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Prefatory Note This publication comprises all the treaties for the advancement of peace which were negotiated by Mr. Bryan while he was Secretary of State of the United States. It is divided into two sections. Part I contains the perfected treaties, Part II the unperfected treaties. All of the original texts, English and foreign, are included in this print, with the exception of the Chinese and Greek treaties, for which there is only an English text. A table showing the present status of the treaties is added for the convenience of the reader, and, as evidence of the elasticity of Mr. Bryan's peace plan, an appendix contains the original text and an English translation of a similar tripartite treaty which has been negotiated by Argentine, Brazil and Chile.

JAMES Brown SCOTT, Director of the Division of International Law. WASHINGTON, D. C.,

July 9, 1918.

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Treaty between Chile, Argentine, and Brazil to facilitate the peaceful solu-
tion of international controversies

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