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An Ode, humbly Inscribed to the Queen, Canto III

on the glorious Success of her Majesty's Solomon on the Vanity of the Worid. Arms, 1706,

440 Preface, Her Right Name,

441 | knowledge, B ok 1. Cantata,

ib. Flealure, Book II. Lines Written in an Ovid; a Translation

Power, Book III. from the French,

ib. A True Maid,

ib Ano, her,

ib. Engraven on Three Sides of an Antique A Reasonable Amidion,

445 Lamp, given to Lord Harley, Another,

ib. | The Turtle and Sparrow, an Elegiac Tale, On he fame Subject, ib. occafioned by the Death of Prince George

, On the same,

ib. 1708, Phylis's Age,

ib. Application ; written long after the Take, Forma Bona Fragile,

ib. | Down-hall, a Ballad, An Epigram. Written to the Duke de Verses spoken to Lady Heorietta-CaresNoailles,

ib. dith-Holles Harley, Nov. 9. 1719, Epilngue to Smith's Phædra and Hippo- Prologue to the Orphan, represented by lita,

ib. some of the Welminfter Scholars, e A Critical Moment,

446 Hickford's Dancing-room, Feb. 2. 1920, Epilogue to Mrs. Manley's Lucius,

ib. Husband and Wife, The Thief and the Cordelier. A Ballad, ib. Truth and Falsehood, a Tale, To Chloe,


The Conversation, a Tale, An Epitaph,

ib. The Female Phaeton, Written in Montaigne's Essays, given to The Judgment of Venus,

the Duke of Shrewsbury in France, after Daphne and Apollo. Imitared from the the Peace, 1713,

448 First Book of Ovid's Metamorphoses, An Epiltle, de firing the Queen's Pi&ure, ib. / The Mice. To Mr. Adrian Drift, 1708, To the Right Honourable the Countess Two Riddles, first printed in the Euan:Dowager of Devonshire; on a Piece of

ner, 1710, Wieflen's, wherein were all her Grande Epigram Extempore. to the Master of St. fons Painted,

ib. John's College, 1712, A Fable, from Phædrus,


Nell and John,
To the Right Honourable Mr. Harley, ib.

Bibo and Charon,
To Mr. Harley, Wounded by Guiscard, ib. Wives by the Dozen,
An Extempore Invitation to the Earl of

Fatal Love,
Oxford, Lord High Treasurer,


A Sailor's Wife, Erle Robert's Mice. In Chaucer's Style, ib. On a Fart, let in the House of Commons, In the fame Style,

ib. / The Modern Saint, Another,

ib. The Parallel, On a Flower Painted by Simon Varellt, ib. To a Young Lady, who was fond of forTo the Lady Elizabeth Harley, afterwards

tune-telling Marchioness of Caermarthen,


A Greek Epigram imitated, Protogenes and Apelles,

ib. / To a Friend on his Nuprials, Democritus and Heraclitus,

ib. | The Wandering Pilgrim, humbly addrefied On my Birth-day July 21,

452 to Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart. PaitEpitaph, Extempore,

master and Pay-master General to Queca For my own Tombstone,


Anne, For my own Monument,

ib. Venus's Advice to the Muses, Galterus Danistonus ad Amicos,

ib. Cupid turned Plougbman. From Moschus, Imitated in English,

ib. Ponrius and Pontia, The First Hymn of Callimachus.- To Ju

Cupid turned Stroller. From Anacreon, piter,

453 To a Poet of Quality, praising the Lady The Second Hymn of Calimachus.--To

Hinchinbroke, Apollu,

454 The Pedant, Charity A Paraphrase on the Thirteenth

Cautious Alice, Chapter of the first Epifle to the Co- The Incurable, rinthians,


To Fortune, Cupid in Ambush,

456 | Nonpareil, Engraved on a Column in the Church of Chalie Florimel, Hallicad in Ellex,

ib. Doctors difer, Alma; or, the Progress of the Mind.

Epigram, Canto I.

ib. on Bishop Atterbury's Burying the Duke Canto !I.

of Buckingham, 172),

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Page 513 ib. ib. ib, ib.

Page Upon Honour. A Fragment,

511 Written in Lady Howc's Ovid's Epifles, Two Enigma,

ib. Two Epistles, The Old Gentry,

ib. True's Epitaph, The Insatiable Priest,

512 Epigram, A French Song Imitated,

ib. The Viceroy, a Ballad, A Case stated,

ib. Apology to a Lady who told me I could Upon playing at Ombre with Two Ladies, ib. not love her heartily, because I had loved Cupid's Promise, a French Song, Para

others, phrased,

ib. Against Modesty in Love, To the Earl of Oxford. Written Exten

On a Young Lady's going to Town in the
pore in Lady Oxford's Study, 1717, ib. Spring,
Letter to the Honourable Lady Margaret- When the Cat is away, the Mice may play.
Cavendish Harley, when a Child,

$13 A Fable,
Lines Written under the Print of Tom The Widow and her Cat. A Fable,

Britton, the Small-coal Man, painted by Songs written for Music,
Mr. Woolafton,

ib. Truth cold at last,


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The Author's Life,
Recommendatory Poem by Mrs. Elizabeth





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528 | Verses to the Memory of Grace, Lady Ge.

thin, occasioned by ding her Book,
533 intituled, Reliquæ Gethinianæ,

Epitaph upon Robert Huntingdon, of Stan

ton Harcourt, Esq. and Robert his Son,
To Mr. Dryden, on bis Translation of

534 The Eleventh Satire of Juvenal,

Prologue to Queen Mary, upon her Maje

fty's coming to see the Old Batchelor, ib. after having seen the Double Dealer, 536 Epilogue at the opening of the Queen's

Theatre, in the Hay-Market, with an

Italian Pastoral,
540 Prologue to Pyrrhus King of Epirus,

Epilogue to Oroonoko,
541 Prologue to the Husband his own Cuckold,

Prologue to a Very Good Wife,

Prologue to the Court, on the Queen's

Birth-day, 1704,
542 The Tears of Amaryllis for Amyntaš, a

Pastoral; lamencing the Death of the

Late Lörd Marquis of Blandlord,
ib. To Cynthia, Weeping, and not Speaking.

ib. Amoret,
ib. Lesbia,
546 Doris,

To Sleep. Elegy,

To Sir Godfrey Kneller, occasioned by ib. 1-y-'s Pidure,

To a Candle. Elegy,

Ovid's Third Book of the Art of Love,
ib. Translated into English Verse,
547 On Pleasing. An Epinle to Sir Richard
ib. Temple,

ib. 553 ib. iba 554


Epifle to the Righe Honourable Charles

Lord Halifax,
The Mourning Muse of Alexis. A Pasto-

ral. Lamenting the Death of Queen

To the King, on the taking of Namur,
The Birth of the Muse. To the Right Ho-

nourable Charles Lord Halifax,
On Mrs. Arabella Hunt, Singing,
Priam's Lamentation and Petition to A.

chilles, for the Body of his Son Hector, The Lamentation of Hecuba, Androma.

chie, and Helen, over the Dead Body of

Paraphrafe upon Horace, Ode XIX. Lib. I.
Stanzas in Imitation of Horace, Lib. II.

Ode XIV.
In Imitation of Horace, Ode IX. Lib. I.
The Reconciliation,
Occafioned by a Lady's having Writ Verses

in Commendation of a Poem which was

written in Praise of another Lady, Epigram, writcen after the Decease of Mrs. Arabella Hunt, under her Pidure drawn

playing on a Lute, Song, A Hymn to Harmony,



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Page A Letter to the Right Honourable the

the Duke of Marlborough. To which Lord Viscount Cobham,

567 is prefixed, a Discourse on the Pindaric Verses written at Tunbridge Wells, on

Ode, Miss Temple, afterwards Lady of Sir To the Right Honourable the Earl of GoThomas Lyttleton,

dolphin, Lord High Treasurer of Great Epigram on the Sickness of Madam Mo

Britain. A Pindaric Ode, hun, and Mr. Congreye,

ib. An impoffible Thing. A Tale, A Pindaric Ode, humbly offered to the

The Peasant in search of his Heifer. A
Queen, on the victorious Progress of her

Majesty's Arms, under the Conduct of Homer's Hymn to Venus,


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Page 603 610 617

Page Tue Author's Life,

581 Book II.

Book III.

Book Iv.

Book V. Preface,

587 Book VI. Summary Account of the following Poem, 596 | Book VII. Book I.

597) The Song of Mopus,




The Author's Life,
Dedication to the Right Honourable

Charles Earl of Orrery,

: 649


Page 645 Phaon to Sappho,

67 A Tale, deviled in the plesaunt Manere of

Gentil Maister Geoffrey Chaucer, 674 To Mr. Pope.' An Imitation of a Greek Epigram in Homer,

63 ib. The Platonic Spell,

Marullus to Neura, Imitated,
ib. Kisses. Translated from Secundus,

An Epistle to Mr. Thomas Lambard, Esq.
654 To the Queen, on her Majesty's Birth-day, so
655 An Ode to the Right Honourable John

Lord Gower, written in the Spring,1716,
656 The Dream. Imitated from Propertius,
657 To the Right Honourable the Lady Mar-

garet Cavendish-Harley. With the
658 Poems of Mr. Waller,
ib. Prologue to Southerne's Spartan Dame,
ib. On the first fit of the Gour,

ib. Horace, Book I. Ode IX. Imitated,
660 Catullus, Epig. V. Tranilated,
662 Clandian's Old Man of Verona,

Martial, Lib. X. Epig. XLVII.
663 Horace, Book III. Odc II.
669 The Rose,

655 670 Epigram, out of Martial,

To a Young Lady, with Fenton's Miscelib. lanics. By Walter Hartc, A, M. i

POEMS. 'A Wish to the New Year, 1705, An Ode to the Sun, for the New Year,

1 707, Florelio : a Pastoral, lamenting the Death

of the late Marquis of Blandford,
An Ode,
Part of the Fourteenth Chapter of Isaiah

Verses on the Union,
Cupid and Hymen,
To a Lady, litting before her Glass,
"To the fame, reading the Art of Love,
The Fair Nun; a Tale,
An Epistic to Mr. Southerne,
A Letter to the Knight of the Sable Shield,
The Eleventh Book of Homer's Odyssey,

Translated from the Greek,
The Widow's Wile, a Tale,
Sappho to Phaon; a Love Epistle. . Tran-

Ilated from Ovid,




703 704 ib. ib, ib.

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ib. 705

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ib, 708 ib. ib. ib, ib. 709 ib.

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iba 719 717 712 ib, ib.

Page The Author's Life,

689 The Desertion,


In praise Myra,

Song to Myra, Preface,

695 Myra Singing, To the Earl of Peterborough, on his happy Myra at a Review of the Guards in Hydeaccomplishment of the Marriage between

park, his Royal Highness and the Princess

To Myra,
Mary D’Este, of Modena. Written fee The Progress of Beauty,
veral Years after, in Imitation of the To the Countess of Newbourg, insisting
Style of Mr. Waller,


earnestly to be told who I meant by Spoken by the Author, being then not

Myra, Twelve Years of Age, to her Royal

To Myra, Highness the Duchess of York, at Tri

To Myra, nity College in Cambridge,

696 To Myra, To the King, in the First Year of his Ma- Song to Myra, jesty's Reign,

ib. To Myra, To the King,

ib.To Myra, To the King,

697 | Phyllis Drinking, To the Author, on his foregoing Verses to To Myra,

the King. By Mr. Edmund Waller, ib. The Enchantment. In Imitation of TheoTo the Immortal Memory of Mr. Edmund

critus, Waller, upon his Death,

ib. The Vision, To Myra, loying at firat light,

ib. Adieu L'Amour, To Myra,

698 Love, Song to Myra,

ib. Meditation on Death, An Imitation of the Second Chorus in the Essay upon unnatural Flights in Poetry, Second Ad of Seneca's Thyestus.

ib. Explanatory Annotations on the foregoing A loyal Exhortation. Written in the Year

Poem, 1688,

ib. Epigrams and Characters, &c. Verses sent to the Author in his Retire

Cleora, ment. Written by Mrs. Elizabeth Hig

Cloc, gons,

699 Mrs. Clavering, singing, Occasioned by the foregoing Verses. Writ- Song, ten in the Year 1690,

ib, The Wild Boar's Defence, Song,

700 For Liberality, Beauty and Law; a Poetical Pleading, ib. Corinna, Lady Hyde,

having the Small Pox, foon A Receipt for Vapours, after the Recovery of Mrs. Mohun, 702 On an ill-favoured Lord, The Duchess of unseasonably sur

Cloe, prised in the Embraces of her Lord, ib. On the same, To Flavia. Written on her Garden in the

Corinna, North,

ib. Cloc perfuming herself, To the fame. Her Gardens having escaped Belinda,

a Flood that had laid all the Country Impromptu. Written under a Picture of round under Water,

ib. the Countess of Sandwich, drawn in To my Friend Dr. Garth. In his Sickness,

ib. Man's Habit, To my dear Kinsman, Charles Lord Laof- To my Friend Mr. John Dryden, on the downe, upon the Bombardment of the

several excellent Translations of the anTown of Granvile in Normandy, by the

cient Pocts, English Fleet,

ib. A Morning Hymn to the Duchess of HaLady Hyde, fitting at Sir Godfrey Kneller's

milton, for her Picture,

703 Drinking Song to Sleep, To Mrs. Granville, of Wotton in Bucking- Written under Mrs. Hare's Name upon a

hamshire ; afterwards Lady Conway, 703 Drinking Glass, TO Mrs. Agra Behn,

under the Duchess of Bolton's,


713 715

ib. 716 ib. ib. ib. ib. 717 ib. ib.

701 Cloe,


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Page Written under the Lady Harper's Name,

Tragedy, called, the Generous Con. under the Lady Mary Villiers'

queror, Name,

ib. Epilogue to the Jew of Venice, Cupid Disarmed. To the Princess D'Au- Prologue to the she-gallants; or, the once vergne,

ib. a Lover and always a Lover, Explication in French. Cupid disarmé. Ode on the present Corruption of Man Fable pour Madame la Princesle D'Au

kind. Inscribed to the Lord Falkland, ib vergne,

ib. Fortune. Epigram, Bacchus Disarmed. To Mrs. Laura Dillon, Character of Mr. Wycherley, now Lady Falkland,

ib. Verses written in a Leaf of the Author's Thyrsis and Delia. A Song in Dialogue, 720 Poems, presented to the Queen. The A Latin Inscription on a Medal for Lewis

Muse's last dying Song,

113 XIV. of France,

ib. Written in a Leaf of the same Poems, preEnglished and applied to Queen Anne,

sented to the Princess Royal, Urganda's Prophecy. Spoken by way of Written on a Window in the Tower, where Epilogue at the First Representation of

Sir Robert Walpole had been confined, il. the British Enchanters,

ib. Peleus and Thetis. A Masque, Set to Music, 924 Prologue to the British Enchanters,

ib. The British Enchanters or, no Magic like Another Epilogue, designed for the fame, 721 Love. A Dramatic Poem. With Scenes Prologue to Mr. Bevil Higgons' cxccllent

Machines, Mufic, and Decorations,





THE Author's Life,



763 704

747 Works, with his Poems; written in his

Paradise Lost,
To Sir Humphry Mackworth, on the Mines,

Jate of Sir Carbery Price,

Ovid's Art of Love. Book II.
251 Essay on the Chara&er of Sir Willoughby

ib. Alton,

To the Memory of a Fair Young Lady,


To Myra; written in her Cleopatra, 753

Advice to a Lover, 754

On the Conquest of Namur. A Pindaric

Ode. Humbly inscribed to his Moft ib. Sacred and Victorious Majesty, 1695,

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Against immoderate Grief. To a Young

I ady Weeping. An Ode in Imitation

of Calimere,
Hymn to che Morning, in praise of Light,
Hymn to Darkness,
Human Life, supposed to be fpok 'n by an

Epicure. In Imitation of the Second

Chapter of the Wisdom of Solomon,
Againit Enjoyment,
The Curse of Babylon. Ifaiah, Chapter xiii.

To Mr. Congreve. An Epistolary Ode,

1693. Occasioned by the Old Bachelor,
The Infe&; against Bulk,
To his Friend Captain Chamberlain, in

Love with a Lady he had taken in an
Algerine Prize at Sea. In Allusion to

Horace, Book II. Ode IV.
To Mr. Watson, on his Ephemeris of the

Celestial Motions, presented to her Ma

The Rape of Theurilla. Imitated from the

Latio of Famianus Strada,
Ode for St. Cecilia's Day, 1693,
The Force of Jealousy. To a Lady aking

if her Sex was as sensible of that Paflion

as Man, To his perjured Mistress, Inritation of Hurace, Book I. Ode xii. l'atroclus's Request to Achilles for his Arms.

Imitated from the Beginning of the 16th

Iliad of Homer,
Qu ske Rc-priatiog of Milton's Profe

ib. Æsop to the King, .

2012 Fable 1. The River and the Fountains,

II. The Lion's Treaty of Partition, 7;8

Ill. The Blind Woman and her Doc-

IV. The Satyr's Address,

V. The Farmer and his Dog,
ib. VI. The Fox and Bramble,

VII. The Fox and Weazle. To the

late Honourable the Commission759

ers of the Prize-office,
VIII. An Owl and the Sun,

IX. The Sea and the Banks,
760 X. The Nightingale and Cuckow,
761 XI. The Sun and the Wind,
ib. XII. The Boar and Foreft,

XIII. The Fox and Flies,

XIV. The Bear and Mountebank, 762 XV. The Peacock proclaimed King,

XVI. A Laconic condemned,


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