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THE writer of these pages does not entertain the idea that he has done justice to the subject upon which they treat. The field is a wide one, and to do the subject full justice, would require much time, and many volumes the size of this. And it has been while laboring with the churches in Michigan that these thoughts have been hastily gathered from personal knowledge and experience, and from the writings of those who were deeply imbued with the sweet spirit of revealed truth. More time, undivided attention to the subject, and more pages, would greatly improve the work. But even such as it is, it is commended to the prayerful consideration of the reader, in confidence that it is calculated to revive the Advent hope and faith in the hearts of the fainting, and to cheer way-worn pilgrims to Mount Zion, and lead them to take fresh courage in the Lord. And may it not also be hoped that this historical sketch of the great Advent movement will lead some to see the subject clearly in the light of the sacred Scripture and Christian experience, and embrace the truth of God. Go The writer has passed rapidly over the incidents in his early life, and has given only those of later years, which were connected with the Advent cause. His object has been to give those facts only which would serve to honor and magnify the name and power of God in the exhibition of divine truth. The fact, however, that he has been connected with the Advent cause since 1842, may


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serve as an apology for introducing some incidents of personal Second-Advent experience into this work.

It has been with great pleasure that the great Advent movement has been revived in the preparation of these pages. It has been an intellectual and spiritual feast. The fundamental principles of the glorious doctrine of the soon coming of Christ, never appeared more firmly established. And the facts in Second-Advent history, fulfilling prophecy, never seemed so important to the people of God, as an anchor in the perilous storms of these last days, as since examining anew this whole question. May God make this work as great a blessing to the reader as it has been made to the writer in its preparation.

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Life Incidents.


I was born in Palmyra, Somerset County, Maine, August 4th, 1821. Bloomfield, Me., which now forms a part of Skowhegan, was the birthplace of my father, Deacon John White. At the age of twenty-one he commenced life in the new township of Palmyra. At that time there were but twenty acres of trees felled on his land. The old farm is situated on the west side of a body of water which is called, as seen upon the large map of Somerset County, White's Pond. On this farm he lived and labored fifty-one years. He has since spent one year and a half in Ohio, and seven years at Battle Creek, Michigan, where he now resides.

My father descended from one of the Pilgrims who came to America in the ship May Flower, and landed upon Plymouth Rock, December, 1620. On board that ship was the father of Perigrine White, who wore a pair of silver knee-buckles, such as may be seen in the picture of the venerable signers of the Declaration of Independence.

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The knee-buckles worn by this man were afterward given to his son, Perigrine White, who was born on the passage to this country, with the request that they

Life Incidents.


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