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545. Diamonds and other precious stones, rough stances, not dressed or manufactured in any or uncut, and not advanced in condition or value manner, and not specially provided for in this from their natural state by cleaving, splitting, Act. cutting, or other process, including miners', 567. Gold-beaters' molds and gold-beaters' glaziers', and engravers' diamonds not set, and skins. diamond dust or bort.

568. Grease, and oils (excepting fish oils), such 546. Divi-divi.

as are commonly used in soap making or in 547. Dragon's blood.

wire-drawing, or for stuffing or dressing leather, 548. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, bal- and which are fit only for such uses, and not sams, buds, bulbs, and bulbous roots, excres- specially provided for in this Act. cences, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, and dried

569. Guano, manures, and all substances used insects, grains, gums, and gum resin, herbs, only fo manure. leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, nut-galls, roots, 570. Gutta percha, crude. and stems, spices, vegetables, seeds aromatic 571. Hair of horse, cattle, and other animals, and seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and woods cleaned or uncleaned, drawn or undrawn, but used expressly for dyeing; any of the foregoing unmanufactured, not specially provided for in which are drugs and not edible and are in a this Act; and human hair, raw, uncleaned, and crude state, and not advanced in value or condi- not drawn. tion by refining or grinding, or by other process, 572. Hide cuttings, raw, with or without hair, and not specially provided for in this Act. and all other glue stock. 519. Eggs of birds, fish, and insects : Provided,

573 Hide rope. however, That this shall not be held to include 574. Hones and whetstones. the eggs of game birds or eggs of birds not used 575. Hoofs, unmanufactured. for food, the importation of which is prohibited 576. Hop roots for cultivation. except specimens for scientific collections, nor 577. Horns and parts of, unmanufactured, infish roe preserved for food purposes.

cluding horn strips and tips. 550. Emery ore.

578. Ice. 551. Ergot.

579. India rubber, crude, and milk of, and old 552. Fans, common palm-leaf, plain and not scrap or refuse India rubber which has been ornamented or decorated in any manner, and worn out by use and is fit only for remanufacpalm-leaf in its natural state, not colored, dyed, ture. or otherwise advanced or manufactured.

580. Indigo. 553. Felt, adhesive, for sheathing vessels.

581. Iodine, crude. 554. Fibrin, in all forms.

582. Ipecac. 555. Fish, fresh, frozen, or packed in ice, 583. Iridium. caught in the Great Lakes or other fresh waters 584. Ivory tusks in their natural state or cut by citizens of the United States.

vertically across the grain only, with the bark 556. Fish skins.

left intact, and vegetable ivory in its natural 557. Flint, flints, and flint stones, unground. state. 558. Fossils.

585. Jalap. 559. Fruits or berries, green, ripe, or dried, 586. Jet, unmanufactured. and fruits in brine, not specially provided for in 587. Joss stick, or Joss light. this Act.

588. Junk, old. 560. Fruit plants, tropical and semitropical, 589. Kelp. for the purpose of propagation or cultivation. 590. Kieserite. 561. Furs, undressed.

591. Kyanite, or cyanite, and kaninite. 562. Fur skins of all kinds not dressed in any 592. Lac dye, crude, seed, button, stick, and manner and not specially provided for in this shell. Act.

593. Lac spirits. 563. Gambier.

594. Lactarene. 564. Glass enamel, white, for watch and clock 595. Lava, unmanufactured. dials.

596. Leeches. 565. Glass plates or discs, rough-cut or un- 597. Lemon juice, lime juice, and sour orange wrought, for use in the manufacture of optical juice. instruments, spectacles, and eye glasses, and 598. Licorice root, unground. suitable only for such use : Provided, however, 599. Lifeboats and live-saving apparatus speThat such discs exceeding eight inches in diame cially imported by societies incorporated or ter may be polished sufficiently to enable the established to encourage the saving of human character of the glass to be determined.

life. 566. Grasses and fibers : Istle or Tampico fiber, 600. Lime, citrate of. jute, jute butts, manila, sisal grass, sunn, and 601. Lithographic stones, not engraved. all other textile grasses or fibrous vegetable sub- 602. Litmus, prepared or not prepared.

603. Loadstones.

more than sixty cents per gallon, ottar of roses, 604. Madder and munjeet, or India madder, palm, rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum ground or prepared, and all extracts of.

seed or bean, thyme, origanum red or white, 605. Magnesite, crude or calcined, not purified. valerian; and also spermaceti, whale, and other 608. Magnesium, not made up into articles. fish oils of American fisheries, and all fish and 607. Manganese, oxide and ore of.

other products, of such fisheries; petroleum, 608. Manna.

crude or refined : Provided, That if there be 609. Manuscripts.

imported into the United States crude petro610. Marrow, crude.

leum or the products of crude petroleum pro611. Marshmallow or althea roots, leaves or duced in any country which imposes a duty on flowers, natural or unmanufactured.

petroleum or its products exported from the 612. Medals of gold, silver, or copper, and United States, there shall in such cases be other metallic articles actually bestowed as levied, paid and collected a duty upon said trophies or prizes, and received and accepted as crude petroleum or its products so imported honorary distinctions.

equal to the duty imposed by such country. 613. Meerschaum, crude or unmanufactured. 627. Orange and lemon peel, not preserved,

614. Minerals, crude, or not advanced in value candied, or dried. or condition by refining or grinding, or by other 628. Orchil, or orchil liquid. process of manufacture, not specially provided 629. Ores of gold, silver, copper, or nickel, and for in this Act.

nickel matte ; sweepings of gold and silver, 615. Mineral salts obtained by evaporation 630, Osmium. from mineral waters, when accompanied by a 631. Palladium. duly authenticated certificate and saitsfactory 632. Paper stock, crude, of every description, proof, showing that they are in no way artifi- including all grasses, fibers, rags (other than cially prepared, and are only the product of a wool), waste, including jute waste, shavings, designated mineral spring.

clippings, old paper, rope ends, waste rope, and 616. Models of inventions and of other im- waste bagging, including old gunny cloth and provements in the arts, including patterns for old gunny bags, fit only to be converted into machinery, but no article shall be deemed a paper. model or pattern which can be fitted for use 633. Paraffin. otherwise.

634. Parchment and vellum. 617. Moss, seaweeds, and vegetable substances, 635. Pearl, mother of, and shells, not sawed, crude or unmanufactured, not otherwise spe- cut, polished or otherwise manufactured, or ad cially provided for in this Act.

vanced in value from the natural state, 618. Musk, crude, in natural pods.

636. Personal effects, not merchandise, of citi619. Myrobolans.

zens of the United States dying in foreign coun620. Needles, hand sewing, and darning, tries.

621. Newspapers and periodicals; but the 637. Pewter and britannia metal, old, and fit term “periodicals” as herein used shall be un- only to be remanufactured. derstood to embrace only unbound or paper- 638. Philosophical and scientific apparatus, covered publications, issued within six months utensils, instruments, and preparations, includof the time of entry, containing current litera- ing bottles and boxes containing the same, speture of the day and issued regularly at stated cially imported in good faith for the use and by periods, as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. order of any society or institution incorporated

622. Nuts : Brazil nuts, cream nuts, palm nuts or established solely for religious, philosophical, and palm-nut kernels ; cocoanuts in the shell educational, scientific, or literary purposes, and broken cocoanut meat or copra, not shred for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for ded, desiccated, or prepared in any manner. the use or by order of any college, academy, 623. Nux vomica.

school, or seminary of learning in the United 624. Oakum.

States, or any State or public library, and not 625. Oil cake.

for sale, subject to such regulations as the Sec626. Oils : Almond, amber, crude and rectified retary of the Treasury shall prescribe. ambergris, anise or anise seed, aniline, aspic or 639. Phosphates, crude. spike lavender, bergamot, cajeput, caraway, 640. Plants, trees, shrubs, roots, seed-cane and cassia cinnamon, cedrat, chamomile, citronella seeds, imported by the Department of Agriculor lemon grass, civet, cocoanut, fennel, ichthyol, ture or the United States Botanic Garden. jasmine or jasimine, juglandium, juniper, laven- 641. Platina, in ingots, bars, sheets, and wire. der, lemon, limes, mace, neroli or orange flower, 612. Platinum, unmanufactured, and vases, reenfleurage grease, nut oil or oil of nuts not other torts, and other apparatus, vessels, and parts wise specially provided for in this Act, orange thereof composed of platinum, for chemical oil, olive oil for manufacturing or mechanical uses. purposes fit only for such use and valued at not 643. Plumbago,

644. Potash, crude, or "black salts ; " carbon- | greek, hemp, hoarhound, mangel-wurzel, mus. ate of potash, crude or refined; hydrate of, or tard, rape, Saint John's bread or bean, sugar caustic potash, not including refined in sticks or beet, sorghum or cane for seed; bulbs and bulbrolls ; nitrate of potash or salt peter, crude ; sul- ous roots, not edible and not otherwise prophate of potash, crude, or refined, and muriate vided for; all flower and grass seeds; all the of potash.

foregoing not specially provided for in this Act. 645. Professional books, implements, instru- 657. Sheep dip, not including compounds or ments, and tools of trade, occupation, or em- preparations that can be used for other purployment, in the actual possession at the time, poses. of persons emigrating to the United States; but 658. Shotgun barrels, in single tubes, forged, this exemption shall not be construed to include rough bored. machinery or other articles imported for use in 659, Shrimps and other shell fish. any manufacturing establishment, or for any 660. Silk, raw, or as reeled from the cocoon, other person or persons, or for sale, nor shall it but not doubled, twisted, or advanced in manube construed to include theatrical scenery, prop- facture in any way. erties, and apparel ; but such articles brought 661. Silk cocoons and silk waste. by proprietors or managers of theatrical exhibi

662. Silkworms' eggs. tions arriving from abroad, for temporary use 663. Skeletons and other preparations of anatby them in such exhibitions, and not for any omy. other person, and not for sale, and which have 664. Skins of all kinds, raw (except sheepskins been used by them abroad, shall be admitted with the wool on), and hides not specially profree of duty under such regulations as the Sec- vided for in this Act. retary of the Treasury may prescribe ; but 665. Soda, nitrate of, or cubic nitrate. bonds shall be given for the payment to the 666. Specimens of natural history, botany, and United States of such duties as may be imposed mineralogy, when imported for scientific public by law upon any and all such articles as shall collections, and not for sale. not be exported within six months after such 667. Spices : Cassia, cassia vera, and cassia importation : Provided, That the Secretary of buds; cinnamon and chips of ; cloves and clove the Treasury may in his discretion extend such stems; mace ; nutmegs; pepper, black or white, period for a further term of six months in case and pimento; all the foregoing when unground; application shall be made therefor.

ginger root, unground and not preserved or 646. Pulu.

candied. 647. Quinia, sulphate of, and all alkaloids or

668. Spunk. salts of cinchona bark.

669. Spurs and stilts 'used in the manufacture 648. Rags, not otherwise specially provided for of earthen, porcelain, and stone ware. in this Act.

670, Stamps; foreign postage 649. Regalia and gems, statuary, and speci- stamps, canceled or uncanceled. mens or casts of sculpture, where specially im- 671. Stone and sand : Burrstone in blocks, ported in good faith for the use and by order of rough or unmanufactured ; cliff stone, unmanuany society incorporated or established solely factured; rotten stone, tripoli, and sand, crude for religious, philosophical, educational, scien- or manufactured, not otherwise provided for in tific, or literary purposes, or for the encourage this Act. ment of the fine arts, or for the use and by order 672. Storax, or styrax. of any college, academy, school, or seminary of 673. Strontia, oxide of, and brotoxide of stronlearning in the United States, or any State or tian, and strontianite, or mineral carbonate of public library, and not for sale ; but the term strontia. “regalia as herein used shall be held to em- 674. Sulphur, lac or precipitated, and sulphur brace only such insignia of rank or office or em- or brimstone, crude, in bulk, sulphur or as blems as may be worn upon the person or borne pyrites, or sulphuret of iron in its natural state, in the hand during public exercises of the society containing in excess of twenty-five per centum or institution, and shall not include articles of of sulphur, and sulphur not otherwise provided furniture or fixtures, or of regular wearing ap- for. parel, nor personal property of individuals. 675. Sulphuric acid which at the temperature 650, Rennets, raw or prepared.

of sixty degrees Fahrenheit does not exceed the 651. Saffron and safflower, and extract of, and specific gravity of one and three hundred and saffron cake.

eighty thousandths, for use in manufacturing 652. Sago, crude.

super phosphate of lime or artificial manures of 653. Salacin.

any kind, or for any argicultural purposes : 654. Salep, or salop.

Provided, That upon all sulphuric acid im655. Sausages, bologna.

ported from any country, whether independent 656. Seeds : Anise, caraway, cardamom, cauli- or a dependency, which imposes a duty upon flower, coriander, cotton, cummin, fennel, fenu- sulphuric acid imported into such country from

or revenue

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the United States, there shall be levied and col- | briar wood and similar wood unmanufactured lected a duty of one-fourth of one cent per or not further advanced than cut into blocks pound.

suitable for the articles into which they are in676. Tamarinds.

tended to be converted ; bamboo, rattan, reeds 677. Tapioca, cassava or cassady.

unmanufactured, India malacca joints, and 678. Tar and pitch of wood.

sticks of partridge, hair wood, pimento, orange, 679. Tea and tea plants.

myrtle, and other woods not specially provided 680. Teeth, natural, or unmanufactured. for in this Act, in the rough, or not further ad

681. Terra alba, not made from gypsum or vanced than cut into lengths suitable for sticks plaster rock.

for umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, whips, fish682. Terra japonica.

ing rods, or walking-canes. 683. Tin ore, cassiterite or black oxide of tin, 701. Works of art, drawings, engravings, phoand tin in bars, blocks, pigs, or grain or granu- tographic pictures, and philosophical and scienlated.

tific apparatus brought by professional artists, 684. Tobacco stems.

lecturers, or scientists arriving from abroad for 685. Tonquin, tonqua, or tonka beans.

use by them temporarily for exhibition and in 686. Turmeric.

illustration, promotion, and encouragement of 687. Turpentine, Venice.

art, science, or industry in the United States, 688. Turpentine, spirits of.

and not for sale, shall be admitted free of duty, 689. Turtles.

under such regulations as the Secretary of the 690. Types, old, and fit only to be remanufac- Treasury shall prescribe ; but bonds shall be tured.

given for the payment to the United States of 691. Uranium, oxide and salts of.

such duties as may be imposed by law upon any 692. Vaccine virus.

and all such articles as shall not be exported 693. Valonia.

within six months after such importation · Pro. 694. Verdigris, or subacetate of


vided, That the Secretary of the Treasury may, 695. Wax, vegetable or mineral.

in his discretion, extend such period for a 696. Wafers, unleavened or not edible.

further term of six months in cases where appli. 697. Wearing apparel, articles of personal cations therefor shall be made. adornment, toilet articles, and similar personal 702. Works of art, collections in illustration of effects of persons arriving in the United States ; the progress of the arts, sciences, or manufac. but this exemption shall only include such arti- | tures, photographs, works in terra cotta, parian, cles as actually accompany and are in the use of, pottery, or porcelain, antiquities and artistic and as are necessary and appropriate for the copies thereof in metal or other material, imwear and use of such persons, for the immediate ported in good faith for exhibition at a fixed purposes of the journey and present comfort place by any State or by any society or instituand convenience, and shall not be held to apply tion established for the encouragement of the to merchandise or articles intended for other arts, science, or education, or for a municipal persons or for sale : Provided, That in case of corporation, and all like articles imported in residents of the United States returning from good faith by any society or association, or for abroad, all wearing apparel and other personal a municipal corporation for the purpose of effects taken by them out of the United States erecting a public monument, and not intended to foreign countries shall be admitted free of for sale, nor for any other purpose than herein duty, without regard to their value, upon their expressed ; but bonds shall be given under such identity being established, under appropriate rules and regulations as the Secretary of the rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Treasury may prescribe, for the payment of Secretary of the Treasury, but no more than one lawful duties whiềh may accrue should any of hundred dollars in value of articles purchased the articles aforesaid be sold, transferred, or abroad by such residents of the United States used contrary to this provision, and such artishall be admitted free of duty upon their re- cles shall he subject, at any time, to examination turn.

and inspection by the proper officers of the cus698. Whalebone, unmanufactured.

toms: Provided, That the privileges of this and 699. Wood : Logs and round unmanufactured the preceding section shall not be allowed to timber, including pulp-woods, firewood, handle- associations or corporations engaged in cr conbolts, shingle-bolts, gun-blocks for gunstocks nected with business of a private or commercial rough-hewn or sawed or planed on one side, hop- character. poles, ship-timber and ship-planking; all the 703. Works of art, the production of American foregoing not specially provided for in this Act. artists residing temporarily abroad, or other

700. Woods : Cedar, lignum-vitae, lancewood, works of art, including pictorial paintings on ebony, box, granadilla, mahogany, rosewood, glass, imported expressly for presentation to a satinwood, and all forms of cabinet woods, in national institution, or to any State or municithe log, rough, or hewn only ; briar root or pal corporation, or incorporated religious soci. ety, college, or other public institution, except | one dozen bottles or jugs containing each not stained or painted window-glass or stained or more than one quart and more than one pint, or painted glass windows; but such exemption twenty-four bottles or jugs containing each not shall be subject to such regulations as the Secre- more than one pint, one dollar and twenty-five tary of the Treasury may prescribe.

cents per case, and any excess beyond these 704. Yams.

quantities found in such bottles or jugs shall be 705. Zaffer.

subject to a duty of four cents per pint or fracSec. 3. That for the purpose of equalizing the tional part thereof, but no separate or addi. trade of the United States with foreign coun- tional duty shall be assessed upon the bottles or tries, and their colonies, producing and export- jugs. ing to this country the following articles : Paintings in oil or water colors, pastels, pen Argols, or crude tartar, or wine lees, crude ; and ink drawings, and statuary, fifteen per brandies, or other spirits manufactured or dis- centum ad valorem. tilled from grain or other materials ; cham- The President shall have power, and it shall pagne and all other sparkling wines ; still wines, be his duty, whenever he shall be satisfied that and vermuth; paintings and statuary; or any any such agreement in this Section mentioned of them, the President be, and he is hereby, au- is not being fully executed by the Government thorized, as soon as may be after the passage of with which it shall have been made, to revoke this Act, and from time to time thereafter, to such suspension and notify such Government enter into negotiations with the governments thereof. of those countries exporting to the United And it is further provided that with a view to States the above-mentioned articles, or any of secure reciprocal trade with countries producthem, with a view to the arrangement of coming the following articles, whenever and so mercial agreements in which reciprocal and often as the President shall be satisfied that the equivalent concessions may be secured in favor Government of any country, or colony of such of the products and manufactures of the United Government, producing and exporting directly States; and whenever the government of any or indirectly to the United States coffee, tea, country, or colony, producing and exporting to and tonquin, tonqua, or tonka beans, and vanilla the United States the above mentioned articles, beans, or any of such articles, imposes duties or or any of them, shall enter into a commercial other exactions upon the agricultural, manuagreement with the United States, or make con- factured, or other products of the United States, cessions in favor of the products, or manufac- which, in view of the introduction of such coffee, tures thereof, which, in the judgment of the tea, and tonquin, tonqua, or tonka, beans, and vaPresident, shall be reciprocal and equivalent, he nilla beans, into the United States, as in this Act shall be, and he is hereby, authorized and em- hereinbefore provided for, he may deem to be powered to suspend, during the time of such reciprocally unequal and unreasonable, he shall agreement or concession, by proclamation to have the power and it shall be his duty to susthat effect, the imposition and collection of the pend, by proclamation to that effect, the provisduties mentioned in this Act, on such article or ions of this Act relating to the free introduction articles so exported to the United States from of such coffee, tea, and tonquin, tonqua, or such country or colony, and thereupon and tonka beans, and vanilla beans, of the products thereafter the duties levied, collected, and paid of such country or colony, for such time as he upon such article or articles shall be as follows, shall deem just; and in such case and during namely:

such suspension duties shall be levied, collected, Argols, or crude tartar, or wine lees, crude, and paid upon coffee, tea, and tonquin, tonqua, five per centum ad valorem.

or tonka beans, and vanilla beans, the products Brandies, or other spirits manufactured or or exports, direct or indirect, from such desigdistilled from grain or other materials, one dol- nated country, as follows: lar and seventy-five cents per proof gallon. On coffee, three cents per pound.

Champagne and all other sparkling wines, in On tea, ten cents per pound. bottles containing not more than one quart and On tonquin, tonqua, or tonka beans, fifty cents more than one pint, six dollars per dozen ; con- per pound; vanilla beans, two dollars per taining not more than one pint each and more pound; vanilla beans, commercially known as than one-half pint, three dollars per dozen ; con cuts, one dollar per pound. taining one-half pint each or less, one dollar and Sec. 4. That whenever the President of the fifty cents per dozen ; in bottles or other vessels United States, by and with the advice and concontaining more than one quart each, in addi- sent of the Senate, with a view to secure reciption to six dollars per dozen bottles on the quan- rocal trade with foreign countries, shall, within tities in excess of one quart, at the rate of one the period of two years from and after the pasdollar and ninety cents per gallon.

sage of this Act, enter into commercial treaty Still wines, and vermuth, in casks, thirty-five or treaties with any other country or countries cents per gallon; in bottles or jugs, per case of concerning the admission into any such country

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