The Haunts of Men

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Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1898 - 300 страница

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Страница 53 - But helpless Pieces of the Game He plays Upon this Checker-board of Nights and Days ; Hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays, And one by one back in the Closet lays.
Страница 157 - My whole soul waiting silently, All naked in a sultry sky, Droops blinded with his shining eye : I will possess him or will die. I will grow round him in his place, Grow, live, die looking on his face, Die, dying clasp'd in his embrace.
Страница 228 - De par tous les saints de Castille, On se ferait rompre les os. Qu'elle est superbe en son désordre, Quand elle tombe les seins nus, Qu'on la voit, béante, se tordre Dans un baiser de rage, et mordre En criant des mots inconnus! Et qu'elle est folle dans sa joie, Lorsqu'elle chante le matin, Lorsqu'en tirant son bas de soie, Elle fait, sur son flanc qui ploie, Craquer son corset de satin! Allons, mon page, en embuscades!
Страница 85 - EGYPTIAN SERENADE SING again the song you sung When we were together young— When there were but you and I Underneath the summer sky. Sing the song, and o'er and o'er Though I know that nevermore Will it seem the song you sung When we were together young.
Страница 121 - I wish I had spoken before." She tore a tiny splinter from the sunbleached railing and dropped it into the water. " I wondered why you came to fish in Gay Brook," she went on. "I might have told you that there are nothing but minnows here. I nearly did tell you." " I wish I had asked the first time we — I saw you," he said ; "it would have saved me no end of disappointment. Why did you not tell me?" " Because — you didn't ask me. I might have, anyway, if I had not seen that you were from the...
Страница 142 - Listen to the lad," said O'Hara. " Why, man, I'll go with you where you like, and I'll do what you like- — only," he added, " I have an appointment to ride at ten with Miss Weldon." " Ride then," said Edgeworth, with a scowl, and turned on his heel, leaving O'Hara a sadly puzzled man. " What the mischief is the matter with me, anyhow? " muttered Edgeworth, striding wrathfully away across the meadow. " Why can't I let Tommy alone with his girl? I'm making a nuisance of myself, I fancy.
Страница 2 - Yet not more surely shall the Spring awake The voice of wood and brake, Than she shall rouse, for all her tranquil charms, A million men to arms. There shall be deeper hues upon her plains Than all her sunlit rains, And every gladdening influence around, Can summon from the ground.
Страница 141 - Want to play croquet?" asked Beezeley, looking at him over his glasses; "it ain't goin' to rain much more." Edgeworth said he never played croquet. Beezeley straightened a wicket, hammered a painted stake, and sniffed. His face, with the bunchy chop-whiskers cut a little close, reminded Edgeworth of the countenance of some big rabbit. The reverend gentleman also had other peculiarities of the species, such as a perpetual appetite and a prehensile lip. O'Hara hailed Edgeworth from the tennis-courts...
Страница 149 - Everything? All— all? " " All, Yo Espero." " You never said so — before." " I say it now ; all ! all ! all ! " "We will go to Silver Mine Creek," said Yo Espero, " and we will fish there for a little fish. There are bass in the French Broad, and you shall catch them from the rifts below Deepwater Bridge. We will gallop on horseback to Painted Sands, and we will go to Bubbling Spring. All this will take time, you know ; but you are never going away, are you ? Hush ! I could not live until sunrise....
Страница 21 - Cracker with green lamps on your pilot?" "Oh, Yank! Are yew the US mewl with a CSA brand on yewr head-stall?" "Go to hell!" replied Connor sullenly. A jeering laugh answered him from across the river. "He had you there, Connor," observed Alden with faint interest. Connor took off his blue cap and examined the bullet hole in the crown. "CSA brand on my head-stall, eh!" he repeated savagely, twirling the cap between his dirty fingers. "You called him a clay-eating Cracker," observed Alden; "and you...

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