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Mr. Moore to Mr. Hitt Apr. 28 Financial affairs. Informs him that unless the

coffee revenues are restored before Apr. 30, a Brit-
ish warship will be sent to compel their collec-

tion. Instructs him to investigate and report. Mr. Wilson to Mr. Bryan | Apr. 29 Confirms the statement in Department's Apr. 28, (telegram).

and adds that diplomatic relations will be broken

off is the matter is not arranged by Apr. 30. Same to same (telegram).. May 1 The British Government flatly refuses Guatemala's

request for more time. Same to same (telegram)... May 6 A British cruiser has arrived at Belize.. Same to same (telegram)... May 12 The threatened note was presented May 10, and an

agreement was signed the same night accepting the

British terms. Gives terms of agreement.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Laughlin ...do.... The Guatemalan Government having requested this

Department's friendly mediation for the extension
of time on the debt, it was taken up with the Brit-
ish Ambassador, who suggests prosentation of the
matter by our Embassy to the British Foreign
Office. Instruction to say that the Department
feels sure that Guatemala is trying to make ar.
rangements for payment of the demand, and it is
hoped that a delay until June 1 will enable Guate-

mola to meet the demand.
Mr. Laughlin to Mr. Bryan May 13 Upon presenting the subject of the instruction of

May 12, he was informed that Guatemala had

yielded and the question was settled. 138 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Bryan... ...do.... Reports the events from May 7 to May 13, ending

in the yielding of Guatamala to the British de

demand. Same to same.

May 15

Transmits copy of the agreement between the British bondholders and the Government of Guatemala.










1188 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Knox... Feb. 25 Abrogation of the right of Syrians to trade in Haiti;

rights of American citizens of Syrian birth. Re-
quests that the Department ascertain whether
Syrians expelled from Haiti, and now in Jamaica,
are contributing toward a projected Haitian revo-
lution, on the promise that is the revolution suc-

ceeds they will be allowed to return.
25 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Bergholz. Mar. 8 Same subject. Incloses the foregoing and instructs

the American Vice Consulat Jamaica to investigate. 373 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Furniss.. Mar. 17 Same subject. Refers to Mr. Furniss's No. 1188 and

incloses letter from Mr. McManus of Swist & Co.,
regarding attitude of Haitian Government toward

Syrians; instructs to report.
1199 Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan.. Mar. 25 Samo subject. The minister reports continuance of

his difficulties in protecting American citizens of
Syrian origin and his action in a number os cases.
Suggests vigorous representations to the Haitian

Government. 1208 Same to same.

Apr. 10

Same subject. Replies to Department's No. 373 of

Mar. 17; reports an interview with President

Auguste whose attitude is unsatisfactory:
Same to sanne (telegram)... May 3 Death of President Auguste. Announces the Presi-

dent's death.
Mr. Moore to Mr. Furniss ...do... Same subject. Quotes tc'egram of condolence from

the President to the Secretaries of State in Council

assembled. President Oreste to Presi- | May 5 Samesubject. Thanks him for his message.........

dent Wilson (telegram). Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan ...do.... Election of Michel Oreste as President of Ilaiti. An(telegram).

nouncement. Same to same (telegram)......

...do.... Same subject. Asks whether he is to recognize the

new Government.
Aide mémoire to Haitien ...do.... Abrogation of the right of Syrians to trade in Haiti.

This Government hopes that the Gorernment of
Haiti will take the measures necessary to insure to
the American citizens exempted from the opera-
tion of the exclusion act the protection which this

Government now asks for them.
360 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Furniss.. May 10 Same subject. Acknowledges his No. 1199 of Mar.

25, his action is approved. Incloses a copy of the

aide mémoire of May 5 to the Haitian Legation. Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan May 12 Inauguration of President Oreste. Asks whether he (telegram).

shall attend a Te Deum Mass in honor of Presi.
dent Oreste.









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Mr. Bryan to Mr. Furniss May 12 Same subject. Authorizes him to attend a! sunc-

tions in connection therewith.
Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan.. May 29 | Abrogation of the right of Syrians to trade in Haiti.

Relers to his No. 1208 of Apr. 10; reports a con-
versation with President Oreste, whose attitude
is opposed to that of the previous administration
and friendly to the Syrians, but he could not per-
mit the return of those expelled by President
Auguste; reports a conference with the foreign
minister, who asserted that the Syrians would not

be molested.
Mr. Ménos to Mr. Bryan... June 3 Election of President Oreste. Incloses autograph

letter to the President from President Oreste an

nouncing his election.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Ménos... June 6 Same subject. The autograph letter from President

Oreste has been forwarded to the President.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Furniss.. June 18 Same subject. Incloses a letter from the President

acknowledging the letter from President Oreste

announcing his election.
Mr. Moore to Mr. Furniss | July 23 Abrogation of the right of Syrians to trade in Haiti.

Instructs to ascertain whether persons of Syrian
origin desiring to go to Haiti will be permitted to
enter when not objects of the enforcement of the

law of 1903.
Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan | July 25 Same subject. Replies to department's July 23,

that under the Act of 1903 no persons of Syrian
origin can come to Haiti and remain permanently,

but may come for a few months on business.
Same to same..

..do.... Same subject. Refers to department's te egram of

July 23 and his own telegram of July 25; reports that
in an interview the President o Vaiti consented to
entry of American citizens of Syrian origin repre-
senting American commercial houses, provided
they remain only a few months and are vouched

for by this Government.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Furniss.. July 31 Same subject. Acknowledges his telegram of July

25. Instructs him in regard to certification of

Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan.. Aug. 12 Same subject. Acknowledges department's No.

387 of July 31. The President of Haiti is in full

accord therewith.
Mr. Bergholz to Mr. Bryan. Sept. 12 Same subject. Refers to department's No. 159 in.

closing Mr. Furniss's No. 1263 of July 25. There
is no truth in the report of Syrians in Jamaica
joining in the alleged revolutionary attempt

against the Haitian Government.
Mr. Furniss to Mr. Bryan.. Sept. 16 Same subject. Incloses correspondence concerning

Daniel John, who has been allowed an additional

month in which to wind up his affairs.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Smith... Sept. 25 Same subject. Refers to Mr. Furniss's No. 1263 of

July 25 and incloses Mr. Bergholz's Sept. 12.
Same to same.

Sept. 29

Same subject. Incloses a letter from Mr. Siegel con

cerning Daniel John, with instruction to secure

for him additional time if requisite. Same to same.

Oct. 25 Same subject. Incloses a letter from Mr. Siegel in

regard to Daniel John; refers him to department's

general instruction of Jan, 20, 1912, to Mr. Furniss.
Mr. Smith to Mr. Bryan.. Nov. 10 Same subject. Refers to Department's No. 5 of

Oct. 25. Reports fully as to Daniel John.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Smith Nov. 19 Same subject. Instruction to use his good offices in

beball of Daniel John, threatened with ruin by

expulsion, in order to secure an extension of time.
Mr. Smith to Mr. Bryan Nov. 24 Same subject. The claim argument has already

been used: requests further instruction.
Mr. Moore to Mr. Smith Nov. 26 Same subject. Instruction to use his best efforts to

secure another extension for John.
Mr. Smith to Mr. Bryan Dec. 5 Same subject. No further extension will be granted







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to John.


1912. Mr. Meyer to Mr. Knox.... Jan. 29

Recovery by Honduras of the National Railroad of

Honduras and the wharf at Puerto Cortés from the lessee, an American citizen. Transmits copy of a cablezram from the commander of the Petrel. Reports probable intention of the Honduran Government to take charge of the railroad now leased to an American company, and states that the Petrel has been ordered to remain at Puerto Cortés at its commander's discretion.

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Mr. Knox to Mr. White Feb. 5 Same subject. It is represented to the department

that an American citizen, Mr. W. S. Valentine,
fears that the Government of Honduras will dis-
possess him of railway and wharf properties at
Puerto Cortés without adjustment of his claim.
Instructs the minister that this Government,
without at present discussing the legal aspects of
the claim, ís convinced that the claim possesses
equities that should be met, and that any action
taken in violation of such equities could not be
regarded by this Government as an indication
of a friendly attitude. The minister is instructed
to address the Honduran Government in the

sense of the foregoing.
Commander Dismukes to Feb. 6 Same subject. The American consul informs him
Mr. Meyer.

that the Honduran authorities will seize the rail-
road; the superintendent of the railroad will resist
the seizure pending orders from his company. The
cons I requests the commander to protoct the lives
and property of American citizens and he will if
necessary use force to prevent the seizure pending

instructions, which he requests.
Same to same (telegram)... Feb. 7 Same subject. A Honduran officer having arrired

to seize the railroad, the commander informed him
that he would not permit the seizure. States that
he will enforce this decision in the absence of in-

Mr. White to Mr. Knox ... do.... Same subject. Reports landing of American forces

at Puerto Cortés; all were reembarked but one,
who is stationed in the railroad superintendent's
office. The foreign ollice was advised and pro-

tested. 94 Same to samo.

Feb. 8 Same subject. Refers to department's Feb. 5 and in

closes a note from the foreign office replying to the
note of the legation embodying the department's

instruction referred to.
Same to same (telegram)... Feb. 9 Same subject. Reports the purport of a letter from

Commander Dismukes to a letter from the foreign
office demanding withdrawal of his forces. The
commander stated that he landed the forces on
his own responsibility and gave his reasons. The
minister for foreign atfairs has asked the minister
to intervene and the American consul at Puerto
Cortés has been advised that the commander's
action seems to be unwarranted. The minister
recommends that the commander be directed to

withdraw his forces.
Mr. Knox to Mr. White Feb. 10 Same subject. Informs him that the commander

has been Instructed not to rise force in resisting
seizure, but, if seizure is made, to give notice
that this Government reserves all rights to exact
full and prompt settlement of resultant claims;
that this instruction has been complied with. In-
structs the minister to express the department's
regret that the Honduran officer acted with such
haste as to compel the commander to act before
receiving instructions, and to state tbat the de-
partment's attitude remains as expressed on

Feb. 5.
9 Mr. White to Mr. Knox.... Feb. 15 Same subject. Refers to his own Feb. 7 and Feb. 9

and to department's Feb. 10. Incloses three notes
from the foreign office dated Feb. 7 and Feb. 8. Re-
ports compliance with instruction of Feb. 10. The
minister for foreign atřairs expressed diasppoint-

ment at the nature of the legation's note.
50 Mr. Wilson to Mr. White.... Mar. Samo subject. Acknowledges his No. 94 of Feb. 8

and instructs him to say that this Governmenu
confidently awaits the result of the judicial inven-
tory and liquidation of accounts therein referred
to, and to demur to the contention of the foreign
office in regard to the status of Mr. Valentine's
contract; this Government must be understood

as having made full reservations. 117 Mr. White to Mr. Knox.... Apr. 18

Same subject. Acknowledges department's in-
struction No. 56 of Mar, 6, and incloses his note
of Apr. 12 to the foreign office in pursuance of that

instruction, 140322-FB 1913- -IV





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Mr. Knox to Mr. White | May 25 Same subiect, Mr. Valentine has been limited to

twenty days to decide whether to agree to sale or
the wharf, after which he will not be permitted
to collect wharface. Instructs the minister to call
attention to the decree of Aug. 20, 1907, which
extended the concession for twelve years in accort-
ance with article 9 of the contract of Mar. 2, 1996;
and to urge the Government not to interfere with

139 Mr. Belden to Mr. Knox... June 3 Same subject. Refers to Department's instruction

of Vigy 25incloses his memorandum to the Foreign
Once in pursuance thereof, and a memorandum

from the Foreign Office in answer therato.
Mr. Wilson to Messrs. Stet- June 25 | Same subject. In reply to the attorneys for Mr.
son, Jennings and Bryan

Valentine, who have stygestel submission of their
client's claim to arbitration, the Department states
that as this would be a private arbitration it would
would not be one in which the Department would
hare official concern other than its general interest
in the rights of Americans abroad, but would
be willing to lise its informal good offices to
secure acceptance of the suggestion by Honduras,
although presumably the Dupartment would first:
have to be assured that local remedies had been

Mr. Bellen to Mr. Knox Aug. 31 | Same subject. As no a reement with Mr Valentine

has been reached, the Government has begun

building a new whari.

Mr. White to Mr. Kr .... Jan 8 Message of the President of Ilonduras to Congress.

Mr. White to Mr. Bryan | Mar. 21 Death of President Bonilla, Announcement........

Mr. Membreño to Mr. Bryan Mar. 22 | Same subject and purport .........................
President Wilson to Presi-

...do.. Same subject, Condolence....
dent Bertrand (telegram).
Mr. Adee to Mr. Membreñó. Mar. 24 Same subject. Acknowledges his note of the 22d

President Bertrand to Pres. 1...do.... Same subject. Thanks for condolence............

ident Wilson (telegram).
Mr. Membreño to r

Same subject Transmits a telegram from President

Bertrand thanking United States officials for at

tending memorial services.
Mr. Moore to Mr. Membreño Apr. 30 | Same subject. Acknowledges his note of the 19th

Mr. Membreño to Mr. May 6 Assumption of the Presidency by Vice President

Bertrand Incloses autograph letter of announce

141 | Mr. Bryan to Mr. White.... June 16 Same subject. Incloses a letter from the President

acknowledging the letter of President Bertrand

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A pr. 13 Payment by the United States to Italy of an indem-

nity for the lynching of Angelo Albano, an Italian
subject Memorandum by the Solicitor of the De-
partment of State, summarizing the history of the

caso from its occurrence Sept. 20, 1910, to date.

1912. 1024 Marquis Cusani to Mr. June 24 Same subject. Recapitulates the case and insists on Knor.

an adequate indemnity.
1704 Mr. Catalani to Mr. Knox.. Oct. 30 Sovoreignty of Italy over Libya; attitude of the

United States in regard to recognition thereof;
relinquishment of extraterritorial rights. An-
nounces cessation of the special régime formerly
enjoved by foreigners under the Capitulations of
the Ottoman Empire and the consequent applica-
tion from Nov. 1, 1912, of the general law with

certain reservations,
247 Mr O'Brien to Mr. Knox.. Oct. 30 Same subject. Reports a conversation with the

Minister for Foreign AfTairs on the recognition by
the United States and other countries of Italian

sovereignty over Libya.
2202 Mr. Catalani to Mr. Knox.. Dec. 31 | Payment by the United States to Italy of an indem-

nity for the lynching of Angelo Albano, an Italian
subject. Requests a reply to the note of June 24

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1913. 380 Mr. Knox to Mr. Catalani. Feb. 28 Sovereignty of Italyover Libya; attitude of the !

United States in regard to recognition thereof;
relinquishment of extraterritorial rights to
knowledges his Oct. 30, 1912, and informs l.im of
the issuance of appropriate instructions to con-
form to the present legalsituation in Libra, and o!
the subordination of the consulate at Tripoli to the

consulate general at Getoa.
130 Mr. Knox to Mr. O'Brien.. Mar. 1 Same subject. Refers to Department's No. 111 of

Dec. 5, 1912, and incloses copy of the notes Troin
and to the Italian Embassy of Oct. 30, 1912, and
Feb. 2, 1913, respectively, with instruction to be

guided by the latter.
231 Mr. Knox to Mr. Rockhill.....do.... Sane subject. Incloses the foregoing instruction to

Mr. O'Brien and instructs him to bring it to the

attention of the Consul General at Constantinople. 331, Mr. Knox to Marquis ...do.. Payment by the t'nited States to Italy of an indemCusani.

nity for the lynching of Angelo Albano, in Italian
subject. Acknowleelges his Dec. 31, 1912, and
June 24, 1912, and regrets that under all the cir-
cumstances this Government would not be clearly

warranted in taking the course desired by Italy. 152 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Smith... Mar. 10 Sovereignty of Italy over Libya; attitude of the

United States in regard to recognition thereof;
relinquishment ofextraterritorial rights. Incloses
Copy of instruction to the American Ambassador
of Mar. 1, 1913, and directs him to conform to the

leval situation now existing in Libya.
181 Varquis Cusani to Mr. Apr. 16 Payment by the t'nited States to Italy of an in.

demnity for the lynching of Jugelo Albano, an
Italian subject. Renews his demand for an in-

823 Same to same.............. June 10 Sanie subject. Refers to a verhal statement of the

amount of indemnity demanded-- $11,000-at the
time of handing the Secretary the note of Apr. 16;

renews the demand therefor.
.... June 26 Same subject. Message from the President to Con-

gress transmitting a report by the Secretary of
State recommending payment of the indemnity
demanded, as an act of grace and without reference
to the question of liability of the United States,

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Aug. 15

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citizenship of Albano.
Treaty between the United States and Italy amend-

ing Article 3 of the Treaty of Cominerce and Navi-
gation of February 26, 1871. Text and proclama-

Payment by the United States to Italy of an in-

demnity for the killing of Angelo Albano, an
Italian subject. Report of the House Committee
on Foreign Relations recommending the passage
of House Bill 7384, authorizing payment of $6,000

indemnity; text of the bill.
Same subject. Incloses Treasury warrant for $6,000

in payment of the indemnity, in accordance with
the ict of Congress authorizing the payment, ap-

proved Nov. 14, 1913.
Same subject. Receipt for warrant.

Mr. Bryan to Marquis Cu- / Nov. 14

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Marquis Cusani to Mr. ...do.... TV Seir. 1512 Barquis Cusani to Mr. Nov. 18


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Apr. 5 Protest of Japan against the land laws of the State of

California. Text of Articles I and XIV of the
Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between the

United States and Japan, proclaimed Apr. 5, 1911,
Mr. l'chida to Mr. Knox... Feb. 21 Same subject. Exchange of notes pertaining to the

above-cited treaty. Mr. Knox to Mr. l'chida... ...do....

Same subject and tenor.. Mr. l'chida to Mr. Knox ......do....

Same subject and tenor..... Mr. Knox to Mr. Uchida......do....

Samo subject and tenor..........

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