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Greece, the source of light,
Τhe world's pride,
Splendor, glory and honor,
Αnd the crown of bravery,
Τοrch of Αrt and of the Βeautiful,
Οnce fallen
Υou arose again and became great,
Αnd you cast a glance of glory
Α8 you used to do with such grandeur,
Υou the world's torch

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Ιn 1586 (fifteen hundred and eighty-six), Ρhilip ΙΙ (the Second) has sent the young constable of Castile to Rome, in order to congratuiate Sixtus V (the Fifth) on his exaltation. Τhis pope, displeased that so young an ambassador had been sent to him, said: "What! does your master want men, that he sends me a beardless ambassador ?''-"If my sovereign had thought, answered the proud Spaniard, that merit consisted in the beard, he would have sent you a goat and not a gentleman.''

Desire not to live long,
but to live well

Ηow long we live,
not years but actions tell.

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Κατά το 1586 Φίλιππος ο Β'., είχε στείλη τον νέον κοντόσταυλον της Καστίλης εις Ρώμην ίνα συγχαρή Σίξτιν τον Ε.' επί τη αναρρήσει του εις τον θρόνον.

Ο Πάπας ούτος δυσαρεστηθείς ότι τόσον νέος πρέσβυς εστάλη προ αυτόν είπε. Τί, μήπως ο κύριός σου στερήται ανθρώπων, ώστε μου στέλλει ένα αγένειον πρέσβυν;

-Εάν ο κύριός μου, ενόμιζε, απήντησεν ο υπερήφανος Ισπανός, ότι η αξία έγκειται εις τα γένεια, θα σας έστελλεν ένα τράγον και όχι ένα ευπατρίδην.

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Μη επιθυμής να ζής πολύν καιρόν,
αλλά να ζής καλά.

Πόσον καιρόν ζώμεν,
"Οχι τα έτη αλλ' αι πράξεις λέγουν.

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Ο Βacchus, what a world of toil, both now Αnd ere these limbs were overworn with age, Ηave Ι endured for thee! First, when thou fled'st Τhe mountain-nymphs who nursed thee, driven


Βy the strange madness Juno sent upon thee;
Τhen in the battle of the sons of Εarth,
When I stood foot by foot close to thy side,
Νο unpropitious fellow-combatant,
Αnd, driving through his shield my Winged spear,
Slew vast Εnceladu8. Consider now,
Is it a dream of which I speak to thee ? !
Βy Jove, it is not, for you have the trophies !
Αnd now I suffer more than all before.
For When I heard that Juno had devised
Αtedious voyage for you, I put to 8ea
With all my children quaint in searth of you,
Αnd I myself stood on the beaked prow
Αnd fixed the naked mast; and all my boys
Leaning upon their oars, with splash and strain
made White with foam the green and purple sea-
Αnd so we sought you, king. We were sailing
Νear Μalea, when an eastern wind arose,

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Σιληνός "Ω Βάκχε, τι κόσμον βασάνων, και τώρα, και πριν τα μέλη αυτά καταβάλη ή ηλικία έχω υποφέρει διά σέ! Πρώτον, όταν έφυγες από το όρος των νυμφών που σ' ανέθρεψαν, φυγών ένεκα της παραδοξου μανίας την οποίαν ή "Ηρα σου έστειλεν. Έπειτα εις την μάχην των υιών της Γης ότε εστάθην πόδι με πόδι στην πλευράν σου εξαίσιε πολεμιστά, και διευθύνας διά μέσου της ασπίδος του το πτερωτόν εφόνευσα τον Εγκέλαδον. Σκέψου τώρα. (μου δόρυ. Μήπως είναι όνειρον από ό,τι σου λέγω, Μα τον Δία, δεν είναι όνειρον, διότι έχεις συ τα λάφυρα. Και τώρα υποφέρω πολύ περισσότερον ή άλλοτε. Διότι όταν ήκουσα ότι η "Ηρα εσχεδίασε ένα λυπηρόν διά σε ταξείδι εις την θάλασσαν αμέσως έτρεξα με όλα τα παιδιά μου διά νά σε ζητήσω, κι' ο ίδιος εστάθην εις την εμβολοειδή πρώραν και το γυμνό στερέωσα κατάρτι, κι' όλα μου τα παιδιά με τα χέρια στα κουπιά των με κόπον επλατάγιζον και έκαμναν λευκήν από αφρόν την πρασινοπόρφυρη θάΚ' έτσι σ' έζητούσαμεν, βασιλεύ. Επλέομεν (λασσα. πλησίον του Μαλέα, ότε άνεμος ηγέρθη απηλιώτης

Αnd drove us to this waste Αetnean rock,
Τhe one-eyed children of the Οcean God,
Τhe man-destroying Cyclopses, inhabit,
Οn this wild shore, their Solitary Caves,
Αnd one of those, named Ρolypheme, has caught
Τo be his slaves; and so, for all delight (us
Οf Βacchic sports, sweet dance and melody,
We keep this lawless giant's Wandering flocks.
Μy sons, indeed, on far declivities,
Υoung things themselves, tend on the youngling
Βut I remain to fill the water casks, (sheep,
Οr sweeping the hard floor or ministering
Some impious and abominable meal
Τo the fell Cyclops. I am wearied of it!
Αnd now I must scrape up the littered floor,
With this great iron rake, so to receive
Μy absent master and his evening sheep
In a cave neat and clean. Εven now I see
Μy children tending the flocks hitherward.
Ηa ! what is this ? are your Sicinnian measures
Εven now the same, as when with dance and song
Υou brought young Βacchus to Αlthaea's hails !

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Where has he of race divine
Wandered in the winding rocks 2
Ηere the air is calm and fine
For the father of the flocks ;-
Ηere the grass is soft and sweet,
Αnd the river-eddies meet
Ιn the trough beside the cave,
Βright as in their fountain wave.-

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