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42 | Leather, undressed or dressed, suitable for saddlery, harness, or military boots ...... 43 Linseed oil......

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I Money, paper; gold and silver in coin or bullion....
48 Nautical instruments, all kinds of........

Nuts and kernels.........
· 50 Oil, linseed ...

Oils, animal and vegetable (other than linseed oil), suitable for use in the manufacture

of margarine. Oils, animal, fish and vegetable, other than those capable of use as lubricants, and

not including essential oils.

Oleaginous seeds........
54 Ore, hematite iron...

Ore, magnetic iron..
Paper money ....
Pigskins, raw or dressed....
Powder and explosives, not specially prepared for use in war..

Railway materials, both fixed and rolling stock...
60 Rolling stock, railway materials.........

| Rubber ...

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63 Seeds, oleaginous.....

Shoeing materials....

Shoes, if suitable for use in war
66 Silver in coin or bullion.....
| Skins, raw or rough tanned (but not including dressed leather)...

Skins (pig), raw or dressed......
| Skins utilizable for clothing, is suitable for use in war.....

70 Sulphur...... 71 | Tanning substances of all kinds (including extracts for use in tanning)...

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Telegraphs, wireless telegraphs, and telephones, materials for..........

......... Aug; 4, 1914 Telephones, materials for...



Vehicles of all kinds, other than motor vehicles, available for use in war, and their “Other than motor vehicles” sAug. 4,1914
component parts.


Oct. 28, 1914
Vessels, crast, and boats of all kinds..

See No. 283 of absolute contra- Aug. 4,1914

| Wire, barbed, and implements for firing and cutting the same.....

Made absolute contraband Oct. 29, Aug. 4,1914

1914. 78 Wireless telegraphs, materials for.......

Aug. 4, 1914

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(Consul General Skinner to the Secretary of state.)


No. 1140.]


London, February 1, 1916. SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of department's instruction. (Not printed.)

I am inclosing herewith a supplement of the London Gazette, No. 29452, issued January 27, 1916, containing the official text of the proclamation referred to in the foregoing. I have, etc.

ROBERT P. SKINNER. Another revision was published in April, 1916:



The articles declared to be contraband of war in the proclamations now in force have been arranged alphabetically in the accompanying list. It is hoped that this will be convenient to all parties concerned.

The list comprises the articles which have been declared to be absolute contraband as well as those which have been declared to be conditional contraband. The circumstances of the present war are so peculiar that His Majesty's Government consider that for practical purposes the distinction between the two classes of contraband has ceased to have any value. So large a proportion of the inhabitants of the enemy country are taking part, directly or indirectly, in the war that no real distinction can now be drawn between the armed forces and the civilian population. Similarly, the enemy Government has taken control, by a series of decrees and orders, of practically all the articles in the list of conditional contraband, so that they are now available for Government use. So long as these exceptional conditions continue our belligerent rights with respect to the two kinds of contraband are the same and our treatment of them must be identical.

FOREIGN OFFICE, April 13, 1916.


Acetic acid and acetates.
Acetic ether.

Acetones, and raw and finished materials usable for their preparation.

Aircraft of all kinds, including aeroplanes, airships, balloons, and their component parts, together with accessories and articles suitable for use in connection with aircraft.

Aluminum, alumina, and salts of aluminum.
Ammonia liquor.
Ammonium salts.
Aniline and its derivatives.

Animals, saddle, draft, or pack, suitable or which may become suitable for use in war.

Antimony, together with the sulphides and oxides of antimony.

Apparatus designed exclusively for the manufacture of munitions of war or for the manufacture or repair of arms or of war material for use on land or sea.

Armor plates.

Arms of all kinds, including arms for sporting purposes, and their componerft parts.

Arsenic and its compounds.
Arsenical ore.

Articles especially adapted for use in the manufacture or repair of tires.

Asbestos. Barbed wire. Barium chlorate and perchlorate. Bauxite. Benzol and its mixtures and derivatives. Bladders, guts, casings, and sausage skins. Bones in any form, whole or crushed, and bone ash. Boots and shoes suitable for use in war. Borax, boric acid, and other boron compounds. Bromine. Calcium acetate, calcium nitrate, and calcium carbide. Camp equipments, articles of, and their component parts. Camphor. Capsicum. Carbon disulphide. Carbon, halogen compounds of. Carbonyl chloride. Carborundum in all forms. Casein. Caustic potash and caustic soda. Celluloid. Charges and cartridges of all kinds and their component parts. Chlorides, metallic (except chloride of sodium) and mettaloidic. Chlorine. Chrome ore. Chronometers. Clothing and fabrics for clothing suitable for use in war. Clothing of a distinctively military character. Cobalt. Copper pyrites and other copper ores.

Copper unwrought and part wrought, copper wire, alloys and compounds of copper.

Cork, including cork dust.
Corundum, natural and artificial (alundum), in all forms.

Cotton (raw), linters, cotton waste, cotton yarns, cotton piecegoods, and other cotton products capable of being used in the manufacture of explosives.

Cresol and its mixtures and derivatives.
Docks, parts of.
Emery in all forms.
Equipment of a distinctively military character.

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