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1913. 255 Mr. Moore to Mr. Chang..... Oct. 10 Political affairs. Ackno vledges his Oct. 6 and in

closes copy of the President's telegram of congrat

ulation to President Yuan. 1014 Mr. Williams to Mr. Bryan....do.... Same subject. Reports forinal call of the Minister

for Foreign Affairs to thank this Government for the

promptness of its recognition of the Republic. 1016 Same to same.

Oct. 11 Samne subject. Transmits announcement by the

Foreign Office of recognition of the Republic by

Norway and Switzerland.
Yr. Yuan to Mr. Wilson Oct. 13 Same subject. Expression of gratitude for the

President's message of congratulation.
1012 Mr. Williams to Mr. Bryan....do.... Same subject. Report on the inauguration of Presi-

dent Yuan and inclosos papers relating thereto. 1057 Same to same..

Oct. 21 Loan negotiations. Reports an interview with the

Minister of Finance on the financial straits of
China; incloses tabulated statement of the invest-

ments of the various powers in China.
Same to same

Oct. 24 Political affairs. Incloses note from the Minister of

the Navy expressing appreciation of exchange of

salutes of American with Chinese warships. Same to same (telegram).... Nov. 2 Same subject. Reports serious disorders in Hunan. 201 Samo to same.

Nov. 3 Claims of American citizens against China. In

closes a copy of his note to the Foreign Office pro
testing against the rule that noclaims, received after
Dec. 31, 1913, would be considered and copy of

the Foreign Office answer waiving this rule.
Same to same (telegram)... Nov. 5 Political affairs. President Yuan has dissolved the

Nationalist party and expelled all Nationalists
from the Asseinbly, thus preventing a quorum

and the adoption of a constitution.
9: Mr. Bryan to Mr. Reinsch.. Dec. 3 Claims of American citizens against China. Desig-

nates ConsulWilliams as the American delegate on

the claims commission.
16 Mr. Van Dyke to Mr.Bryan Dec. 10 Opium conference. Reports deposit with the Gov.

ernment of The Netherlands of the instrument of
ratification by the United States of the opium

Mr. Reinsch to Mr. Bryan Dec. 12 Political affairs. Russia will withdraw all troops;

comments thereon.
Same to same (telegram). Dec. 16 Same subject. Nearly all the Ministers and the

Chinese regard withdrawal ostroops as premature.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Reinsch Dec. 17 Same subject. This Government does not intend to

withdraw or reduce the American Expeditionary

Force in China.
Mr. Reinsch to Mr. Bryan Dec. 19 Claims of American citizens against China. As the

Chinese Government desires to pas each claim 13
soon as allowed.requests authority to present each

American claim immediately upon its approval.
Mr. Moore to Mr. Reinsch Dec. 20 Sare subject. Authorie's hun to present eith

American claim as soon as approved by the Depart.

ment. 51 Mr. Reinsch to Mr. Bryan Dec. 23 Political affairs. Transmits memorandum on the

political situation.











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1913. Mr. Du Bois to Mr. Knox... Feb. 5


Relations of the United States with Colombia. The

minister of Columbia requests the negotiation of
a treaty for arbitration of the questions relating to
the separatist movement of the Colombian Depart-
ment of Panama in 1903, direct negotiations having

Same subject. The American Minister incloses a
statement outlining a conversation that he had on
Jan. 23, 1913, with the Colombian Minister for For-
eign Affairs, wherein he laid before the Colombian
Government five suggestions for settlement of the
Panama question which he had been instructedly
the Departinent to make informally. Also incloses
a copy of the memorandum that he intends, if it be-
comes advisable, informally to present to the Co-
lombian Government in explanation of the five

suggestions already submitted.
Same subject. Incloses copy of the minutes of his in.
formal conversation with the Minister for Foreign
Atlairs on Feb. 15. on the occasion of informally
presenting the memorandum inclosed with his
dispatch of Feb. 5; it shows that the negotiations
terminated with this conversation.

141 Same to same.

Feb. 28


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1913, 11 Mr. Betancourt to Mr. Feb. 28 Same subject. Requests resort to arbitration......

The President to Congress.. Mar. 1 Same subject. Submits a report to the President hy

the Secretary of State, reviewing the relations be

tween the two countries. 5 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Betan. Apr. 15 Same subject. Reply to his No. 11. Can not at court.

present discuss the matter.
16 Mr. Betancourt to Mr. May 3 Same subject. The Minister of Colombia presents the

views of his Government regarding the Panama
controversy and requests its submission to arbi-

tration before The Hague Tribunal.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Betan- | July 18 Same subject. Refers to the Minister's note of May

3: this Government prefers to postpone considering
arbitration in view of the prospect of renewing

direct negotiations.
President Restrepo to the July 20 Same subject. Statement of the status of the Pan-
Colombian Congress.

ama question.
The Minister for Foreign ..do.... Same subject. A memorial containing a review of
Affairs to

recent negotiations, arguments for arbitration, and Congress.

a statement of the attitude of the Colombian Gov.

Mr. Bryan to Mr. Thomson Sept. 29 Same subject. Instruction, by direction of the Pres-

ident, to offer to Colombia $20,000,000 in full settle-
ment of all claims and differences now pending be-
tween the two Governments and between Colom-

bia and Panama.
10 Mr. Thomson to Mr. Bryan. Oct. 8 Same subject. Reports execution of the instruction

of Sept. 29 and incloses copy of the reply by the
Foreign Office, embodying its proposal of bases for

a settlement. Same to samo.

Oct. 22 Same subject. Same purport as next below... Same to same.

Oct. 23 Same subject. Incloses a draft treaty submitted to

him by the Colombian Government embodying the
bases for settlement proposed in the Colombian

note inclosed in Mr. Thomson's No. 10 of Oct. 8.
Same to same.

Oct. 25 Same subject. Incloses memoranda of the Foreign

Oflice in support of its draft treaty previously suh.
mitted and forwarded to the Department with the

Minister's No. 14 of Oct. 23.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Harrison Nov. 29 Same subject. Reply to legation's Oct. 22. Pres.

sure of business has prerented the President from

considering this question,
Mr. Harrison to Mr. Bryan Dec. 1 Same sulject. Exira session of Congress has been

extended to Dec. 5. Your Nov. 29 has been
delivered to minister for foreign atairs, who hores

to receive answer before the 5thinstant.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Harrison Dec. 19 Same subject. Draft treaty quoted. (Presented to

foreign office Dec. 28).


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Mr. Bryan to Mr. Lang- June 14 Extradition as an act of coinity. Instruction to as-
horne (telegram).

certain whether the Government of Costa Rica will
grant the extradition of Waldo C. Lawson, charged
by this Government with embezzlement, as an act
oi comity explaining that for constitutional rea-
sons this Government can not reciprocate, in the
absence of an extradition treaty, in case of a similar

request being made by Costa Rica.
Mr. Langhorne to Mr. June 21 Same subject. The Fresident of Costa Rica in the

absence of the minister for foreign atlairs consented

to the extradition. Same to same (telegram)... July 17 Same subject. Lawson arrested and will be deported

on the 18th. Same to same (telegram)...! July 19 Same subject. Larson was deported on the 18th... Same to same

..do.... Same subject. Upon the advice of the minister of

foreign aifairs, and with the consent of the Presi-
dent, Lawson was arrested and deported as a
pernicious foreigner" (estranjero pernicioso) on
the ground that under this charge the proceeding
would escape exception by the Central American
Court of Justice to a grant of extradition in the ab-

sence of an extradition treaty,
Mr. Moore to Mr. Lang. | July 24 Same subject. The attitude of Costa Rica in the

matter is highly appreciated. Mr. Bryan to Mr. Lang- July 31 Same subject. Approves the action of the minister.


331 331





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683 Mr. Jackson to Mr. Knox... Mar. 16 Concession for the construction of a bridge across the

entrince to the port of Habanı. By executive de-
cree 180 of Mar. 10, 1911, the President of Cuba
granted a concession to build a bridge across the
entrance to the port of Habana; the concession

includes a grant of land.
Mr. Wilson to Mr. Stinson Mar. 24 Same subject. The Secretary of War is notified of

the Habana bridge concession.
Ur. Wilson to Mr. Jackson....do.... Same subject. Acknowledges his No. 683, which has

been copied to the Secretary of War.

Mr. Wilson to Mr. Beaupré Mar. 5 Caibarién-Nuevitas railway project. In view of in-

formation to renew the application for a concession
to British capitalists, the minister is instructed to
request postponeinent of action to allow full in-

Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox Mar. 6 Same subject. The President of Cuba promises to

obtain postponement until the next Congress con

Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox May 14 Same subject. The project is norv under considera-

tion in Congress. Asks instructions.
Mr. Wilson to Mr. Beaupré May 14 Same sul,ject. The Departinent can not approve the

project as it now understapds it.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré May 22 Same subject. Instruction to inform the Cuban

Government that as the project is now framed the
department feels that it is probably an undue

strain on the Treasury.
273 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. May 25 Same subject. Incloses responses from the President

and the Secretary of State of Cuba to his informal

note based on department's May 22.
Mr. Innes to Mr. Knox..... May 31 Same subject. States the British Government's

objections to the concession approved by the Cuban
House of Representatives to the North Coast

Railway Company.
Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox June 4 Same subject. The Cuban Senate has approved the

concession to the North Coast Co.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré.. June 8 Samo subject. Transmits the purport of Mr. Innes'

letter of May 31, to the effect that the North Coast
Company's project is a swindling scheme dirocted

against The Cuban Central's vested interests.
Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox June 9 Same subject. Explains the relative merits of the

claims to a concession made by the North Coast

Railway Co, and the Cuban Central Railway Co. 1529 Mr. Knox to Mr. Innes...... June 14 Same subject. Reply to Mr. Innes' May 31; quotes

thetelegram from Mr. Beauprédated June 9.
502 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox... Nov. 15 Concession for construction of a bridge across the en-

trance to the port of Habana. A letter from the
Havana Coal Co. protests against the concession as
calculated to do great harm to its property. The
minister has requested the Cuban Government to
defer action until tbe department's wishes can be

Vir, Bryce to Mr. Knox.... Nov. 27 Caibarién-Nuevitas railway project. Incloses data

relating to the contention ofthe Cuban Central Ry.
Co. and requests their consideration and such

action as the department may find just.
Mr. Bryce to Mr. Knox..... Nov. 30 Same subject. Incloses data to add to those sub-

mitted by Mr. Bryce on Nov. 27.
Mr. Innes to Mr. Clark.... Dec. 2 Same subject. Incloses data to be added to those

submitted by Mr. Bryce and Lord Percey on Nov.

27 and Nov. 30.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré... Dec. Same subject. Informs him of the arguments suh-

mitted by the British Embassy on Nov. 27 and 30
Dec. 2, and instructs him to address the Cuban

Government in regard thereto.
530 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox... Dec. 5 Same subject. Incloses copy of his note to the Cuban

Government in pursuance of the department's

instruction of Dec. 4.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Bryce..... Dec. 9 Samo subject. Acknowledges roceipt of the British

Embassy's notes of Nov. 27, Nov. 30, and Dec. 2.
Their substance has been transmitted to the
American Minister, with instruction to investi.

,538 Mr. Beaupré to Ma Knox... Dec. 11 Same subject. Incloses Cuban note of Dec. 10 in

reply to his note in pursuance of department's in.

struction of Dec. 4.
177 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Beaupré. Dec. 13 Concession for construction of a bridge across the

entrance to the port of Habana. Acknowledges his
502 and instructs him to make further investiga-

tion, particularly as to the land grant.
500 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. Dec. 19 Cuban amnesty bill. Incloses copy of a bill passed

by the House of Representatives, with suinmury.













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Mr. Wilson to Mr. Beaupré Jan 6 Same subject. Instruction to present certain objec-

tions to the bill as passed.
585 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. Jan. 9 Same subject. Reports execution of the instruc-

tion of Jan. 6. 587 Same to same...

Jan. 10 Concession for construction of a bridge across the en

trance to the port of Habana. Refers to the lega-
tion's 502 and incloses a note from the foreign oflice
showing that the Havana Coal Co.'s objections
were taken into consideration when formulating
the decree of Dec. 12, 1912, which embodied modi-

fications in the bridge plans,
185 Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré.. Jan. 11 Zapata swamp concession. Instruction to say to

the Cuban Government that in view of amend-
ments suggested by the concessionaire curing ihe
defects of the concession as viewed by the depart-
ment, this Government withdraws its objection to
the concession, but without thereby endorsing the

project as a commercial enterprise.
321 Mr. Knox to Mr. Rodgers... ...do.... Same subject. Ackno vledges the consul general's

No. 674 of Nov. 20, 1912, and No. 675 of Nov. 23,
1912, and informs him of the instruction to the

minister of Jan. 11, 1913.
186 Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré... ...do.... Naval station at Guantanamo. Calls attention to a

slight crror of description in the agreement with

Cuba for enlargement of the station.
Same to same (telegram)... Jan. 15 Concession for construction of a bridge across the en-

trance to the port of Habanı. Acknowledges the
legation's 587 and instructs him to inform the
Cuban Government that the war and Navy De-
partments point out that even the amended bridge
plans threaten seriously to congest trallic, and to
make possible a military peril of moment to both

Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox Jan. 16 Same subject. The instruction of Jan. 15 has heen

executed. Suggests that the land grant in the
concession is prejudicial to the use of the military

reservation for quartering troops.
Mr. Bryca to Mr. Knox... Jan. 20 Caibarién-Nuevitas railway project. The British

minister at Habana has been instructed to support
the petition of the Cuban Central Co. to cancel the
concession to the North Coast Co. and grant it to
themselves. Requests the influence of this Govern-

ment in support of this action.
602 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. Jan. 21 Naval station at Guantanamo. The error of descrip

tion in the agreement has been corrected; incloses

corrected copy. 605 Same to samo.

Jan. 23 Same subject. Reports probable success of opposi

tion in the Cuban Senate to ratification of the

Same to same (telegram)... Jan. 25 Concession for construction of a bridge across the

entrance to the port of Habana. Quotes the reply
of the íoreign oflice, saving that as the concession
was made by an act of Congress, the President can
not suspend its effect, but he will deferits execu-
tion for a reasonable period to permitinvestigation

by this Government.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré Jan. 28 Same subject. Instruction to reply to the Cuban

note saying that this Government's investigation
will soon be concluded as to the alleged inability of
the Cuban President to suspend the effect of the
act making the concession, it would seem that the
Zapata Swamp matter atiords a precedent for act-

ing as desired by this Government.
610 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. Jan. 29 Same subject. Acknowledges department's instruc-

tion of Jan. 28 and incloses a note that he has ad.
dressed to the foreign oilice embodying that in-
instruction. Discusses the bearing of the Zapata

Swamp matter on the present case. 612 Same to same.

...do.... Proposed arbitration of insurrectionary claims of

France, Germany and Great Britain. The Presi.
dent of Cuba has requested authority of Congress

for arbitration 620 Same to same.

Feb. 6 Concession for construction of a bridge across the

entrance to the port of Habana. Refers to his 610
and discusses the Cuban law bearing on the sub-

Same to same (telegram)......do.... Newspaper attack on the American Logation. The

newspaper Cuba" charges Mr. Beaupré and Mr. Gibson with blackmail and graft, in scurrilous and libelous articles in the issue o! Feb.5. The minister recommends that he be authorized to request Cuban Government to bring suit for criminal libel.









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Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox Feb. 6 Same subject. Reports another libelous article in

the same newspaper on Feb. 6. 619 Same to same...

...do.... Same subject. Incloses copies of the libelous articles

and reiterates his recommendation.
Same to same (telegram)... Feb. 7 Same subject. Reports another libelous article in

the same newspaper on Feb. 7, and other matters
pertaining to the editor, Soto, who is declared hy
*Cuba” to be immune from prosecution, as a Con-

Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré ...do.... Same subject. Instruction to request at once of the

Cuban Government immediate, active and ade-
quate prosecution of those quilty of the scurrilous
and libelous statements against the personnel of

the Legation.
Same to same (telegram)...Feb. 8 Concession for construction of a bridge across the

entrnace to the port of Habana. Summarizes the
report received from the War Department, which
sets forth reasons why the bridge would be inju-
rious to the interests of both Governments. In-
structs him to communicate the objections to the

Cuban Government. 193 | Same to same..

....do....Caibarién-Nuevitas railway project. Informs him

of the British request of Jan. 20, and instructs him
to point out to the Cuban Government that the
seemingly well-defined attitude of Great Britain
appears to require the most serious attention of

the Cuban Government to the matter.
1749 Mr. Knox to Mr. Bryce........do.... Same subject. Informs him of the instruction given

the American minister in pursuance of the British

Ambassador's letter of Jan 20.
621 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. Feb. 10 Newspaper attack on the American Legation. Re-

fers to his dispatch 619 and gives detailed report
of the matter. Incloses copy of note sent to the
foreign oflice in pursuance of the instruction of

Feb. 7.
195 Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré.. Feb. 13 Concscsion for construction of a bridge across the

entrance to the port of Habana. Refers to depart-
ment's Feb. 8 and observes that while the depart-
ment is not now disposed to argue upon the ques-
tion whether or not the project is now legally
binding on the Cuban Government, the depart-
ment finds it proper to instruct the minister to call
the Cuban Government's attention to the apparent
advantages of the plan of harbor improvement pro
jected by the Government Board in 1907. Fur-
ther instructs to leave the Cuban Government in
doubt as to the unalterable character of the de-
partment's opinion that the project is inadmissibly
detrimental to the vital interests of both Govern-

ments. Discusses the Zapata matter. 108 Same to same..

Feb. 14 Same subject. Acknowledges the Legation's 620

and in reply refers to department's Feb. 13. 028 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox.. Feb. 17 Caiburion-Nuevitas railway project. Gives a ré

sumé oft be whole matter of the Czibarién-Nuevitas

concession. Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré Feb. 18 Same subject. Instructs the minister to suspend (telegram).

action till further instructed, in view of a request

for a hearing made by the North Coast Company. Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox ...do.... Newspaper attack on the American Legation. Re(telegram).

ports delay of Cuban Government in instituting
proceedings. Recommends formulation of the
department's views for presentation to the Cuban

Same to same (telegram)... Feb. 20 Same subject. The scurrilous press is groaing

bolder in the belief they have nothing to fear from

this Government.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Beaupré ...do.... Same subject. Quotes aide mémoire of Feb. 20 di-

rected by the department to the Cuban Legation,
insisting on immediate and adequate action against

the libelous newspaper.
67 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Knox... ...do.... Caibarién-Nuevitas railway project. Refers to de-

partment's Feb. 8 and reports that in view of the
British minister's request to the Cuban Govern-
ment the department's Feb. 8 would not meet the

present situation.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Bryce..... Feb. 25 Same subject. Refers to department's note of Feb.

8, and of its subsequent decision to postpone action and hear the argument of the North Coast Company, which has caused the department to conclude that this Government can not give preference to either company as against the other.









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