The Program of the Freedom of the Sea: A Political Study in the International Law by Christian Meurer

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919 - 104 страница

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Страница 24 - No doubt a somewhat radical reconsideration of many of the rules of international practice hitherto thought to be established may be necessary in order to make the seas indeed free and common in practically all circumstances for the use of mankind, but the motive for such changes is convincing and compelling.
Страница 103 - Absolute freedom of navigation upon the seas, outside territorial waters, alike in peace and in war, except as the seas may be closed in whole or in part by international action for the enforcement of international covenants.
Страница 36 - I am proposing government by the consent of the governed; that freedom of the seas which in international conference after conference representatives of the United States have urged with the eloquence of those who are the convinced disciples of liberty; and that moderation of armaments which makes of armies and navies a power for order merely, not an instrument of aggression or of selfish violence.
Страница 24 - ... of mankind, but the motive for such changes is convincing and compelling. There can be no trust or intimacy between the peoples of the world without them. The free, constant, unthreatened intercourse of nations is an essential part of the process of peace and of development. It need not be difficult either to define or to secure the freedom of the seas if the Governments of the world sincerely desire to come to an agreement concerning it.
Страница 103 - He agrees that the seas should be free, but looks askance at any limitation to that freedom by international action in the interest of the common order. He would without reserve be glad to see economic barriers removed between nation and nation, for that could in no way impede the ambitions of the military party, with whom he seems constrained to keep on terms. Neither does he raise objection to a limitation of armaments.
Страница 71 - Le caractère hostile reconnu aux navires transporteurs de munition*, combustibles. vivres, etc.. at-on fait remarquer, ne serait autre chose que la consécration de la notion de contrebande — ce qui paraît en contradiction avec la proposition, faite d'autre part par la Grande Bretagne, d'abolir cette notion. La contrebande destinée à une force navale se trouverait ainsi rester...
Страница 31 - Convention for the adaptation of the principles of the Geneva Convention to maritime war;1 XI. Convention relative to certain restrictions on the exercise of the right of capture in maritime war ; XII.
Страница 6 - Et quidem naturali iure communia sunt omnium haec : aer 1 et aqua profluens et mare et per hoc litora maris. nemo igitur ad litus maris accedere prohibetur, dum tamen villis et monumentis et aedificiis abstineat, quia non sunt iuris gentium, sicut et mare.
Страница 9 - Primo, mare, ex jure naturae seu gentium, omnium hominum non esse commune, sed dominii privati seu proprietatis capax, pariter ac tellurem, esse demonstratur. Secundo, Serenissimum Magnae Britanniae Regem maris circumflui, ut individuae atque perpetuae Imperil Britannici appendicis, dominum esse, asseritur.
Страница 21 - Government are contending for the same great object, have long stood together in urging the very principles upon which the Government of the United States now so solemnly insists. They are both contending for the freedom of the seas. The Government of the United States will continue to contend for that freedom, from whatever quarter violated, without compromise ,and at any cost.

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