The Lives of the Popes in the Early Middle Ages, Том 2

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Страница 229 - Omni clero. — Ut cantum Romanum pleniter discant et ordinabiliter per nocturnale vel gradale officium peragatur, secundum quod beatae memoriae genitor noster Pippinus rex decertavit ut fieret, quando Gallicanum tulit, ob unanimitatem apostolicae sedis et sanctae Dei Ecclesiae...
Страница 251 - A Dex ! com grans richesces i firent emporter, De coupes, de hanaps (et) d'argent et d'or cler Riches samis et pailes et cendals d'outre-mer.
Страница 156 - Charlemagne's first cousin, by an illegitimate branch, was one of the most remarkable men of his age. He was...
Страница 29 - We dare not judge the Apostolic See, which is the head of all God's churches.
Страница 14 - I have loved, as much as in me lay, the most blessed princes and pastors of the Holy Roman Church, desiring by their most holy intercession to be numbered among the sheep of Christ, which after His resurrection He entrusted to St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, to be fed. . . . Thou art, most holy father, the Pontiff elected by God, the Vicar of the Apostles, the heir of the fathers, the ruler (princeps) of the Church, the nourisher of the one immaculate dove. . . . The position in which you...
Страница 103 - ... bequests to various churches, Mann remarks (v. 2, p. 103) that it is more than probable that the execution of all this splendid work would have been quite impossible had it not been for the immigration of Greek artists resulting from the Iconoclast persecution, that whoever the master workmen were, the orders given by Leo must have been followed by a veritable revival of luxury trades in Rome, and that the lapidaries, silversmiths, silk manufacturers, and workers in stained glass, especially...
Страница 61 - Karolo et bm genitore nostro Pippino rege et a nobis postea suscepta est, ut eam cum Dei adjutorio ab hostibus defendere nitantur et justitiam suam, quantum ad ipsos pertinet et ratio postulaverit , habere faciant.
Страница 179 - Quia interdum pacifice in regno suo Herioldus rex consistere non poterat, dedit ei memoratus augustus ultra Albian beneficium,
Страница 59 - Causa adventus ejus haec erat : perlatum est ad imperatorem , aestate praeterita , Christi sanguinem in Mantua civitate fuisse repertum; propter hoc misit ad papam, petens ut hujus famae veritatem inquireret. Qui accepta occasione exeundi , primo in Langobardiam, quasi pro inquisitione praedicta profectus est, indeque arrepto itinere, subito ad imperatorem usque pervenit, mansitque apud illum dies octo, et sicut dictum est, Romam repedavit.
Страница 44 - God's providence, which has unmistakably pointed out Charles as the proper person to defend and lead the Christian commonwealth. The Roman people do not formally elect and appoint, but by their applause accept the chief who is presented to them. The act is conceived of as directly ordered by the Divine Providence which has brought about a state of things that admits of but one issue, an issue which king, priest, and people have only to recognize and obey; their personal ambitions, passions, intrigues,...

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