Baptism by Fire

Предња корица, 1. 10. 2007. - 136 страница
As children we knew there was something under our beds, that creatures lurked in the darkest corners of our rooms, and we were terrified about what was in the closest. But as we grew, our parents convinced us it was just in our imaginations and there was nothing there that could hurt us. What if they were wrong? What happens when what we believed to not be possible suddenly is possible? And everything you believed in is suddenly no more? Baptism by Fire is the story of Demonologist Dwayne Claud. He takes you into the shadows of the dark side of paranormal investigation with accounts of actual cases. The names and locations of individuals have been changed to protect their anonymity, but the details and accounts are factually documented. "It's an excellent dive into the dark side of paranormal investigation" Karyn Reece, Psychic Medium for Discovery Channel's "Possessed Possessions," TLC's "XOPS" and Lifetime's "America's Favorite Psychic"

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