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Rates of duty under



of value.


AdvaLaw of 1894.

Law of 1897. lorem.


[blocks in formation]

All other chalk preparations, except medicinal or

toilet preparations, and manufactures of chalk not specially provided for.... Chloroform..

..lbs Coal tar colors or dyes, not specially provided for.. Coal tar, all preparations of, not colors or dyes, not

specially provided for.... Mineral oils :

Naphtha, benzine, benzole, dead oil, and similar products of coal tar.

...galls. From countries which do not impose duty on

similar articles imported from the United States..

..galls. From countries which impose duty on similar

articles imported from the United States, gallons... Mirbane.

.lbs Cobalt, oxide of.

.lbs. Collodion, and all compounds of pyroxylin..... Ibs. Collodion :

In finished or partly finished articles, including

such as are commonly called celluloid articles...

...... lbs. Rolled or in sheets, but not made up into articles....

... lbs. Coloring for brandy, wine, beer, or other liquors.. Copperas or sulphate of iron.

.lbs. Barks, beans, berries, balsams, buds, bulbs and

bulbous roots, and excrescences (such as nutgalls), fruits, flowers, dried fibers, grains, gums and gum resins, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, nuts, roots and stems, spices, vegetables, seeds (aromatic, not garden, seeds), and seeds of mor. bid growth, woods used expressly for dyeing, and dried insects, any of the foregoing which are not edible, but which have been advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding or by other process of manufacture.. Ethers : Sulphuric....

Of all kinds, not specially provided for. lbs.
Fruits, ethers, oils, or essences...

.lbs. Logwood and other dyewoods, extracts and decoc. tions of

lbs Sumac, extract of..

.lbs. Bark for dyeing or tanning, extracts of :

Other than hemlock, not specially provided for...

lbs. Hemlock, extract of.

.lbs. Gelatin, glue, isinglass or fish glue : Gelatin.

lbs. Glue..

.Ibs Isinglass or fish glue, etc..

lbs. Gelatin, glue, isinglass, or fish glue, and prepared fish bladders or sounds : Valued at not above 10 cents per pound.... Valued at above 10 cents and not above 35 cents

per pound..
Valued above 35 cents per pound...

10 per cent.. 10 14 cent p. Ib.

and 10 p, ct. .12 40 cts. per lb. 318.33 10 cts. per lb. 318.33

25 cts. per Ib. 25 cts per lb. 4.88 $1 per Ib.. 20.52 $1 per Ib. 25 1.53 $2 per lb. 128.90 $2 per lb... 128.90


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Rates of duty under



of value.


AdvaLaw of 1894.

Law of 1897. lorem.


Per ct.

Per ct. .07 1 cent per lb. 14.53 1 cent per lb. 14.53

10 3 cts. per lb. 30.21 3 cts. per lb.. 30.21 1.21 Free

10 cts. per lb. 8.26 093 Free

34 cent p. Ib. 8.06 25 per cent.. 25 25 per cent.. 25 Free

20 cts. per lb. 3.81 $1 per lb.. 26.28 $i per Ib..... 26.28 .105 5 cts. per lb. 47.55 444 cts. p. lb. 42.80 .32 Free

10 cts. per lb. 31.25 49 7 cts. per lb. 14.04 7 cts. per lb.. 14.04 096 3 cts. per lb. 31.13 3 cts. per lb.. 31.13 .006 cent per lb. 29.19 cent per lb. 29.19

[blocks in formation]

Glycerin :
Crude, not purified.....

.lbs. Refined..

lbs. Indigo, carmined or indigotine..

lbs Extracts or pastes of..

lbs. Ink

of all kinds and ink powders... Iodine, resublimed.

lbs. Iodoform..

.. lbs. Licorice, extracts of, in paste, rolls, or other forms.

lbs. Chicle.

.Ibs. Magnesia : Calcined.

.lbs. Carbonate of, medicinal.

.lbs. Sulphate of, or Epsom salts..

lbs. Oils :

Alizarin assistant, or soluble oil, or oleate of soda, or Turkey red oil....

....galls. Alizarin assistant, or sulpho-ricinoleic acid,

and ricinoleic acid by whatever name
known, whether liquid, solid, or in paste, in
the manufacture of which 50 per cent. or
more of castor oil is used...
In the manufacture of which less than 50

per cent. of castor oil is used.
All other alizarin assistant, not specially

provided for in this act. Castor.

galls. Cod liver..

galls. Cotton seed..

galls. Croton..

lbs. Flaxseed or linseed, raw, boiled, or oxidized,

gallons.. Poppy-seed, raw, boiled, or oxidized. ..galls. Fusel oil or amylic alcohol..

lbs. Hemp-seed and rape-seed.

galls. Olive, fit for salad purposes.

galls. Olive, packed in bottles, etc.. Peppermint..

lbs. Seal..

.galls. Fish, not specially provided for.

galls. Whale, not specially provided for. galls. Opium :

Crude or unmanufactured, containing over 9 per cent. of morphia..

.lbs Morphia or morphine, and all salts thereof..oz Aqueous, extract of, for medicinal uses, and

tincture of, as laudanum, and all other liquid preparations of, not specially provided for.. Prepared for smoking, and opium containing

less than 9 per cent. of morphia............. lbs. Paints, colors, etc.:

Baryta, sulphate of, or barytes, including bary
tes earth-

.tons. Manufactured.

..tons. Blues, such as Berlin, Prussian, Chinese, and

all others containing ferrocyanide of iron, dry or ground in or mixed with oil.. Blanc-fixe, or artificial sulphate of barytes, and satin white, or artificial sulphate of lime..

lbs. Black, made from bone, ivory, or vegetable,

including bone black and lamp black, dry or ground in oil or water...

. lbs. Chrome yellow, chrome green, and all other

chromium colors in which lead and bichrom
of potash or soda

Dry or ground in or mixed with oil.....

.... lbs. In pulp or mixed with water......

30 per cent.. 30 .36 35 cts. p. gall. 98,15 35 cts. p. gall. 98.15 1.13 20 per cent.. 20 15 cts. p.gall. 13.27 .29 Free

4 cts. p. gall. 13 80 63 Free

120 cts. per lb. 31.74 .38 20 cts. p. gall. 53.16 20cts. p. gall. 53.16 .63 : .....do... 31.78 ..do.. 31.74 .021 10 per cent. 10 14 cent p. lb. 11.91 .38 10 cts. p.gall. 26.35 10 cts. p. gall. 26.35 1.19 35 cts. p.gall. 29.39 40 cts. p.gall. 33.59

50 cts. p. gall. 1.39 25 per cent. .T 25

50 cts. per lb. 35.97 .39 ....do. 25 8 cts. p. gall. 20.51 .36 .do. 25

..do.. 22.22 ...do.. 25



[blocks in formation]


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.19 3 cts. per Ib. 15.35 442 cts. p. Ib. 23 79 .17 .do. 17.36



.... lbs.

Rates of duty under



of value.


AdvaLaw of 1894.

Law of 1897. lorem.




Paints, colors, etc.-Continued.

Per ct.

Per ct. Ocher and ochery earthsDry....

lbs. .008

(See below.)


48 cent p. lb. 15.63 Dried or powdered.


38 cent p. lb. Ground in oil...

lbs. .06 144 cts. p. lb. 20.45 14 cts. p. lb 25 Sienna and sienna earthsDry.

lbs. .02 Crude..


cent p. lb. 6.25 Dried or powdered.


cent p. lb. Ground in oil...

.083 144 cts. p. lb. 15.11 14 cts. p. lb. 18.07 Umber and umber earthsDry...

Ibs. 009


cent p. Ib. 13.87 Dried or powdered.


38 cent p. lb. Ground in oil.

.lbs. .064 144 cts. p. Ib. 19.58 14 cts. p. lb. 23.44 Orange mineral.

lbs. .04. 194 cts. p. lb. 44.24 338 cts. p. lb. 83.30 Red lead...

lbs. .031 142 cts. p. Ib. 49.10 272 cts. p. Ib. 94.10 Ultramarine..

lbs. .11 3 cts. Wash blue, containing ultramarine. .. lbs. .15

..do 1b. 27.03 334 cts. p. Ib. 33.33

20.97 ......do. 24.45 VarnishesSpirit varnishes....

galls. 2.52 $1.32 per gall. 77.31 $1.32 per gall. 87.38
and 25 p. ct.

and 35 p. ct.
All other, including gold size or Japan,

2.63 25 per cent.. 25 35 per cent.. 35 Vermilion red and colors containing quick

silver, dry or ground in oil or water lbs. .43 20 per cent.. 20 10 cts. per lb. 23.25 Vermilion red, not containing quicksilver, but made of lead, etc..

.... lbs. .11 6 cts. per lb. 55.33 15 cts. per lb. 46,11 White lead, dry or in pulp, and ground or

mixed in oil, and white paint containing

lbs. .043 142 cts. p. Ib. 35.16 278 cts. p. lb. 61.05 Whiting and paris whiteDry..

.Ibs. .004 74 cent p. lb. 69.19 44 cent p. lb. 69.19 Ground in oil (putty).

.lbs. .23 32 cent p. lb. 2.20 1 cent per lb. 4 40 Zinc, oxide of, and white paint containing zinc, but not containing leadDry..

.lbs. .032 1 cent per lb. 31.27 ...do... 31.27 Ground in oil.

. lbs.

....do...... 19.71 194 cts. p. Ib. 34.31 Sulfid of zinc white, or white sulphide of zinc....

(n, e.) 25 144 cts. p. lb. Chloride of.....


(n. e.)

25 1 cent per lb.
Sulphate of.

(n. e.)

..do.. All other paints, colors, and pigments, dry, or

mixed, or ground in water or oil or other solutions, including all colors in tubes, lakes, crayons, smalts, and frostings, and not specially provided for

25 per cent.. 25 30 per cent.. 30 Crayons..


25 .....do...... 30 Spanish, Indian red, and colcothar or oxide of iron and Vandyke, Cassel earth or Cassel brown...


30 Paris green and London purple.... .lbs.


25 15 per cent.. 15 Lead products : Leac, acetate of, white..

lbs. .04 234 cts. p. lb. 70.56 344 cts. p. lb. 87.50 Lead, acetate of, brown, in colors.

lbs. .031 134 cts. p. Ib. 56.54 274 cts. p. lb 87.09 Lead, nitrate of..

lbs. .04 142 cts. p. Ib. 38.77 242 cts. p. lb. 62.50 Litharge..


50.02 294 cts. P. lb. 91.66 Phosphorus..

.. lbs. .49 15 cts. per Ib. 30.48 18 cts. p. lb.. 36.72 Potash : Chromata and bichromate of.

lbs. 088 25 per cent.. 25 3 cts. per lb.. 34 Caustic or hydrate of, refined in sticks or rolls...


1 cent per lb. Chlorate of.

Ibs. .087 Free

244 cts. p. lb. 28.73 Hydriodate, iodide, and iodate of.

.lbs. 1.69 25 cts. per lb. 14.78 25 cts. p. lb.. 14.78 Nitrate of, or saltpeter, refined.

.. lbs. .049% cent p. lb.. 10.12 cent p. lb. 10.12 Prussiate of, red.

lbs. .28 25 per cent.. 25 8 cents p. lb. 21.43 Prussiate of, yellow..

lbs. .15


4 cents p. Ib. 28.23 Cyanide of....



11272 per cent.l 12.50


. lbs.



(n. e.)


Rates of duty under-

value. Law of 1894.

Law of 1897.



Preparations, medicinal, including medicinal pro

Per ct.

Per ct. prietary, preparations": Of which alcohol is a component part, or in the

preparation of which alcohol is used.. .. lbs. .78 50 cts. per lb. 63.49 55 cts. per Ib. 70.51 of which alcohol is not a component part, pounds..

25 per cent.. 25 25 per cent.. 25 Calomel and other mercurial preparations, pounds..

.51 ....do. 25 35 per cent, 35 Plasters, healing or curative, and courtplaster.

(n. e.) 25

35 per cent., 35 Preparations used as applications to the hair,

mouth, teeth, or skin, such as cosmetics, dentifrices, pastes, pomades, powders, and tonics, including all known as toilet preparations not specially provided for....

40 per cent.. 40 Preparations used as applications to the hair,

mouth, teeth, or skin, such as cosmetics, dentifrices, pastes, pomades, powders, and other toilet articles, and articles of perfum. ery, whether in sachets or otherwise, not con. taining alcohol or in the manufacture of which alcohol is not used, and not specially provided for..

50 per cent.. 50 Santonin, and all salts thereof containing 80 per cent. or over santonin..

1.48 $1 per lb..... 67.27 $1 per lb..... 67.27 Soap : Castile..

..lbs. 055 20 per cent.. 20 144 cts. p. Ib. 22,72 Fancy, perfumed, and all descriptions of toilet...

lbs .30 35 per cent.. 35 15 cts. per lb. 50 All other, not specially provided for. lbs. 10 per cent.. 10 20 per cent.. 20 Soda :

Bicarbonate of, or supercarbonate of, or saler atus...

.. lbs. 0134 cent p. Ib. 36.46 4 cent p. Ib. 57.70 Bichromate and chromate of.

.lbs .068 25 per cent.. 25 2 cents p. Ib. 29.41 Crystal carbonate of, or concentrated soda

crystals, or monohydrate or sesquicarbonate of soda...


25 i cont p. lb. Chlorate of.

.lbs. .12 Free.

2 cents p. lb. 16.67 Hydrate of, or caustic..

Ibs. .017 y cent p. Ib. 29.10 74 cent p. lb. 43.65 Nitrate of.

(n. e.)

24 cts. p. lb. Hypo-sulphite and sulphide of soda. lbs

cent p. lb. Sal, or soda crystals...

lbs. .005 48 cent p. Ib. 26.59 cent p. lb. 40 Soda-ash..

lbs .008 74 cent p. lb. 32.22 cent p. Ib. 48.33 Soda, arseniate of..


(n. e.) 25 144 cts. p. lb. Silicate of, or other alkaline silicate.. lbs. .00998 cent p. Ib. 41.24 48 cent p. Ib. 54.99 Sulphate of Glauber salts..

tons 11.42 Free..

|$1.25 per ton. 10.94 Salt cake, or niter cake. tons 6.35 Free..

.do... 19.67 Sodium.

.36 Free.

25 Sponges.....

10 per cent.. 10 20 per cent.. 20 Manufactures of sponges..

(n. e.)

40 per cent.. 40 Moss, iceland or sea..

lbs. .046 10 per cent.. 10 10 per cent.. 10 Strychnine, and all salts thereof.

Ozs. .38 30 cts. per oz 77.23 30 cts. per oz. 77.23 Sulphur, refined... tons 17.50 20 per cent.. 20 $8 per ton...

45.71 Sulphur, sublimed, or flowers of.

tons. 19.41 .do...


41.20 Sumac, ground...

... lbs. .017 10 per cent.. 10 i cent p. lb, 17.65 Vanillin.


(n. e.) 25

80 cts. per oz.

(n, e.)

(n. e.)

(n. e.)


[blocks in formation]

Imports fiscal year 1896.

28.53 30.67

Law of 1897.


$5,619, 239.63

[n. e.--Not enumerated.]


Rates of duty under-


Law of 1894.

Law of 1897. lorem.



Earthen, stone, and china ware :

Per ct.

Per ct.
Brick and tiles
Brick, fire-

Not glazed, enameled, ornamented, or
decorated in any manner.


25 per cent.. 25 $1.25 per ton.
Glazed, enameled, ornamented, or dec.


30 per cent.. 30 45 per cent.. 45 BrickNot glazed, enameled, ornamented, or decorated in any manner.

M $7.64 25 per cent.. 25 25 per cent.. | 25 Glazed, enameled, ornamented, or decorated.

.M. 13.81 30 per cent.. 30 45 per cent.. 45 Magnesic fire brick..

tons 11.31 $1 per ton 8.84 $1.25 per ton, 11.05


Not glazed, ornamented, painted, enam
eled, vitrified, or decorated...

25 per cent.. 25
Ornamented, glazed, painted, enameled,

vitrified, or decorated, and all encaus-

40 per cent.. 40
Text of law of 1897 : Tiles, plain unglazed,

one color, exceeding two square inches in
size, four cents per square foot; glazed
encaustic, ceramic mosaic, vitrified, semi-
vitrified, fiint, spar, embossed, enameled,
ornamental, hand painted, gold deco
rated, and all other earthenware tiles,
valued at not exceeding forty cents per
square foot, eight cents per square foot;
exceeding forty cents per square foot,
ten cents per square foot and twenty-five

per centum ad valorem. Cement

Roman, Portland, and other hydraulic, in
barrels, sacks, or other packages..

.0038 cts.p.100 lbs 24.09 8 cts.p.100 lbs 24.09 In bulk.


7 cts.p.100lbs 7 cts.p.100 lbs Other.

.Ibs. 10 per cent.. 10

20 per cent.. 20 Lime...

.lbs 002 5 cts.p.100 lbs 28.50 5 cts.p.100 lbs 28.50 Plaster of paris : Plaster rock or gypsum, crude..


50 cts. p. ton. 45.08 Calcined.

.tons 6.64 $1.25 per ton. 18.83 $2.25 per ton. 33.88 Ground.

.tons. 21.46 $1 per ton... 4.66

......00.. 10.50 Pearl hardening.

20 per cent.. 20 Pumice stone: Wholly or partially manufactured. lbs.


$6 per ton.... Unmanufactured...


15 per cent.

15 Clays or eartbs : Unwrought or unmanufactured..

tons. 6.56 31 per ton... 15.25 $1 per ton.... 15.25 Wrought or manufactured, not specially provided for....

.tons. 11.81 $2 per ton... 16.94 $2 per ton.... 16.94 China clay, or kaolin.

.tons. 7.03

28.45 $2.50 per ton. 35.56 Limestone rock as containing not than 15 per cent. of bitumen..

(n. e.) Free..

50 cts. p. ton. Asphaltum and bitumen : Not dried or advanced.


| Free

Dried or advanced...

$1.50 per ton.

$3 per ton... Bauxite or Beauxite, crude..


$1 per ton.
Fullers earth, unwrought and unmanufac-

..tons. Fullers earth, wrought or manufactured..tons

$3 per ton
Brown and common yellow earthernware, plain or
embossed, common stoneware, and crucibles not
decorated in any manner..

per cent.. 20

25 per cent.. 25 Rockingham earthernware.

(n. e.)

40 per cent.. 40 China, porcelain, parian, bisque, earthen, stone, and crockery ware, including clock cases with or without movements, plaques, toys, toy tea sets, charms, vases, and statuettes : Painted, tinted, stained, enameled, printed.

gilded, or otherwise decorated or ornament ed in any manner..

35 per cent..) 35


(n. e.)



(n. e.) (n. e.)


per ton.

160 per cent.lo

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