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tons, metal trousers buttons, (except steel), and

EXPLOSIVE SUBSTANCES : nickel bar buttons, one-twelfth of one cent per

420. Firecrackers of all kinds, eight cents per line per gross; buttons of bone, and steel

pound, the weight to include all coverings, trousers buttons, one-fourth of one cent per

wrappings, and packing material. line per gross ; buttons of pearl or shell, one

421. Fulminates, fulminating powders, and and one-half cents per line per gross; buttons like articles, not specially provided for in this of horn, vegetable ivory, glass, or metal, not Act, thirty per centum ad valorem. specially provided for in this Act, three-fourths

422. Gunpowder, and all explosive substances of one cent per. line per gross, and in addition used for mining, blasting, artillery, or sporting thereto, on all the foregoing articles in this

purposes, when valued at twenty cents or less paragraph, fifteen per centum ad valorem ; shoe

per pound, four cents per pound; valued above buttons made of paper, board, papier mache, twenty cents per pound, six cents per pound. pulp or other similar material, not specially

423. Matches, friction or lucifer, of all descripprovided for in this Act, valued at not exceed. tions, per gross of one hundred and forty-four ing three cents per gross, one cent per gross; boxes, containing not more than one hundred buttons not specially provided for in this Act, matches per box, eight cents per gross ; when and all collar or cuff buttons and studs, fifty per imported otherwise than in boxes containing centum ad valorem.

not more than one hundred matches each, one 415. Coal, bituminous, and all coals containing cent per one thousand matches. less than ninety-two per centum of fixed carbon, 424. Percussion caps, thirty per centum ad and shale, sixty-seven cents per ton of twenty- valorem ; cartridges, thirty-five per centum ad eight bushels, eighty pounds to the bushel ; coal valorem ; blasting caps, two dollars and thirtyslack or culm, such as will pass through a half six cents per one thousand caps. inch screen, fifteen cents per ton of twenty-eight 425. Feathers and downs of all kinds, includbushels, eighty pounds to the bushel : Provided, ing bird skins or parts thereof with the feathers That on all coal imported into the United States, on, crude or not dressed, colored, or otherwise which is afterwards used for fuel on board advanced or manufactrued in any manner, not vessels propelled by steam and engaged in trade specially provided for in this Act, fifteen per with foreign countries, or in trade between the centum ad valorem ; when dressed, colored, or Atlantic and Pacific ports of the United States, otherwise advanced or manufactured in any and which are registered under the laws of the manner, including quilts of down and other United States, a drawback shall be allowed manufactures of down, and also dressed and equal to the duty imposed by law upon such finished birds suitable for millinery ornaments, coal, and shall be paid under such regulations and artificial or ornamental feathers, fruits, as the Secretary of the Treasury shall pre- grains, leaves, flowers, and stems or parts therescribe; coke, twenty per centum ad valorem. of, of whatever material composed, not specially

416. Cork bark, cut into squares or cubes, provided for in this Act, fifty per centum ad eight cents per pound; manufactured corks valorem. over three-fourths of an inch in diameter,

426. Furs, dressed on the skin but not made up measured at larger end, fifteen cents per pound; into articles, and furs not on the skin, prepared three-fourths of an inch and less in diameter, for hatters' use, including fur skins carroted, measured at larger end, twenty-five cents per twenty per centum ad valorem. pound; cork, artificial, or cork substitutes,

427. Fans of all kinds, except common palm manufactured from cork waste and not other leaf fans, fifty per centum ad valorem. wise provided for, eight cents per pound.

428. Gun wads of all descriptions, twenty per

centum ad valorem. 417. Dice, draughts, chessmen, chess balls, and billiard, pool, and bagatelle balls, of ivory, bone, manufactured, twenty per centum ad valorem.

429. Hair, human, if clean or drawn but not or other materials, fifty per centum ad valorem.

430. Hair, curled, suitable for beds or mat418. Dolls, doll heads, toy marbles of whatever tresses, ten per centum ad valorem. materials composed, and all other toys not com

431. Haircloth, known as crinoline” cloth, posed of rubber, china, porcelain, parian, kisque, ten cents per square yard ; haircloth, known as earthen or stone ware, and not specially pro- hair seating," and hair press cloth, twenty vided for in this Act, thirty-five per centum

cents per square yard. ad valorem.

432. Hats, bonnets, or hoods, for men's, 419. Emery grains, and emery manufactured, women's, boys', or children's wear, trimmed or ground, pulverized, or refined, one cent per untrimmed, including bodies, hoods, plateaux, pound; emery wheels, emery files, and manu- forms, or shapes, for hats or bonnets, composed factures of which emery is the component ma- wholly or in chief value of fur of the rabbit, terial of chief value, twenty-five per centum ad beaver, or other animals, valued at not more valorem.

than five dollars per dozen, two dollars per dozen; valued at more than five dollars per gross pairs and twenty per centum ad valorem; dozen and not more than ten dollars per dozen, boots and shoes made of leather, twenty-five three dollars per dozen ; valued at more than per centum ad valorem: Provided, That leather ten dollars per dozen and not more than twenty cut into shoe uppers or vamps or other forms, dollars per dozen, five dollars per dozen ; valued suitable for conversion into manufactured artiat more than twenty dollars per dozen, seven cles, shall be classified as manufactures of dollars per dozen ; and in addition thereto on leather and pay duty accordingly. all the foregoing, twenty per centum ad valo


433. Indurated fiber ware and manufactures 439. Gloves made wholly or in part of leather, of wood or other pulp, and not otherwise spe. whether wholly or partly manufactured, shall cially provided for, thirty-five per centum ad pay duty at the following rates, the lengths valorem.

stated in each case being the extreme length JEWELRY AND PRECIOUS STONES :

when stretched to their full extent, namely :

440. Women's or children's “glace finish, 434. Articles commonly known as jewelry, Schmaschen (of sheep origin), not over fourteen and parts thereof, finished or unfinished, not inches in length, one dollar and seventy-five specially provided for in this Act, including cents per dozen pairs; over fourteen inches and precious stones set, pearls set or strung, and not over seventeen inches in length, two dollars cameos in frames, sixty per centum ad valorem. and twenty-five cents per dozen pairs; over

435. Diamonds and other precious stones ad- seventeen inches in length, two dollars and vanced in condition or value from their natural seventy-five cents per dozen pairs; men's "glace" state by cleaving, splitting, cutting, or other finish, Schmaschen (sheep), three dollars per process, and not set, ten per centum ad valorem; dozen pairs. imitations of diamonds or other precious stones, 441. Women's or children's “glace" finish, composed of glass or paste, not exceeding an lamb or sheep, not over fourteen inches in inch in dimensions, not engraved, painted, or length, two dollars and fifty cents per dozen otherwise ornamented or decorated, and not pairs; over fourteen and not over seventeen mounted or set, twenty per centum ad valorem. inches in length, three dollars and fifty cents per

436. Pearls in their natural state, not strung or dozen pairs; over seventeen inches in length, set, ten per centum ad valorem,

four dollars and fifty cents per dozen pairs; LEATHER, AND MANUFACTURES OF:

men's “glace” finish, lamb or sheep, four dol

lars per dozen pairs. 437. Hides of cattle, raw or uncured, whether 442. Women's or children's “glace” finish, dry, salted, or pickled, fifteen per centum ad goat, kid, or other leather than of sheep origin, valorem: Provided, That upon all leather ex- not over fourteen inches in length, three dollars ported, made from imported hides, there shall per dozen pairs; over fourteen and not over by allowed a drawback equal to the amount of seventeen inches in length, three dollars and duty paid on such hides, to be paid under such seventy-five cents per dozen pairs; over seven. regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury teen inches in length, four dollars and seventymay prescribe.

five cents per dozen pairs; men's "glace" fin. 438. Band or belting leather, sole leather, ish, kid, goat, or other leather than of sheep dressed upper and all other leather, calfskins origin, four dollars per dozen pairs. tanned or tanned and dressed, kangaroo, 443. Women's or children's, of sheep origin, sheep and goat skins (including lamb and kid with exterior grain surface removed, by whatskins) dressed and finished, chamois and other ever name known, not over seventeen inches in skins and bookbinders' calfskins, all the fore- length, two dollars and fifty cents per dozen going not specially provided for in this Act, pairs; over seventeen inches in length, three twenty per centum ad valorem ; skins for mo- dollars and fifty cents per dozen pairs; men's, of rocco, tanned but unfinished, ten per centum ad sheep origin, with exterior surface removed, by valorem; patent, japanned, varnished or enam- whatever name known, four dollars per dozen eled leather, weighing not over ten pounds per pairs. dozen hides or skins, thirty cents per pound and 444. Women's or children's kid, goat, or other twenty per centum ad valorem; if weighing leather than of sheep origin, with exterior grain over ten pounds and not over twenty-five surface removed, by whatever name known, not pounds per dozen, thirty cents per pound and ten over fourteen inches in length, three dollars per per centum al valorem; if weighing over dozen pairs; over fourteen inches and not over twenty-five pounds per dozen, twenty cents per seventeen inches in length, three dollars and pound and ten per centum ad valorem; piano- seventy-five cents per dozen pairs ; over sevenforte leather and pianoforte action leather, teen inches in length, four dollars and seventythirty-five per centum ad valorem ; leather shoe five cents per dozen pairs; men's goat, kid, or laces, finished or unfinished, fifty cents per other leather than of sheep origin, with exterior

per ton.

grain surface removea, by whatever name as used in this Act shall be understood to inknown, four dollars per dozen pairs.

clude only such statuary as is cut, carved, or 15. In addition to the foregoing rates there otherwise wrought by hand from a solid block shall be paid the following cumulative duties : or mass of marble, stone, or alabaster, or from On all leather gloves, when lined, one dollar per metal, and as is the professional production of a dozen pairs; on all pique or prix seam gloves, statuary or sculptor only. forty cents per dozen pairs; on all gloves 455. Peat moss, one dollar stitched or embroidered, with more than three 456. Pencils of paper or wood filled with lead single strands or cords, forty cents per dozen or other material, and pencils of lead, forty-five pairs.

cents per gross and twenty-five per centum ad 446. Glove tranks, with or without the usual valorem; slate pencils, covered with wood, accompanying pieces, shall pay seventy-five per thirty five per centum ad valorem ; all other centum of the duty provided for the gloves in slate pencils, three cents per one hundred. the fabrication of which they are suitable.

457. Pencil leads not in wood, ten per centum 447. Harness, saddles and saddlery, or parts of ad valorem. either, in sets or in parts, finished or unfinished, 158. Photographic dry plates or films, twenty forty-five per centum ad valorem.

five per centum ad valorem.

459. Pipes and smokers' articles : Common MISCELLANEOUS MANUFACTURES :

tobacco pipes and pipe bowls made wholly of 448. Manufactures of amber, asbestos, blad- clay, valued at not more than forty cents per ders, cork, catgut or whip gut or worm gut, or gross, fifteen cents per gross; other tobacco wax, or of which these substances or either of pipes and pipe bowls of clay, fifty cents per them is the component material of chief value, gross and twenty-five per centum ad valorem ; not specially provided for in this Act, twenty other pipes and pipe bowls of whatever mafive per centum ad valorem.

terial composed, and all smokers' articles what449. Manufactures of bone, chip, grass, horn, soever, not specially provided for in this Act, india-rubber, palm leaf, straw, weeds or whale- including cigarette books, cigarette book covers, bone, or of which these substances or either of pouches for smoking or chewing tobacco, and them is the component material of chief value, cigarette paper in all forms, sixty per centum not specially provided for in this Act, thirty per

ad valorem. centum ad valorem ; but the terms "grass and 460. Plows, tooth and disk harrows, harvesters, "straw" shall be understood to mean these sub-reapers, agricultural drills, and planters, stances in their natural form and structure, and mowers, horserakes, cultivators, threshing manot the separated fiber thereof.

chines and cotton gins, twenty per centum ad 450. Manufactures of leather, finished or un

valorem. finished, manufactures of fur, gelatin, gutta

461. Plush, black, known commercially as hatpercha, human hair, ivory, vegetable ivory, ters' plush, composed of silk, or of silk and mother-of-pearl and shell, plaster of paris, pa- cotton, such as is used exclusively for making pier mache, and vulcanized india-rubber known men's hats, ten per centum ad valorem. as “hard rubber," or of which these substances

462. Umbrellas, parasols, and sun shades covor either of them is the component material of ered with material other than paper, fifty per chief value, not specially provided for in this centum ad valorem. Sticks for umbrellas, Act, and shells engraved, cut, ornamented, or parasols, or sun shades, and walking canes, otherwise manufactured, thirty-five per centum finished or unfinished, forty per centum ad va

lorem. ad valorem. 451. Masks, composed of paper or pulp,

463. Waste, not specially provided for in this

Act, ten per centum ad valorem. thirty-five per centum ad valorem. 452. Matting made of cocoa fiber or rattan, six

FREE LIST. cents per square yard ; mats made of cocoa fiber or rattan, four cents per square foot.

Sec. 2. That on and after the passage of this 453. Musical instruments or parts thereof, Act, unless otherwise specially provided for in pianoforte actions and parts thereof, strings for this Act, the following articles when imported musical instruments not otherwise enumerated, shall be exempt from duty : cases for musical instruments, pitch pipes, tun- 464. Acids : Arsenic or arsenious, benzoic, caring forks, tuning hammers, and metronomes ; bolic, fluoric, hydrochloric or muriatic, nitric, strings for musical instruments, composed oxalic, phosphoric, phthalic, picric or nitrowholly or in part of steel or other metal, all the picric, prussic, silicic, and valerianic. foregoing, forty-five per centum ad valorem. 465. Aconite.

454. Paintings in oil or water colors, pastels, 466. Acorns, raw, dried or undried, but un. pen and ink drawings, and statuary, not spe- ground. cially provided for in this Act, twenty per 467. Agates, unmanufactured. centum ad valorem ; but the term “statuary" 468. Albumen, not specially provided for.

469. Alizarin, natural or artificial, and dyes, and metal and valued at not more than six derived from alizarin or from anthracin.

cents per gross. 470. Amber, and amberoid unmanufactured, or 482. Articles in a crude state used in dyeing or crude gum.

tanning not specially provided for in this Act. 471. Ambergris.

483. Articles the growth, produce, and manu472. Aniline salts.

facture of the United States, when returned 473. Any animal imported specially for breed after having been exported, without having ing purposes shall be admitted free : Provided, been advanced in value or improved in condiThat no such animal shall be admitted free un. tion by any process of manufacture or other less pure bred of a recognized breed, and duly means; casks, barrels, carboys, bags, and other registered in the book of record established for vessels of American manufacture exported that breed : And provided further, That certifi- filled with American products, or exported cate of such record and of the pedigree of such empty and returned filled with foreign prodanimal shall be produced and submitted to the ucts, including shooks and staves when returned customs officer, duly authenticated by the as barrels or boxes; also quicksilver flasks or botproper custodian of such book of record, to-tles, of either domestic or foreign manufacture, gether with the affidavit of the owner, agent, or which shall have been actually exported from importer that such animal is the identical ani- the United States ; but proof of the identity of mal described in said certificate of record and such articles shall be made, under general regupedigree : And provided further, That the Sec-lations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the retary of Agriculture shall determine and cer- Treasury, but the exemption of bags from duty tify to the Secretary of the Treasury what are shall apply only to such domestic bags as may recognized breeds and pure bred animals under be imported by the exporter thereof, and if any the provisions of this paragraph. The Secre- such articles are subject to internal tax at the tary of the Treasury may prescribe such addi- time of exportation, such tax shall be proved to tional regulations as may be required for the have been paid before exportation and not restrict enforcement of this provision. Cattle, funded : Provided, That this paragraph shall horses, sheep, or other domestic animals stray- not apply to any article upon which an allowing across the boundary line into any foreign ance of drawback has been made, the reimportacountry, or driven across such boundary line by tion of which is hereby prohibited except upon the owner for temporary pasturage purposes payment of duties equal to the drawbacks alonly, together with their offspring, may be lowed; or to any article manufactured in bonded brought back to the United States within six warehouse and exported under any provision of months free of duty, under regulations to be law : And provided further, That when manu. prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. factured tobacco which has been exported with

474. Animals brought into the United States out payment of internal-revenue tax shall be temporarily for a period not exceeding six reimported it shall be retained in the custody of months, for the purpose of exhibition or compe- the collector of customs until internal-revenue tition for prizes offered by any agricultural or stamps in payment of the legal duties shall be racing association ; but a bond shall be given in placed thereon. accordance with regulations prescribed by the 484. Asbestos, unmanufactured. Secretary of the Treasury; also teams of ani

485. Ashes, wood and lye of, and beet-root mals, including their harness and tackle and ashes. the wagons or other vehicles actually owned by 486. Asafetida persons emigrating from foreign countries to 487. Balm of Gilead. the United States with their families, and in 488. Barks, cinchona or other from which quiactual use for the purpose of such emigration nine may be extracted. under such regulations as the Secretary of the 489. Baryta, carbonate of, or witherite. Treasury may prescribe; and wild animals in- 490. Beeswax. tended for exhibition in zoological collections 491. Binding twine : All binding twine manu. for scientific and educational purposes, and not factured from New Zealand hemp, istle or for sale or profit.

Tampico fiber, sisal grass, or sunn, or a mixture 475. Annatto, roucou, rocoa, or orleans, anā all of any two or more of them, of single ply and extracts of.

measuring not exceeding six hundred feet to the 476. Antimony ore, crude sulphite of.

pound : Provided, That articles mentioned in 477. Apatite.

this paragraph if imported from a country 478. Arrowroot in its natural state and not which lays an import duty on like articles immanufactured.

ported from the United States, shall be subject 479. Arsenic and sulphide of, or orpiment. to a duty of one-half of one cent per pound. 480. Arseniate of aniline.

492. Bells, broken, and bell metal broken and 481. Art educational stops, composed of glass fit only to be remanufactured.

493. Birds, stuffed, not suitable for millinery 509. Bristles, crude, not sorted, bunched, or ornaments.

prepared. 494. Birds and land and water fowls.

510. Broom corn. 495. Bismuth.

511. Bullion, gold or silver. 496. Bladders, and all integuments and intes- 512. Burgundy pitch. tines of animals and fish sounds, crude, dried or 513. Cadmium. salted for preservation only, and unmanufac- 514. Calamine. tured, not specially provided for in this Act. 515. Camphor, crude. 497. Blood, dried, not specially provided for. 516. Castor or castoreum

498. Bolting cloths composed of silk, imported 517. Cat gut, whip gut, or worm gut, unmanuexpressly for milling purposes, and so perma- factured. nently marked as not to be available for any 518. Cerium. other use.

519. Chalk, crude, not ground, precipitated, or 499. Bones, crude, or not burned, calcined, otherwise manufactured. ground, steamed, or otherwise manufactured, 520. Chromate of iron or chromic ore. and bone dust or animal carbon, and bone ash, 521. Civet, crude. fit only for fertilizing purposes.

522. Clay : Common blue clay in casks suitable 500. Books, engravings, photographs, etchings for the manufacture of crucibles. bound or unbound, maps and charts imported 523. Coal, anthracite, not specially provided by authority or for the use of the United States for in this Act, and coal stores of American vesor for the use of the Library of Congress. sels, but none shall be unloaded.

501. Books, maps, music, engravings, photo- 524. Coal tar, crude, pitch of coal tar, and prodgraphs, etchings, bound or unbound, and charts, ucts of coal tar known as dead or creosote oil, which shall have been printed more that twenty benzol, toluol, naphthalin, xylol, phenol, cresol, years at the date of importation, and all hydro- toluidine, xylidin, cumidin, binitrotoluol, bini. graphic charts, and publications issued for their trobenzol, benzidin, tolidin, dianisdin, naphtol, subscribers or exchanges by scientific and lite- naphtylamin, diphenylamin, benzaldehyde, rary associations or academies, or publications benzyl chloride, resorcin, nitro-benzol, and of individuals for gratuitous private circula- nitro-toluol; all the foregoing not medicinal tion, and public documents issued by foreign and not colors or dyes. Governments.

525. Cobalt and cobalt ore. 502. Books and pamphlets printed exclusively 526. Cocculus indicus. in languages other than English ; also books and 527. Cochineal. music, in raised print, used exclusively by the 528. Cocoa, or cacao, crude, and fiber, leaves, blind.

and shells of. 503. Books, maps, music, photographs, etch- 529. Coffee. ings, lithographic prints, and charts, specially 530. Coins, gold, silver, and copper. imported, not more than two copies in any one 531. Coir, and coir yarn. invoice, in good faith, for the use or by order of 532. Copper in plates, bars, ingots, or pigs, and any society or institution incorporated or estab- other forms, not manufactured or specially prolished solely for religious, philosophical, educa- vided for in this Act. tional, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the 533. Old copper, fit only for manufacture, clipencouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or ping from new copper, and all composition metal by order of any college, academy, school, or of which copper is a component material of chief seminary of learning in the United States, or value not specially provided for in this Act. any State or public library, and not for sale, 534. Copper, regulus of, and black or coarse subject to such regulations as the Secretary of



copper cement. the Treasury shall prescribe.

535. Coral, marine, uncut, and unmanufac504. Books, libraries, usual and reasonable fur- tured. niture, and similar household effects of persons 536. Cork wood, or cork bark, unmanufacor families from foreign countries, all the fore. tured. going if actually used abroad by them not less 537. Cotton, and cotton waste or flocks. than one year, and not intended for any other

538. Cryolite, or kryolith. person or persons, nor for sale.

539. Cudbear. 505. Brass, old brass, clippings from brass or 540. Curling stones, or quoits, and curlingDutch metal, all the foregoing, fit only for re- stone handles, manufacture.

541. Curry, and curry powder. 506. Brazil paste.

542. Cutch. 507. Brazilian pebble, unwrought or unmanu- 543. Cuttlefish bone. factured.

544. Dandelion roots, raw, dried, or undried, 508. Breccia, block or slabs.

but unground.

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