Acts and Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1916
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Страница 23 - Of those first appointed, one shall be appointed for a term of one year, one for a term of two years, and one for a term of three years ; and thereafter their successors shall be appointed for the full term of three years.
Страница 96 - It is furthermore hereby provided and mutually agreed, that no suit or action against this company, for the recovery of any claim by virtue of this policy, shall be sustainable in any Court of Law or Chancery until after an award shall have been obtained fixing the amount of such claim in the manner above provided...
Страница 76 - ... of the county in which the arrest is made and in which the accused is in custody, and to the said agent of the demanding state.
Страница 20 - ... one for the term of one year, one for the term of two years, and one for the term of three years ; and one member of said board shall be elected annually thereafter, who shall hold his office for three years.
Страница 63 - In the case of a minor who cannot read at sight and write legibly simple sentences In the English language...
Страница 192 - Act, from any person possessed of such property, either by will or by the intestate laws of any State or Territory, or any personal property or interest therein, transferred by deed, grant, bargain, sale, or gift, made or intended to take effect in possession or enjoyment after the death of the grantor or bargainer...
Страница 86 - ... line of transportation or could be made to do so by the construction and maintenance of switch connection...
Страница 30 - Shall an act passed by the general court in the year nineteen hundred and eight, entitled 'An Act to authorize cities and towns to establish pension funds for teachers in the public schools,
Страница 95 - ... directly or indirectly, to be made, published, disseminated, circulated or placed before the public, in this state, in a newspaper or other publication or In the form of a book, notice, handbill, poster, bill, circular, pamphlet, or letter or in any other way, an advertisement of any sort regarding merchandise, securities, service or anything so offered to the public, which advertisement contains any assertion, representation or statement of fact which is untrue, deceptive or misleading, shall...
Страница 236 - ... organized for benevolent or charitable purposes, or for the purpose of assisting persons without means in the pursuit of any civil remedy...

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