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Extract from an Act passed by the Sixth Legislature,

of the State of Louisiana, in their Second Session, entitled " An Act to provide for the printing and the promulgation of the Amendments made to the Civil Code of the State of Louisiana,Approved, April 12, 1824.

SECT. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana, in General Assembly convened; That the amendments made to the Civil Code of the State, shall be in force from the day of their promulgation, as hereinafter provided.

SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Code as amended, shall be printed in the English and French languages, opposite to one another, under the title of Civil Code of the State of Louisiana.”

SECT. 7. And be it further enacted, That when the said Civil Code shall be printed and received, the promulgation of it shall be made by the Secretary of State, by sending a copy thereof to each of the courts of and within this State, of which transmission the date shall be recorded in the office of the Secretary of State; and one month after said transmission, the said Code shall be deemed promulgated, and shall henceforward be in full force throughout the State.

A. B. ROMAN, Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Senate. Approved, April 12, 1824.

TH. B. ROBERTSON, Governor of the State of Louisiana.

The Ciphers indicate the numbers of the Articles.


Partitions in which absentees are
Separation may be claimed in concerned, must be inade in a
case of abandonment of the hus judicial manner, 1246.
band by his wife, or of the wife Absentees have a tacit or legal
by her husband ; in what man mortgage on the property of their
ner, from 139 to 143,

curators, 3282.
llow a master may discharge him How prescription by which pro-
self from the responsibility by perty is acquired, runs against
him incurred in abandoning his absentees, 3437, 3442, 3443,
slave, 181,

The abandonment of the land ex How prescription which releases

tioguishes the servitudes charged from debts, is acquired against
on it, 809.

absentees, 3506.
of the abandonment of property ABSENT HEIRS.
made by a debtor to his creditors, v. curalors, and counsel lo ab-
v. cession of properly.

sent heirs.

of the effects of absence upon of the community between hus-
the eventual rights which may band and wife. Rules relative
belong to the absentee , from 77 thereto. v. community.
to 80.

Of donations inter vivos ; forms
Of the effects of absenre respect and effect of the acceptance of
ing marriage, 81, v. absentees. these donations, from 1527 to

1533. Such acceptance is not re-
Of the meaning of the word ab quired in donations made by
senlee , 3522. do 3.

marriage contract, 1732.
of the curatorship of absentees, Of successions; in what manner
from 50 to 57.

successions may be accepted ex-
of the putting into provisional pressly or tacitly , 982.

possession the heirs of the ab At what time succession may be
sentee, from 58 to 76.

accepted, from 972 to 981.
of the case of the minor children When the acceptance of a suc-
whose father has disappeared, cession is implied or not from
from 82 to 86.

certain acts, from 990 to 997.
Curators who have been appoint- Who are the persons who can or
ed to absentees, or relations cannot accept a succession , from
who have been put in possession 998 to 1001.
of the effects of such absentees, What are the effects of the accep-
can sue or be sued for a parti tation of a succession, from 1003
tion, 1238.

to 1006,


immov cable estate or an entire
(of the right of); what is so cal succession is considered as im-
led, 490.

moveable, 463.
of the right of accession to what Actions and obligations, the ob-
is produced by the thing, from ject of which is to recorer mo-
491 to 495, v: fruits.

ney due or moveable property,
Of the right of accession to what are considered as moveables, 466.

unites or incorporates itself to Actions in avoidance of a contract,
the thing, 496.

from 1963 to 1989. v. cuntracts.
of the right of accession in rela Actions of nullity and rescision of
tion to immoveables, from 497 agreements and sale v, nullily,
to 511; in relation to moveables, rescision, hypothecary and red.
from 512 to 524,

hibitory actions and reduc-

The obligation of delivering the ACTS under private signature.
thing sold, includes its accesso-
ries and dependencies ,

Whal contracts may be made un-


der private signature, 2237.
contract; its definition in oppo-

of the form necessary for their
sition to a principal contract,

validity, 2238.

of the credit to be given to them,

1. fortuitous events.

How the person, who did sub-

scribe such acts, must acknow-
to be rendered by the tutor of a

ledge or deny his signature, 2240.
minor, from 350 to 356 ; by cu-

of the proof to be made when
rators to vacant successions and

the signature is expressly denied,

to absent heirs, from 1179 to
1196; by the testamentary exe-

In case of sale or exchange of real
cutor, from 1666 to 1668.

property or slaves , the acts un-

der private signature are valid
(Right of ); in succession ab in-

against bona fide purchasers and
testato , the portion of the heir

creditors, only from the day on
renouncing goes to his co-heirs

which they are registered in the
of the same degree: it is what is

office of a notary public, 2242.
called the right of accretion,

V. authentic, confirmative, con-
from 1015 to 1021.

servatory and recognitive acts.

This right does not exist in mat-
ter of testamentary dispositions,

How the property which minors
except in some cases provided by

hold in common with their fa-
law, from 1699 to 1702.

thers and mothers, may be ad-

judicated to the latter , 338.
Which are formed successively

In what manner adjudication at
and imperceptibly to any soil si-,

public sales ought to be made,
tuated on the bank of a river,

and of their effect, from 2585 to

to whom they belong, 501. v.


Of the tutor, from 327 to 356. v.
Of natural children by their fa-

thers and mothers, in whose fa-

Of vacant successions ,
vour it may be made, ils forms

tors to vacant successions.
and effects, from 221 to 223. v.

natural children.


of the appointment and duties

of the administrator of a suc-
An action for the recovery of an

cession, the heir of which takes
time for deliberating , 2387 from


V. cura-

1034 to 1042, 1046, 1052, and for its service and improvements
from 1055 to 1063.

are immoveable by destina-

tion, 459.
The adoption is abolished , 232.


The persons who have been put
Who are called so, 201.

into provisional possession of ihe
They cannot be legitimated or

estate of the absentee, cannot
acknowledged by their fathers
and mothers, 217, 222; but they

alienate his immoveables and

slaves, 70.
are entitled to alimony, 262. *

When it is necessary to sell any
Adulterous and incestuous cbil-
dren can in no case inherit the

of the slaves of the absentee, in

what manner such sale may be
estates of their natural fathers

made, 65. .
and mothers, 914.

Minor's property cannot be alie-
In what manner fathers and mo-

nated, except when it is for the
thers are restrained from dispo-

interest of the minor to do so;
sing in favour of their adulterons

with what formalities such sale
and incestuous children, 1475.

must be made, 338, 339.
The husband may claim a sepa-

Theimmoveables settled asadowry
ration in case of adultery on the

cannot be alienated except in

certain cases, from
part of his wise, 136.

2337 lo

The wife may also claim such se-

paration in case of adultery on
the part of her husband, when

Children are bound to maintain
he has kept his concubine in

their father and mother and other
their common dwelling, 137.

ascendants who are in need, and

this obligation is reciprocal on
Males who have attained fourteen

the part of the children and other
years complete, and females the

descendants, 245.
age of twelve years complete,

What is understood by the word
are distinguished by the name

alimony, 246.
of adults, 40.

In what manner alimony must be

granted, from 247 to 250.
What is understood by public ad-

Fathers and mothers owe alimony
vertisements, 3522. no 4.

to their natural children, and

vice versa; and of the rules re-
Is not an impediment to mar-

lative to that obligation, from
riage, 98.

256 to 261.
AFFIXING OF SEALS. Alimony is due to bastards, though
V. seals.

they be adulterous and inces-

tuous, by their mother and ber
Age forms a distinction between

ascendants, 262.
those who have and those who

have not sufficient reason and of the responsibility of the mas-
experience to be masters of ihem, ter of an animal for the damage
selves, 34.

he has caused, 2301. v. beasts,
of the presumption of survivor caltle and wild beasts.
ship which results from the age of ANNUITIES.
persons who have perished in the Perpetual rents and annuities are
same event, 931 to 933.

considered as moveable things,

v. contracts.

The annuities are civil fruits;
ALEATORY CONTRACTS, . they are obtained day by day,
Defined, 2951.

and they belong to the usufruc-

tuary, 537, 540.
When placed upon a tract of land Annuities bear interest from the

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