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“ Fleet past the months ere yet the giddy boy
One thought bestowd on what would surely be;
But well his aunt perceiv'd his dangerous toy, ·
And sore she feard her auncient familie
Should now be staind with blood of base degree:
For sooth to tell, her liefest hearts delight
Was still to count her princely pedigree,
Through barons bold all up to Cadwall hight,
Thence up to Trojan Brute ysprong of Venus bright.

“ But, zealous to forefend her gentle race From baselie matching with plebeian bloud, Whole nights she schemd to shonne thilke foull dis

grace, And Kathrins bale in wondrous wrath she vowd: Yet could she not with cunning portaunce shroud, So as might best succede her good intent, But clept her lemman and vild slut aloud; That soon she should her gracelesse thewes repent, And stand in long white sheet before the parson


So spake the wizard, and his hand he wavd,'
And prompt the scenerie rose, where listless lay
The knight in shady bowre, by streamlet lavd,
While Philomela soothd the parting day:

Here Kathrin him approachd with features gay,
And all her store of blandishments and wiles ;
The knight was touchd-but she with soft delay
And gentle teares yblends her languid smiles,
And of base falsitie th' enamourd boy reviles.

Amazd the boy beheld her ready teares,
And, faultring oft, exclaims with wondring stare,
“What mean these sighs ? dispell thine ydle feares;
And, confident in me, thy griefes declare.”
“And need,” quoth she, “ need I my heart to bare,
And tellen what untold well knowne mote be?
Lost is my friends goodwill, my mothers care
By you deserted-ah! unhappy me!
Left to your aunts fell spight, and wreakfull crueltie.”

And need, " quo me, thy griefed thine ydie fedes

* My aunt !" quoth he, “ forsooth shall she.com


No; sooner shall yond hill forsake his place,"
He laughing said, and would have caught her hand;
Her hand she shifted to her blabberd face,
With prudish modestie, and sobd, “ Alas !
Grant me your bond, or else on yonder tree
These silken garters, pledge of thy embrace,
Ah, welladay! shall hang thy babe and me,
And everie night our ghostes shall bring all Hell to


Ythrilld with horror gapd the wareless wight,
As when, aloft on well-stored cherrie-tree,

The thievish elfe beholds with pale affright
The gardner near, and weets not where to flee:
“ And will my bond forefend thilke miserie?
That shalt thou have; and for thy peace beside,
What mote I more? housekeeper shalt thou be"-
An awfull oath forthwith his promise tied,
And Kathrin was as blythe as ever blythesome bride.

His aunt fell sick for very dole to see
'Her kindest counsels scornd, and sore did pine
To think what well she knew would shortly be,
Cadwallins blood debasd in Kathrins line;
For very dole she died. O sad propine, .
Syr knight, for all that care which she did take!
How many a night, for coughs and colds of thine,
Has she sat up, rare cordial broths to make,
And cockerd thee so kind with many a daintie cake!

Soft as the gossamer in summer shades
Extends its twinkling line from spray to spray,
Gently as sleep the weary lids invades,
So soft, so gently pleasure mines her way: .
But whither will the smiling fiend betray,
Ah, let the knights approaching days declare !
Though everie bloome and flowre of buxom May
Bestrew her path, to deserts cold and bare
The mazy path betrays the giddy wight unware.

“ Ah!" says the wizard, “ wliat may now availe His manlie sense that fairest blossoms bore,

His temper gentle as the whispering gale,
His native goodnesse, and his vertuous lore !
Now through his veins, all uninflamd before,
Th' enchanted cup of dissipation hight ..
Has shedd, with subtil stealth, through everie pore,
Its giddy poison, brewd with magicke might,
Each budd of gentle worth and better thought to


“ So the Canadian, traind in drery wastes
To chase the foming bore and fallow deer,
At first the traders beverage shylie tastes;
But soon with headlong rage, unfelt whyleare,
Inflamd he lusts for the delirious cheer: ::::
So bursts the boy disdainful of restrent,...
Headlong attonce into the wylde career
Of jollitie, with all his mind unbent,
And dull and yrksome hangs the day in sports un.


“ Now fly the wassal seasons wingd with glee,
Each day affords a floode of roring joy;
The springs green months ycharmd with cocking flee,
The jolly horce-race summers grand employ,
His harvest sports the foxe and hare destroy;
But the substantial comforts of the bowl
Are thine, O Winter! thine to fire the boy
With Englands cause, and swell his mightie soul,
Till dizzy with his peres about the ffore he rowl.

“ Now round his dores ypail'd on cloggs of wood
Hang many a badgers snout and foxes tail,
The which had he through many a hedge persewd,
Through marsh, through meer, dyke, ditch, and delve

and dale;
To hear his hair-breadth scapes would make you pale;
Which well the groome hight Patrick can relate,
Whileas on holidays he quaffs his ale; :
And not one circumstance will he forgett,
So keen the braggard chorle is on his hunting sett.

“ Now on the turf the knight with sparkling eyes
Beholds the springing racers sweep the ground;
Now lightlie by the post the foremost flies,
And thondring on, the rattling hoofs rebound;
The coursers groan, the cracking whips resound:
And gliding with the gale they rush along
Right to the stand. The knight stares wildly round,
And, rising on his sell, his jocund tongue
Is heard above the noise of all the noisie throng.

“ While thus the knight persewd the shaddow joy,
As youthful spirits thoughtlesse led the way,
Her gilden baits, ah, gilded to decoy!
Kathrin did eve and morn before him lay,
Watchfull to please, and ever kindlie gay;
Till, like a thing bewitchd, the carelesse wight
Resigns himself to her capricious sway:
Then soon, perdie, was never charme-bound spright
In necromancers thrall in halfe such pitteous plight.

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