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Mabie v. Seymour (Sup.)..
McAneny, Jones v. (Sup.).
McAneny, People ex rel. Collins V.

McArdle, Carroll v., two cases (Sup.)....1112
MacArthur v. Order of United Commercial
Travelers of America, two cases (Sup.).1129
McArthur Bros. Co. v. Kerr (Sup.)..
McCabe v. New York (Sup.)
McCann, National Cash Register Co. v.

N. Y.)....



McCarton v. Board of Education (Sup.)...1129
McCarty v. Light (Sup.)
McCormick v. Cleveland & Sons Co. (Sup.). 1129
McCormick V. Thompson-Starrett Co.






McCready v. Morse Dry Dock & Repair
Co. (Sup.)...

McCutchen, Murdock v. (Sup.).
McCutcheon, Rosenstein v. (Sup.).
McDermott v. Fletcher (Sup.).......
McDermott Dairy Co., Walch v. (Sup.).
MacDonald v. Crissey (Sup.)..
McDonell, Allen v. (Sup.).
McDonough v. Interborough Rapid Transit


Co. (Sup.)...



McDougall & Potter Co. V.
Chocolate & Confectionery Co. (Sup.)... 571


McFee, Sheldon v. (Sup.).
McIrnerny v. Baldwin Specialty Co. (Sup.) 149
McKenzie Furnace Co., Radley v. (Sup.)..1141
McKinley, Hessen v. (Sup.) . . . .
Mackintosh, Prudential Vaudeville Exch. v.


McDougall & Potter Co. v. (Sup.). Manhattan Shirt Co. v. Reiling (Sup.). Mann v. Werba (Sup.)...

1141 .1031


May Co. v. Holland Holding Co. (Sup.)...1061 315 Mayer v. Baudenbush (Sup.).


871 Mayer v. Heinze, two cases (Sup.).

1149 Maytham v. Eddy (Sup.)..



Mail & Express Co., Nichols v. (Sup.).
Majorana, People v. (Sup.).
Mallory v. Ehrlich (Sup.).
Maloney v. New York (Sup.).
Maloney v. Smith (Sup.)...

Maltz v. Westchester County Brewing Co.


1130 1130 .1130


Manchester v. Bellinger (Sup.).
Manhattan Bridge, In re (Sup.).

Manhattan Bridge Three Cent Line, In re

521 .1130 .1130


Manhattan Chocolate & Confectionery Co.,






Manning v. Seelig (Sup.).
Mapes, Ramapo Mfg. Co. v. (Sup.).
Mapes, Ramapo Mfg. Co. v. (Sup.).
Marder v. New System Napkin, Towel

Supply & Steam Laundry Co. (Sup.)....1026
Margolies v. Brettschneider (Sup.).
Margolius, Green v. (Sup.)..
Marine, In re (Sur.)
Markett, Covey v. (Sup.).
Marmac Const. Co., Jones v. (City Ct.
V. Norfolk Fire Ins.

571 .1130 ..1130

[blocks in formation]


Merritt Burial & Cremation Co. v. Stephen
Merritt Co. (Sup.)..

McLeod, Wilkinson v. (Sup.).
McNally Co., Georgia-Florida Lumber Co.
v. (Sup.)....

Merritt Co., Stephen Merritt Burial & Cre-
Imation Co. v. (Sup.)..

Merritt's Estate, In re (Sup.)

McNally Co., Georgia-Florida Lumber Co. v. (Sup.).


Messersmith's Stores, Sullivan v. (Sup.)..1147
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Kasprzyk v.


McNally Co., Horton v. (Sup.).
McNally Co., Horton v. (Sup.).
McNamara v. Ring (Sup.)...
McSwegan v. Stephan (Sup.).
Madison Trust Co. v. Milgrim (Sup.).
Magee v. New York Tel. Co. (Sup.).
Magee v. New York Tel. Co. (Sup.).
Magen, People ex rel. Perry v. (Mag. Ct.) 444
Magnotti, People v. (Sup.).
Magnus Beck Brewing Co., Schmieg v.

934 Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Smith v. (Sup.) 327
1130 Meyer v. Christiansen (Sup.)
1130 Milgrim, Madison Trust Co. v. (Sup.)....1130
84 Miller v. Breitenbecker (Sup.).
Miller, Ellis v. (Sup.).



Miller v. Greenwich Sav. Bank (Sup.)....1132
Miller v. New York (Sup.).
Miller, People v. (Sup.)..


Miller v. Seamen's Bank for Savings (Sup.)

Miller, Wood v. (Sup.).

Mills Power Co. v. Mohawk Hydro-Electric
Co. (Sup.)..

Mingay v. Place (Sup.)...


Masbicher Congregation, People ex
Sohn v. (Sup.).
Mashbicher Congregation, People ex rel.
Sohn v. (Sup.)...

Mathisen, Rolfsen v. (Sup.).

Mattson v. Phoenix Const. Co. (Sup.).
Maxwell, Hawkins v. (Sup.).


.1140 241 .1131 909




Mazzei v. Battle Island Paper Co. (Sup.).1131
Meagher v. Searun Soc. (Sup.).
Meara, People v. (Co. Ct.)...
Mechanics' Bank, In re (Sup.).
Meis v. Meis (Sup.)...
Melchior, Jorgensen v. (Sup.).
Melrose Iron Co., Dages v. (Sup.).
Mendlowitz, Paltanowicz v. (Sup.)
Meng v. Fischer (Sup.).
Merchants' Refrigerating Co., Gleason v.



895 13

[blocks in formation]

Moore, Wile v. (Sup.).
Morey, Prospect Park & C. I. R. Co. v.

Morris, People v. (Sup.),
Morris, Richmond Sales Co. v. (Sup.)
Morris, Ropp v. (Sup.)..
Morrison v. Chapman (Sup.).
Morrison v. Chapman (Sup.).
Morrison, Galinger v. (Sup.).
Morse v. Van Ness (Sup.).
Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co., McCready
v. (Sup.).

Page 1150

New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., People v. (Sup.)

380 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Scanlon
887 v. (Sup.).
.1142 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Traynor
v. (Sup.)..

New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Van Os-
trand v. (Sup.)..
New York Contracting Co., Pennsylvania
Terminal, Jennings v. (Sup.).

New York Evening Post Co., City of New
York v. (Sup.)...

New York Evening Post Co., City of New
York v. (Sup.)..

New York Fruit Water Co., Abraham
Arndt & Bros. v. (Mun. Ct.)....
New York Herald Co., D'Altomonte v.

New York Livery & Auto Co., Quinn v.

700 .1132






747 .1123



1 988 41 .1132 885



Moskowitz, American Woolen Co. of New
York v. (Sup.)....

Muench v. Steel & Masonry Contracting
Co. (Sup.)..

Mulcahy & Gibson v. Pacific Coast Casual-
ty Co. (City Ct. N. Y.)..
Mulinos, Heide v. (Sup.).
Mulligan, Fellows v., two cases (Sup.).
Mulligan v. Sinski (Sup.).
Mullins, Du Bois v. (Sup.).
Mulvey v. Waldo (Sup.).
Murdock v. McCutchen (Sup.)

Murphy v. Angus Sinclair Co. (Sup.).
Murphy v. Ft. Edward (Sup.).
Murphy v. Hurley (Sup.).
Murphy v. Hurley (Sup.).
Murphy v. John Hofman Co. (Sup.).
Murphy v. Preston (Sup.)...
Murray v. Murray (Sup.)..
Murray & Hill Co. v. Boreas Realty Co.

Musical Courier Co., Burkan v. (Sup.)...1089
Mutual Life Ins. Co., Semmelman v.





New York Operating Co., Realty Federation of New York v. (Sup.)..


New York, O. & W. R. Co., In re (Sup.).. 678
New York, O. & W. R. Co., In re (Sup.)..1133
New York, O. & W. R. Co., Parella v.


New York Post Graduate Medical School & Hospital, Alger v. (Sup.).


New York Real Estate Ass'n, Dixon v. (Sup.)


New York Rys. Co., Krasne v. (Sup.).
New York Tel. Co., Magee v. (Sup.)..
New York Tel. Co., Magee v. (Sup.).
New York Urban Real Estate Co., Hyman
v. (Sup.)...

355 84 1130



New York & E. R. Ferry Co., Downie v. (Sup.) .1136 New York & S. R. Co., Cotter v. (Sup.). .1114 .1108 Niagara Falls Power Co., Quick v. (Sup.)..1141 .1014 Nicholoy v. Newark (Sup.).



Nichols, Locomobile Co. of America V.

Nichols v. Mail & Express Co. (Sup.).
Nicoloff v. Scott (Sup.).
Niebuhr, In re (Sup.)..
Norfolk Fire Ins. Corp., Marqusee v.

Nadel, People v. (Sup.). . . .
Narganes, Agramonte v. (Sup.).
Naser, Shogry v. (Sup.)...
Nason Mfg. Co. v. Adams (Sup.).
Nassau Electric R. Co., Corso v. (Sup.)..1114
Nassau Newspaper Delivery Exp. Co.,
Korngut v. (Sup.).


Nassau Trust Co. of City of Brooklyn, In
re (Sur.).
National Brake Co. v. Ackley (Sup.). .1091
National Cash Register Co. V. McCann

916 .1132

Neale v. Burns (Sup.).
Nelson v. A. H. Woods Productions Co.

Nelson, Eysaman v. (Sup.).
Nelson, People v. (Sup.)..
Nelson Co., Glover v., two cases (Sup.)...1120
Neuberger, Northern Bank of New York v.
Newburgh Light, IIeat & Power Co., Esta-
brook v. (Sup.)...




New System Napkin, Towel Supply &
Steam Laundry Co., Marder v. (Sup.)..1026
New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Fronczak
v. (Sup.).

New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Keegan v.
New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Lorenz v.




New England Theaters Co. v. Workingmen's Pub. Ass'n (Sup.)....















O'Brian, In re (Sup.)...
O'Brien, People v. (Sup.).
O'Connell, Clancy v. (Sup.).
O'Connell, People ex rel.
O'Connell v. Press Pub. Co., two




.1133 ..1133

North Sand Co., Quinn v. (Sup.). Northern Bank of New York v. Neuberger (Sup.)


.1130 390



Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co., Van Du-
sen v. (Sup.)...
Norwegian Lutheran Trinity Church of
Brooklyn and Vicinity v. Krelsovitch
Nudelman v. Borden Condensed Milk Co.,
two cases (Sup.).

Nudelman v. Borden's Condensed Milk
Co., two cases (Sup.).....
Nudelman v. Borden's Milk Co., two cases





[blocks in formation]



O'Connor, Yglesias v. (Sup.).
O'Donnell v. Custy (Sup.).
O'Donoghue v. Gibbs (Sup.).
Old Dominion S. S. Co., Harrington


Oliver, Union Trust Co. of Rochester (Sup.)


O'Loughlin, People ex rel. Moscovitz v.

Olssen, People v. (Sup.).
One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Street
Co. v. Wells (Sup.)

O'Neil v. General Film Co. (Sup.).
Only Motor Car Co., Cohen v. (Sup.).
Oothout, Ball-Corris Co. v. (Sup.).
Oppenheimer v. Trebla Realty Co. (Sup.)..1134
Order of United Commercial Travelers of
America, MacArthur v., two cases (Sup.) 1129
Osborn Memorial Home Ass'n, In re (Sup.) 786
Osgoodby, In re (Sup.)..
Ossining Printing & Publishing Co., Purdy
v. (Sup.).


1151 People v. Brown (Sup.)..
..1115 People v. Charpentier (Sup.).
.1134 People v. Cohn (Sup.). ...
People v. Collins (Sup.).
People v. Damron (Sup.).
People v. Deleo (Sup.)...
People v. Deresi (Sup.)..
People v. De Vito (Sup.).
People v. Dienhart (Sup.).
People v. Doviel (Sup.)
People v. Duck (Sup.).
People v. Dunn (Sup.).
People v. Dwyer (Gen. Sess.)
People v. Elliott (Sup.).
People v. Filley (Sup.).
People v. Firth (Sup.)...
People v. Forbes (Co. Ct.)
People v. Frew (Sup.)....
People v. Frudenberg (Sup.)
People v. Gallagher (Sup.).
People v. Greenberg (Sup.).
People, Hamlin v. (Sup.).
People v. Horowitz (Sup.).
People v. Horwitz (Mag. Ct.).
People v. Jackson (Sup.)..
.1134 People v. Jasper (Sup.)..
.1113 People v. Journal Co. (Sup.).
.1123 People v. Kahn (Sup.)..
.1145 People v. Karpel (Sup.)..
People v. Kelly (Sup.)...
People v. Kempner (Sup.)
People v. Lapolla (Sup.).
People v. Laskowitz (Sup.)..
People v. Levy (Sup.)..
People v. Magnotti (Sup.).
People v. Majorana (Sup.)
People v. Meara (Co. Ct.).
People v. Miller (Sup.)..
People v. Morris (Sup.)..
People v. Nadel (Sup.).
People v. Nelson (Sup.)..


Ostro Const. Co., Juster v., two (Sup.)


Oswego Falls Pulp & Paper Co. v.
er Lithographic Co. (Sup.)..
Otselic Val. R. Co., Clinton v. (Sup.).
Owens, Hoffaine v. (Sup.)..
Owsley, Sims v. (Sup.).

Park v. Lattanzi (Sup.).
Park Co., Potter v. (Sup.).



488 .1137

.1051 .1134 723 ..1109



Pabst Brewing Co. v. Sloane (Sup.)...... Pacific Coast Casualty Co., Mulcahy & Gibson v. (City Ct. N. Y.)...

Pacific Coast Casualty Co., Rathbone, Sard & Co. v. (Sup.).

Page v. Cohen (Sup.).

Palmer, Hull v. (Sup.).

Paltanowicz v. Mendlowitz (Sup.).
Parella v. New York, O. & W. R.




1142 935 811 .1134



Parker, People ex rel. Parker v. (Sup.)..1139

Parsons v. Rye (Sup.).
Patch, Guenther v. (Sup.).
Patterson, Sorcelli v. (Sup.).
Patterson v. Youngs (Sup.).
Pattison's Will, In re (Sur.).
Payne v. Binghamton R. Co. (Sup.).
Peace, Hillman v. (Sup.).
Peacock, Fox v. (Sup.).
Peattie v. Gabel (Sup.).
Peck, Wickstrom v. (Sup.).
Pedersen, Gnecco v. (Sup.).

Peerless Motor Car Co. of New York,
Cashmore v. (Sup.)..:
Peiser's Will, In re (Sur.)..
Pennsylvania Steel Co., Brady v. (Sup.)..1111
Pensabene v. F. & J. Auditore Co. (Sup.) 266
Pensabene v. F. & J. Auditore Co. (Sup.)..1134
People v. Atkins (Sup.).
People, Barkenthien v. (Sup.).
People, Barkenthien v., two cases

People v. Barnes (Sup.).
People v. Bauman (Sup.).
People v. Blau (Sup.).
People v. Bough (Sup.)..
People v. Brinker (Mag. Ct.).

People v. O'Brien (Sup.).
961 People v. Olssen (Sup.)..
223 People v. Persio (Sup.)...
.1146 People v. Piromolli (Sup.).

.1134 People v. Price, two cases (Sup.).
478 People v. Pugliese (Sup.).
877 People v. Quinn (Sup.)...
1123 People v. Roth (Sup.)..
.1119 People v. Rothenberg (Sup.).
993 People v. Schiebler (Sup.)..
570 People v. Schover (Children's Ct.).
.1121 People v. Schwitofsky (Sup.)...
People v. Seddon Underwriting Co.

[blocks in formation]

People v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.)






.1136 1136

8. 575 .1136 887 .1136 1137




.1137 .1137


.1137 849







466 .1137 .1137


People v. Smith (Sup.)... People v. Tracy (Sup.)... People v. Tivnan (Sup.).. People v. Vitusky (Sup.) .1135 People v. Vogorito (Sup.). 100 People v. Weinstock (Mag. Ct.). (Sup.)..1109 People v. Wilmer (Sup.).... ..1135 People ex rel. A. Sherman Lumber Co. v. .1135 Propp (Sup.). .1135 People ex rel. Avery v. Purdy (Sup.).... 614 .1135 People ex rel. Bergoffen v. Board of Educa448 tion (Sup.).....



19 .1137 453 ..1137

People ex rel. Berry v. Cook (Sup.)......1138
People ex rel. Bingham v. State Water
Supply Commission (Sup.)
People ex rel. Bonheur v. Christ, three cas-
es (Sup.)..

People ex rel. Brooklyn, Q. C. & S. R. Co.
v. Steers (Sup.)..
People ex rel. Buffalo Steam Roller Co. v.
Laidlaw (Sup.)....
People ex rel.

Campbell V. Connolly


People ex rel. Collins v. McAneny (Sup.)..1138 People ex rel. Coney Island Jockey Club v. Sohmer (Sup.).

Const. Co.






People ex rel. East River Terminal Ry. v.
State Board of Tax Com'rs (Sup.).
People ex rel. Egan v. Waldo (Sup.). .1138
People ex rel. Golding v. Board of Educa-
tion of City of New York (Sup.)...
People ex rel. Hatch v. Carpenter (Sup.)..1123
People ex rel. Knoener v. Johnson (Sup.)..1139
People ex rel. Lang v. Sisters, etc., of St.



Ann's School of Industry and Reformatory of Good Shepherd, at Albany (Sup.)1139 People ex rel. McGowan v. Warden of City Prison (Sup.).. People ex rel. Mills v. Board of Education of City of New York (Sup.). . People ex rel. Moscovitz v. O'Loughlin (Sup.)



People ex rel. Moulton v. Cheshire (Sup.)..1139 People ex rel. Murphy v. Kraft (Sup.).... 498 People ex rel. Murphy v. Kraft (Sup.)....1139 People ex rel. New York & R. B. R. Co.

v. State Board of Tax Com'rs (Sup.)..... 691 People ex rel. Oshrin v. Whitman (Sup.). .1139 People ex rel. Parker v. Parker (Sup.)...1139 People ex rel. Perry v. Magen (Mag. Ct.) 444 People ex rel. Price v. Creelman (Sup.)...1139 People ex rel. Rathburn v. Tabor (Sup.).. 803 People ex rel. Robinson v. O'Connell (Sup.) 140 People ex rel. Romann v. Board of Educa

tion of New York (Sup.).... .1139 People ex rel. Shane v. Gittens (Sup.). .1139 People ex rel. Sohn v. Masbicher Congregation (Sup.).. People ex rel. Sohn v. Mashbicher Congregation (Sup.).. People ex rel. Strakac v. Gaynor (Sup.)..1140 People ex rel. Stumpf v. Craig (Sup.).. 652 People ex rel. Willard v. General Reduction Co. (Sup.)..

.1140 .1140

.1140 People's Gas & Electric Co., Wallace v. (Sup.)

People's Trust Co. v. Smith (Sup.).
Pepper v. Glass Bakery (Sup.).
Perry v. Hudson & M. R. Co. (Sup.).
Perry Street in City of Buffalo, In

Persio, People v. (Sup.).
Peter Cooper's Glue Factory, Rossiter v.

Pettus, Begen v. (Sup.).
Phillips, Bohland-Alkier

Phipps, Collins v. (Sup.).
Phoenix Const. Co.. Mattson v. (Sup.).
Picker Bros., Waldman v. (Mun. Ct.




.1149 ...1140 609 .1140 re

157 .1137


296 765 .1110 .1114 .1131



Piromolli, People v. (Sup.)..
Pitou, In re (Sur.)...

Page .1137 919

Pittsburg Contracting Co., Cloke v. (Sup.) 252 Pittsburg Contracting Co., Collins V. (Sup.)



Place, Mingay v. (Sup.).
Platek, Fronckowiak v. (Sup.).
Plumiera v. Bricka (Sup.)
Poel v. Hills (Sup.)..

.1120 171 ..1140

Polish Socialist Alliance v. Slowik (Sup.). .1140 Polson Mfg. Co. v. Buffalo Kissel Kar Co. (Sup.)


299 .1140 855 .1114 .1140

Poor, Willets v. (Sup.).
Post v. Logan (Sup.)..
Potter, Coble v. (Sup.).
Potter, Colton v. (Sup.).
Potter v. Park Co. (Sup.)..

Powell v. American & British Mfg. Co.

Powers, Campbell v. (Sup.).
Powers, Campbell v. (Sup.).
Prendergast, Weigl v. (Sup.).
Prescott v. Robins Dry Dock & Repair Co.

Press Pub. Co., O'Connell v., two cases


Preston, Murphy v. (Sup.).
Price, People v., two cases (Sup.).
Priddy v. Baum (Sup.).
Prince, Lewis v. (Sup.).
Prine v. Commercial Travelers' Mut. Acc.
Ass'n of America (Sup.).
Prinz v. International R. Co. (Sup.).
Property Sec. Co., Landeker v. (City Ct.
N. Y.)..
Propp, People ex rel. A. Sherman Lumber
Co. v. (Sup.).
Prospect Park & C. I. R. Co. v. Morey
Provand, China & Japan Trading Co. v.
Provident Life & Trust Co., Flint v.

745 1137 380 79



Prudential Ins. Co. of America, Denaro v.
Prudential Ins. Co. of America, Healy v.


Prudential Vaudeville Exch. v. Mackintosh Public Service Commission, In re, two cases (Sup.)




Public Service Commission for First Dist.,
In re (Sup.)..


Public Service R. Co., Rutkosky v. (Sup.) 821
Pugliese, People v. (Sup.)..
Purdy, International Paper Co. v. (Sup.). .1124
Purdy v. Ossining Printing & Publishing
Co. (Sup.)....


Purdy, People ex rel. Avery v. (Sup.).... 614 Queensbro Heights Land Corp., Duff v. (Sup.) 254

Queens Land & Title Co., Fuller v. (Sup.) 574 Quick v. Niagara Falls Power Co. (Sup.). 1141 Quinn v. New York (Sup.).. .1141

Quinn v. New York Livery & Auto Co. (Sup.)

Quinn v. North Sand Co. (Sup.).

Quinn, People v. (Sup.)...


675 .1112 .1150







.1141 390 .1137




.1143 .1143


Radley v. McKenzie Furnace Co. (Sup.)..1141 Rootman v. New York, four cases (Sup.). .1143 .1076 Ropp v. William Morris (Sup.).. Rafalo v. Edelstein (Sup.).. .1142 Rose v. Keen (Sup.).... Raines v. Block (Sup.)... 490 Rosenbloom, Smith v. (Sup.). Ramapo Mfg. Co. v. Mapes (Sup.). ..1142 Rosenstein v. McCutcheon (Sup.) Ramapo Mfg. Co. v. Mapes (Sup.). Ransom, Riley v., two cases (Sup.)......1142 Rosenthal v. Singerman (Sup.).. Rosenzweig, Safran v. (Sup.). Rathbone, Sard & Co. v. Pacific Coast CasRoss, Kopf v. (Sup.). ualty Co. (Sup.)

315 .1143 960


Ravener v. Citizen Pub. Co. (Sup.).
Raynor v. Van R. Swezey Coal & Lumber
Co. (Sup.)...

Real Estate Co. of Brooklyn, Gilbert v.

Realty Federation of New York v. New
York Operating Co. (Sup.).
Record v. Ketchum (Sup.).
Redfield's Estate, In re (Sup.)
Regal Homes Co., Mininsohn v. (Sup.).
Reichenbach v. Kottler (Sup.).
Reiling, Manhattan Shirt Co. v. (Sup.)..1130
Reilly v. Barber Asphalt Pav. Co. (Sup.)
Reilly, Douglas v. (Sup.).


Reis Co. v. Zimmerli (Sup.)
Requa v. Board of Education of New York

Ress v. Gurinsky (Sup.)
Reynolds, Champion Coated Paper Co. v.

Reynoldsville Carting Co., Dzkowski



Riccardo, In re (Sur.)..

Rice v. Roberts (Sup.)

Richardson, Derick v. (Sup..
Riche v. Greenwich Bank of City of
York (Sup.)

Richmond Light & R. Co., Lynch v.,
cases (Sup.)..

Richmond Sales Co. v. Morris (Sup.)
Ridgwood Nat. Bank v. Stallo (Sup.).
Ridley v. Walter (Sup.).....

Riegel Sack Co., American Ink Co.

Riehl v. Austin (Sup.)

Riehl v. Himmelwright (Sup.)

Riley v. Ransom, two cases (Sup.).

Ring v. Wooley (Sup.)..


Robinson v. Lowenstein (Sup.).
Robinson v. Robinson (Sup.).
Rockwell Motor Transp. Co.,



Roth, John W. Walker Co. v. (Sup.).
Roth, People v. (Sup.).
Rothenberg, People v. (Sup.).
Rothenberg v. Shapiro (Sup.)
512 Rothman, Cukor v. (Sup.).
.1142 Rothschild & Co., Lynskey v., two cases




.1117 606 114 .1116


.1129 1142 .1142 .1142



.1132 Rowe v. Charles H. Ditson Co. (Sup.).
.1142 Rowland, Wells v. (Sup.)..
Royal Ins. Co., Shober v. (Sup.).
16 Royal Trust Co. v. Harding (Sup.).
.1117 Rudinsky, Wiener v. (Sup.).
Rugg v. Heimlich (Sup.)
Rumsey v. Rumsey (Sup.)
Russell, Fitzgerald v. (Sup.).
Rutkosky v. Public Service R. Co. (Sup.) 821
R. & S. Outfitting Co., Gross v. (Sup.).... 115




Rings, McNamara v. (Sup.).

Rimouski Fire Ins. Co., Kline Bros. & Co.

v. (Sup.)...

Riter-Conley Mfg. Co. v. Snare & Triest

Co. (Sup.)..

Robbins v. Hill (Sup.).
Roberts, Rice v. (Sup.).
Robins Dry Dock & Repair Co. v. New
York (Sup.)

Robins Dry Dock & Repair Co., Prescott v. (Sup.)....


Scher, Silberman v. (Sup.). .1142 Scheuer, Squiers v. (Sup.). 648 Schiebler, People v. (Sup.). 934 Schiff v. Kramer (Sup.).






Rossiter v. Peter Cooper's Glue Factory




.1141 .1143 :.1143 Braun v.


Rodgers, Tengstrom v. (Sup.).
Rodisi Holding Co., Weeks v., two cases

Roebuck's Estate, In re (Sur.)
Roger Williams Fire & Marine Ins. Co.,

.1111 49 .1150 .1107

.1131 .1143


Sacks, Fleishner v. (Sup.).

Sadan v. B. Crystal & Son (Sup.).
Safran v. Rosenzweig (Sup.)...

Marqusee v. (Sup.)..

Rogowski v. Brill, two cases (Sup.).
Roland v. International R. Co. (Sup.)....1143
Rolfsen v. Mathisen (Sup.)..









341 .1145

9 948 1143




St. James Oyster Co., Town of Smithtown
v. (Sup.)...


St. Marks Restaurant Co., Austin

Salzano, Squires v. (Sup.)..


Sam H. Harris, Drucklieb v. (Sup.).
Sammis, Ketcham v. (Sup.).

Savings Bank of Utica, Anson v. (Sup.) 1017
Scanlon v. New York Cent. & H. R. R.
Co. (Sup.)


Schaeffer & Budenberg Mfg. Co., Kern v. (Sup.)








Schlanowsky, Finkelstein v. (Sup.). Schmieg v. Magnus Beck Brewing Co. (Sup.)

Schmitt v. Borden's Condensed Milk Co. (Sup.)

Schnabel v. American Educational Alliance

Schneider v. Goldfinger (Sup.).
Schoenberg v. Thorner (Sup.).
Schoener v. Brooklyn, Q. C. & S. R. Co.

Schouten v. Alpine (Sup.).

Schover, People v. (Children's Ct.).
Schreiber v. Stern (Sup.)...
Schrenk & Co. v. Gurfein (Sup.).
Schroeder v. Snyder (Sup.)..
Schubert v. Arnold (Sup.)...
Schuchman, Hearn v. (Sup.).
Schueler v. Dooley (Sup.).
Schulien v. Lattimier (Sup.)..
Schultz v. Teichman Engineering &
struction Co. (City Ct. N. Y.).
Schultz v. Vogel, three cases (Sup.).

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