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senators; federal reserve banks; reorganization of the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor; presidential primaries; federal trade commission; the Judiciary Act of 1911 and the federal courts; the federal income tax; reorganization of the army; etc.

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The book begins with the school district — the child's first contact with organized government as he leaves the home. The development follows that of the child, in his experience and through his reading, from school district to town, village, city, county, state, nation, and to international relations, showing at each step the necessity for government for the highest good of the individual in society, and how each successive form has the individual as the center and bears directly upon him.

The text is a complete book in itself, and the same is true of the library references which follow each chapter, and again of the questions on the text. By a careful study of any one of these three divisions a pupil may be prepared for any examination which he is likely to meet. The full text of the state and United States constitutions is given, and a bibliography of library books is suggested. This edition will be found to serve as a complete text, a reference book, and a source book.



their Election. The Legislative Branch. The Village
Meeting. The Board of Trustees. The Executive
Branch. The Village President. Other Executive Offi-
cers. The Judicial Branch. Board of Education. Pub-
lic Utilities. Fire Protection. The Board of Health.

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State Activities. Federal and State Bills of Rights

Compared. Personal Liberty. Personal Security.

Private Property. State Debts. State Credit. Forests
and Canals. State Protection. Corporations, Banks, etc.

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