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New York, map and political analysis of,

III., 276-279.
Nominee, the Presidential, 1892, life and

record of, I.,
Nominee, Vice-Presidential, the, 1892, life

and record of, I.,
North Bend Farmer, the, and his visitors,

North Carolina, map and political analy-

sis of, III., 280-281.
North Dakota, map and political analy-

sis of, III., 282–283.
Ocala Platform, Farmers' Alliance, II., 7.
Officers, Army, pay of, by ranks, III., 178.
Officers, State and Territorial, 1892–1893,

III., 66–77.
Officers, U.S. Navy, pay of, by ranks, III.,

Ohio, map and political analysis of, III.,

Oklahoma, map of, III., 316.
Oregon, map and political analysis of,

III., 286-287.
Origin of States and Territories, III., 63.
Our Pensioners, concerning, III., 163-177.
Parties, First Political, formation of, III.,

Party, history of the, II., 1-4,
Party Tendency in the New States, III.,

Pennsylvania, map and political analysis

of, III., 288-289.
Pension Agencies, payments at, 1891,

III., 164.
Pension Claims Admitted and Rejected,

1881-1891, III., 172-175.
Pension Claims, filed and allowed, 1861-

1891, III., 170.
Pension Claims, increase in number al-

lowed, 1862-1891, III., 174-175.
Pension Laws, recent, III., 165-169.
Pension Rates, 1891, 176.
Pensioners, number of, by States and

Countries, 1891, III., 170.
Pensioners, Our, concerning, III., 163-177.
Pensions, total amounts paid for, 1861-

1891, III., 171.
Pensions, total number of, 1861–1891, III.,

People's Party National Committee, II.,

Pierce, Franklin, life of, III., 31-32.
Political parties, first formation of, III.,

Polk, James Knox, life of, III., 30.
Popular Vote, by States, 1824-1888, III.,

Popular Vote, U. S., 1789-1888, III., 45.
Population and Financial Condition of

States and Territories, 1890, III.

Population, Net Revenue and Expendi-

tures, with per capitas, 1837-1891, III.,

Post-Office Department, officers of, III.,

Presidential Nominee, the, 1892, life and

record of, I.,
Presidential Succession, the, III., 39-40.
Presidents and Vice-Presidents, III., 18.
Proceedings of the National Convention,

1892, I.,
Prohibition Movement, history of the, II.,

Public Debt, analysis of, 1856-1891, III.,

Public Debt, principal of, 1791-1891, III.,

Qualifications, Voting by States, III.,

Radical Party, the, on a heavy grade.

Receipts and Expenditures, U. 8., 1791-

1891, III., 128-135.
Receipts and Expenditures, U. S., in de-

tail, 1891-1892, III., 137-141.
Reciprocity, concerning, II., 36-38.
Reciprocity, text of provisions for, 1890,

II., 37-38.
Reciprocity, the Blaine Report on, (A)

Redistricting of States, 1890-1891, III., 94-

Registration of Voters, III., 220.
Representatives, Apportionment of, 1789–

1893, III., 92-93.
Republic, Grand Army of the, III., 190-

Prohibition National Committee, II.,

Republican League of the United States,

II., 18-19.
Republican National and State commit-

tees, II., 16-17.
Republican Party, formation of, III., 32-

Revenue, Net, and Expenditures, with

per capitas, 1837-1891, III., 154.
Rhode Island, map and political analysis

of, III., 290-291.
Rules, Civil Service, III., 187-189.
Rules of the Fifty-first Congress, III.,

Rules of the Fifty-second Congress, III.,

Rules, Supreme Court Decision, on, III.,

San Diego, California, harbor of. (Illus.)
Sepate, Members of, alphabetically, III.,

88 89.
Senate, Members of, by States, III., 84-85.
Settlement of States and Territories, III.,

Silver Bill of 1890, the, (A) 386-387.
Silver Question, the, II., 39-40.
Single Ťax Theory, the, II., 41-42.
South America, Imports and Exports,

U.S., 1889-1891, Ill., 162.
South Carolina, map and political analy-

sis of, III., 292-203.
South Dakota, map and political analy.

sis of, III., 294–295.
State and National committees, Demo-

cratic, II., 20-21.
State and National committees, Republi-

can, II., 16-17.
State Department, officers of, III., 54.
States, Apportionment of, 1789-1893, III.,

Assessed valuation of property in,

III., 79-81.
Congressional Districts in, III., 222-

Congressional pluralities in, Addenda.
Counties, number of, III., 223-318.
County map of, III., 222-318.
County Vote, variations in, III., 223-

Customs duties, receipts and expendi-

tures from, III., 155,


States, Debt of, 1890, III., 779–81.

Electoral Vote, 1789-1888, III., 41-42.
Electoral Vote, 1892, III., 43.
Electoral Vote, synopsis of, 1872-1888,

III., 223-318.
Financial condition of, III., 79–81.
G. A. R., Membership in, III., 190.
Governors of, 1892-1893, III., 65.
Internal Revenue and expenditures

of, III., 155.
Legislature of, Party strength in, III.,

Members of Congress for, III., 85-88.
New Apportionment, III., $2.
New Counties in, III., 223-318.
Officers, 1892-1893, III., 66–77.
Origin of, III., 63.
Pensioners in, III., 170.
Pluralities, Congressional, in, Ad-

Pluralities, Presidential, 1872-1888,

III., 223-318.
Popular Vote, 1824-1888, III., 46-50.
Popular Vote, increase in the, III.,

Popular Vote, synopsis of, 1872-1888,

III., 223-318.
Population of, III., 79-81.
Receipts and expenditures of, III.,

Redistricting of, III., 95–98.
Registration of Voters by, III., 220.
Resources of, 189, III., 79-81.
Settlement of, III., 64.
Sinking fund of, 1890, III., 79-81.
U.S. Senators for, III., 84-85.
Votes of Cities in, Addenda.
Voting Qualifications in, III., 215-219.
Contribution of, to World's Fair,

States and Territories, Origin of, III.,

States and Territories, settlement of,

III., 61.
States, Redistricting of, 1890-1891, III.,

Storming the Castle. (Cartoon.)
Sub-Treasury Warehouse scheme, the,

II., 8-10.
Succession, The Presidential, III., 39-40.
Supreme Court Decision, on Rules, III.,

Surrender of Cornwallis, the. (Illus.)
Tariff Legislation, history of, II., 26-29.
Tariff Reform Votes in Congress, by

States, 1865–1890), II., 35.
Tariff, 1890, compared with 1883, II., 30-34.
Taylor, Zachary, life of, III., 33.

Tax, Single, theory of, the, II., 41-4".
Tennessee, map and political analysis of,

III., 296 297.
Texas, map and political analysis of,

III., 298-301.
The North Bend Farmer and his visitors.

Treasury Department, officers of, III.,

Tyler, John, life of, III., 29.
United States, Constitution of, III., 5-17,
United States, Customs Duties, old and

new, II., 30-34.
Utah, map of, III., 317.
Van Buren, Martin, life of, III., 28-29.
Vermont, map and political analysis of,

III., 302-303.
Vessels, New, in the U.S. Navy, 1891, III.,

Veto power, concerning exercise of, by

the Presidents, III., 186.
Vice-Presidential Noininee, the, 189, life

and record of, I.,
Virginia, map and political analysis of,

III., 304 305.
Vote, Electoral, by States, 1789-1888, III.,

Vote, Labor, State Elections, 1889-1891,

II., 12.
Vote, Popular, by States, 1824-1888, III.,

Vote, Popular, U. S., 1789-1888, III., 45.
Voters, Registration of, III., 2:30.
Votes, Tariff Reform, in Congress, 1867-

1890, by States, II., 35.
Voting Qualitications, by States, III., 215

War Department, officers of, III., 56-57.
Washington, George, life of, III., 19-30).
Washington, map and political analysis

of, III., 306-307.
West Indies, imports and exports, l'. S.,

1889-1891, III., 102.
West Virginia, map and political analy.

sis of, III., 308-309.
Wisconsin, map and political analysis of,

III., 310-311.
Woman Suffrage, facts concerning, II,

World's Columbian Exposition, III., 28

World's Fair, Administration Building in.

World's Fair, Machinery Building in. (1:-

Wyoming, map and political analysis of,

III., 312-313.

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Text of the Mills Bill, 319-331.

Speech of Mr. McKinley on his Tarifi
Text of the McKinley Bill, 332-380.

Measure, 397-398.
The Blaine Report on Reciprocity, 381-385. Speech of Mr. Carlisle on the Tariff,39 401.
The Silver Bill of 1890, 386 387.

The President's Centennial Message, De-
Speech of Mr. Mills on his Tariff Measure, cember, 1888, 402-405.

Congressional Pluralities by States, 406-
Tarily Message of President Cleveland,

Presidential and other Votes of Cities, 109.

Most recent facts, under various headings, up to the moment of going to press,

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