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DR OWEN published three successive volumes of An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, in the years 1668, 1674, and 1680. He died in August 1683; and in the following year, the Exposition was completed by the publication of a fourth volume, which he had left in a finished state. Of this work, it is altogether unnecessary now to attempt any commendation. But for the use of those who have not yet examined it, we may be allowed to observe, that they will find it to possess these four claims on their serious attention.

First, These Volumes contain an elaborate illustration, of a most important part of the word of God.

Secondly, In these Volumes, the controversy with the Jews is discussed with a triumphant force of Christian reasoning, and of applicable learning. Of this present Volume affords ample proof.


Thirdly, In these Volumes, the arguments of the Socinians are weighed in the balance of the sanctuary; and it is shewn, that the supporters of that system bring no proofs of a superior reason, and that they receive no countenance whatever from the Scriptures.

Fourthly, The Exposition contained in these Volumes, displays a mind anxiously alive to the importance of holy living. His reasonings always terminate in some holy result. After reading the criticisms of an accurate scholar, the arguments of a sound logician, and the illustrations of a fertile mind, we are furnished with die

rections for self-examination; or are sent away to our closets, with a warm exhortation to abound in prayer, if we hope to understand the "mind of the Spirit."

As this work has never been reprinted*, and cannot now be easily procured, a new edition has been undertaken, with the view of putting a valuable book into the hands of more readers, at a reduced price. In preparing this edition, the Editor thought that some alterations might be made with advantage, in the arrangement of some parts of the work. These alterations he has adopted. His reasons will appear, from an account of the manner, in which these Volumes were written and published.

The Work consists of an Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, and of Preliminary Dissertations, or Exercitations, as Dr OWEN calls them. A part of these Dissertations is prefixed to the first Volume of the Exposition, a part of them to the second, and another part of them forms a separate Treatise. The Author seems to have been led to this distribution of his materials, by the following causes.


The Dissertations arise out of the Exposition, and are somewhat of the nature of very long notes. this form, many of them might have been appended to the different parts of the work with which they are connected. The Author however judged much more wisely, in making them the subjects of separate discussion. A part of the Exposition, and a part of the Dissertations, having been thus written in connexion, they were also published together. Accordingly, the first volume contains the Exposition of the first and second chapters of the Epistle, to which are prefixed

* In 1789, an abridgment of this Exposition was published in England, by Dr WILLIAMS, a respectable dissenting Clergyman. As an abridgment, it labours under the imperfections inseparable from works of that nature. But upon a comparison with the original work, it will be found to merit the praise of fidelity, and of general accuracy.

twenty-four Dissertations. The subjects of these Dissertations, give them a natural precedency to those which follow; and it is probable that the rest were not written when these were published. Besides, the Author might wish, that the first Volume should afford a specimen of the execution of both parts of his plan. He proceeded in the same way with the second volume, and had intended, that in this respect, the third volume should resemble the two former. But the state of his health, and other causes, prevented him from fully accomplishing this intention. This circumstance will occasion lasting regret, to those who take an interest in works of this nature; and who have considered, that a man blessed with the Godliness, the Judgment, the Learning, and the Industry of Dr OWEN, does not often


Though in the original edition then, a part of the preliminary matter follows the Exposition of the second chapter, yet as the reasons which led to this arrangement do not now operate, it is proposed in this edition to prefix all the Dissertations, that the continuity of the Exposition may not be broken.

The other part of these Dissertations, forms a treatise concerning the day of sacred rest. This was written to form a part of the second Volume. But as that Volume was not ready for publication till the year 1674, the circumstances of the times, seemed to Dr OWEN to require some earlier effort on his part, to assert the right of his God and Lord, to the hallowed services of the first day of the week.

During the Protectorate of CROMWELL, a variety of ill-digested opinions had been propagated, respecting almost every topic of religion. Some of these opinions were so unmeaning, or so trifling, or so wild, that they could not long retain adherents. But others of them were more plausible; these made more converts, and the diffusing of these tenets, tended to unsettle the minds of many, who did not ultimately

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