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II. 396. Dunmore's removal of pow. Brandywine, V. 59, 85; 168; 313.
der from, 507.

Officers under, opposed to taking the
WILLIAMSON, Hugh, IX. 104, XII. 267. oath of allegiance, 367. At the bat-
Wills's Creek. See Cumberland.

tle of Monmouth, 427. Directions to,
Wilmington, proposition to Count de on marching Virginia troops to the
Grasse, and measures taken for an southward, VI. 417; 425. Disagrees
expedition against, VIII. 186, 187, with Weedon about rank, VII. 68.
190. British retire from, 216.

Wilson, JAMES, member of the first ken prisoner on Long Island, IV. 71,
Board of War, III. 429. His speech 142.* Dies of his wounds; biographi-
about the Constitution, IX. 271. An cal and military facts respecting, 142.
associate justice of the Supreme Court, Wool, price of, XII. 294.
proposes a digest of laws, X. 215. Woollen manufactories, recommended,
Winchester, the head-quarters of the X. 50. Agency in establishing, de-
Virginia troops after "Braddock's de- clined by the President, 127.
feat, II. 98, 112. Fort at, recom- Wooster, David, General, command-
mended, 156.

Fort Loudoun com- er of the Connecticut forces on the
menced at, 162. Exposed in conse- shores of Long Island Sound; marches
quence of Dinwiddie's order to re- towards New York city, III. 9. Ap-
move the garrison, 205.

pointed brigadier-general, 23. Sta-
Winlaw's mill, for separating the grain

tioned at Haerlem; protects Long
from the heads of corn, XII. 294.


Island, 75. Returns to Haerlem; em-
WITHERSPOON, John, in Congress, barks with his troops for Albany, 77.
makes exertions for supplying the ar- Character and notice of, 119. His
my, VI. 448.

On a committee in troops will not be separated from him,
regard to the revolt of the Pennsylva- 120. Injudiciously grants furloughs,
nia line, VII. 359. His application 246. Sends no assistance to Arnold,
for papers for Bowie, IX. 29, 102. 261. Is superseded, 322. Recalled
Written to, about lands, XII. 264. from Canada; commissioners' ac-
WOEDTKE, Baron de, appointed briga- count of the army under, 411. De-
dier-general; dies at Lake George, mands inquiry into his conduct; re-

signs; appointed major-general of the
Wolcott, OLIVER, Brigadier-General, Connecticut militia, 412. Waits on
to march the Connecticut militia to Congress, 430. Movement of, to-
New York, IV. 35. Opposes the half- wards New York, IV. 280. Retreats
pay system, V. 370.

With militia, at from New Rochelle; ordered towards
Horseneck, VI. 306. Governor of Kingsbridge; detains Stanton, 357.
Connecticut; signer of the Declara- Engages the British on their retreat
tion of Independence, XI. 107. from Danbury, mortally wounded,
Wolcott, OLIVER, Junior, comptrol. 405, 406; X. 6.
ler, X. 166; 368. Secretary of the WoOSTER, MARY, the widow of Gen-
Treasury, XI. 16. His conduct in eral Wooster, X. 6.
relation to Fauchet's intercepted let. Worship, public, attendance on, enjoin.
ter, 52, 55. On the department to ed, IV. 436. The assessment bill of
which vessels of war belong, 147; Virginia, in relation to, IX. 136. See
199. See WALCOTT.

Orderly Pook and Religion.
WOLFE, JAMES, General, his remark WYCOMBE, son of the Marquis of Lans-
to young Fairfax at Quebec, II. 53. down, visits the President, X. 203.
Womanhood, advice to one entering Visits Charleston, 224.
upon, X. 201.

Wyoming, VI. 185, 186. Place of ren-
Wood, JAMES, Colonel, his bravery at dezvous for the western expedition,
Germantown, V. 468. Requested to 260, 265. Change of troops at, VII,
continue his charge of the convention 346.
troops, VII. 244, 245. General, Xl. WYTIIE; GEORGE, X 58.
149. Consulted as to his qualifica-
tions for surveyor-general, XI. 168.
WOODBRIDGE, Colonel assists in rout-
ing the enemy at Lechmere's Point,

WOODFORD, WILLIAM, appointed colo- Yale College, confers the degree of
nel, III. 151. Appointed brigadier-

doctor of laws on General Washing-
general, IV. 329. Urged to accept, ton, VIII. 45.
347. Wounded at the battle of the Yankee Club, in Ireland, IX. 13.

111. 157.


YaTEs, Lieutenant, dies of wounds he Young, ARTHUR, sends the “ Annals of
receives after his surrender, IV. 310, Agriculture” to Washington; requests

made to, XII. 284, 286, 292, 294, 309.
York, in Pennsylvania, removal of His “ Annals” commended, 286, 292,
stores and prisoners from, V. 41, 48. 294.
Congress adjourn to, 69.

YRUJO, M. DE, Spanish minister, his
Yorktown, taken possession of, by Lord visit to Mount Vernon, XI. 134.
Cornwallis, VIII. 129. American and
French forces arrive at, and invest,
169. Progress of the siege at, 173,

177, 178. Enemy's redoubts assaulted
and carried, 179; 18). Capitulation ZEISBERGER, DAVID, IX. 364.
at, 530-536.
Youghiogany River, explored and de-
scribed, II. 21.


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