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Iona, monastery of, 164 sq.; its / Buildings Fire Insurance Bill,
constitution, 165 sq.

1878, 457 sq.
Ireland, discouragement of manu Jellett, J. H.: The Efficacy of

factures in, 103, 104 (note) sqq. ; Prayer, 483
the Catholic question, vil; edu Jerome, S., on Matt. xvi. 18, 21 sg.
cation, 113 $99. ; National Jerusalem, prophecies concerning,
schools, 115; Queen's Colleges, - 3 sq.
118 599.

Justin Martyr's Memoirs of the
Irvingism, the history and doc Apostles and their Companions

trines of, 34-65; origin of the cited, 322 sq.
• Catholic Apostolic Church, 35; Juxon, Abp., on the authorship of
E: Irving, 36; original leaders Icon Basilikè, 344
of the movement, 36, 46 sq. ;
claim to the title Catholic Apos-
tolic, 37 sq. ; summary of events, KALISCH, Dr. : Bible Studies,
39 (note); system of belief, 40;
its pretensions examined, 42 ; | Keble, late Rev. J.: Sermons for
the unknown tongues, ib. ; evi the Sunúays after Trinity, 232 sq.
dence of witnesses, 43 sq. ;

Kemble, F. A.; Records of a Girl-
prophets and apostles, 46 sqq. ; hood, 508
non-fulfilment of the prophecies, Kentigern, S. 168
50 sq. ; refractory apostles, 51 Klingkonstrom, Baron R. M.: Le
sq.; alleged miracles, 53 sq. ; Comte de Fersen et la Cour de
records of the Council of the France, 498

Churches,' 55 sq. ; protest of the
Is the Church of England Protes TAMBETH Conference, the, 517
tant ? 261-304; article in the L Lancashire Cotton Strike,
Quarterly Review, 261 sq.; defi aspects and history of the
nition of the word Protestant, I struggle, 198–217
263; phases of Protestantism, Lang, Mr. R. H. : Cyprus : its
264, 266 sq.; Church of England History, its present Resources
and German Lutheranism, 265 and its future Prospects, 180, 493
sq.; foreign policy of Elizabeth and Lashburn, Dr. : The Social Law of
her Ministers, 268 sq. ; the Coro God, 512
nation Service, 270 sq. ; Ordina Latrie, M., his work on Cyprus,
tions, 274 sq., 278; Act of Uni 180, 189, 192
formity, 277 ; Ordinal of 1552, Lea, Rev. F. S., Royal Hospital
278 sq.; Episcopacy, 279 sq. ; and Collegiate Church of S.
Continental Protestantism, 281 ;: 1 Katherine, 256 sq.
non-Episcopalian ministers and Lecky's History of England,
the Church of England, 282 sq. ; 93-123
the Church in the Channel Is Lee, Dr. F. G., Historical Sketches
lands, 286 sq. ; Abp. Bramhall, of the Reformation, 477 ;. Direc-
288 sq. ; intercourse between torium Anglicanum, 509,
Church of England and foreign | Leo the Great, S., on Matt. xvi. 18,
Protestant bodies, 289 sq. ; the 24; on John xxi. 15-17, 31
"Sacrifice of the Mass,' 291 sq.; Levett, W., page to Charles I., his
the American Church, 302; decay evidence on the authorship of
of English Protestantism as a Icon Basilikè, 337, 360 sq.
religion, 303 sq.

Lincoln, Bp. of: Letter to Sir G.
Isidore, S., on Matt. xvi. 18, 23 | Prevost on Sisterhoods and

Vows, 259
JEFFREYS, Rev. Canon, his | Loyson, Père, his petition to the

evidence on the Ecclesiastical Anglican Episcopate, 435 sq.


MACAULAY charged with un PALMER, Major 'H. S.: Sinai
fairness by Mr. Lecky, 103

| 1 from the Fourth Egyptian

* Dynasty to the Present Day, 512
M`Neil, Dr., on the Irvingite gift Patrick, S., 154 sq.
of tongues, 47

Peel, Sir R., establishes Queen's
Macpherson, G.: Life of Anna Colleges in Ireland, 118 sq.
Jameson, 504

Perry, Canon G. G. : The Students
Malan, Dr., on the first three cen English Church History, 479
turies of the Church, 143

Petrine Claims, Further Evidence
Margaret, Queen of Scotland, 178 on, 1-34 ; alleged primacy of the
Martin, Rev, P.A. Nouveaux see of Rome, 2; Jewish seats of

langes d'Archéologie, d'Histoire worship, ib. ; prophecies con-
et de Littérature sur le Moyen cerning Jerusalem, 3 sq.; Scrip-
åge, 248 sq.

tural passages concerning Rome,
Martin, S., of Tours, 152

5 sq.; absence of Scripture tes-
Miller, Rev. E., on Irvingism, 38, timony, 9; other evidence inves-
39, 41, 53 sq.

tigated, 10 sq.; the Liturgies, 13
Miller, Rev. W., Village Homilies, 599.; the opinions of the Fathers,

16 599., 26 s99. ; their adversetes-
Milton, his references to the Icon timony, 25; the Roman Missal
Basilikè, 336, 338

and the Council of Trent, 26;
Mony, M. S.: Etude sur le epithets of S. Peter in ancient
Travail, 251 sq.

Christian writings, 32 sq. ; fail-
Morison, Mr. J. Č.: Gibbon, 257 ure of evidence, 34
Morley, Dr., Bp. of Winchester, | Philippi, Dr. F. A. : Commentary

on the authorship of Icon Basi on S. Paul's Epistle to the Ro-
like, 352

mans, 472
Mozley, Dr., on the elimination of | Phillpotts, H., Bishop of Exeter, on
truth, 133 sq.

the ‘Protestant faith,' 268
Picinelli, Abate F.: Lumi riflessi

della Sacra Scrittura, 491
N ARES, Sir G. S. : Narrative of Plummer, Mr., on the Ecclesiastical
N the Voyage to the Polar Seal Buildings Fire Insurance Bill,

in H.M. Ships' Alert' and 'Dis. 459, 463
covery,' 241 sq.

Psalms, the Titles of the, examined
Naseby, MS. of the Icon Basilikè as to their genuineness as inte-
found at, 357 sq.

gral parts of Holy Scripture,
Newman, Dr., on evolution of doc-

trine, 126, 128, 129

Prendergast, Mr., on the Crom-
Ninian, S., 152 sqq.

wellian settlement of Ireland, 98
Northcote, Rev. J. S. : Visit to the
· Roman Catacombs, 218 sq.; Epi- ' R AMAGE, Dr. C. T.: Bible

taphs of the Catacombs, 223 sg. I Echoes in Ancient Classics,
Northumberland, protest of the 1 491
Duke of, 523

Retrospect of the year 1878, 513;
Norton, Rev. J. G. : Hearty Ser the late Bishop Selwyn, 514; the
vices, 511

late Professor Mozley, ib. ; the late
Sir Gilbert Scott, 514; exten-

sion of the Episcopate, 516;
ORIGEN cited in reference to the Lambeth Conference, 517 ;

S. Peter as the Rock, 19; on Colonial Missionary Churches,
John xxi. 15-17, 30

519; Clergy Supply, 522
· Oxenham, Mr. H. N.: his edition Réveillaud, E. : La Question Reli-

of An Eirenicon of the Eigh gieuse et la Solution Protestante,
teenth Century, 474


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Rome, Scriptural references to, 5 sq.; | Thirlwall, Bp., on the Eucharistic

Christianity in, in the fifth cen- Sacrifice, 301
tury, 6 sq. ; identified with Baby- | Thorold, Bp., his recent Pastoral
| lon, 8

Letter to the Diocese of Rochester
Royston, R., printer of the Icon cited, 303
Basilikd, 337, 338, 341

Tomkinson, Mr., his evidence on
the Ecclesiastical Buildings Fire

Insurance Bill, 458

Trevor, Rev. Canon, his evidence
SALES, S. Francis, of the Love on the Ecclesiastical Buildings
w of God, 258

Fire Insurance Bill, 455 sq., 461
Schaff, Dr., on the Apostles' Creed,

140; on the creed of Chalcedon, Trollope, Mr. A. : South Africa,
142 sq.; on the Athanasian 236 sq.
Creed, 143 sq.; on the subsequent

Creeds, 145 sq.
Schliemann, Dr. See Homer. VAUX, Rev. J. E.: The Preacher's
Scott, Dean, Sermon by, 259

V Storehouse, 509
Scott, Mr. C. N.: Foregleams of Velay, M. : For Percival, 505
Christianity, 233 sq.

Venables, Rev. G. : Our Church
Scott, the late Sir G., 514

and our Country, 257
Selwyn, the late Bp., 514

Violin, The First, 505
Shipley, Mr. O. : Principles of the Voysey, Rev. C.: Mystery of Pain,
Faith in relation to Sin, 480

Death, and Sin, 234 sq.
Simpson, M. C. M.: Nassau

Senior's Conversations with M.
Thiers, M. Guizot, and other dis W ALFORD, Mr., on the Ec-
tinguished Persons during the W clesiastical Buildings Fire
Second Empire, 497

Insurance Bill, 460, 462
Skene, Mr., his Celtic Scotland, 149 Walker, Dr. A., on the authorship
sqq. See Celtic Church.

of Icon Basilikè, 346 sq.
Skinner, Mr. C. E. : The Guide of Webb, Rev. W. : England's Inhe-
Life, 358

ritance in her Church, 510
Stephen, Mr. L. : Samuel Johnson, Wills, Mr. E. F.: Sacrificial As-

pect of the Eucharist, 259
Stephens, Rev. W. R. W.: Life Winchester, Bp. of : Charge to his

and Letters of Dean Hook, 505 Diocese, 259
Story, Memoirs of Rev. R., cited, Winslow, Rev. F. E.: The Poor
42 sq.

Man's Best Friend, 511
Supernatural in Nature, a Verifi Wordsworth, Dr. C. H. R., his col-
cation by free use of Science, 229 lection of Tracts on the Icon

Basilikè, 339 sq. See Icon Ba-
silikè passim

TAPLIN, Mr., Irvingite prophet,

- 47 sq.
Tertullian, on S. Peter as the Rock,

Théodoret, on Matt. xvi, 18, 24

VONGE, C. M.: The Christians

I and Moors in Spain, 511. .
Young, Arthur, on the discourage-

ment of Irish manufactures, 104



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