesty, in Council, and the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons of Great Britian in Parliajaent,

Printed in the Year MDCCXXXVI.


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A Theoretical Mathematical and Theological

Demonstration and Computation, of the Year, Day, and Time, when the Sun and Moon were first Placed, and Conspicuous in the Heavens, and Confequently the World's Creation,



HE Sun and Moon we may believe were Placed, and Conspicuous in the Heavens on the

fourth Day : And at that Time began to act T upon each other, by the Force, or Impetus of

Gravity, that consequently the Sun was then in one of the Equinoxes, in Apogee, and the

Moon nearly opposite, and also in Apogee. That Wednesday, being the fourth Day of the Creation with us, must begin about 2 or 3 in the Afternoon, on Tuesday, for the Evening and the Morning were the fourth Day : And our Meridian 3 or 4 Hours West of Havilab: Hence we may conjecture, that the Sun was Conspicuous about 8 in the Morning, on Wednesday with us, being Noon at Havilah, and the Moon about 2 or 3 in the Evening with us, being fix there, and then ended the fourth Day.

Now we read Joshua the roth, 13, 14, that the Sun stood fill and the Moon stayed about a whole Day ; and in Isaiah 38th, 8, that the Sun returned ten Degrees backward in the Sundial of Ahaz; this indeed proves the Rotation of the Earth upon its Axis, because the Moon stood also, yet this is of no Account with us in our Computation as to the Sun ; for if the Earth food still, the Day stood ftill also, and we are but where we was ; for when God made the World, he made Tine also, and that Time is measured A


with us by the Rotation ; - then no Rotation, no Time, and confequently the Moon, being as it were a Satellite to the Earth it is like had no Motion for that Time, the going Back in the Case of Abaz is much the same.

Now as to the true Time and Age of the World, there has been many Opinions; and it seems from all to be left Dificult and Precarious : For as to the Year of the Birth of our Lord from the Creation, Chronologers differ much from each other : Eufebius laid down 5199. Jerome computes it to be 3965, Epiphanius 5480, Nicephorus 5505. The old Rabbins 3759. Ludovicus Carretus, á Few, 3760. Carion 3944. Phrigio 3962. Theodorus Zinger 3964. Citræus 3962. Luther 3960. Eliot 3962. The Ministers of Figurine 3974.

Demochares 3959. But the common Accounts brought in by Dionysius the Lefs, hold, that Christ was Born in the Year of the World 3950: So likewise concerning the Time of the Year, in which the World was created : There has been much Controversy about it, and although Reusner and others, by divers Arguments, hold that it was made in the vernal Equinox, yet Sca. liger, Calvisius, Helvicus and others maintain and conclude that it was created in the Equinox of the Autumn, which is evident from Gen. the ift it was not; for there it is said, Gen. 1, ver. 12. And the Earth brought forth the Bud of the Herb that feedeth Seed, accord. ing to his Kind, and the Tree yeilding Fruit, whole Seed was in itself, after his Kind. Hence the Seed was not yet brought forth, but remained in the Mystery of God's Creation of those Vitals, until the proper Season which followed after the Creation of the two great Luminaries ; else Nature must have altered its first Property from Autumn to Spring : Which it is evident it has not, unless we could find the Garden of Eden South of the Equater, which was situate near Havilah, about the Latitude of 33 Degrees North, 3 or 4 Hours East of London : Now our following Computation will

. decide all these different and idle Notions repugnant to holy Scripture, which always proves true, when compared with the Truth; and it will appear evident, that our Constructions cannot errone quarter Part of one Day.

Now the mean Motion of the Sun from my Observations and the precedent Construction was March the gd, zh, 45m, paft Noon, 1725 : ! Signs, 28 Degrees, and 96-1000 Parts, and the Place of the Earth's Perihelion, or the Sun's Apogee, 3 Signs, 8 Degrees, and 207-1000 Parts, which brought back to December the 31, at Noon, 1720, the Sun's mean Motion will then be, 9's 20° 888, and the Place of the Sun's Apogee 3.8 8° 134, and the mean Motion of the Moon, from the vernal Equinox, as it is now computed 2 s 289 891, and the mean Place of her Apogee 28 129 137, hence.


8 134

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Epocha and Time. Mean Mot. Apogee Mean Mot. Apogee

of the O of the ol of the ) of the a Anno Christi 1721. 920 8883

2 28 8912 12 137 Motion for 1000 Years o

7 50clo 17 250 6 18 111,0 11 850 Motion for 700 Years 5 2500 12 08211 24 6775 14 295 Motion for 20 Years

o 1500 O 3451 4 13 5623 3 837 This fubftr. from 1721 0 12 900 29 077110 26 3504 29 982 Leaves the Motions

9 7 988/2 8.4571 4 2 54119 12 155 Dec. 31. after the Birth of Christ according to the Julian Periodo Motion for 3000 Years o 22 500 1 21 765) 7 24 33311 5 559 Motion for 900 Years o 6 7500 15 531 8 10 2998 22 665 Motion for 60 Years

0 4500 1 035 1 10 6869 11 511 Motion for 7 Years U 29 31312

0 120 6 18 8649_14. 759 Suin substract

029 0132 8 451 o 4 184 24 4851 Leaves

8 8 9750 o 006 3 28 3594 17 670

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O 002|10

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Mot. from this to April 2 28 7080 o 004 3 15 8750 10 027 Motion for 23 Days 0.22 6700

3 0570 2 562 This is 0 3530 o 012 5 17 29.115

o 259 Subftract 8 Hours

o 329

4 3920

37 Substract


0 3200 3 Subftract


4 71210 401 Leaves the Mean Mot.

5 12 57915

o 219 And the equated place of the Moon and Apog.

5 12 1195 9734


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And this is the 3966th Year before the Birth of our Lord, and the Cycle of the Sun for this Time 19, the Dominical Letter , and the Day of the Week Wednesday, being the fourth Day of the Creation, at 3 Hours, 25 Minutes in the Morning with us, and about 6 in the Forenoon at Eden, the fourth Day because the Evening and the Morning was the fourth Day, and must consequently be the Year and Time when the World was created, according to the Julian Period; for no other Time can be

compa red with this Propofition, but this, as will appear by the following Computations : And it will also appear, that it was Full Moon about 9 in the Evening, the sixth Day, in which God created Man upon the Earth.

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