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UNIVERSAL LEGACIES OR What is understood by the word

usage in such a case, 1961.
Defined, 1599.

In what cases the universal legatee Right of use defined, 621.
is bound to demand the delivery The right of use and habitation is
of the estate bequeathed to him, established and extinguished in
from 1600 to 1602.

the same manner as the usufruct,
How the universal legatee, who 623, 626, 627, 630.
concurs with a forced heir, must of the rights of the person hav-
contribute to the payment of the ing the use, 624, 625, 629; and
debts of the succession, 1603. from 631 to 635.
v. Legatees.

What distinguishes the usufruct
UNIVERSAL PARTNERSHIPS. of a property from the use of it,
Ordinary partnerships are divided

into universal and particular of the duties of him who has the
partnerships, 2767.

use, 640, 641.
Universal partnership defined,


Defined, 525.
Its particular rules, from 2801 There are two kinds of usufruct,
to 2805.

526 to 528,

By whom, to whom, and how usu-
Of litined and unlimited obliga-

fruct may be established, from
tions as to the time of their per-

530 to 532, 534, 535.
formance, from 2043 to 2056.

Upon what things usufruct may

be established, 533.

Of the rights of the usufructuary,
Of beirs, of the heirs who are cal-

from 536 to 549; and of his obli-
led unworthy, 958.

gations, from 550 to 593.
Of the difference between being

Of the obligations of the owner,
unworthy or incapable of inhe-

from 591 to 600.
riting, 959.
Who are the persons unworthy of

How usufruct expires, from 601,

ipheriting, 960, 962.

The unworthiness is never incur- The father and mother who have
red by the act itsell, it must be

during marriage the enjoyment
pronounced by the court in a suit

of the estate of their chidren, are
instituted for that purpose, 961.

liable to the same obligation to
Effects of the judgment by which

which the usufructuaries are sub-
the heir is declared unworthy of
inheriting, from 963 to 967.

jected, 240.

of the right of the usufructuary,
Who may sue in order to cause
the heir to be declared unworthy

from 536 to 549.

All kinds of fruits natural, culti-
of inheriting, 968.
of the reconciliation which is a

vated or produced during the

existence of the usufruct, belong
bar to that action, 869.

to the usufructuary, 536, 540.

What is understood by natural,
Defined, 706.

cultivated and civil fruits, 537,
How many kinds there are of them,


The children of slaves subject to

usufruct, who are born during
of the obligation to perform as its duration, belong to the owner,
incidents to a contract, all that the usufructuary has only the
is required by equity, usage and enjoyment of their labour and
law, from 1958 to 2962.

services, 539.
When the intent of the parties is if the usufruet includes things
evident, neither equity nor usage wbich cannot be used without
can be resorted to, 1958.

being expended or consuined,

bute to the payment of the debts of the testator, 580, 581. At the expiration of the usufruct, the usufructuary has no right to claim any compensation for the improvements he bas made, but he'must abandon them to the owner, except certain articles which he may take away, 589, 690. of the action of the undertaker who made, at the instance of the usufructuary, any building or other work on the property, and who is unpaid at the expiration of the usufruct, from 591 to 593. v. Usufruct.

UTENSILS. The utensils necessary for working cotton and other manufactures, are immoveable, 459. v. Implements of husbandry.


the usufructuary may dispose of them; under what obligations, 542. What is the right of the usufructuary, if the usufruct comprebends things which are gradually impaired by wear and decay, 543. The usufructuary bas a right to draw all the profits which are usually produced by the thing subject to the usufruct; in what Inanner, 544. He has the right to the enjoyment and procecds of mines and quarries, as well as of the increase brought by alluvion, but not to the islands (ormed in a stream opposite to such land, 545, 549.“ The usufructuary has no right ou the treasure which may be discovered in the land of which he has the usufruct, unless he himself has discovered it, 546. The usufructuary enjoys the right of servitude, ways or other duc to the inheritance of which he has the usufruct, 547. He may lease to another, or even sell or give away his right; effects

of such acts, 548. What aclion the usufructuary may

exercise, 549. of the obligations of the usufruc

tuary, from 550 to 593, Of the inventory he must take, and of the security he is bound to give, and how he may give a mortgage in lieu of such security,

from 500 to 555. If the usufructuary does not give security, what is to be done; and of the effect of not giving security, from 556 to 557, 559. of the obligation of the usufructuary, and of his responsibility, 558, 360, and from 562 to 561. The usufructuary may make necessary and useful improvements and repairs of the thing, but he

cannot change its condition, 561. What repairs the usufructuary is

bound to make, from 565 to 571. of the other obligations of the usufructuary, from 572 10 579; and from 582 to 588. How the usufructuary under an universal title is bound to contri

VACANT ESTATES. Of the administration of vacant estates, and estates of which the heirs are absent, from 1068 to 1213. Of the administration of vacant and of intestate successions, from 1088 to 1213. What is understood by a vacantes

tale, 1083. What is understood by a succes

sion ab intestato, 1089. By whom vacant and intestate suc

cessions are managed, 1090, 1091. If all the heirs are absent and minors, there is no occasion for the appointment of a curator to the

absent heirs; why, 1092. of the curators to vacant successions and to absent heirs. v. Curators. VENDOR. v, Sale, seller. VICES, v. Redhibition, redhi

bitory vices. VIEW. The right of view is one of the principal kinds of urban servia iudes, 707. What is understood by view, 711. Servitudes of view are of two kinds, 712.

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runs, 657.

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Violence and threats are causes

which invalidate a contract, 1813.
of the defect of consent arising
from violence or threats, from
1844 to 1853.
What is the patare of the violence
or theats necessary to invalidate
a contract, from 1844 to 1847.
The mere reverential fear of a re-
lation in the ascending line is not
a sufficient cause to invalidate a
contract, 1848.
Other rules respecting the pullity
of contract on account of vio-
lence or threats, from 1849 to
1853, 2215.
General provisions applicable to
error, violence and fraud in con-
tracts, 1875, 1876.

What is understood by the voyage
of a ship or vessel, 3212.

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Of the right of the owner whose
estate borders on running water,
or through whose estate water

The right of watering is a sort of
rural servitude, 717.
In what it consists, 721.

and clothes.
When a person wishes to dig a
well, at wbat distance from the
wall held in common he must do
it, and in what manner, 688,
WIDOW. v. Wife.

WIFE. Of husband and wife, v. Husband and wife. of the duties of the wife, 122. How she must be authorized by her husband or in case of his refusal or absence, by the judge, from 123 to 131, 1467,1779, 1780, 2338, 2339. The wife may make her testament without the authority of her husband, 132. At the expiration of what time the wife may be at liberty to contract another marriage, 134. Forwbat causes the wife may claim her separation from bed and Joard, from 137 to 139. v. Separation from bed and

board. Of the rights of the wife with respect to the tutorship of her children, v. Mother. of the separate property of the wife, 2315. In what cases the dotal effects may be alienated by the wife or with her consent, from 2338 to 2340. of the rights of the wife at the time of dissolution of the marriage with respect lo dowry, from 2346 to 2354. of the mortgage and privilege of

the wife for her dowry, 2355, 2356, 3158, 3182, 3221. of the rights of the wife upon her parapiiernalia or extra-dolal property, 2361, 2364, 2365, 2367, 2368.

The wages of servants are privi-
leged; how, 3158, 3173, 3174.
Orihe privilege of the master and
crew of a ship or vessel, 3201.
In what order the wages of ser-
vants and seamen are paid, 3221,
The actions for wages of servants
and seamen are prescribed by one
year, 3499, 3600.

of the walls in common, rules re-
lative thereto, from 671 to 681.

of the warranty in matters of
partition, from 1420 to 1434.
Of the warranty in case of evic-
tion of a thing sold, from 2476 to
v. Eviction.
of the warranty in case of redhi-
bitory vices, v. Redhibition, red-
hibitory vices.

Of the waste committed by the
usufructuary on the thing sub-
ject to the usufruet, 616.

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The wife or her heirs may exone- have against the proprietor of the rate themselves from the debts of house on which they have workthe community, by renouncing ed, 2741. such community, from 2379 to The workmen and persons fur2384, 2388, 2392.

nishing materials who have conHow the wife may lose the right tracted with the undertaker, have of renouncing, 2381, 2386, 2387, do action against the owner, but 2389.

they may cause the monies doe The creditors of the wife may at to the undertaker to be seized, tack the renunciation which she 2744. or her heirs have made with a Payments made by the proprietor view to defraud them, 2390.

to the undertakerby anticipation, If the dowry be exposed to be lost,

are considered with regard to the wife may sue for a separation

workmen, and to those who of goods from her husband, and have furnished materials, as not in what manner, 2345; and from made, 2745, 2399 to 2412.

Workmen employed in the conWILD BEASTS AND BIRDS.

struction or repair of ships and What beasts are considered as

vessels, enjoy a privilege for the wild, and in what manner their

price of their labour, 2478. property is acquired, 3378, 3380.

The actions of workmen for wbat WITNESSES.

is due lo them, are prescribed by Who may be a witness to a testa

one year, 3499.

v. Undertaker. ment, from 1584 to 1585, 1641. Who is a competent witness in


Agreements or undertaking for civil matters, 2260, 2262.

workexceeding five hundred dolWOMEN.

lars, must be reduced to writing, Of the essential differences which

and registered with the recorder the law has established between

of mortgages, 2746. men and women, 25.

For the undertakings not amountWomen cannot be appointed to ing to five bundred dollars, their any public office, nor perform any recording is dispensed with, but civil functions, 25.

their privilege is prescribed by Women, except the mother and six months, 2747. grand-mother, cannot be appoint Workmen employed in the concd tutors, 322.

struction or repair of ships and Women cannot be witnesses to a boats are also dispensed with that testament, 1584.

formality, whatever may be the WORKMEN.

amount of theirinterest, but their What action the workmen who privilege is at an end if they sufhave been employed in the con fer the ship to depart without struction of a building or other exercising their claim, 2748. works undertaken by the job,may v. New works, constructions.



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