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1912. Circular.....

Dec. 21 Certificates of inspection of nursery stock. Incloses

circular from the Department of Agriculture issued
Dec. 20, 1912, containing the text of the "Plant
Quarantine Act" of Aug. 20, 1912, and the rules
and regulations for carrying out the act; instruc-

tions concerning distribution thereof.
Dec. 30 International ritle-shooting tournament. Incloses

invitation to riflemen to take part in the tourna-
ment to be held at Camp Perry, Ohio, in Septem-

ber, 1913.
Jan. 14 | Statement by Senator Root Nov. 25, 1912, repudiat.

ing sentiments attributed to him in relation to
Latin America. Instruction to make use thereof

if occasion arise.
Feb. 7 Plant Quarantine Act. Refers to the above circular

of Dec. 21, 1912, and incloses directions prepared by
the Department of Agriculture for inspection and

certification, with explanatory remarks.
Feb. 28 Expatriation of naturalized citizens. Refers to

instruction of Apr. 19, 1907, and amending instruc-
tion of May 14, 1903; instructs that exceptional
treatment should be given certain naturalized
citizens temporarily residing in countries near to
the l'nited States, and states the Department's

rule prescribed therefor.
Do.....................Mar. 12

| Mar. 12 | Declaration of policy with regard to Latin America.

Quotes a statement made by the President on

Mar. 11 for publication.
. Mar. 13 Speech of Senator Root in the Senate, Jan. 16, 1913,

repudiating sentiments attributed to him in rela-
tion to Latin America. Refers to the circular of
Jan. 14, 1913, and incloses text of the speech of

Jan. 16, in the Senate,
... Apr. 24 | Peace Plan of the President. Statement made by

the Secretary of State on presenting the President's
Peace Plantothe Representatives, some 36 in num-
ber, of the Foreign Governments who constitute

the Diplomatic Circle at Washington.
July 7 | Same subject. Supplementary memorandum.......
Aug. 12 Same subject. Transmits copy oftreaty with Salva-

dor and instructs to explain the tentative nature

of the suggestions made. Do....

Sept. 17 | Invitation to the Panama-Pacific International Ex

position to be held at San Francisco in 1915. Re-
fers to circular of Feb. 5, 1912, and instructs to
invite the sending of war vessels and Government
representatives to the naval review at Hampton

Sept. 23 Peace Plan of the President. Instruction to urge

consideration of details of the Peace Plan.
Oct. 29 Prohibition of importation of aigrettes, egret plumes,

etc. Notes that this prohibition extends to the
prohibited plumage when brought in as baggage,
with no exception in the case of the ladies of the

families of diplomatic oflicers.
Dec. 18 Peace Plan of the President. Incloses copies of the

treaties with Salvador and Netherlands and in-
structs to bring the peace plan again to the atten-
tion of the Government.



Circular (telegram)......... Sept. 2


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Mr. Garrett to Mr. Bryan 1 telegram).

ett to Mr. Bryan June 30 Presentation of a statue of George Washington to

Argentina by American citizens resident there.
The presentation will take place on the 4th of July,
and a message from the President would be highly

to Mr. Saenz | July 4 | Samo subject. Congratulations....


Mr. Wilson to Mr. Sals
Pena (telegram).

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Mr. Grant-Smith to Mr. Aug. 4


Arrest and imprisonment of naturalized American
citizens on the charge of evasion of military service.
Incloses information concerning the arrest of Julius
Reich, a naturalized citizen of the United States,
the retention of his naturalization certificate and
other valuables; instructs him to request that
local officials be instructed to respect the naturuli-
zation of such citizens in the future and to restore

the liberty and property of Julius Reich.
Same subject. In view of Department's No. 305 of

July 16, and of the frequent arrests and imprison-
ment in Austria-Hungary of naturalized American
citizens on the charge of evasion of military service,
the Chargé d’ltaires has addressed the Foreign

Office on the subject; his note inclosed.
Same subject. His note to the Foreign Omico, in-

closed with his despatch No. 514, approved.
Same subject. Julius Reich was set at liberty and

his certificate of naturalization and money were
returned to him on July 16.

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Mr. Bryan to Mr. Grant

Mr. Grant-Smith to Mr.



Sept. 4









Mr. Fowler to Mr. Knox... July 12 Valorization of coffee. Requests that the vice Con-

sul General at Rio de Janeiro be instructed to fur-
nish information on this subject to the Department

of Justice.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Slechta... July 20 Same subject. Instructs him to comply with the

above request.
Mr. Dudley to Mr. Knox... Aug 28. Termination of Extradition Treaty of 1897, and pro-

tocols of 1898 and 1903, between the United States
and Brazil. By the passage of the Act of June 23,
1911, the Government is required to denounce all
existing treaties of extradition but no action will
be taken until the Supreme Court shall have de-
cided on the constitutionality of the statute. In-

closes the text of the statute.
Mr. Chantland to Mr. Fow- Sept. 6 Coffee valorization. Detailed report,

Mr. Da Gama to Mr. Knox. May 30 Same subject. Advises that he has learned of the

institution of a suit against the coffee valorization
committee and requests that steps be taken for its

Mr. Knox to Mr. Da Gama. June 8 Same subject. The Department of State had no off-

cial information in regard to the coffee suit until

advised by the Brazilian Embassy.
Mr. Morgan to Mr. Knox.... July 19 Same subject. Incloses extracts of the annual mes.

sage of the President of the State of São Paulo to

the State Congress.
Samo to same (telegram)... Sept. 3 Same subject. The Brazilian minister of foreign al-

fairs regrets to learn that the investigation of the

legal status of valorized coffee is to be revived. Same to saine

Sept. 16 Same subject. Gives his impressions of public opin

ion in Brazil on this subject.
Same to same (telegram).... Oct. 17 Same subject. At its annual meeting noxt January

the valorization committee will vote to dispose of its entire stock of cotiee now in New York: Tho Minister for foreign affairs desires to know whether the suit against the committee, in view of the above assurance, can be discontinued.

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Mr Morgan to Mr. Knox... Nov. 8 Same subject. Brazilian Government regrets to

hear that legal action will be taken against valorized
coffee in the l'nited States. Suggests postpone-

mint of further action.
Mr. Wilson to Mr. Morgan Nov. 9 Same subject. If the stock of valorized coffee now

in New York is sold in the open market, the
Attorney General agrees to abandon further pro-

Same to same (telegram)... Nov. 18 Same subject. The government of Sao Paulo accepts

the obligation to liquidate the stock of cotřee de

posited in New York by Apr. 1, 1913.
Same to same (telegram)... Nov. 29 Same subject. The Brazilian Government requests

that no information be given to the publie about
the negotiations concerning the abandonment of

the coffee suit.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 11 Same subject. The government of Sao Paulo prom-

ises to sell the entire stock of valorized collee in
New York in the legitimate market. Again re-

quests secrecy about the arrangement.
Mr. Wickersham to Mr. Dec. 13 Same subject. The assurances given by the Gov.

ernment of Sao Paulo are accepted as satisfactory
evidence of the intention to dispose of the coffee in

an open market.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Da Gama.. Dec. 18 Same subject. Advises him that the hearing of the

demurrer in the coffee valorization suit has been
set for the 20th instant, and if the motion for this
hearing is not withdrawn by the agent of the valor-
ization committee by that time the suit will pro-

Mr. Wickersham to Mr. Dec. 19 Same subject. The U. S. Attorney in New York

has advised him that the attorneys for the defend-
ant will not press the motion to set the demurrer

for argument.
Mr. Wilson to Mr. Morgan.. Dec. 23 Same subject. Advises that the defendant in the

suit has ceased to press for a hearing.

Mr. Morgan to Mr. Knox... Jan. 20 Samo subject. The Government of Sao Paulo has

sold all the coffee stored in the United States. That
Government has been asked to supply a detailed

account of the transaction.
Mr. Da Gama to Mr. Knox. Jan. 23 Termination of Extradition Treaty of 1897, and pro-

tocols of 1898 and 1903, between the United States
and Brazil. Gives notice of the abrogation of the
treaty with the United States in pursuance of the
law above referred to, to take effect July 23, 1913,
or sooner if the United States waives the six-

months interval.
Jan. 28 Convention between the United States and other

powers, extending the duration of the treaty on
pecuniary claims signed at Mexico on January 30,

1902. Text and proclamation.
..do....Convention between the United States and other

powers, establishing the status of naturalized citi-
zens who again take up their residence in the

country of their origin. Text and proclamation. Mr. Morgan to Mr. Knox Feb. 10 Valorization of coffee. The Brazilian Government (telegrain).

is of the opinion that the statement of the Govern-
ment of São Paulo concerning the sale of the stock
of coffee in the United States should be sufficient to
convince the Secretary of State that the sale was

bona fide. Same to same.

Feb. 11 Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Doctor

Lauro S. Müller, to the United States. Incloses
his personal letter to Doctor Müller in regard

Mr Knax to Mr. da Gama.. Feb. 28 Termination of Extradition Treaty of 1897 between

the United States and Brazil. Acknowledges his
note of Jan. 23, and says that this Governmont has
no power to waive the treaty requirement of six-
months notice of intention to terminate its extra-
dition treaty with Brazil; calls attention to diffi-
culties made by the law is the treaty should be ab-

Mr. Morgan to Mr. Knox ...do.... Valorization of coffee. Transmits telegram from the

Secretary of the Treasury of Sao Paulo giving de

tails of the sale of the coffee. The Brazilian Embassy to Mar. 31 Same subject. The sale of the valorization coffee deMr. Knox.

posited in New York was bona fide, without restrictions and for actual consumption in the United States.







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Mr. Bryan to Mr. Da Gama. Apr. 22 Same subject. The Attorney General bas accepted

the Ambassador's statement as sufficient ground
to withdraw the suit against the coffoc valoriza-

tion committee.
Mr. Da Gama to Mr. Bryan. Apr. 24 Same subject. Department's note of the 22d inst.

has been telegraphed to his Government. Mr. Morgan to Mr. Bryan May 16 Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lauro (telegram).

S. Müller, to the United States. Doctor Müller will

arrive in the United States about June 10. 175 Same to same

May 17 Message of the President of Brazil to Congress. In

closes copy of the annual message of the President
addressed to the Congress at the opening of the

regular session on May 3, 1913; extracts therefrom. Same to same (telegram)... May 27 Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lauro

S. Müller, to the United States. Gives official list

of the personnel of Doctor Müller's party. Mr. Malone to Mr. Root. June 6 Same subject. Invites him to join the reception (telegram).

committee. 190 Mr. organ to Mr. Bryan.. June 17 Same subject. Transmits expressions of thanks of

the Brazilian Government for the cordialreception

of Doctor Müller. Same to same.....

June 17 Same subject. Incloses press clippings regarding

Doctor Müller's visit.
Doctor Müller to Mr. Wil July 16 Same subject. Farewell message......

son (telegram):
Mr. Wilson to Mr. Saenz | July 16 Same subject. Expresses the pleasure of this Gov.
Peña (telegram).

ernment and people in Doctor Müller's visit.
Mr. Morgan to Mr. Bryan July 27 Termination of Exiradition Treaty of 1897 bet ween

the United States and Brazil. The treaty and
protocols were denounced on July 23, 1913, by Ex-

ecutive Decree. 224 Same to same.

July 29 Same subject. Amplifies the foregoing telegram and

incloses a note from the Foreign Office inclosing a
draft of a proposed extradition treaty with the
United States; also copy of the Executive Decree

before referred to. Mr. Chermont to Mr. Bryan

Aug. 18 Visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lauro

S. Müller, to the United States. Expresses the
gratitude of Doctor Müller for his reception in the

United States.
238 Mr. Morgan to Mr. Bryan.. Aug. 27 Same subject. Remarks upon the pleasant impres-

sion produced by Doctor Müller's visit.
78 Mr. Moore to Mr. Morgan. . Aug. 29 Termination of Extradition Treaty of 1897 between

the United States and Brazil. Acknowledges his
No. 224 and points out features of the draft treaty

which render it unacceptable to this Government. 34 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Chermont Sept. 3 Visit osthe Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Lauro S.

Müller to the United States. Acknowledges his

note of August 18.
Mr. da Gama to Mr. Bryan.. Oct. 31 Proposal by Brazil of a special agreement with the

United States regulating the prosecution of coun-
tersciters when not subject to extradition. In-
quires whether the United States would be dis-

posed to enter into such an agreement.
36 Mr. Bryan to Mr. da Gama Nov. 8 Same subject. The matter is covered by the Re-

vised Penal Code of the United States, and hence
an agreement is unnecessary.

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Extraterritorial rights of the United States in Bul

garia. Referring to previous correspondence the
Minister is instructed that as the United States
possesses no capitulatory rights in respect to Bul-
garia except by virtue of the Treaty of Berlin and
through the operation of the most favored-nation
principle, he may announce that the United State
is willing torelinquish any rightsit may have under
the capitulatory régime, and seek the most liberal
application of the most-lavored-nation treatment

to all American interests.
Same subject. The Minister will comply with the

instruction No. 84 on his next visit to Sofia.
War between Bulgaria and Greece, Serbia, Montene-

gro and Roumania. The Minister describes the causes of the war and the present situation,


207 Mr. Jackson to Mr. Knox... Feb. 26 107 Mr. Schurman to Mr. Bryan July 10


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1913. Vi. Campbell to Mr. Bryan. Oct. 11


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Judiciai process issued in Bulgaria for service in the

United States. The Foreign Office has forwarded
to the Legation certain summonses the signature
and return of which is desired by the judicial au-

Extraterritorial rights of the United States in Bul-

garia. The Minister's letter in pursuance of in.

struction No. 84 is on the files of the Foreign Office.
Judicial process issued in Bulgaria for service in the

United States. There is no legal provision for the
service of processes of a foreign court on a resident
of the United States; instructs him to return the
summonses to the Foreign Office.

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1912. Mr. Wilson to Mr. Calhoun. Oct. 4 Claims of American citizens against China. Asks

what action has been taken by the commission to

dispose of the claims of foreigners against China. Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox... Oct. 29 Loin negotiations. Incloses text of the “Imperial

Chinese Ministry of Finance £400,000 Bond of May
24, 1911;" minutes of an interview between the
American bankers' representative and the Minis-
ter of Finance regarding the £400,000 advance on
the Currency-reform loan; a request of the Minister
for extension of time for repayment of said ad.
vance; the bankers' reply granting an extension

to Apr. 14, 1913; acknowledgment by the Minister. Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox.. Nov, 12 Political affairs. The situation seems to be improv

inz, but nothing constructive is undertaken.

More money is the imperative present need.

Loan nerotiations. Editor's introductory note. Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox Dec. 30 Same subject. States reasons for halt or the negotias (telegram).

tions. Same to samo (telegram)... Dec. 31 Claims of American citizens against China. The

Chinese Government admits the liability for dain

ages caused to foreigners by the revolution.

Mr. laughlin to Mr. Knox.. Jan. 7 Loan negotiations. Transmits memorandum from

British Foreign Office proposing internationali-
zation of the loan. States relationship between

the British, French, and Russian bankers, Mr. Knox to Mr. Laughlin Jan.

9 Same subject. Replies to Mr. Laughlin's Jan. 7.

The department reserves its opinion until the
powers directly interested have expressed them-

Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox Jan. 21 Same subject. The President of China announces

that his Government must look elsewhere for the
urgently needed funds is the six groups will not

Same to same(telegram).... Jan. 23 Samesubject. Reports that negotiations are broken

off. Suggests that isthisends the consortium, the
the United States immediately recognize the
Chinese Government, British and German bank-
ers purpose making advances to China independ-

Mr. Knox to Mr. Calhoun Jan. 24 Same subject. The proposed British and German

advance will not threaten the consortium; the ad-
vance would be open to participation by the other

Mr. Herrick to Mr. Knox Jan. 26 Same subject. Requests instruction regarding rep.

resentations as to internationalization, to which

the French Government objects.
Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox Jan. 27 Same subject. All the groups have joined in a letter

to the Chinese Government regarding advances.
Mi. Knox to Mr. Calhoun Jan. 27 Same subject. Replies to Mr. Calhoun's Jan. 27;

instructs him to join in any definite agreement the

majority may decide on.
Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox.....do.... In demnity payments. Detailed statement of the

inter-group dispute regardin: relation of indem

nity payments to the loan negotiations.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Herrick Jan. 28 Loan negotiations. Replies to Mr. Herrick's Jan.

28; instructs him to join his colleagues in asking the
French Government to agree to internationaliza-

Mr. Calhoun to Mr. Knox Jan. 29 Same subject. Replies to department's Jan. 27,

states position of French Minister,











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