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Rule 55. Causes where the record fails to all motions, shall be submitted on briefs, unshow that the amount involved, exclusive of less otherwise ordered by the court. costs, is more than five hundred dollars, and Adopted May 19, 1897. To take effect June

1, 1897.


3. (Order of Hearing.)-The court, in advance, , of the brief which he has furnished the opshall, by order, designate what cases shall be posite party or his attorney of record, with submitted and when, having reference to the proof of service thereof. Each brief shall by order of time in which such cases were original- number designate the several pages of the recly docketed. Advanced cases and cases in ord containing matter bearing upon the queswhich rehearings shall have been granted will tions discussed in such brief. Every reference be placed on the call for the sitting of court to an adjudicated case shall be by the title next following the expiration of the time for thereof, as well as by the volume and page serving briefs as provided by the rules. where it may be found, and the particular edi

9. (Briefs.)-Within twenty days after the tion of any text-book referred to must be given docketing of a cause in this court, and within in connection with the cited page or section the same time after a rehearing shall have been thereof. allowed, the party holding the affirmative shall 13. (Capital Cases-Suspension of Sentence.) furnish a printed brief of his points and cita- -In all criminal cases brought on error to this tions in support thereof, to the opposite party court, where it appears that the court below or his attorney of record, by whom in turn a has passed sentence of death upon the plainlike brief in reply shall be served within twen- tiff in error, it is ordered that the sentence and ty days after service of the first required brief, judgment be suspended until the further order or, if none such shall have been served, then of this court, and it shall be the duty of the within twenty days after the expiration of the clerk to indorse such suspension upon the time allowed for that purpose. Before the sub-transcript filed in said cause and immediately mission of any cause, each party shall file transmit a certified copy thereof to the officer with the clerk of this court ten printed copies I charged with the execution of said sentence.


Rule XII. (as amended September 28, 1897). / five dollars costs; provided, however, the Three copies of the printed case shall be serv- court may, in its discretion, direct that the ed by the plaintiff in error or appellant on the cause stand for argument in its order. Either opposite party at least forty days before the party may, without service thereof, submit a day set for the argument of the cause. supplemental brief on the argument, but the

same must be strictly confined to matter in Rule XIV. (as amended September 28, 1897). reply to the brief on the other side. (SalsThe brief of the appellant or plaintiff in error cheider v. City of Ft. Howard, 45 Wis. 519; must be served on the opposite party at least Egan v. Sengfeil, 46 Wis. 703, 1 N. W. 467; fifteen days, and that of the respondent 50 Wis. 6, and 70 Wis. 4, 39 V. W. iii.) No defendant in error at least five days, before brief will be received or filed after the close the cause is called for argument. Failure by of the argument in any case except in cases a party to comply with this rule will entitle where permission has been obtained at or the opposite party (if not himself in default) before the argument of the case for special to a continuance for the term, with twenty-I cause. 72 N. W.



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Aaron, Kidder v. (S. D.)...

893 Barnes County, Iowa & D. Land Co. V., two
Abbott, Phelps v. (Mich.). .
3 cases (N. D.)..

. 1135
Abegglan, State v. (Iowa).
305 | Barth, Meyer v. (Wis.).

Ackerman v. Chicago, Śt. P., M. & 0. Bartlett v. Robinson (Neb.)

R. Co. (Mipn.).
1134 | Bartlett, State v. (Minn.).

Acme Mercantile Agency V. Rochford (S. Bartlett Illuminating Co., Golden v. (Mich.) 622

466 Bartow v. Northern Assur. Co. of London, Adams y. Grand Island & W. C. R. Co. England (S. D.)

(S. D.)....

577 Bartow v. Royal Ins. Co. of Liverpool,
Adler, Bryan v. (Wis.),
368 England (S. D.).

Aitken v. Rawlings (Neb.).

858 Baxter v. City of Cedar Rapids (Iowa). 790
Alexander v. Overton (Neb.).
212 | Baxter v. Coughlan (Minn.).

Alford, Hall v. (Mich.)..
137 Baxter v. Nash (Minn.).

Allbright v. Hannah (Iowa).
421 Baxter v. O'Leary (S. D.)...

Allis F. White (Minn.)..

1070 Bay Circuit Judge, Eddy v. (Mich.). 890 American Exch. Bank v. Davidson (Minn.) 129 Beck, Miller y. (Iowa).

553 American Fire Ins. Co. of New York v. Beckwith, De Lapp v. (Mich.).

Buckstaff Bros. Manuf'g Co. (Neb.)....1047 Beecher v. Common Council of Detroit
American Hoist & Derrick Co. y. Johnson (Mich.)

154 Beecher's Estate, In re (Mich.).

American Mut. Acc. Ass'n of Oshkosh, Beede y. Pabody (Minn.).

Wis., Holiday v. (Iowa)...
448 Beeman, Anderson v. (Neb.).

Anderson v. Beeman (Neb.).

361 Beers v. North Milwaukee Town-Site Co.
Anderson v. Cole (Mich.). .

No. 2 (Wis.)....

Anderson v. Cosman (Iowa).
523 Beeson v. Green (Iowa).

Anderson . First Nat. Bank of Grand Behrns, Southard v. (Neb.).

Forks (N. D.)...
916 Beitner, McGill_v. (Mich.).

Anderson v. Grant (Mich.).

144 Belin, Little Falls Water-Power Co. of
Anderson v. Liston (Minn.)..
52 Minnesota v. (Minn.).

Anderson v. Luther Min. Co. (Minn.).
820 Bell, A. P. Cook Co. v. (Mich.).

Anderson, State v. (Wis.)..
386 Bellel, Marx v. (Mich.).

Andrews V. Tamarack Min. Co. (Mich.).
242 Benedict v. Bird (Iowa)

Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n v. Hier

Benesh v. Mill-Owners' Mut. Fire Ins. Co.
588 of Iowa (Iowa).

Ann Arbor R. Co., Thomas v. (Mich.).
40 | Bennett v. McDonald (Neb.).

A. P. Cook Co. v. Bell (Mich.).

174 Bennett v. National Starch Manuf'g Co.
Arnold, In re (Minn.)..
. 1066 (Iowa)

Ashland Brown-Stone Co., Smalley
v. Bentley, Dunham v. (Iowa).

29 Bernards, Slaughter v. (Wis.).

Ashland County, St. Joseph's Hospital Besack, Morsch v. (Neb.).

Ass'n v. (Wis.). .
43 Betcher, McLaughlin v. (Minn.)

Atherton v. Village of Bancroft (Mich.).
208 Bird, Benedict v. (Iowa).

Atkinson. Appeal of (Mich.).
11 Birkholz v. Dinnie (N. D.).

Auditor General y. Flint & P. M. R. Co. Bishop v. Lambert (Mich.).

992 Bishop, Lowe v. (Neb.).

Auditor General v. Kanaar (Mich.). 603 Blazenic v. Iowa & W. Coal Co. (Iowa). 292
Auxjer . Taylor (Iowa).
291 Bliss, Bank of Scotland v. (S. D.).

Averill v. Jackson City Bank (Mich.).
15 Block v. Crawford (Mich.).

Axiom Min. Co. v. White (S. D.).
462 Blodgett v. Foster (Mich.).

Azotine Manuf'g Co., Commercial Bank of Blodgett, Kieldsen v. (Mich.).

St. Paul v. (Minn.)...
108 Blomberg v. Montgomery (Minn.).

Bloss' Estate, Crawford v. (Mich.).

148 Bachmeier v. Bachmeier (Minn.).

710 Board of Auditors of Wayne County v. Car-
Backus, Graves v. (Minn.).

penter Mich.)

Backus Heating Co., Walker v. (Wis.).

230 Board of Com’rs of Aitkin County, Gillett-
Bainter, McKee v. (Neb.)...
1044 Herzog Manuf'g Co. v. (Minn.).

Baker v. Hallam (Iowa).

419 Board of Com’rs of St. Louis County v.
Baker, Ocobock v. (Neb.).

Manufacturers' Bank (Minn.)..

Baisley, Ladner v. (Iowa).

787 | Board of Education of City of Detroit,
Banfield, Linnen v. (Mich.).
1 Coffin v. (Mich.).

Bankers' Life Ass’n of Minnesota, Mee v.

Board of Health of City of Detroit, Good-
son v. (Mich.).

Bank of Gilby v. Farnsworth (N. D.).

901 | Board of Public Works of City of Detroit,
Bank of Scotland v. Bliss (S. D.). .
406 Serviss v. Mich.).

Banning v. Hall (Minn.).
817 | Boe v. Irish (Minn.).

Barbier v. Young (Mich.).
1096 Bogue, Klose v. (Neb.).

222 | Boice, Duxbury v. (Minn.).

Barnard v. McLeod (Mich.);
24 Bond, Georgia v. (Mich.).

Barnard, Converse v. (Mich.).

611 Bond, Kiley v. (Mich.).
688 Booker, Bray v. (N. D.).

Barnes County, lowa & Dakota Land Co. Boomer, State v. (Iowa).

424 .1019 | Boos v. Dulin (Iowa).

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Barker s. Ring (Wis.).


he close in cases d at our : special

Barnes v. Hogate (Iowa).

V. (X. D.)

72 N. W.


Page Borgstrom, State v. (Minn.). 799 Chapman v. Chapman (Mich.).

131 Borgstrom, State v. (Minn.).

975 Charlevoix Circuit Judge, Osborn v. (Mich.) 982 Bowersox v. Bowersox (Mich.). 986 Cheney, Perkins v. (Mich.).

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.1054 Circuit Court of McCook County, Kirby Bryce v. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co.

v. (S. D.)

461 (Iowa) 780 Citizens' Bank v. Corkings (S. D.)..

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114 City of Cedar Rapids, Baxter v. (Iowa)... 790 Buell v. Boylan (S. D.). 406 City of Clarinda, Hill v. (Iowa).

512 Burke v. Chicago & W. M. R. Co. (Mich.).. 997 City of Des Moines, Jenney v. (Iowa). 550 Burling, State_v. (Iowa). 295 City of Des Moines, State v. (Iowa).

639 Burlingim v. Equitable Trust Co. (Neb.).. 863 | City of Detroit, Detroit River Sav. Bank v. Burlington, C. R. & N. R. Co., Goodrich (Mich.)

14 v. (Iowa) 653 City of Detroit, State v. (Mich.).

8 Burlington Gaslight Co., Foote v. (Iowa). . 755 City of Detroit, Thompson v. (Mich.). 320 Burnett v. Commissioner of Highways of City of Duluth v. Lindberg (Minn.). 967 Township of Peninsula (Mich.).

599 City of Ft. Dodge, Hawley v. (Iowa). 756 Burnham, Sunday Creek Coal Co. v. (Neb.) 487 City of Jamestown, Dunstan v. (N. D.). . 899 Burr v. Redhead, Norton, Lathrop Co. City of Milwaukee, Chicago, M. & St. P. (Neb.) .1058 R. Co. v. (Wis.).

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104 (Iowa) 691 City of St. Paul, Smith v. (Minn.)..

210 Cappon & Bertsch Leather Co. v. Preston City of St. Paul, Warren-Scharf Asphalt Nat. Bank of Detroit Mich.). 180 Paving Co. v. (Minn.).

711 Cargill Elevator Co. v. Eklund (Minn.). 62 City of Saginaw v. Swift Electric Light Co. Carlow, Smith v. (Mich.). 22 (Mich.)

6 Carpenter, Board of Auditors of Wayne City of Wabasha, Hughley v. (Minn.). 78 County v. (Mich.).

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290 Case v. Hoffman (Wis.). 390 Clemons v. Helehan Neb.).

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623 (lowa) .1076 Codding v. Munson (Xeb.).

846 Central Verein der Gegenseitigen Unter Coffin v. Board of Education of City of Destuetzungs-Gesellschaft Germania, Toelle troit (Mich.)

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.1045 Chandler v. Herman (Wis.). 384 Cole, Anderson v. (Mich.).


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Combs v. Jackson (Miun.)..

565 Des Moines, N. & W. R. Co., Crandall v.
Commercial Bank of St. Paul v. Azotine (Iowa)

778 Manuf'g Co. (Minn.)..

108 Detroit, G. H. & M. R. Co., Hayball v. Commercial Nat. Bank of Fremont, Patrick (Mich.)

145 F. (Neb.)

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. 1114 F. (Wis.)

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14 Peninsula, Burnett v. (Mich.).

599 Dick, John Hancock Mut. Life Ins. Co. v.
Common Council of Detroit, Beecher v. (Mich.)

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Commonwealth Title & Trust Co., State Dietz v. Capital City Brick & Pipe Co.
Finance Co. v. (Minn.).
68 (Iowa)

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Connell, Manning v. (Neb.). .
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Conrad v Fire Ass'n of Philadelphia Dohmen Co. v. Vogel (Wis.).

.1135 Dorland, State v. (Iowa).

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Conway v. Mitchell (Wis.)...
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677 Doyle, Brown v. (Minn.)

Cook Co. v. Bell (Mich.)...
.174 Drometer, Looney v. (Minn.).

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Coquolette, Odell v. (Iowa)..

Chosen Friends (Mich.).

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106 Dubuque Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Greenlee
Corcoran, State v. (Minn.).
732 V. (Iowa)

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857 Duffield v. Walden (Iowa).

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Coudotte, State v. (N. D.).
913 Duluth Trust Co. v. Clark Winn.).

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Counselman v. Reichart (Iowa).
490 (Minn.)

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Cox v. Chicago & N. W. R. Co. (Iowa) 301 Dunlop v. Schubert (Wis.).

Cox, Stichter y. (Neb.)....
848 Duon v. Eberly (Neb.).

Craig, Sanford v. (Neb.)..

864 Dunn v. Portsmouth Sav. Bank (Iowa). 687 Crandall v. Des Moines, N. & W. R. Co. Dunn, People v. (Mich.), ..


778 | Dunstan v. City of Jamestown (N. D.). 899
Crawford v. Bloss' Estate (Mich.).
148 Duxbury_v. Boice (Minn.)...

Crawford, Block v. (Mich.).

602 Dyer v. Des Moines Ins. Co. (Iowa). Crawford, McWhirter v. (Iowa).

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429 Eastern R. Co. of Minnesota, Hodge v. Cribb Co., South Bend Chilled Plow Co. v. (Minn.)

749 Eberly, Dunn v. (Neb.).

Crocker y. Hogin (Iowa).
411 Eddy v. Bay Circuit Judge (Mich.)

Cronkhite, Satterlee v. (Mich.).
616 Edwards, Cole v. Web.). .

Crotty, McClure v. Minn.).
701 Edwards, Porter v. (Mich.).

Cummins v. Vandeventer (Neb.).
955 Eickhoff v. Eikenbary (Web.).

Cunningham, Bryant y. (Neb.).
. 1054 Eikenbary, Eickhoff v. Web.).

Curtis, Frey v. (Neb.).
478 | Eiseley v. Taggert (Neb.).

Cushing, Hemsworth v. (Mich.).

.1108 Eklund, Cargill Elevator Co. v. (Winn.). 62
Eklund, Johanson v. (Minn.)..

Dakota Land & Live-Stock Co., St. Paul Ellis, In re (Wis.).

387 Fire & Marine Ins. Co, y, (S. D.).. 460 | Emerson, Spalding Hotel Co. v. (Minn.). 119 Dallas County, Morgan v. (Iowa).

304 Emory, De Graw v. (Mich.).. Dallavo v. Morse (Mich.)...

993 Enos, State v. (Wis.). Davey v. First Nat. Bank of Deadwood Equitable Life


Soc. of United
83 States, Hannawalt v. (Iowa).

Davidson, American Exch. Bank v. linn.) 129 Equitable Life Assur. Soc. of United
Davidson, Lundberg v. (Minn.). .
71 States, Maceman v. (Mimu.}.

Davis v. New York, O. & W. R. Co. (Minn.) 823 Equitable Mut. Life & Endowment Ass'n,
Daris v. Tribune Job-Printing Co. (Minn.) 808 Gongower v. (Iowa).

Davis, Swedish-American Nat. Bank

Equitable Mut. Life & Endowment Ass'n.

62 Rogers v. (Iowa)
Davis & Egan Machine Tool Co. y. Sou Equitable Trust Co., Burlingim v. (Neb.) 863
venir Wheel Co. (Mich.).
616 Estey, Schloss v. (Mich.).

Dawson, Fink v. (Neb.).

.1037 Etson v. Ft. Wayne & B. I. R. Co. (Mich.) 398
Dean, Morrissey v. (Wis.).

873 Eureka Iron & Steel Works, Lehman v.
Dean, Ward v. (Minn.).
710 (Mich.)

Pleer, Wells & Co. v. Heintz (Neb.). .1031 | Evans, Gillespie v. (S. D.).

576 De Graw v. Emory (Mich.).

4 Evans City Steam Laundry Co., Jurphy Deisenrieter v. Kraus-Merkel Malting Co.

v, Neb.)

960 (Wis.)

735 Ewers r. White's Estate (Mich.). De Lapp v. Beckwith (Mich.),

237 | Ewing v. City of Webster City (lowa). 511 Denler, Up River Ice Co. v. (Mich.).

157 Exchange Nat. Bank of Hastings, Yager vi Denoyer, State v. (N. D.).

.1014 (Neb.)
Des Moines Ins. Co., Dyer v. (Iowa).

Des Moines Ins. Co., Wilhelmi v. (lowa).: 685 Fanebust, Cosgrave v. (S. D.)..

Des Moines Nat. Bank, Western Imp. Co.

Farmers Mut. Fire Ins. Co. of Mecostal
F. (Iowa)
657 County, Raymond y. (Mich.). ,





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(S. D.)


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Page Farmers' Trust Co. v. Linn (Iowa). 496 | George C. Cribb Co., South Bend Chilled Farm-Land Security Co. v. Nelson (Neb.)..1018 Plow Co. v. (Wis.).

749 Farnsworth, Bank of Gilby v. (N. D.)... 901 Georgia v. Bond (Mich.).

232 Farwell v. Chicago, R. I. & P. R. Co. Gettelman v. Commercial Union Assur, Co. (Neb.) 1036 (Wis.)

627 Faulk v. Iowa County (Iowa). 757 Gibbs v. City of Oskaloosa (Iowa).

416 F. Dohmen Co. v. Vogel (Wis.). 380 | Gibson v. Hambleton (Neb.).

.1033 Felker v. Grant (S. D.)... 81 | Giese, Severn v. (N. D.)...

922 Ferguson v. State (Neb.)..

590 Gilbert Paper Co., Maitland v. (W'is.). .1124 Ferguson, Manning v. (Iowa). 762 Gillespie v. Evans (S. D.).

576 Ferry v. Home Sav. Bank (Mich.). 181 Gillette v. Meredith (Iowa).

443 Fidelity Mut. Fire Ass'nı, Fitchner

Gillett-Herzog Manuf'g Co. v. Board of (Iowa) 530 Com'rs of Aitkin County (Minn.).

123 Field v. Loveridge (Mich.). 160 Gilman v. Gross (Wis.).

885 Finder, State v. (S. D.).

97 Gilson v. Supervisors of Township of DeerFink v. Dawson Neb.). .1037 field (Mich.).

994 Fire Ass'n of Philadelphia, Conrad V. Gittins, Peterson v. (Iowa).

662 (Wis.) .1135 Goelz, Heyl v. (Wis.).

626 First Nat. Bank of Deadwood, Davey v. Golden v. Bartlett Illuminating Co. (Mich.) 622 (S. D.)

83 Gongower v. Equitable Mut. Life & EndowFirst Nat. Bank of Grand Forks, Ander

ment Ass'n (Iowa).

416 son v. (N. D.). 916 Goode, Gammel v. (Iowa).

531 First Nat. Bank of Kansas City, Mo., v. Goodrich v. Burlington, O. R. & N. R. Co. Mt. Pleasant Milling Co. (Iowa). 689 (Iowa)

653 First Nat. Bank of Parker v. Peavy Ele Goodson v. Board of Health of City of Devator Co. (S. D.). . 402 troit (Mich.)

185 First Nat. Bank of Pierce v. Noble (Neb.). . 857 Grabow, Gretna State Bank v. (Neb.). 361 First Nat. Bank of Sigourney v. Redhead Grand Grove, State of Minnesota, United (Iowa)


Ancient Order of Druids, Mueller v. Fishel, Burt v. (Minn.). 109 (Minn.)

48 Fisher v. Carroll County Fair & Driving Grand Grove of Wisconsin of the Order Park Ass'n (Iowa).

684 of Druids, Ledebuhr v. (Wis.).... 88+ Fisher v. State (Neb.).

954 Grand Island & W. C. R. Co., Adams v. Fisher, Longfellow v. (Minn.).

(S. D.)

577 Fisk v. Wabash R. Co. (Mich.).

205 Grand Lodge of A. 0. U. W. of Iowa, Rice Fitch, Nicol v. (Mich.).

v. (Iowa)

770 Fitchner v. Fidelity Mut. Fire Ass'n (Iowa) 530 Grand Rapids Sav. Bank v. Widdicomb Fleckten v. Lamberton (Minn.). 65 (Mich.)

615 Flint & P. M. R. Co., Auditor General v. Granger v. State (Neb.).

474 (Mich.) 992 Grant, Anderson v. (Mich.).

144 Flint & P. M. R. Co., Hoffman v. (Mich.) 167 Grant, Felker v. (S. D.). .

81 Flint & P. M. R. Co., Petit v. (Mich.). 238 Graton & Knight Manuf'g Co., Pfister v. Flood v. Butzbach (Mich.). 603 (Wis.)

883 Flynn v. State (Wis.). 373 Graves v. Backus (Minn.)..

811 Fogarty, Cook v. (Iowa).

677 Great Northern R. Co., Guthrie v. (Minn.).1074 Follansbee, Wilber v. (Wis.),

741 Great Northern R. Co., Holtz v. Minn.). 805 Foot v. Mississippi & R. R. Boom Co. Great Northern R. Co., Kleven v. (Minn.)... 828 (Minn.)

732 Great Northern R. Co., Mathews v. (N. D.).1085 Foote v. Burlington Gaslight Co. (Iowa). 755 Great Northern R. Co., Ott v. (Minn.). . 833 Ford v. Wright (Mich.).

197 | Great Northern R. Co., Roehr v. (N. D.)..1084 Ford, McNeely v. (Iowa).

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