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1. Whenever a vacancy is to be filled by the admission of an eligible into the service of the department, the board of police shall make requisition upon a form provided for that purpose upon the Police Civil Service Board for the certification of the names of three eligibles, if there be so many, having the highest general averages on the proper register of eligibles. The said Civil Service Board will thereupon certify the required three names, their addresses, and general averages upon a proper form, and shall transmit said certification, together with the applications and examination papers of the persons certified to the board of police.

From each certification the said board of police must select at least one person for appointment. The names of the persons selected from each certificate shall be thereupon transmitted to the said Civil Service Board, and the papers of the persons certified shall be returned with the report of selection.


2. Each eligible for admission into the service of the department shall be entitled to three certifications if the said eligible is not sooner selected. But no name shall be certified more than three times to the appointing officer.

3. (For further consideration.)

4. If an eligible (who is not entitled to certification is certified and appointed, or appointed without certification, his appointment shall be immediately revoked by the board of police upon notification of the facts in the case by the Civil Service Board.

5. All appointments to the service of the department shall be made for a probationary period which shall in no case continue less than one month. The probationary terms shall be-for the labor service and for the grade of patrolmen, one month; for all other grades, three months.

6. A person selected for appointment shall be notified of his or her selection by the chief clerk, and upon acceptance and oath of office, shall be assigned to probationary duty forthwith. It shall be the duty of the immediate superior officer of each probationer to carefully observe and note the conduct and capacity of such probationer, and at the end of the probationary term to report in writ

ing to the board of police through the commanding officer of the precinct, the chief clerk, or other head of the division of the service to which the probationary appointment is made, whether the conduct and capacity of the probationer have been satisfactory. On the presentation of such report to the board of police, (said board shall determine whether or not the probationer shall be retained in the service of the department.

7. Whenever, upon request of the board of police for a certification to fill by admission to the service of the department a vacancy actually existing, it shall appear from the written answer of the Civil Service Board to such request that there is no existing register of persons eligible to appointment to the vacant position, the vacancy may be filled by temporary appointment without examination until a regular appointment can be made, provided that such temporary appointment may be made as the result of noncompetitive examination upon request of the board of police. Such temporary appointment shall in any case expire by limitation within sixty days after the provision of a register of eligibles for the position.


Amend regulation VIII as follows:

Paragraph 3, line 5, after the word "test" insert the words "merit and," so that Regulation VIII shall read as follows:

1. A person who has received absolute appointment may be transferred from any grade of the classified service to any other grade thereof upon the requisition and consent of the proper officers, and the certificate of the Civil Service Board.

2. No transfer shall be made of a person within the same branch of service or to any other branch of the service, if from original entrance to such position said person is barred by age or physical limitations prescribed therefor.

3. If, in the judgment of the board of police, there is required for the position to which transfer is sought, an examination involving essential tests more difficult than those involved in the examination required for original entrance to the position from which transfer is proposed, no transfer can be made except upon

the written statement of the Civil Service Board that the person whose transfer is sought has passed an examination to test merit and fitness for the place to which his transfer is sought.


As provided by section 3, paragraph 7, of the Bi-Partisan Act notice shall be given in writing by the chief clerk to the Civil Service Board as follows:

(a) of every temporary appointment.

(b) of every probationary appointment.

(c) Of every absolute appointment.

(d) of every failure of a probationer to secure absolute appointment.

(e) Every declination of temporary, probationary or absolute appointment.

(f) Every failure to qualify for temporary, probationary or absolute appointment.

(g) Of every transfer from one to another of the grades mentioned in Regulation III, paragraph 2.

(h) Every separation from the service and the cause of samewhether by dismissal, resignation or death.

The report of each of the above-mentioned cases shall state the date of the occurrence thereof.

Add the following Regulation:



1. Promotions of officers and members of the police force shall be made by the board of police on grounds of "seniority, meritorious police service and superior capacity."

2. Promotions shall be made as follows:

Sergeants of police shall be selected from patrolmen assigned to duty as roundsmen.

Captains from among sergeants.

Inspectors from among the captains.

Deputy chief of police from among inspectors and captains.

Chief of police from among deputy chief, inspectors and captains provided that whenever a vacancy shall occur in the office of chief of police, the office shall be filled by resolution of the board of police commissioners by appointment of the deputy chief of police or from among the inspectors and captains.

3. The merit of applicants for promotion shall be determined by examination conducted by the police board, and the fitness of such applicants as shall be certified to be eligible for promotion for merit shall be determined by examination to be conducted by the board of police.

4. The rating for merit shall be determined by a written competitive examination. This examination shall be practical in its character and consist of a careful examination as to the candidate's knowledge of the laws of the State of New York in regard to the suppression of crime, preservation of the good order, the appre hension of criminals and practice in the minor courts; the ordinances of the city; minor military tactics, rules and regulations of the department, and such other practical subjects as may be added from time to time by order of the board of police.

5. The rating for fitness shall be determined by a competitive. examination held by the board of police. This examination shall be wholly written, and shall consist of a careful review of the record of each candidate as to his integrity and efficiency in the department; ability and services as a commanding officer; intelligence and discretion in the performance of duty of all kinds; personal character and standing as a private citizen; special gallant or commendable service involving hazard or danger; the successful detection and punishment of criminals; the reports of superior officers; length of service in the department, and in general a full and complete consideration of the candidate's record in the police department.

It shall be the duty of the chief clerk of the department, the chief of police, and all other officers to furnish the board of police in writing any information or data from records of the department relative to each candidate or to make special reports relative thereto at any time. Each candidate shall have the privilege of submitting to the board additional written statements or data

relative to his record and claims for promotion. All such records and written statements bearing upon the subjects of this examination from whatsoever source received shall be considered by the board in determining the rating for fitness.

6. The maximum rating for merit, and the maximum rating for fitness, shall be 50, and the minumum rating in each case shall be 35. No candidate who receives less than 35 in the examination for merit shall be entitled to examination as to fitness. No candidate who receives less than 35 per cent. in the examination for fitness, shall be deemed eligible for promotion.

7. The rating for merit shall be added to the rating for fitness of each candidate. The result so obtained copstitutes the eligible list for each grade, and promotions must be made therefrom in the order of the combined rating of each candidate, subject to the preference given to veterans of the late war by the Constitution and laws of the State of New York.

8. The period of eligibility of candidates upon such lists shall be one year from the date of registration upon the same.

ALBANY, N. Y., September 15, 1897.

The foregoing amendments to the Civil Service Regulations of the police department of the city of New York, having been duly examined are hereby approved by the New York Civil Service Commission.



Secretary, pro tem.

Proposed Amendment to the Civil Service Regulations of the Police Department of the City of New York, Disapproved. At a meeting of the board of police held August 13, 1897, it was Resolved, That the Civil Service rules relating to age for surgeons be amended so as to read 25 to 42, instead of 25 to 40, and that the same be respectively referred to the State Civil Service Board with the request that they concur therein.

Disapproved, December 9, 1897.



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