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VOTING QUALIFICATIONS. An the States and Territories limit the suffrage to males of 21 years of age or over, and other qualifications are exacted as noted below.

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Previous residence required.

Persons excluded from suffrage.
In State In county. In town. In precinct.
1 yr. 3 mos. 30 d. 30 d. Convicted of treason, embezzlement of public

funds, malfeasance in office, larceny, brib.
ery, or other penitentiary offense and

1 yr. 6 mos. 30 d.

1 mo.

Idiots, insane and felons. 90 d. 30 d. 30 d. Insane, Chinese, or persons convicted of in

famous crime.


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Persons unable to read, convicted of forgery,

bribery, perjury, dueling, fraudulent bank.
ruptcy, theft or other offense for which in-

famous punishment is inflicted.
Idiots, insane, paupers, felons.

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Persons not registered, or under guardianship,

insane, convicted of felony, bribery, perjury,
larceny, or any infamous crime.

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Persons convicted of infamous crime, U. S.

soldiers and marines not bona fide resi.

Insane, persons under guardianship, convicted

of felony, or guilty of bribery or defrauding
government, or who have voluntarily borne

arms against U.S. government,
Convicted of robbery, forgery, counterfeiting,

bribery, perjury, or other like crime.
Convicted of treason, embezzlement of public

funds, malfeasance in office, larceny, brib-
ery, illegal voting or other crime punishable
by hard labor or imprisonment in peniten.
tiary, and insane.
Women, minors, aliens, paupers, persons un.

der guardianship and Indians not taxed.
Persons under 21, convicted of larceny or

other infamous crime unless pardoned, per-
sons under guardianship, or lunatics, or non
compos mentis.
Aliens, persons under guardianship, paupers,

persons who cannot read the Constitution in English and write their names. (Women are allowed to vote for school committees.)


Maine.... Maryland..

Citizen, who can read the Constitution in English and write his name (unless physically disabled) who has paid a State, county or town tax within two years.

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Convicted of treason or felony, unless restored

to civil rights, insane, and uncivilized In

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1 yr.(3) Convicted of bribery, burglary, theft, arson,

obtaining money or goods under false pre-
tenses, perjury, forgery, embezzlement or
bigamy, delinquent taxpayers and persons
not registered
U.S. soldiers or sailors, paupers, persons con-

victed of felony or other infamous crime or
of misdemeanor, or violating right of suf-
frage, unless pardoned. A second convic-
tion of such crime or misdemeanor perma-

nently disfranchises.
30 d. Convicted of felony, unless pardoned, idiots or

insane, and after Aug. 17, 1894, aliens not
fully naturalized. Women vote at school

10 d. Lunatics, convicted of treason or felony, un-

less pardoned, U. S. soldiers and sailors.
10 d. Insane, convicted of felony or treason, unam-

nestied Confederates who bore arms against

the U.S.
10 d. Aliens and paupers and persons excused from

paying taxes at their own request.
10 d. Paupers, idiots, insane, or persons convicted

of crimes which exclude them from being



Previous residence required.

Persons excluded from suffrage. In State. In county. In town. In precinct.

witnesses, unless pardoned or restored by

law to the right of suffrage.
6 mos. 3 mos.

30 d. Pueblo Indians and persons sentenced for per

jury, forgery, arson, counterfeiting, larceny,

rape, or twice for petit larceny.
1 yr.
4 mos.
6 mos.

30 d. Convicted of bribery or other infamous crime,

unless pardoned, betters on elections, bribers

and bribed at elections. 90 d. 6 mos.

30 d. Convicted of felony or other infamous crime. 6 mos. 6 mos.

90 d. U. S. soldiers and sailors, persons under

guardianship or those convicted of treason or felony, unless restored to civil rights, and insane.


20 d.(5) Idiots, insane and felons, unless restored to

None, No express exceptions.




6 mos.





living in Oklahoma on
May 2, 1890.

White citizen (6)
or white alien who has
declared intention.

1 mo, and if 22 yrs. old

must have paid tax at
least 1 mo. and not
more than 2 yrs, before


1 yr.(7)



Idiots, negroes, mulattoes and Chinamen, or

persons convicted of penitentiary offense. Guilty of bribery; if convicted of willful viola.

tion of election laws shall be deprived of right of suffrage absolutely for 4 years.

2 mos.

Rhode Island

2 yrs.


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Requirements as to


New Mexico


New York.

6 mos.

North Carolina...
North Dakota.

1 yr.
1 yr.

who was citizen 10 days,


and alien who has de-

clared intention 1 yr.
and not more than 6
yrs. before election ;
civilized Indians who
have severed tribal
relations. (4)



30 d.

20 d.(5)

1 yr.

South Carolina.

Citizen of the U.S.

1 yr.

60 d.

6 mos.

South Dakota.

1 yr.

6 mos.

6 mos,

Citizen, or alien who has de

clared intention.

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