India Educational Policy, 1913: Being a Resolution Issued by the Governor General in Council on the 21st February 1913

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Superintendent Government Printing, 1915 - 47 страница

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Страница 15 - The importance of female education in India cannot be overrated ; and we have observed with pleasure the evidence which is now afforded of an increased desire on the part of many of the natives of India to give a good education to their daughters. By this means a far greater proportional impulse is imparted to the educational and moral tone of the people than by the education of men.
Страница 19 - Introducing a graded service for teachers of English with a minimum salary of Rs. 40 per month and a maximum salary of Rs. 400 per month; (c) Providing proper hostel accommodation; (d) Introducing a school course complete in itself with a staff sufficient to teach what may be called the modern side with special attention to the development of an historical and a geographical sense; (e) Introducing manual training and improving science teaching.
Страница 9 - As regards free elementary education the time has not yet arrived when it is practicable to dispense wholly with fees without injustice to the many villages, which are waiting for the provision of schools. The fees derived from those pupils who can pay them are now devoted to the maintenance and expansion of primary education, and a total remission of fees would involve to a certain extent a more prolonged postponement of the provision of schools in villages without them.
Страница 1 - It is my wish that there may be spread over the land a network of schools and colleges, from which will go forth loyal and manly and useful citizens, able to hold their own in industries and agriculture, and all the vocations in life. And it is my wish too, that the homes of my Indian subjects may be brightened, and their labor sweetened by the spread of knowledge with all that follows in its train, a higher level of thought, of comfort, and of health. It is through education that my wish will be...
Страница 32 - Work of the National Association for Supplying Female Medical Aid to the Women of India.
Страница 4 - India lament the tendency of existing systems of education to develop the intellectual at the expense of the moral and religious faculties.
Страница 34 - It is important to distinguish clearly on the one hand iederal university, in the strict sense, in which several colleges of approximately equal standing separated by no excessive distance or marked local individuality are grouped together as a university — and on the other hand the affiliating university of the Indian type, which in its inception was merely an examining body, and although limited as regards the area of its operations...
Страница 1 - The Government of India have decided, with the approval of the Secretary of State, to assist Local Governments, by means of large grants from imperial revenues as funds become available, to extend comprehensive systems of education in the several provinces. Each province has its own educational system, which has grown up under local conditions, and become familiar to the people as a part of their general well-being.
Страница 16 - The education of girls should be practical with reference to the position which they will fill in social life...

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