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CONSTRUCTION AND STEAM MACHINERY: Toward the construction and completion of the new vessels heretofore and herein authorized by Congress, with their engines, boilers and machinery, and for the payment of premiums for increased speed or horse-power under contracts now existing, and to be made under this and other acts for the increase of the Navy, seven million (40) four hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That no contract for the purchase of gun steel or armor for the Navy shall hereafter be made until the subject matter of the same shall have been submitted to public competition by the Department by advertising. Passed the Senate, with amendments, May 18, 1892.

ANSON G. McCook, Secretary.
New Department Commanders have been elected, but a complete list is
not yet available.

A Coast Defence bill is pending in the present Congress.

THE CHILIAN CONTROVERSY. Suits aggregating $1,000,000 have been entered against the Chilian government for the killing and wounding of the thirty-seven sailors of the cruiser Baltimore.

THE BEHRING SEA CONTROVERSY. This has been practically settled, for the time being, by the Senate's approval in executive session of Lord Salisbury's last communication, offering a solution of the difficulty on an equitable basis of protection and defence for both parties.

APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE WORLD'S FAIR-REVISED. Argentine Republic.......$100,000 Arizona...

$30,000 Austria, 147,000 California.

300,000 Bolivia.


100,000 Brazil. 550,000 Delaware.

10,000 Chili.. 100,000 Idaho..

20,000 Colombia.


800,000 Costa Rica. 100,000 Indiana.

75,000 Ecuador.. 125,000 Iowa.

175,000 France. 400,000 Maine..

40,000 Germany. 250,000 Maryland.

60,000 Great Britain. 125,000 Massachusetts.

150,000 Guatemala. 120,000 Michigan.

100,000 Honduras. 20,000 Minnesota..

50,000 Japan. 500,000 Missouri..

150,000 Mexico. 750,000 Montana,

50,000 Nicaragua 50,000 Nebraska.

50,000 | Norway.

New Hampshire..

25,000 Peru... 100,000 New Jersey.

70,000 Salvador. 30,000 New Mexico.

25,000 British Guiana. 20,000 New York.

300,000 British Honduras. 7,000 North Carolina.

25,000 Dutch West Indies. 10,000 North Dakota.

25,000 Dutch Guiana... 6,000 Ohio..

100,000 Danish West Indies.. 10,000 Pennsylvania.

300,000 Ceylon... 40,000 Rhode Island..

25,000 Vermont..

20,000 Washington.

100,000 West Virginia..

40,000 Wisconsin.

65,000 Wyoming..

30,000 Fifty-nine thousand dollars have been appropriated for the World's Fair during the present session of Congress in the Sundry Civil bill.

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NOTE.--For information given concerning each of the States, alphabetically or in
geographical groups, see index under States.


Adams, John, life of, III., 20-21.

Congress, Appropriations by, 1882-1892,
Adams, John Quincy, life of, III., 26-27. III., 136.
Administration Building, World's Fair. Congress, Fifty-first, rules of, III., 100-

Agriculture, Department, officers of, III., Congress, Fifty - second, rules of, III.,

Alabama, map and political analysis of, Connecticut, map and political analysis
III., 222-223.

of, III., 230-251.
Alliance, Farmers', history of the, II., 5-6. Constitution of the United States, III.,
Amendments, Constitutional, III., 15-17. 5-17.
America, Central, imports and exports, Constitutional Amendments, III., 15-17.
U.S., 1889-1891, III., 162.

Convention, the National, 1892, proceed-
AmericaSouth, imports and exports, ings of, I.,
U.S., 1889-1891, III., 162.

Cornwallis, the surrender of. (Illus.)
American Federation of Labor, member- Customs Duties, United States, old and
ship of, II., 12.

new, II., 30-34.
An Interesting Document, III., 142–153. Customs, Receipts and Expenditures, by
Apportionment, the New, States Redis- States, 1891, III., 155.
tricted, III., 94-99.

Debt, Public, principal of, 1791-1891, III.,
Apportionment of Representatives, 1789- 126.
1893, III., 92-93.

Declaration of Independence, III., 1-4.
Appropriations by Congress, 1882–1892, Defenses, Coast, concerning, III., 192-194.
III., 136.

Delaware, map and political analysis of,
Arizona, map of, III., 314.

Arkansas, map and political analysis of, Democratic Clubs, National Association
III., 224-225.

of, II., 21.
Army, Grand, of the Republic, III., 190- Democratic National State Committees,

II., 20-21.
Army Legislation, III., 179–180.

Department of Agriculture, officers of,
Army of the United States, III., 177-180. III., 61.
Arthur, Chester Allan, life of, III., 37. Department of Justice, officers of, III.,
Australian Ballot, the, II., 24.

Ballot, the Australian, II., 24.

Department of State, officers of, III., 54.
Baltimore, the U. S. war vessel. (Illus.) Departments at the National Capital,
Behring Sea Controversy, the, III., 199- III., 51-53.

Departments of the Grand Army, III.,
Blaine Report on Reciprocity, (A) 381-385. 190.
Blood will tell. (Cartoon.)

District of Columbia, map of, III., 318.
Boston, the U.S. cruiser. (Ilus.)

Document, an Interesting, III., 142–153.
Buchanan, James, life of, III., 30-31.

Duties, Customs, United States, old and
California, map and political analysis of,

new, II., 30-34.
III., 226-227.

Electoral College, proceedings of the,
Central America, Imports and Exports III., 40.
U.S., 1889–1891, III., 162.

Electoral College, vote of the, 1892, III.,
Chicago, the U. S. flag ship. (Illus.)

Chilean Controversy, the, III., 195–198. Electoral Vote, by States, 1789-1888, III., .
Civil Service Rules, III., 187-189.

Cleveland, Grover, 'life of, III., 37-38. Electoral Vote, new apportionment, 1892,
Coast Defenses, concerning, III., 192-194. III., 44.
Colorado, map and political analysis of, Encampments of the Grand Army, III.,
III., 228-229.

Columbian Exposition, the World's, III., Executive Department, officers of, III.,

Columbus, birthplace of. (Illus.)

Expenditures, Net revenue and, with
Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army, per capitas, 1837-1891, III., 154.
III., 191.

Expenditures, Receipts and, U. S., 1791-
Committee, People's Party National, II., 1891, III., 128-135.

Expenditures, Receipts and, U. S., in de-
Committee, Probibition National, II., 22. tail, 1891-1892, III., 137–141.
Committees, Democratic National and Exports, Imports and, 1888-1891, III., 156-
State, II., 20-21.

Committees, Republican National and Exposition, the World's Columbian, III.,
State, II., 16-17.


Farmers' Alliance, history of the, II., 5-6.
Farmers' Alliance, Ocala Platform of,

II., 7.
Federal Government, officers of the, 1892,

III., 54-62.
Federation of Labor, American, member-

ship of, II., 12.
Fifty-First Congress, rules of, III., 100-

Fifty-Second Congress, rules of, III., 102-

Financial Condition and Population of

States and Territories, 1890, III., 79-

First Political Parties, formation of, III.,

Florida, map and political analysis of,

III., 231-235.
Formation of the Republican Party, III.,

Garfield, James Abram, life of, III., 37.
Genoa, harbor of. (Illus.)
Georgia, map and political analysis of,

III., 236-937.
Gerrymandering, concerning, II., 25.
Governors of States and Territories, 1892-

1893, III., 65.
Government, Federal, officers of the,

1892, III., 54-62.
Grand Army of the Republic, III., 190-191.
Grant, Ulysses S., life of, III., 35-36.
Great Exhibition of 1860, the. (Cartoon.)
Harrison, Benjamin, life of, III., 38.
Harrison, William Henry, life of, III., 29.
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard, life of, III.,

History of Tariff Legislation, II., 26-29.
History of the Party, II., 1-4.
Honest Abe taking them on the half-

shell. (Cartoon.)
House of Representatives, members of,

alphabetically, III., 89-91.
House of Representatives, members of,

by States, III., 85-88.
Idaho, map and political analysis of, III.,

Illinois, map and political analysis of,

III., 240-241.
Imports and Exports, 1888-1891, III., 156–

Increase of the Navy, concerning the,

III., 184-185.
Independence, Declaration of, III., 1-4.
Independent Departments at Washing-

ton, III., 62.
Indiana, map and political analysis of,

III., 242-243.
Interesting Document, an, II., 142–153.
Interior Department, officers of, III., 60–

internal Revenue, Receipts and Expendi-

tures, by States, 1891, III., 155.
Iowa, map and political analysis of, III.,

Itata, the Chilian Insurgent Vessel. (Illus.)
Jackson, Andrew, life of, III., 27-28.
Jefferson, Thomas, life of, III., 23-24.
Johnson, Andrew, life of, III., 34–35.
Justice, Department of, officers, III., 61.
Kansas, map and political analysis of,

III., 216–247.
Kentucky, map and political analysis of,

III., 248-249.
Labor, American Federation of, mem-

Labor Party, history of the, II., 11.
Labor Vote, State Elections, 1889-1891,

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League, Republican, of the United States,

II., 18-19.
Legislation, Tariff, history of, II., 26-29.
Legislatures, State and Territorial, 1892

1893, III., 78.
Lincoln, Abraham, life of, III., 33-34.
Louisiana, map and political analysis of,

III., 250-251.
McKinley Bill, text of the, (A) 338-380.
McKinley, William, Jr., speech of, on his

tarifi measure, (A) 391-406.
Machinery Building and Canal, World's

Fair. (Illus.)
Madison, James, life of, III., 24-25.
Maine, map and political analysis of,

III., 252-253.
Maryland, map and political analysis of,

III., 254-255.
Massachusetts, map and political anal.

ysis of, III., 256-257.
Mexico, Imports and Exports, U. S.,

1889-1891, III., 162.
Michigan, map and political analysis of,

III., 258-959.
Military Establishment, U. S., cost of,

1891, III., 179.
Minnesota, map and political analysis of,

III., 260-281.
Mississippi, map and political analysis

of, I., 262-263.
Missouri, map and political analysis of,

III., 204-265.
Monroe, James, life of, III., 25-26.
Montana, map and political analysis of,

III., 266-267.
National and State committees, Republi-

can, II., 16-17.
National Association of Democratic

Clubs, II., 21.
National committee, People's Party, II.,
National committee, Prohibition, II., 22.
National Convention, the, 1892, proceed-

ings of, I.,
National State committees, Democratic,

II., 20-21.
Naturalization Law, the, III., 214.
Naval Academy, Annapolis, concerning

the, III., 183-184.
Naval establishment, U. S., cost of the,

1891, III., 184.
Naval Officers, pay of, by ranks, III., 182-

Navy, concerning increase of the, III.,

Navy Department, officers of, III., 57-59.
Navy, U. s., list of new vessels in, 1891,

III., 181.
Nebraska, map and political analysis of,

III., 268-269.
Net revenue and expenditures, with per

capitas, 1837-1891, III., 154.
Nevada, map and political analysis of,

III., 270-271.
New Hampshire, map and political anal-

bership, II., 12.

ysis of, III., 272-273.
New Jersey, map and political analysis

of, III., 274–275.
New Mexico, map of, III., 315.
New Navy of the U.S., list of vessels in

the, 1891, III., 181.
New States, Party Tendency in, III., 82-83.

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