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cised so considerable an influence upon later generations, fewer still are in themselves objects of

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Submit Diacos, to the Pasha,
Submit to the Vizier,
Τhat you may be made chief Αrmatole,
Βe made commander of the passes.
Α8 long as Diacos lives,
Το no Pasha Will he yield;
For Pasha Diacos has his sword,
Ηis musket for vizier.
When Αli Ρasha heard these Words
Deep was his displeasure,
Ηe Writes a note and sends it
Despatches a dark message.
Τo you my Veli Ghecas
Το my towns and to my villages,
Ι want Diacos living or dead at all events.
Ghecas goes to set an ambush
Αnd he is hunting for the klephtis
Ηe goes through the Valleys and the hill8,
Ηe finds them at their camp
Where some were polishing their swords,
Αnd other making Cartridges,
Condoyacoupis cried alound
From his entrenchment;

ροήν επί των επερχομένων γενεών, και ολιγώτεροι ακόμη είναι αυτοί καθ' εαυτούς το αντικείμενον τόσου μεγάλου ενδιαφέροντος.

Αδόλφος Χόλμ.

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Μy children, summon your courage
Αnd make a rush upon the sheep
Uu sprang Diacos,
Like an eagle dashes out,
Ηe shouts and the hills tremble
Αnd the plains send back the sound
Αll day and night they fought,
For three days and three nights
Τhe Αlbanian women wept
Clad in mourning raiment
Veli Ghecas went back
Drenched in his blood
Αnd Μustpha has been wounded
Ιn the knee, and in the arm.

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Τhe practice of calling the United States Government "Uncle Sam'' is believed to have originated in the following manner: During the Revolutionary War a man named Samuel Wilson was a beef inspector at Τroy, Ν. Υ. and was very popular with the men in his employ, who always called him "Uncle Sam''. Αfter the ispection of the beef, it was shipped by him to a contractor named Εlbert Αnderson, and was always marked "Ε. Α. U. S.'' Α joking workman, being asked what those letters were the abbreviations of, replied that he did not know, unless they were for Εlbert Αnderson and "Uncle Sam". Τhe joke was kept up and spread, until it became common to refer to all packages marked "U.S." as belonging to "Uncle Sam."

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Ο λόγος διά τον οποίον ονομάζουν την Κυβέρνησιν των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών «"Ανκλ Σάμ» πιστεύεται να έχη την αρχήν του κατά τον εξής τρόπον. Κατά τον επαναστατικόν πόλεμον είς ανήρ ονόματι Σαμουήλ Ουίλσον ήτο επιθεωρητής των βοείων κρεάτων εις Τροίαν της Νέας Υόρκης, και ήτο ούτος πολύ δημοφιλής μεταξύ των ανθρώπων ούς είχεν εις την εργασίαν του, και οίτινες πάντοτε εκάλουν αυτόν «"Ανκλ Σάμ». Μετά την επιθεώρησιν του βοείου κρέατος, εφορτώθη τούτο προς ένα εργολάβον ονόματι Έλμπερτ "Αντερσον, και πάντοτε εσημαίνετο με τα αρχικά γράμματα Ε. Α. U. S.

Είς λογοπαίζων εργάτης, ερωτηθείς τίς ήτο η σημασία της βραχυλογίας των γραμμάτων εκείνων, απήντησεν ότι δεν εγνώριζεν εκτός εάν είναι διά τον «Έλμπερτ "Αντερσον και "Ανκλ Σάμ». Το λογοπαίγνιον εξηκολούθει διαδιδόμενον cύτως ώστε κατήντησε πάν σεσημασμένον διά U. S. δέμα να θεωρήται ώς ανήκον εις τον «"Ανκλ Σάμ».

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Μy native land! Ιturn to you
With blessing and with prayer
Where man is brave and Woman true
Αnd free as mountain air.

Long may our flag in triumph wave
Αgainst the world combined,
Αnd friends a welcome, foes a gravo
Within our borders find !


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Μany miles beyond Rome there was a famous country which we call Greece. Τhe people of Greece were not united like Romans; but instead there were several states, each of which had its own rulers. Some of the people in the southern part of the country were called Spartans, and they were noted for their simple habits and their bravery. Τhe name of their land was Laconia, and so they were sometimes called Lacons. Οne of the strange rules which the Spartans had, was that they should speak briefly, and never u8e more words than were needed. Αnd so a short answer is often spoken of as being Laconic; that is, as being such an answer as Lacon would be likely to give. Τhere was in the northern part of Greece a land called Μacedonia, and this land was at one

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