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The last meeting of the Session, on the 14th of May, was held at Mr. Mayer's Museum of Antiquities, which was again liberally thrown open by the Proprietor to the Members and their Friends, including Ladies, of whom there was a numerous attendance. In June the Annual Excursion was made, to Sefton Church and Ince-Blundell Hall, where, by the obliging permission of Thomas Weld Blundell Esq., its owner, the members, again accompanied by a numerous party of their friends of both sexes, had an opportunity of inspecting the admirable series of works of art there collected.

The usual interchange of publications with kindred Societies has been maintained, and the Society's Library steadily increases in extent and value; it will therefore be desirable that the Society should take steps, at an early period, to provide for it additional accommodation. The Museum is laid out in the Gallery of Inventions and Science and constitutes a part of that exhibition, which, on the authority of the delegates appointed by this Society to take part in its management, the Council are able to report is open to the public, and promises to be an institution of great public interest and usefulness.

The Treasurer's Balance Sheet will be presented as soon as the whole of the printing, in connection with the Annual Volume, is completed. In the meantime the Council have reason to believe there will be a satisfactory balance to the Society's credit. The current expenses have been at the ordinary rate; the only special payment being a sum of Twenty Pounds to the Assistant Secretary for extra labour, including the entire removal of the Library and Museum on two separate occasions.

The approaching celebration of the Shakspeare Tercentenary being of peculiar interest to all learned societies, the Council have appointed a Committee to confer with other Societies of the district, with a view to united action in such proceedings as may be deemed suitable. To this subject the Council invite the attention of the members generally, in the hope that it will receive from them such support as its importance demands.

In conclusion the retiring Council submit, as required by the Laws, the names of one gentleman for election to the Vice-Presidency, and of six others for the Sectional Committees, in the place of those who retire. All are likely to assist in the necessary labours it is proposed to assign to them; and all are believed to be willing, if elected, to serve.

It was moved by PETER R. McQUIE Esq., seconded by THOMAS Dawson Esq., M.R.C.S., and resolved unanimously:

That the Report now read be adopted, and printed and circulated

with the Proceedings of the Society.

It was moved by John NEWTON Esq., M.R.C.S., seconded by EDWIN BEAN Esq., and resolved unanimously :

That the thanks of the Society be given to the Officers and

Sectional Members of the Council for their services during the past Session.

It was moved by H. A. BRIGHT Esq., M.A., seconded by J. T. Towson Esq., F.R.G.S., and resolved unanimously :

That the thanks of the Society be given to JOSEPH MAYER Esq.,

Vice-President, for his reception of the members and their friends at his Museum of British and Foreign Antiquities on the 14th of May; and to T. WELD BLUNDELL Esq., for his kindness in throwing open his mansion of Ince-Blundell for the inspection of the members and others at the Annual Excursion in June last.

A ballot having been taken for the Officers and Sectional Members of Council, the result was announced from the chair. (See page iv.) It was proposed by the Rev. A. HUME, D.C.L., Honorary Secretary, and resolved by acclamation :

That the cordial and special thanks of this Society be given to

Lieutenant-General the Honorable Sir Edward Cust, K.C.H., D.C.L., F.R.S. &c., for his valuable services as President during the past eight years.

It was moved by PETER R. McQUIE Esq., seconded by WILLIAM BURKE Esq., Treasurer, and resolved unanimously:

That this meeting do now adjourn to the 3rd of December next, ‘at Seven p.m., for the purpose of receiving the Annual Balance Sheet.

At the adjourned Annual General Meeting held in the Free Public Library on the 3rd of December, 1863, the Volume being still unfinished, a further adjournment took place to the 4th of August, 1864, when the following Statement of Accounts for the year ending 18th October, 1863, was submitted by the Treasurer,





£ s. d. By Balance from last Account, Session xiv

33 14 7 By Receipts in Session xv, viz :Arrears

19 8 6 Entrance Fees, Session xv

7 17 6 Annual Subscriptions, ditto 207 7 6 Ditto (in advance)

0 10 6 Life Compositions..

5 5 0 Books and book.covers sold

13 6 7 Removal Fund; towards book.case purchased..

3 3 0


£ 8. d. £ 8. d.
Balance delivery Vol. II,

N.S., and various early

2 7 8
Printing and binding Vol.
III, N.S...

99 14 3 Illustrations,

19 5 0 Delivery

6 0 0

127 611 II.-SESSIONAL Expenses :Printing Circulars &c...... 8 9

0 Stationery..

7 2 5 Insurance

1 10 0 Postage Stamps

9 16 2 Refreshments at meetings 8 1 0 Advertisements, delivering

circulars, messages and

parcels, miscellaneous.. 12 15 0 Commission to Collector.. 6 2 6 Assistant Secretary

50 0 0

103 15 11 III.-PERMANENT INVESTMENTS : Papering, colouring, paint

ing and gilding Museum cases

5 4 2 Books purchased for the Library

2 1 9 Books bound for ditto 9 4 0

16 9 11 IV.-SPECIAL EXPENSES :Assistant Secretary

20 00 Disbursements at Excur

4 0 0

24 0 0 Balance in Treasurer's hands

19 05



£290 13


£290 13 2

Balance down....

£19 05

Examined by

(E. and 0. E.)
Peter R. McQUIE,
Sam. GATH,

Liverpool, 31st May, 1864.
} Auditors.

WILLIAM BURKE. It was moved by Thomas Dawson Esq., seconded by PETER R. ICQUIE Esq., and resolved unanimously,

That the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts be passed, and

printed and circulated with the Proceedings of the Society.

5th November, 1863. ARCHÆOLOGICAL SECTION.

Thomas Dawson Esq. in the Chair.
The following gentlemen were duly elected ordinary members of the
Society :-

George Eastee, 6, Harrington Street.
Thomas Gibson, 37, Oxford Street.
John Thomson King, Clayton Square.

The following donations were presented :-
From the Society of Antiquaries.

Archæologia, vol. xxxix, part I.
From the Author.
Annals of the Wars of the Nineteenth Century, 1801-15, vols. I to

IV, by the Hon. Sir Edward Cust, K.C.H., Lieut.-General in the

British Army.
From the Author.
Ancient Meols; or some Account of the Antiquities found near

Dove Point, on the sea-coast of Cheshire, by the Rev. A. Hume,
LL.D. &c., large paper 8vo.

It was

The following objects of interest were exhibited :-
By Mr. F. J. Jeffery.
A postage-stamp Album, containing several hundred stamps of

various countries throughout the world.
By the Rev. Dr. Hume.
1. An Andrea Ferrara, the property of Mr. Bowker.

formerly in the collection at Bewsey Hall, and bears a label recording that this sword was taken from one of king James's

guards at the battle of Flodden. 2. A key, belonging to Miss Atherton. It is more than 110 years

old, and resembles some of those figured in Dr. Hume's recently

published account of the Hoylake antiquities. By Mr. Newton. 1. A copy of Archbishop Cranmer's Twelve Homilies, dated 1547,

in the original binding. The fly-leaves consist of fragments of

a still earlier publication from the press of Caxton. 2. Two scarce Commonwealth Tracts, in both of which Liverpool is

referred to; in one as “ Larpoole.” By the Chairman. 1. Various pamphlets, either published in Liverpool or otherwise

locally interesting.

2. Several prints and photographs. The following Paper was read :


12th November, 1863. LITERARY SECTION.

J. T. Towson Esq., F.R.G.S., in the Chair.

The following donations were presented :-
From the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Annual Report of the Board of Regents, 1861.

* Transactions, p. 1.

From the Philological Society.

Transactions, 1862-3, part I.
From the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society.

Memoirs, vol. I, third series.
From the Author.
Chart of the History of Architecture, and The Course and Current

of Architecture, a volume designed as a companion to the Chart.

By Samuel Huggins. The following objects of interest were exhibited : By the Rev. Dr. Hume. 1. Two volumes of Schoolcraft's Archives of Aboriginal Informa

tion, a work in six volumes on the subject of the American Indians. It is copiously illustrated; and was published by the

Government of the United States. 2. Eight gold nuggets, nearly pure, from Nelson, New Zealand. 3. Two rings of Ballaarat gold; one, unusually massive, had been used as a

“knuckle-duster.” 4. A Russian walking-stick, curiously carved and unusually light. 5. A stick said to have been cut from the tea-plant. 6. A Chinese carving, in form of a grotesque bird sitting on its

nest. By Mr. J. R. Hughes. 1. A bronze spear-head. 2. A quern.

Both these objects were from Anglesey; the spear-bead bad been found amidst the remains of an extinct forest, about six feet below the present surface.. By Mr. J. H. Gibson. 1. A large Turquoise ring, with silver setting, presented to an

Englishman by a native African chief. 2. Barrett's Astrology, quarto, 1801. 3. Barclay's “Ship of Fooles” and the “Mirrour of Good Maners,"

in one vol. quarto, with woodcut illustrations. By Mr. Burke. A sample of wheat, charred as if by fire, lately found at the Roman

Station near Cockermouth, during some excavations for building. The following Paper was read :


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19th November, 1863. SCIENTIFIC SECTION.

The following donations were presented :-
From the Geological Society of London.

Quarterly Journal, Nos. 74 to 76.

* Transactions p. 89.

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