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Mr. Russell to Mr. Bryan | Mar. 15 Message of President Nouel to Congress. Transmits

the message of Provisional President Nouel to the

Congress, Feb. 27, 1913.
Mr. Curtis to Mr. Bryan r. 19 Political affairs. A second gunboat is desirable at

an early date in view of possible revolution upon

the resignation of the President.
Mr. Adee to Mr. Curtis Mar. 20 Same subject. Instruction to deliver to the Do-

minican President the message, quoted, from the

President, urging him not to resign.
Mr. Curtis to Mr. Bryan Mar. 24 Same subject. Reports delivery of the President's

message to the Dominican President. The Do-
minican Government urges the presence of a large.

American war ship.
Archhishop Nouel to Mr. Mar. 24 Same subject. Acknowledges with thanks the
Wilson (telegram).

President's communication, but ill health de

mands the Dominican President's resignation. Mr. Adee to Mr. Curtis ...do.... Same subject. The Algonquin will proceed to Do (telegram).

minican waters to establish radio communica

tion with the Wheeling.
Mr. Curtis to Mr. Bryan Mar. 26 Same subject. Algonquin has established radi) com-

munication with the Wheeling. The consu! at
Puerto Plata has been requested to inform the

commander of the Algonquin in case telegraph line
Mr. Ménos to Mr. Doyle.... Mar. 28 Arbitration of boundary dispute with Haiti. In-

choses draft protocol addressed Mar. 23, 1913, to the

Dominican plenipotentiary.
Mr. Curtis to Mr. Bryan Mar. 31 Political affairs. President Nouel resigned today...

Mr. Hathaway to Mr. Apr. 1 Same subject. Reports evidence of revolutionary
Bryan (telegram).

Same to samo (telegram)...

Same subject. General Bordas was chosen Domini

can President by the Senato at first reading, Apr. 5.
Mr. Curtis to Mr. Bryan Apr. 7 Same subject. Reports revolutionary acts...........

Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 9 Same subject. Bordas chosen by Senate on second

Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 11 Same subject. Bordas chosen by Senate at third

reading. Rejected by House.
Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 12 Same subject. Bordas chosen by House on second

and third readings.
Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 14 Same subject. President Bordas inaugurated today..
Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan.) June 6 Same subject. Encloses autograph letter of Presi-

dent Bordas to the President, announcing his in

Mr. Cernuda to Mr. Bryan.. July 1 Arbitratiɔn of boundary dispute with Haiti. Sends

him copies of a map recently published by order of
the Dominican Government showing the pro-
visional boundary line adopted by the United

States Sept. 24, 1912.
147 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Curtis..... July 8 | Political affairs. 'Encloses letter from the President

to President Bordas acknowledging his autograph

Mr. Curtis to Mr. Bryan Sept. 2 Same subject. Governor Céspedes at Puerto Plata

has organized a separate government with himself
as president. Government troops are marching

against him.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Hatha- | Sept. 4 | Same subject. Instruction to cooperate with Com-
way (telegram).

mander Long of the Des Moines to protect life and

property during Puerto Plata revolution.
Mr. Esteva to Mr. Bryan ...do.... Same subject. Governor Céspedes has issued a man-

ifesto declaring Puerto Plata severed from the

central Government.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Curtis ...do.... Same subject. Instruction to communicate to revo-

iutionists the profound displeasure of the United

Mr. Esteva to Mr. Bryan Sept. 6 Same subject. Dominican gunboats are shelling

Puerto Plata.
Mr. Osborne to Mr. Hatha- ...do.... Same subject. The Seminole may call at Puerto
way (telegram).

Plata, having sailed before announcement of the

closure of that port. Instructionin regard thereto.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan.. Sept. 9 Same subject. Instructions to the new American

Mr. Osborne to Mr. Hatha Sept. 10 Same subject. Instruction in regard to Puerto
way (telegram).

Plata conditions.
Mr. Esteva to Mr. B

Same subject. Department's instruction to Mr.

Hathaway has been complied with.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Holaday ...do.... Same subject. Instruction to the consulat Santiago

de Cuba to deliver to Mr. Sullivan certain quoted
instructions in regard to the Puerto Plata revolu-

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1913. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Sept. 16 Same subject. Reports his measures whilo at Monte (telegram).

Cristi. Mr. Esteva to Mr. Bryan ...do.... Same subject. Reports engagements at Navarrete (telegram).

and Las Lagunas. Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan.. Sept. 18 Same subject. Notifies him of the closure of the

ports of Puerto Plata, Samaná, and Sánchez on

Sept. 4.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Sept. 19 Same subject. The minister and Commander Long

have conferred with the revolutionists and in-
duced them to abandon resort to violence on the
promise of no reprisals; Cespedes to remain gos.

ernor; an honest ballot and lree election.
Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan.. Sept. 20 Same subject. Explanation in regard to the blockade

involving the Seminole. Same to same..

.do. Saine subject. Same purport.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Sept. 22 Same subject. The Dominican Government con-

sents to parley with revolutionists on the bases re-
ported in the minister's Sept. 19.

Remarks re

garding the blockade. (Same to same (telegram).....do.... Same subject. Requests authority to insist on open

ing of all ports on account of closure's effect on

customs receipts.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Sept. 25 Same subject. The department believes the block-

ade should be preserved; reasons given. Objects
to the feature of agreement with revolutionists
retaining Céspedes as governor. Advises change
of military commanders at certain points; in-
structs to insist on no reprisals, and full guaran-

ties to revolutionists.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Peynado. Sept, 26 Same subject. This Government will respect the

blockade of Puerto Plata, Sánchez, and Samaná,

and will assist in preservingit. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Sept. 27 Same subject. Revolutionists accede to agreement (telegram).

amended to supplant Governor Céspedes. Mr. Osborne to Mr. Sullivan Sept. 30 Same subject. The dopartment suggests a written (telegram).

agreement with the revolutionists, witnessed by

representative of this Government.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Oct. 2 Same subject. Reports delivery to both contend.

ing parties of the basis suggested for an agreement.
Inquiries whether or not the agreement may be

regarded as a treaty.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Oct. Same subject. The agreement should not be con-

strued as a treaty. Further instructions, AP

provalof course taken by the minister. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Oct. 6 Same subject. The revolutionists yield, and will (telegram).

rely on the American promise to insist on free

elections. Gives further details. Mr. Moore to Mr. Sullivan Oct. 8 Same subject. The department assumes immediate (telegram).

delivery of arms by the revolutionists. Requests

full statement of terms of agreement.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Oct. 10 Same subject. The revolutionists repudiate the

agreement negotiated by their fully empowered
representatives. The minister requests instruc-

tion to take the most drastic measures,
Same to samo (tologram)... Oct. 10, Same subject. Gives terms of the agreement.

7 p.m.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Oct. 13 Same subject. Instructs to insist on resort to con-

stitutional methods and to let the revolutionists
know that this Government will exert its full

power against them.
Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan Oct. 15 Same subject. The blockadeand closure ofthe ports

of Samana and Sánchez has been ended. Mr. Hathaway to Mr. Bryan Oct. 16 Same subject. The revolutionists have accepted (telegram).

and signed the peace agreement. Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan. Oct. 25 Same subject. The blockade and closure of the port

of l'uerto Plata has been ended. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan | Nov. 13 Same subject. The situation has become tense be(telegram).

cause of the approaching elections. Suggests re

tention of the vessels. Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Nov. 21 Same subject. Instruction to cable his views as to (telegram).

method of procedure in regard to the elections. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan | Nov. 22 Same subject. Gives his suggestions as to method of (telegram).

procedure of this Government in regard to the

elections. Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Nov. 24 Same subject. Instruction to submit to the Do(telegram).

7 p. m. minican Govern inent the departinent's sugges

tions in relation to conduct of elections; text given. Sa me to sa me (telegram)... Nov. 24, Same subject. The Nashville will return to Domini

8 p. in

can waters about Dec. 10, in time for elections. Same to samo (telegram)... Nov. 28 Same subject. Inquires the Minister's views in re

gard to certain details of this Government's plan for observing the elections,















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Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Nov.30 Same subject. Reply to the foregoing.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sulivan Dec. 2 Same subject. The Minister's suggestion of non-

interfering observation of elections is approved.
Three representatives of the department for this
purpose will be sent from Washington. Further

preparations described.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Dec. 2, Same subject. The Dominican Government has

noon. arrested certain leaders of the opposition. The

Minister urges immediate sending of additional

vessel. Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 2, Same subject. Reports armed conflict between the

10 p. m. authorities and the opposition. Recommends

waming that the revenues will be shut off if

coercive measures are used to carry the election. Fame to sa me (telegram)... Dec. 3 Same subject. Department's Dec. 2, has had a good

effect. Requests about 30 agents to observe the

elections in the several precincts. Same to sa me (telegram)... Dec. Same subject. Reports an orderly opposition mass

meeting without Government interference, Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan ...do.... Same subject. Further instructions in regard to (telegram).

method of procedure in observing the elections. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Dec. 5 Same subject. Reports decision of the Dominican (telegram).

Government arrived at after a cabinet meeting;
gives attitude of the Goverment toward the de-
partment's plan of observation of elections; it will

not officially recognize the American observers. Mr. Bryan to Messrs. Gib- Dec. 6 Same subject. Instruction to proceed to Santo son, Sterling and Stabler.

Domingo and place themselves under the direction

of the minister. Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan....do.... Same subject. Informs the department of his

Government's objection to the presence of Ameri

can observers.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Dec. 7 Same subject. The Dominican Government's at-

tempt to create popular hostility to the American
observers has failed. Requests permission to pub-

Tish certain of the department's telegrams.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan ...do.... Same subject. Instruction to inform President

Bordas of the unofficial character of the observers
and the reasons of this Government for sending

Mr. Bryan to Mr. Peynado. Deo. 8 Same subject. Reply to his Dec. 6.
Mr. Peynado to Mr. Bryan....do... Same subject. Reiterates his statement of Dec. 6

and adeis further reasons for resenting the atti

tude of this Government. Mr. Bryan to Mr. Peynado. Dec. 9 Same subject. Reply to the foregoing.. Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan ...do.... Same subject The Dominican Government raises (telegram).

no objetion to the presence of the American ob.

servers though not in favor of it. Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Dec. 10 Same subject. Instructs him to take charge of the (telegram).

department's representatives who will observe

the ele'tions, Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan Dec. 13 Same subject. The agents have departed for their (telegram).

posts: the three delegates of the department

willremain at Santo Domingo.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec 15 Same subject. The agents before their departure,

and the delegates, were courteously received by
the President. The Arst day's polling appar-

ently peaceful.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 16 Sameš ibject. Government coercive action has

resulted at Santo Domingo in friction and re-
fusal of opposition to vote. Elsewhere returns in-

dicate orderly elections.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 17 Same subject. To cure friction caused by Govern-

ment's arrest at Santo Domingo of opposition
leaders, the Minister has prevailed on President
Bordas to take certain steps to prevent ilisorder

and secure full popular expression at the polls. Mr. Bryan to Mr. Sullivan Dec. 18 Same subject. Instruction to urge Dominican (telegram).

Government to avoid criticism by calling spec.

ial elections in all disaffected precincts.
Mr. Sullivan to Mr. Bryan ...do.... Same subject. In harmony with the Minister's

request, President Bordas willcalla special session
of Congress Jan. 4, 1914, to consider election con.
tests. Recommends immediate consideration of

the Dominican financial situation.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 19 Same subject. The department's delegates sail

to-day. Messrs. Gibson, Sterling and Dec. 20 Same subject. Report of their action as observers of Stabler to Mr. Bryan.

the elections, and of Dominican conditions.



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1912. Mr. Wilson to Mr. Janes.... Dec. 14 Guayaquil & Quito Ry. Co. claims arbitration pro

ceedings. In loses appointment as arbitrator

and other papers. Mr. Bingham to Mr. Knox ...do.... Same subject. The departure of Mr. Janes has (telegram).

been requested by Ecuador, pending transmis

sion of a note from the foreign office. Mr. Knox to Mr. Bingham Dec. 16 Same subject. Instruction to explain to the Govern(telegram).

ment that it is too late to defer departure of Mr.

170 Mr. Bingham to Mr. Knox ...do.... Same subject. Reports an interview with the Min-

ister for foreign affairs and incloses the note from
the foreign office referred to in his telegram of Dec.

14, No. 118 of Dec. 12.

1913. 174 Same to same..

Jan. 6

Sanitation of Guayaquil. Reports that Col.

Gorgas and other members of the American Sani

tary Commission sailed for Panama Dec. 24, 1912. President Taft to President Jan. 10 Recognition of President Plaza, Response to PresiPlaza.

dent Plaza's announcement of his assumption of

the presidency: 175 Mr. Bingham to Mr. Knox. Jan. 16 Guayaquil & Quito Ry. Co., claims arbitration pro

ceedings. Reports arrival of Mr. Janes. 62 Mr. Knox to Mr. Bingham. Jan. 21 Same subject Acknowledges his 170. 187 Mr. Bingham to Mr. Knox. Feb. 19 Same subject. Incloses notes 202 and 212 from the

Foreign Office, and the Legation's 150, touching de

tails of arrangements for a mee ing of the arbitrators. 189 Same to same..

Feb. 22 Same subject. Incloses his No. 151 to the Foreign

Office concerning the scope of the powers of the

arbitrators. 193 Same to same..

Feb. 28 Same subjeet. Incloses Foreign Office noto No. 230,

in answer to Legation's 151; it assumes that the
Legation's 151 is a reply to the Foreign Office note

No. 118 of Dec. 12.
Mr. Stimson to Mr. Knox.. Mar. 1 Sanitation of Guayaquil. Transmits the report of

Col. W. C. Gorgas in regard to sanitary condi

tions in Guayaquil. Mr. Janes to Mr. Bryan.... Mar. 5 Guayaquil & Quito Ry, Co. claims arbitration pro

ceedings. Refers to department's No. 62 of Jan.

21, and reports upon the arbitration situation.
195 Mr. Bingham to Mr. Bryan. Mar. 6 Same subject. Reports information as to the in-

structions given the new Ecuadorean Minister to
the United States, Dr. Córdova, including a possi-

ble request for the recall of Mr. Janes.
Same to same (telegram)... Mar. 8 Same subject. Report on the status of arbitration

matters. Ecuador evidently intends to make the
Arbitral Tribunal subject to control by Ecuadorean

courts. Same to same..

Mar. 11 Same subject. Incloses a letter from Mr. Janes re

porting a request by a local judge that the Arbitra-
tor qualify before him. Mr. Janos refused and ro
plied that the question of jurisdiction was nov in
diplomatic channels and would be taken up with

the Foreign Office. 197 Same to same..

Mar. 17 Same subject. Incloses note No. 249 from the For.

eign Office and Legation's reply, No. 159, relating to
the contention of Ecuador for the jurisdiction of

local courts over the Arbitral Tribunal. 200 Same to same..

Apr. 3 Same subject. Incloses correspondence between the

American Arbitrator, the local judge and the Min-
ister of the Interior, as to local jurisdiction and the

character of the Arbitral Tribunal.
69 Mr. Adee to Mr. Bingham.. Apr. 5 Sanitation of Guayaquil. Incloses a letter from

Col. Gorgas to the President of Ecuador relating to
accounts of the American Sanitary Commission,
and check for unised balance of funds. The minis.
ter is instructed to present the accounts and check
personally to the President, with a suggestion
that the matter be made public, including the fact
that more than half of the appropriation for the
Commission's expenses had been returned.








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1913. 202 Mr. Bingham to Mr. Bryan. Apr. 8 Guayaquil & Quito Ry. Co., claims arbitration pro

ceedings. Incloses further correspondence, as in

his No. 200 of Apr. 3.
Same to sume (telegram)... Apr. 9 Same subject. Refers to his telegram of Mar. 8.

Arbitration matters have come to a standstill;
reports the conflicting views of the parties in re-
gard to jurisdiction of local courts. Requests

Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 14 Same subject. Refers to his No. 195 of Mar. 5. The

minister hears that the ministr of Ecuador has
requested the recall of Mr. Jan s. Mr. Bingham
regards this as un varranted and seriously unde-

Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 18 Same subject. Transmits the resignation of Mr.

Janes. 315 Mr. Wither to Mr. Bryan.. May

8 Same subject. Acceptance by Ecuador of Judge A.

L. Miller as American arbitrator vice Mr. Janes, Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Bryan May 24 Sanitation of Guayaquil. Urges string representa: (telegram).

tions to the Government of Ecuador in behall of
American firms who may compete for the sani-

tat on loan and contract.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Schuyler June 26 Same subject. Instruction to use his best efforts to

secure opportunity for Americans to obtain the
contract. In view of Ecuador's invitation to
the Isthmian (ana! Commission to report on
the matter, Americans should not be excuded

from bidding.
Mr. Wither to Mr. Bryan.....do.... Guayaquil & Quito Ry. Co. claims arbitration pro-

ceedings. It is clear y understood by the Govern-
ment of Ecuador that the finding of the Amer-
ican and Ecuadorean arbitrators will be c n-

sidered by Ecuador as final.
Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Bryan July 1 Sanitation of Guayaquil. Americans will be given

opportunity to secure contract. MacArthur
Bros. is the only American firm competing.

States on question as to bonds still unsettled.
Same to same.

July 19 Same subject. Incloses a letter from the Guayaquil

committee, showing discrimination against Amer-
icans; the minister has protested; urges strong

3 Mr. Moore to Mr. Schuyler July 21 Slavery of Indians in the Province of Oriente. In-

closes a note of July 5 from the British Embassy
regarding labor conditions in certain

parts of
Ecuador. Instructs to inform the department
thereon and give his views as to the advisability
of cooperating with the British Government in

addressing Ecuador. 85 Mr. Moore to Sir Cecil ...do.... Same subject. Acknowledges his July 5 and inSpring Rice.

forms him of its transmittal to thc American

Wr. Schuyler to Mr. Bryan July 31 Sanitation of Guayaquil. Suggests that MacArthur

Bros. immediately send a representative with full
powers. It is the only Ainerican house inter-

Same to same (telegram)... Aug. 6 Same subject. Reports that although the Mac-

Arthur þid is the best, it is not being considered,

as the firm is American.
Mr. Córdova to Mr. Bryan. Aug. 8 Guayaquil & Quito Ry. Co. claims arbitration pro-

ceedings. The Government of Ecuador considers
unnecessary any protccol previous to organization
of the arbitral tribunal; reasons given; desires
that the American arbitrator go to Quito as soon
as possible; states that the tribunal will be held
independent of every authority of Ecuador or
the United States; and that the arbitrators are
amiables compositeurs, competent to render a

final decision.
Ms. Bryan to Mr. Schuyler Aug. 13 Same subject. Transmits the substance of Mr.

Córdova's note of Aug. 8; instructs him to inform

the foreign office thereof. 19 Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Bryan....do.... Message of the President. Transmitscopy of Presi

dent Plaza's message to the Ecuadorean Congress.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Schuyler Aug. 14 Sanitation of Guayaquil. Approves the course of

the minister as reported in his July 19. Instruc-
tion to report present status of bids. Inquires

concerning specifications and other matters.
Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Bryan Aug. 18 Same subject. Response to the foregoing. The for-

eign office, replying to his protest, says nothing will be done until return from Europe of the Government's special commissioner.










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