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George Poplewell, Efq;

of :') | East-Retford in Nottinghamshire.

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A S you are a lover of truth and

liberty, and a foe to priestcraft

and spiritual tyranny, I beg leave to infcribe this volume to your name. Having no views selfish or personal, I am under no temptation . .

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to flatter you : nor am I fo vain as to think, that this dedication can do you any honour. It will, probably, expose you to the same cenfures which the editor himself has long suffered; the censures of the ignorant, the bigot, the hypocrite, and the priest. But you and I, Sir, God be thanked! have both learned to despise these things, and to

pity the authors of them. To that · just zeal which I have often heard you express for civil liberty, you have likewise added a noble zeal for that which is religious. After having acquired a plentiful fortune by honest industry, you still continue to associate with those only who are the friends of liberty; nor are you ashamed to countenance and encourage those that diffent from the establissed church. And indeed it is quite inconsistent with all 2.


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just notions of civil liberty, to be indifferent about religious shackles and the impositions of priests. Oppression in matters of religion, and ecclesiastical tyranny, ever made way for, and will eternally introduce, civil bondage, and the tyranny of princes : and in our own history more especially it appears, that civil and religious oppression rise and fall together.

I congratulate you upon that noble spirit which of late years hath appeared in this nation ; a spirit of free enquiry, and careful search after truth:

The consequences of it will, we hope, be happy and glorious to our country.

That God Almighty may long preserve your life; and as you increase in years, that you may advance in wis


dom and goodness ; and be eternally happy hereafter in the kingdom of he righteous, is the fincere wilh and hearty prayer of,

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