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The land surveyor at Stockholm is authorized and required to inspect the conduct of the land surveyors in the interior, and to see that they do their duty herein.

The measure for all kinds of grain, and for flour, salt, beef, and fish, must be made square, to promote the facility of ascertaininge their justness, by the foot measure. But round measures are allowed for measuring salt, grain, and other dry merchandise, on board of vessels when imported from foreign countries. This round measure must be assayed once in every two months during the season of navigation, and while it is used a square measure ought to be at band, with which to compare it. For measuring sea-coal, charcoal, chalk, and lime, the round measure is generally allowed. The seller is permitted to measure his own goods, but he must then pay the ordinary fee to the public measurer. Square measures are assayed by the foot rule, and round measures, if tight, by water, if not tight, by wheat or flaxseed. All measures for use ought to be made of seasoned wood. and their capacity stamped on the inside. To distinguish between the several sorts of weights, the victualievigt ought to be made round, and the metallsvigt hexagonal, and these weights, when used in the stapelstads, are to be marked with a round stamp, and, when used in the interior, with a square stamp. The bergshammersvigt, ought to be made triangular.

Steelyards were prohibited in 1638 and 1665, and were again prohibited by the ordinance of 1739, excepting for ore, and pig iron, by proprietors, for their own satisfaction; and also in such places where no regular weights are to be had. The ordinance of 1739, also excepts for the buying and selling of fish, and for domestic use, also for country people who bring their produce to market; in this case, however, the steelyards must be regularly adjusted, and not of a greater power than two lispounds, victualievigt. The large weights for use are made of iron or bronze, and adjusted with solder or lead, on which the stamp is impressed. The small weights are made of bronze; indeed, an ordinance of Gustavus the Third required all weights to be made of bronze, but this ordinance has had hitherto but a partial ex. ecution. Every person who uses weights or measures not conformable to the standards established by law is liable to a penalty.

I have now furnished all the information of any interest, which I have been able to collect here, relative to weights and measures, and I trust it will be found at least sufficient to satisfy the resolution of the Senate, so far as that resolution has any relation to Sweden.

I bave the honor to be, with very great respect,
Your faithful and obedient servant,



A. 1. Weights and measures used in the several custom houses of

the United States. 2. Table of ditto. 3. Note on the weights and measures used in the District of Co

lumbia. B. 1. Table of the several English statute measures of capacity at

different periods, compared with existing standards. 2. Notes on ditto. Note on the proportional value of the pound sterling and the

dollar. D. 1. Mr. F. R. Hassler to the Secretary of State, Oct. 16, 1819. 2. Mr. Hassler's comparison of French and English standard

measures of length. E. Weights and measures of the several states, viz: E. 1. New Hampshire. a. Governor Plumer to the Secretary of

State, Nov. 21, 1818, b. Law of May 15, 1718.

do. 6 Geo. III.

do. Dec. 15, 1797. Governor Plumer to the Secretary of

State, Jan. 4, 1819. E. 2. Vermont. a. Governor Galusha to the Secretary of

State, Jan. 20, 1818,

b. Law. E. 3. Massachusetts. a. Governor Brooks to the Secretary of

State, Oct. 24, 1817. b. Secretary Bradford to Gov. Brooks,

Sept. 5, 1817. E. 4. Rhode Island. Governor Knight to the Secretary of

State, Sept. 5, 1817. E. 5. Connecticut a. Governor Wolcott to the Secretary of

State, Aug. 5, 1817.
6. Secretary Day to the Secretary of

State, Aug. 12, 1817.
Law of October session, 1800.

do. 1801.
C. do. May session, 1810.

E. 6. New York.

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a. Governor Clinton to the Secretary of

State, Sept. 4, 1817. b. Law of June 19, 1703.

do. April 10, 1784. d. do. March 7, 1788. (Ext.)

do. Feb. 2, 1804. f. do. March 24, 1809.

do. March 19, 1813. Governor Williamson to the Secretary

of State, Sept. 20, 1817. a. Secretary Boileau to the Secretary of

State, Aug. 26, 1817. b. Mr. J. Meer to Mr. Boileau, Aug. 20,

1817. a. Secretary Ridgely to the Secretary of

State, Nov. 7, 1818. 6. Law of 1704. C Mr. I. Booth to Mr. Ridgely, Oct. 24,

1818. a. Mr. Pinkney to the Secretary of State,

Aug. 9, 1817. 6. Governor Goldsborough to the Secre.

tary of State, Dec. 1. 1819. c. Law of April, 1715. d. do. Dec. 20, 1765. Quo Governor Preston to the Secretary of

State, Aug. 15, 1818. b. Law of August, 1734. C. do. Dec. 26, 1792. a. Governor Miller to the Secretary of

State, Aug. 19, 1817. b. Law. a. Governor Pickens to the Secretary of

State, Sept. 10, 1818. b. Law of April 12, 1768. C. do. March 17, 1785. a. Governor Clark to the Secretary of

State, Dec. 5, 1819. . Law of Dec. 10, 1803. C. Ordinance of the city council of Au

gusta. (Ext.) a. Lieutenant Governor Slaughter to the

Secretary of State, Nov. 26, 1817. 6. Law of Dec. 11, 1798. Governor McMinn to the Secretary of

State, Nov. 24, 1819. do Governor Worthington to the Secreta

ry of State, Aug. 18, 1817.

E. 11. Virginia.

E. 12. North Carolina.

E. 13. South Carolina.

E. 14. Georgia.

E. 15. Kentucky

E. 16. Tennessée. E. 17. Ohio.

E. 17. Ohio.

E. 18. Louisiana.

6. Secretary McLean to the Secretary of

State, Sept. 13, 1817. C. Law of Jan. 22, 1811. (Ext.) a. Governor Villeré to the Secretary of

State, Sept. 15, 1817. b. Law of Dec. 21, 1814. M. Bouchon's statement of weights and

Measures in Louisiana before its

cession. (Translation.) a. Governor Jennings to the Secretary of

E. 19. Indiana

a. Goverete, Septos reportin e Secretary

b. Secretary New's report. E. 20. Mississippi. a. Governor Holmes to the Secretary of

State, Sept. 17, 1818. b. Law of Feb. 4, 1807.

C. do. Dec. 23, 1815. E. 21. Illinois.

do. March 22, 1819. E. 22. Missouri.

do. July, 1813. F. Mr. A. Gallatin to the Secretary of State, July 16, 1817, on the

weights and measures of France. G. Mr. Jonathan Russell to the Secretary of State, July 31, 1818,

on the weights and measures of Sweden.

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