Report, Издање 119

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1937

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Страница 30 - China, agree that they will not seek, nor support their respective nationals in seeking a. any arrangement which might purport to establish in favor of their interests any general superiority of rights with respect to commercial or economic development in any designated region of China; b. any such monopoly or preference as would deprive the nationals of any other Power of the right of undertaking any legitimate trade or industry in China, or of participating with the Chinese Government, or with...
Страница 30 - China undertakes to be guided by the principles stated in the foregoing stipulations of this Article in dealing with applications for economic rights and privileges from Governments and nationals of all foreign countries, whether parties to the present Treaty or not.
Страница 30 - To use their influence for the purpose of effectually establishing and maintaining the principle of equal opportunity for the commerce and industry of all nations throughout the territory of China; 4.
Страница 18 - The proclaimed duties and other import restrictions shall apply to articles the growth, produce, or manufacture of all foreign countries, whether imported directly, or indirectly: Provided, That the President may suspend the application to articles the growth, produce, or manufacture of any country because of its discriminatory treatment of American commerce or because of other acts or policies which in his opinion tend to defeat the purposes set forth in this section...
Страница 32 - Canada no preferences, or (ii) accords to some other part of the Empire (in the case of Northern Rhodesia excepting the Union of South Africa, Southern Rhodesia and the Territories of the South African High Commission) preferences not accorded to Canada.
Страница 97 - From time to time, in consideration of benefits satisfactory to the Governor in Council, extend the benefit of the intermediate tariff, in whole or in part, to any British or foreign country the produce or manufactures of which have previously been subject to the rates of customs duties set forth in the general tariff, and from and after the publication of such order in The Canada Gazette...
Страница 58 - Majesty's dominions outside the United Kingdom (including all parts of India), territories under His Majesty's protection, territories in respect of which a mandate of the League of Nations is being exercised by the Government of...
Страница 57 - Synthetic organic dyestuffs (including pigment dyestuffs), whether soluble or insoluble. Compounds, preparations, and articles manufactured from any such dyestuffs, except any such compounds, preparations and articles as are not suitable for use in dyeing ; and Organic interrnediate products used in the manufacture of any such dyestuffs.
Страница 32 - ... notice from either party. It has been agreed further that, in the event of failure to conclude a new agreement, neither party shall withdraw existing preferences without prior consultation •with the other.

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