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Schweid v. Storandt (Sup.)
Schwitofsky, People v. (Sup.).
Scott, In re (Sup.)..

Scott v. Fourteenth Street Bank (Sup.). .1144

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Co. (Sup.).

Shieeler v. Ireland (Sup.).



.1144 Smith v. Luckenbach (Sup.).'.
.1137 Smith, Maloney v. (Sup.)..
1144 Smith v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. (Sup.) 327
Smith, People v. (Sup.)..

Smith, People's Trust Co. v. (Sup.).
Smith v. Rosenbloom (Sup.).
Smith v. Taranto (Sup.)..

Smythe v. Tomlinson (Sup.)..

Snare & Triest Co., Clappe v. (Sup.)....1113
Snare & Triest Co., Riter-Conley Mfg. Co.
v. (Sup.)




Sohmer, People ex rel. Coney Island Jockey Club v. (Sup.).


Solvay Process Co., Thomas v. (Sup.). ..1148 Solvay Process Co., Tottingham v., two cases (Sup.). . . .

Sorcelli v. Patterson (Sup.).

Spear v. Thirty-Five Per Cent. Automobile
Supply Co. (Sup.)..

Scott, Nicoloff v. (Sup.)

Scott v. Woodward (Sup.).
Scranton & Lehigh Coal Co. v. New York


Scudder v. Kelly (Sup.).
Scudder, Wood v. (Sup.)
Scully v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 260
Sealy v. Foote (Sup.).
Seamen's Bank for Savings, Miller V.



Shober v. Royal Ins. Co. (Sup.).

Shogry v. Naser (Sup.)...
Shorwitz v. Caminez (Sup.).
Shubert, Sire v. (Sup.)
Sidway v. Sidway (Sup.),
Silberman v. Scher (Sup.)
Silverberg Import Co., A. J. Hague &


Searun Soc., Meagher v. (Sup.)..
Seddon Underwriting Co., People v. (Sp.


Sedwards v. Long Island R. Co. (Sup.).. 525
Seelig, Manning v. (Sup.)
Sellinger v. Swann (Sup.).
Seltzer v. Stein (Sup.)
Seltzer v. Stein (Sup.).


Semmelman v. Mutual Life Ins. Co. (Sup.)1145

Seymour v. Crowley (Sup.).
Seymour, Mabie v. (Sup.)
Shapiro, Goldberg v. (Sup.)
Shapiro, Rothenberg v. (Sup.)
Shaw v. Shaw (Sup.)
Shaw v. Shaw (Sup.).
Shea v. Keeney (Sup.).
Sheldon v. McFee (Sup.).
Sherwin v. Tunick (Sup.).

Shiebler v. Suffolk Gas & Electric Light




v. (Sup.)

Silver Creek Gas & Improvement Co., Carroll v. (Sup.)


Simpkins. In re (Sup.).
Sims v. Owsley (Sup.).

Sinay v. Chesebro-Whitman Co. (Sup.)...1074
Sinclair Co., Murphy v. (Sup.)..
Singerman, Rosenthal v. (Sup.)..
Sinski, Mulligan v. (Sup.).

1145 Spector v. Feldman (Sup.)..
1097 Spencer v. Allen (Sup.).
.1016 Sperry, Hutchinson v. (Sup.)
148 Spielberg, Dux v. (Sup.)..
109 Spirn v. Ladinski (Sup.).
388 Sporborg v. Baum (Sup.),
912 Squiers v. Scheuer (Sup.).
818 Squires v. Salzano (Sup.).
.1145 Stack, Erdtmann v. (Sup.).

Stallo, Ridgwood Nat. Bank v. (Sup.)....1142
.1145 Standard Oil Co. of New York, Hanna v.
.1145 Standard Oil Co. of New York, Moore v.


.1132 .1143

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835 .1108 841


Sire, Adams v. (Sup.)

Sire v. Shubert (Sup.).
Sirois v. Sirois (Sup.).
Sisters, etc., of St. Ann's School of Indus-
try and Reformatory of Good Shepherd,
at Albany, People ex rel. Lang v. (Sup.)1139
Sivak v. Andrews, two cases (Sup.)... .1146
Skinner v. Denton (Sup.)..
Skiwanek, Applebee v. (Mag. Ct.).
Sloane, Pabst Brewing Co. v. (Sup.).


Slowik, Polish Socialist Alliance v. (Sup.). 1140

Smedley, Lamport v. (Sup.).
Smith, In re, two cases (Sup.)
Smith v. Appleton (Sup.).
Smith v. Bartlett (Sup.).
Smith v. Farley (Sup.)..

Smith, Greer v., two cases (Sup.)
Smith, Hall v. (Sup.)
Smith, Housel v. (Sup.)

Snyder v. Frank L. Fisher Co. (Sup.)....1146
Snyder, Schroeder v. (Sup.).
Society of New York Hospital, Felcin
v. (Sup.)


.1145 Starke v. Stein (Sup.).

State, White v. (Sup.)

841 .1145 .1145


State Board of Tax Com'rs, People ex rel.
East River Terminal Ry. v. (Sup.).... 722
State Board of Tax Com'rs, People ex rel.
New York & R. B. R. Co. v. (Sup.)..... 691
State Water Supply Commission, People
ex rel. Bingham v. (Sup.)








Page 292











53 .1147


Staten Island Rapid Transit R. Co., Haw-
Stecher Lithographic Co., Oswego Falls
ley v. (Sup.)
Pulp & Paper Co. v. (Sup.).

Steel & Masonry Contracting Co., Muench
v. (Sup.)
Steele, Geneva Mineral Springs Co. V.

Steers, People ex rel. Brooklyn, Q. C. &
S. R. Co. v. (Sup.)
Stein, Seltzer v. (Sup.)
Stein, Seltzer v. (Sup.)
Stein, Starke v. (Sup.)
Steinman v. Conlon (Sup.).
Stem, Kelly v. (Sup.)
Stemm, Vickery v. (Sup.)
Stephan, McSwegan v. (Sup.)

..1146 Stephen Merritt Burial & Cremation Co.
Stephen Merritt Co. (Sup.).
.1146 Stephen Merritt Co., Stephen Merritt Bur-
990 ial & Cremation Co. v. (Sup.)..
43 Stern, Schreiber v. (Sup.).
796 Sterns v. Sterns (Sup.).

.1124 Sternschuss v. New York (Sup.).

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Sterry v. Sterry (Sup.).
Stevenson v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.).
Storandt, Schweid v. (Sup.).
Story, First Nat. Bank v. (Sup.).
Stratton v. Graham (Sup.)..
Strawberry Island Co. v. Cowles (Sup.)...
Strobel Steel Const. Co., Barry v. (Sup.) 1109
Strong v. Gambier (Sup.).
Strong v. Gambier (Sup.).
Succow v. Timmerman (Sup.).
Suess v. Depew (Sup.)


410 .1127 .1147 .1147

Suffolk Gas & Electric Light Co., Shiebler v. (Sup.)


716 Tomlinson v. Tomlinson (Sup.). .1147 Toms v. Newfane (Sup.). .1144 Tottingham v. Solvay Process Co., two 31 cases (Sup.)

Sullivan, In re (Sup.)..
Sullivan Advertising Co., Van Buren &
New York Billposting Co. v. (Sup.)......1149
Sullivan v. Greenhut-Siegel Copper Co.
Sullivan v. Greenhut-Siegel Cooper Co.





Sullivan v. Messersmith's Stores (Sup.)..1147
Sumner, In re (Sup.).
Supreme Ruling of Fraternal Mystic Cir-


cle, Hann v. (Sup.).....


Surburg v. Kalil's Restaurant Co. (Sup.). .1147
Swann, Sellinger v. (Sup.).
Swartz v. New York (Sup.)..
Swezey Coal & Lumber Co., Raynor v.





Tabor, People ex rel. Rathburn v. (Sup.)..
Tabor v. Tabor (Sup.)..

Talmage's Sons Co. v. Epstein (Sup.)....
Taranto, Smith v. (Sup.).

Taylor, Croker v. Sup.).
Tedesco, Conyngham v. (Sup.)
Teichman Engineering & Construction Co.,


Titus, Brackett v. (Sup.).
Tivnan, People v. (Sup.)
Todd, Mittleman v. (Sup.).
Tomlinson, Smythe v. (Sup.).

803 313 394

794 ..1115



Thorner, Schoenberg v. (Sup.)
Thron, Kahler v. (Sup.)
Thumm, In re (Sup.)..
Thurston, Apthorp v. (Sup.).
Tiffany Buffalo Harbor Land Co.

Tilton v. Gans (Sup.)..
Timmerman, Succow v. (Sup.).
Title Guaranty & Surety Co., Basciani

1119 .1115


Page .1148




.1148 .1131


Town of Belfast, Marsh v. (Sup.).
Town of Bethel, Lewis v. (Sup.).
Town of Cameron, Gardner v. (Sup.).. 634
Town of Forestburgh, Hayes v. (Sup.)....1123
Town of Lewisboro, Ferguson v., two cas
es (Sup.)


Town of Newfane, Toms v. (Sup.)
Town of Oyster Bay, Jacob v., two cases

.1119 .1148

.1124 694



500 .1127 503 .1137

Schultz v. (City Ct. N. Y.)..
Templeton, Beeny v. (Sup.)..
Tendler, Wright Mfg. Co. v. (Sup.)
Tengstrom v. Rodgers (Sup.).
Terwilleger, Forsell v. (Sup.)
Thatcher & Son, Coyne v. (Sup.).
Thirty-Five Per Cent. Automobile Supply

Co., Spear v. (Sup.)

Thomas v. Solvay Process Co. (Sup.)....1148
Thomas McNally Co.,


Lumber Co. v. (Sup.). Thomas McNally Co.,



Lumber Co. v. (Sup.) Thomas McNally Co., Horton v. (Sup.).. 357 Thomas McNally Co., Horton v. (Sup.)...1124 Thompson v. Levering & Garrigues (Sup.) 769 Thompson-Starrett Co., Jones v. (Sup.)... 247 Thompson-Starrett Co., McCormick V. 1102 Vacuna Sales Co., Ahern v. (Sup.).... 1028 Valentine, First Commercial Bank of Pon1002 tiac v. (Sup.) .1148 Valentine v. Valentine, two cases (Sup.)..1149 ..1108 Van Buren & New York Billposting Co. v. C. J. Sullivan Advertising Co. (Sup.)...1149 Cortlandt Realty Co., Handy V.



.1148 Van
782 (Sup.)


.1109 ..1111 ..1137

Town of Ridgeway, Ives v. (Sup.).
Town of Smithtown v. St. James Oyster
Co. (Sup.).

Towner v. Trustees of Diocese of Long
Island (Sup.)..

Townsend, Lewis v. (Sup.).
Townsend, Lewis v. (Sup.)
Townsend, Trowbridge v. (Sup.).
Tracy, People v. (Sup.)

Trainor v. White Rats Actors' Union, two
cases (Sup.).


Traynor v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.)


Trebla Realty Co., Oppenheimer v. (Sup.)1134 Trowbridge v. Townsend (Sup.).. 503 Troy Trust Co., In re (Sup.). .1148

Trustees of Diocese of Long Island, Towner v. (Sup.)

Tunick, Sherwin v. (Sup.)

uttle v. Dubuque Fire & Marine Ins. Co of Dubuque, Iowa (Sup.)....

Union Dime Sav. Bank v. Brockmayer (Sup.)



....1148 Union Transfer & Storage Co. v. West1151 cott Exp. Co. (Sup.)



Union Trust Co. of Rochester v. Oliver (Sup.)


United Cloak & Suit Co., Buckley v. (Sup.) 953
United Fruit Co., Donovan v. (Sup.)...1116
United Merchants' Realty & Improvement
Co. v. Glassheim (Sup.)...

United States Trust Co. of New York, In
re (Sur.)....

United States Trust Co. of New York v.
Demuth (Sup.)

United Surety Co., Vidi v. (Sup.).
Upjohn v. First Methodist Episcopal Soc.
of Homer Village (Sup.)....

784 .1145




156 612 ..1104

[blocks in formation]

Van Kirk v. First Soc. of Methodist Epis-
copal Church in Village of Geneva, N.
Y. (Sup.)

Van Ness, Morse v. (Sup.).
Van Ness' Will, In re (Sur.).
Van Ostrand v. New York Cent. & H. R.
R. Co. (Sup.)

Van R. Swezey Coal & Lumber Co., Ray-
nor v. (Sup.)



Weld, Jaffe v. (Sup.)

Wells, One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth
Street Co. v. (Sup.)

Wells v. Rowland (Sup.)..
Welz & Zerweck, Goodman v., two cases

Werba, Mann v. (Sup.)
Werner v. Werner (Sup.).
.1142 Wesselhoft, Calhoun v. (Sup.).
.1149 Westchester County Brewing Co., Maltz
.1149 v. (Sup.)

..1149 ....1043 576






Van Tassell v. Knoll (Sup.).
Vause, In re (Sup.)...


395 Westchester Lighting Co., Hollander v. .1007 (Sup.)




Ventimiglia v. Eichner (Sup.).
Vickery v. Stemm (Sup.).
Vidi v. United Surety Co. (Sup.).
Village of Depew, Suess v. (Sup.). ...1147
Village of Ft. Edward, Murphy v. (Sup.).. 885
Village of Newark, Beal v. (Sup.).... .1109
Village of Newark, Nicholoy v. (Sup.)....1133
Village of Rye, Parsons v. (Sup.)..
Virginia Transfer Co., Bennett v. (Sup.)..1055
Vitusky, People v. (Sup.)
Vogel, Schultz v., three cases (Sup.). ..1144
Vogel Co. v. Cauldwell-Wingate Co. (Sup.) 370
Vogorito, People v. (Sup.).
Volck v. Volck (Sup.)..
Vreeland, Currie v. (Sup.).

Westcott Exp. Co., Union Transfer & Stor-
age Co. v. (Sup.)
Western Commercial Travelers' Ass'n v.
Langeheineken (Sup.)...
Westinghouse Mach. Co., Geitner V.



Wheelock, Hevia v. (Sup.).
Whicher, L. B. Repair Co. v. (Sup.).
White, Hacker v. (Sup.).
White v. State (Sup.)..


.1137 White Rats Actors' Union, Trainor v.,
.1149 two cases (Sup.).
..1115 Whitman, People ex rel. Oshrin v. (Sup.).1139
Whitmore Co. v. Bellew & Merritt Co.

Waddy v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 824 Whitridge, Lofgren v. (Sup.)
Wagner v. Butler (Sup.)
Wickstrom v. Peck (Sup.).
Wagner v. Garin (Sup.)..
Wiener v. Rudinsky (Sup.).
Waixel v. Mt. Vernon (Sup.).
Wakefield, In re (Sup.)...
Walch v. McDermott Dairy Co. (Sup.)....1149




Waldman v. Klein (Sup.)
Waldman v. Picker Bros. (Mun. Ct. N. Y.) 1019
Waldo, Mulvey v. (Sup.)..
Waldo, People ex rel. Egan v. (Sup.).....1138
Walker v. Board of Education of City of
New York (Sup.)


Walker Co. v. Roth (Sup.).
Wallace v. People's Gas & Electric Co.

Wallace Wall Paper Co.,






Walter v. Carroll (Sup.).
Walter, Ridley v. (Sup.)
Wandell, Grimm v. (Sup.)
Wanisch v. Wuertz (Sup.)..
Warden of City Prison, People ex rel. Mc-

Gowan v. (Sup.)


Watson v. Gingold Realty Co. (Sup.). .1126
Watson v. Holmes (Sup.)..


Watson & Pittinger v. Hoboken Planing

Mills Co. (Sup.).
Watts, Lack v. (Sup.).
Wax, Eilenberg v. (Sup.)
Webber v. Ahearn (Sup.)
Webendorfer, Weil v. (Sup.)
Weber v. Kuske (Sup.).
Weeks v. Rodisi Holding Co., two cases


Weigl v. Prendergast (Sup.).
Weil v. Webendorfer (Sup.).

Weinman v. Blake & Knowles Steam Pump

Works (Sup.).....

Weinstock, People v. (Mag. Ct.).

Welch, Holmes & Clark Co. v. Central
Chandelier Co. (Sup.)..

Welch, Hoock v. (Sup.)

822 126 372 12 .1150 .1150

.1150 ..1150 .1150



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Page .1125

Wise v. Law Reporting Co. (Sup.).
Wise, Wood v. (Sup.)



Wieser V. William Guggolz Const. Co. (Sup.)

Wile v. Moore (Sup.)

Wilkinson v. McLeod (Sup.).
Wilks v. Greacen (Sup.)...
Willcox, Hopper v. (Sup.)
Willcox, Hopper v. (Sup.)
Willets v. Poor (Sup.).

William Guggolz Const. Co., Wieser

William Morris, Ropp v. (Sup.).
Williams Co., Banchetti v. (Sup.).
Williams Fire & Marine Ins. Co.,
qusee v. (Sup.)

Wilmer, People v. (Sup.).
Wilson, Gross v. (Sup.)
Wilson v. Horton (Sup.).

Wright Mfg. Co. v. Tendler (Sup.).
Wuertz, Wanisch v. (Sup.)
Wysocki v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.).


.1124 Yalkut, Cohen v. (Sup.).

[blocks in formation]

Wishnofsky v. New York (Sup.).
Wisser v. Cohn (Sup.)..
Witschieben v. Glynn (Sup.).
Wittner, Farrand v. (Sup.).
Wolff, In re (Sur.)...
Wood v. Miller (Sup.)...
Wood v. Scudder (Sup.).
Wood v. Wise (Sup.).

Woodcock v. Cannariato (Sup.).

Woods Productions Co., Nelson v. (Sup.).1133
Woodward, Scott v. (Sup.).
Wooley, Ring v. (Sup.)
Workingmen's Pub. Ass'n, New England

Theaters Co. v. (Sup.)




980 .1150


.1150 484 .1037

85 590 .1150 284 .1150 1150

.1144 648

1133 .1151 573 950



Yglesias v. O'Connor (Sup.)
York Fire Ins. Co. of Toronto, Kline Bros.
& Co. v. (Sup.)
Youngs, Patterson v. (Sup.)


Zartman, Bacon v. (Sup.)




.1151 Zeritt v. Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Co. (Sup.)



.1126 Zimmerli, John Reis Co. v. (Sup.).
..1134 Zimmerman, Clark & Co. v. (Sup.). .1113
Zinsser, Hastings Land Imp. Co. v. (Sup.) 791
.1109 Zucker, Gumberg v. (Sup.).

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