Reports of Cases Heard and Determined in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Том 175

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Страница 332 - It is equally unprofessional to procure business by indirection through touters of any kind, whether allied real estate firms or trust companies advertising to secure the drawing of deeds or wills or offering retainers in exchange for executorships or trusteeships to be influenced by the lawyer.
Страница 217 - April, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven, which have not since expired, or been repealed or altered ; and such acts of the Legislature of this State as are now in force, shall be and continue the law of this State, subject to such alterations as the Legislature shall make concerning the same. But all such parts of the common law, and such of the said acts, or parts thereof, as are repugnant to this Constitution, are hereby abrogated...
Страница 75 - To indemnify the assured against loss from the liability imposed by law upon the assured for damages, on account of bodily injuries...
Страница 953 - The true test of the interest of a witness is, that he will either gain or lose by the direct legal operation and effect of the judgment, or that the record will be legal evidence for or against him in some other action.
Страница 45 - Whenever any person indebted to the United States is insolvent, or whenever the estate of any deceased debtor, in the hands of the executors or administrators, is insufficient to pay all the debts due from the deceased, the debts due to the t'nlted States shall be first satisfied; and the priority hereby established shall extend as well to cases in -which a.
Страница 333 - Indirect advertisements for professional employment such as furnishing or inspiring newspaper comments, or procuring his photograph to be published in connection with causes in which the lawyer has been or is engaged or concerning the manner of their conduct, the magnitude of the interest involved, the importance of the lawyer's position, and all other like self-laudation, offend the traditions and lower the tone of our profession and are reprehensible; but the customary use of simple professional...
Страница 222 - This chapter shall be known as the "workmen's compensation law." §•2. Application. — Compensation provided for in this chapter shall be payable for injuries sustained or death incurred by employees engaged in the following hazardous employments:* Group 1.
Страница 74 - J. This is an action on a policy of insurance issued by the defendant to the plaintiff on the 9th day of October, 1912, whereby, in consideration of the annual premiums, the defendant insured him against accidents upon and adjacent to his apartment house known as the "Chatsworth Apartments," extending from SeventySecond street opposite Riverside Drive to Seventy-First street, for the period of three years.
Страница 577 - The distinction is very clear, where mutual covenants go to the whole of the consideration on both sides, they are mutual conditions, the one precedent to the other. But where they go only to a part, where a breach may be paid for in damages, there the defendant has a remedy on his covenant, and shall not plead it as a condition precedent.
Страница 60 - Who, on proof is found by the surrogate to be incompetent to execute the duties of such trust by reason of drunkenness, dishonesty, improvidence or want of understanding.

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