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From clouded plains increasing thunders rise,
And drifted volumes roll along the skies;
At once the chief commands th' unnumber'd

Like gathering tempests darkly pour'd along;
High on the winds, unfurl'd in purple pride,
The imperial standard cast the view aside;
A hero there sublimely seem'd to stand,
To point the conquest, and the flight command;
In arms of burnish'd gold the warrior shone,
And wav'd and brighten'd in the falling sun.

But now sublime, in crimson triumph borne,
The sacred standard mock'd th’ etherial morn;
Wide on the winds its waving splendours flow'd,
And call'd the warriors from the distant wood.
Behind great Joshua, Hazor's sons to dare,
Pour the bold thousands to the western war;
Beyond Ai's wall the less'ning heathen train

In well-form'd squadrons cross the distant plain; · Part still in sight their shady files extend,

Part fill the wood, and part the hills ascend: * To cease from toil, the prudent chief commands,

And balmy quiet soothes the wearied bands.

Half lost in mountain groves the sun's broad ray
Shower'd a full splendour round his evening way.
Slow Joshua strode the lovely youth to find,
Th' unwilling bands more slowly mov'd behind.

Soon as the matchless form árosé to view,
O’er their sad faces shone the sorrowing dew::
Silent they stood; to speak the leader tried,
But the chok'd accents on his palate died
His bleeding bosom beat. * * * *

« Ah! best and bravest of thy race," he said, And gently rais’d the pale reclining head, “ Lost are thy matchless charms; thy glory gone, Gone is the glory which thy hand hath won. In vain on thee thy nation cast her eyes, In vain with joy beheld thy light arise, In vain she wish'd thy sceptre to obey."

Borne by six chiefs, in silence o'er the plain,
Fair Irad mov’d; before the mournful train
Great Joshua's arm sustain'd his sword and shield,

Th’affected thousands length’ning through the field;
When, crown'd with flow'rs, the maidens at her side,
With gentle steps advanc'd great Caleb's pride;
Her snowy hand, inspir'd by restless love,
Of the lone wild-rose two rich wreaths inwove,
Fresh in her hands the flowers rejoic'd to bloom,
And round the fair one shed a mild perfume.
O'er all the train her active glances rov'd,
She gaz'd, and gazing miss'd the youth she lov'd.
Some dire mischance her boding heart divin'd,.
And thronging terrors fill?d her anxious mind.

As.near the host her quick’ning footsteps drew, The breathless hero met her trembling view! From her chill'd hand the headlong roses fell, And life's gay beauty bade her cheeks farewell, And sunk to earth.

With anguish Caleb saw her faded charms,
And caught the favourite in his hast ning arms.
Reviv’d, with piercing voice that froze his soul,
She forc'd the big round tear unwish'd to roll:
By all his love besought him soon to lead
Where cruel friendship snatch'd the lovely dead..
In vain the chief his, anguish strove to hide,
Sighs rent his breast and chill'd the vital tide,

To Joshua then, whose heart beside her mourn'd,
With gaze of keen distress the charmer turn'd.
« Oh! generous chief, to misery ever kind,
Thou lov'st my sire-support his sinking mind.
Thy friendly wish delights to lessen woe,
See how his tears for fallen Irad flow.
He claims thy friendship-Generous hero! see,
Lost to himself, his fondness bleeds for me.
To view the hapless youth distress’d, he fears
Would wound my soul, and force too copious tears;
But lead-oh! lead me where the youth is borne-
Calm is my heart, nor will my bosom mourn:
So cold that heart it yields no pitying sigh;
And sce, no tear bedews this marbled eye!".

She said; * * * * reclin'd
On Joshua's arm, she forc'd his melting mind.
Pressing her hand, he trac'd a gentle way,
Where breathless Irad, lost in slumbers, lay.
From the pale face his chilling hand withdrew
The decent veil, and gave the youth to view.
Fix'd o'er the form with solemn gaze she hung,
And strong deep sighs burst o'er her frozen tongue.
On Joshua then she cast a wistful look-
Wild was her tearless eye, and rolling spoke
Anguish unutterable--thrice she tried
To vent her woes, and thrice her efforts died.
At length, in accents of ecstatic grief,
Her voice, bewilder’d, gave her heart relief.

Is this the doom we dread? Is this to die?
To sleep, to feel no more, to close the eye?
Slight is the change-how vain the childish fear
That trembles and recoils when death is near.
I too, methinks, would share the peaceful doom,
And seek a calm repose in Irad's tomb.
This breath, I know, this useless breath must fail,
These eyes be darken'd, and this face grow pale-

But thou art pale, O youth! thy lot I crave, · And every grief shall vanish in the grave !"

She ceas’d: the tender chief without delay,
Soft pressing, kindly forc'd her steps away.
Slow toward the camp with solemn pace they drew;
The corse moves on, the mournful bands pursue.

Unnumber'd tears their hapless fate bewail,
And voice to voice resounds the dreadful tale.
Unhappy, to their tents the host retir'd,
And gradual o'er the mountains day expir'd.




FAR O'er yon azure main thy view extend, Where seas and skies in blue confusion blend : Lo, there a mighty realm, by Heav'n design'd The last retreat for poor oppress'd mankind; Form'd with that pomp which marks the hand divine, · And clothes yon vault where worlds unnumber'd

shine. Here spacious plains in solemn grandeur spread, Here cloudy forests cast eternal shade; Rich valleys wind, the sky-tall mountains brave, And inland seas for commerce spread the wave. With nobler floods the sea-like rivers roll, And fairer lustre purples round the pole. Here, warm’d by happy suns, gay mines unfold The useful iron and the lasting gold; Pure, changing gems in silence learn to glow, And mock the splendours of the covenant how. On countless hills, by savage footsteps trod, That smile to see the future harvest nod,

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