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Viscount Chinda to Mr. May 9 Same subject. Lodges his Government's urgent and

explicit protest aguinst the measure recently
passed by the California Legislature on the subject
of alien land tenure, ag not only inequitable and
discriminatory but also inconsistent with the

existing treaty. Reasons given.
May 19 Same subject. Text of Chapter 113 of the Statutes

of California.
Mr. Bryan to Viscount ...do.... Same subject. Reply to the note of May 9. States

that this Government is constitutionally unable
officially to modify the laws of a State of the Union;
that the President and the Secretary feel that the
California statute has been misinterpreted by the
Japanese Government; that the stipulations of
treaties are binding upon State and Federal courts
alike; that the California statute seems not to affect
the rights of commerce and navigation, to which
the treaty relates; and that the expiration of ex-
plivit treaties would not impair the friendly rela-

tions between the countries.
Viscount Chinda to Mr. June Same subject. The Department's note of May 19

does not lessen the disappointment and grave
concern of the Japanese Government; gives the
reasons therefor; draws attention to the matter of
Japanese naturalization in the United States in
relation to the matter in dispute, and declares
that racial distinction does not afford a valid basis

for discrimination on the subject of land tenure. Japanese Foreign Office to June 30 Same subject. Telegram lost at the Department of Japanese Embassy (tele

Viscount Chinda to Mr. July 3 Same subject. Aide menoire in explanation and

support of his notes of May 9 and June 4.
Mr. Bryan to Viscount July 16 Same subject. Reply to his June 4, states in con-

clusion that in the courts of the United States will
be found full protection for all legal rights of Jap
anese in this country; this Government will use
its good offices to secure prompt and efficacicu:
determination therein of suits brought to obtain

such protection. Same to same.

July 16 Sane subject. Aide mémoire in response to the

Embassy's aide mé noire of July 3 and accompany.

ing telegram of June 30.
Viscount Chinda to Mr. Aug. 26 Same subject. Transmits telegraphic instructions

received by the Embassy Aug. 23 from the Japa-
nese Minister for Foreign Affairs, discussing the
Department's two communications of July 16.







1911. Mr. Knox to Mr. Johnson.. June 27


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President Barclay to Mr. Oct. 22
Knox (telegram).

1912. Mr. Lyon to Mr. Knox..... Aug. 12

Donovan Trust Fund. Incloses communication

from the American Colonization Society asking
that an officer of the Department of State be di-
rected to audit the account of this fund. Asks for

further information.
Same subject. Incloses communications from the

Liberian Government authorizing him to act as
agent for that Government in the settlement of

the fund.
Same subject. Reviews correspondence on this sub-

ject and incloses copy of letter from Mr. Lyon,
dated Sept. 27, 1911.
Same subject. Liberian Consul Generalis enthor-

ized to roceive the Donovan Fund.
Same subject. Incloses certain documents neces-

sary in the settleinent or the fund.
Same subject. Forwards above docuirents.
Good oflices of the United States in composing dilti.

culties with the German Government. Reports

occurrences and reestablishment of order.
Same subject. Asks for immediate report on the

disturbances in Monrovia.
Same subject. Reply to Department's Nov. 6. Re-

ports on and measures taken by the Government

to suppress disturbances.
Same subject. Full report on disturl ances.

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Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox Nov. 12 Same subject. Reports that the commander of a

German gunboat has demanded that the Liberian
Government take immediate action to sagfeguard
Germans on the Bassa coast, threatening interven-

tion otherwise.
37 Mr. Knox to Mr. Bundy... Nov. 13 Same subject. Approves his attitude as reported

in his No. 53 of Oct. 12. Same to same (telegram).. Dec. 19 Claims of German merchants against Liberia. The

German Government is entitled to ask indem

nity for losses on account of uprisings of natires. Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox Dec. 23 Same subject. Reports that he has taken up the (telegram).

subject of Department's Dec. 19.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 26 Good offices of the United States in composing diffi-

culties with the German Government. Situation
is becoming acute. German commander demands
summary punishment of a Liberian officer who is

accused of having assaulted a German officer.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Bundy Dec. 30 Same subject. German Government has been re-

quested to refrain issuing ultimatum until
investigation of the alleged assault on a German

officer is investigated.

1913. Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox | Jan. 5 Saino subject. German Government demands im(telegram).

mediate dismissal of the accusad Liberian officer.

Raquests instruction. Mr. Knox to Mr. Bundy | Jan. 7 Sarno subject. If the incident can be closed by the (telegram).

dismissal of the Liberian officer, advises that that

course be taken.
Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox Jan. 8 Same subject. German Government demands not

only dismissal of the accused officer but apology
and a guaranty that the disinissed officer be not
again employed in any official capacity. Liberian
Government requests good offices of the United

States Government.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Leishman Jan. 10 Same subject. Instructs him to use good offices to

obtain modification of Germany's demands on
Liberia. Compliance with all the demands would

violate the Constitution of Liberia.
76 Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox... Jan. 13 Claims of German merchants. The American Charge

d'Affaires has proposed an international commis-
sion to investigate the claims and fix indemnity.
Gives reasons for this course. Incloses correspon-
dence between German consul and Liberian Gov.

Mr. Knox to Mr. Bundy Jan. 14 Good offices of the United States in composing didi-

culties with the German Government. The Ger-
man Government accepts compromise and con-

siders incident closed.
Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox Jan. 17 Claims of German merchants. Asks whether he

shall support a commission of three or five com

missioners. Mr. Knox to Mr. Bundy | Jan. 18 Same subject. Department favors commission of (telegram).

Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox Feb. 6 Same subject. German Government demands that

indemnity be paid within one year. Liberian
Government requests good oflices of American

Government to obtain easier terms.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Leishman Feb. 8 Same subject. Instructs him to urge the German

Government to accept the terms otiered by the

Liberian Government.
Mr. Leishman to Mr. Knox Feb. 10 Same subject. The German Government insists

upon prompt settlement of the claims. There is
no prejudice against the appointment of an Ameri-

can on the claims commission.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Leishman Feb. 12 Same subject. Again urges the acceptance of the

Liberian terms of settlement, 84 Hr. Bundy to Mr. Knox... Feb. 14 Same subject. Incloses copy of the terms of settle

ment proposed by the Liberian Government;

German contentions and intentions discussed. Mr. Knox to Mr. Bundy Feb. 19 Same subject. The German Government feels that (telegram).

tho Liberian Government is intriguing to delay
the negotiations for the settlement of the claims.
Asks what maximum per cent of receipts can be set

aside for the settlement.
Same to same (telegram)... Feb. 25 Same subject. Advises him that if the question of

the third commissioner is promptly settled the German Government may accept a counter proposal from Liberian Government for settlement of the claims. Urges that the Liberian Government come to a prompt and amicable agreement as u third commissioner.











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Mr. Bundy to Mr. Knox Feb. 28 Same subject. Gives reasons of the General Reciver

of Customs for objecting to the Gerinun proposal

of settlement.
Mr. Adee to Mr. Bundy.... Mar. 26 Same subject. The Department approves his atti.

tude as shown in his No. 84.
Mr. Bundy to Mr. Bryan... Mar. 31 Same subject. The claims commission has been

coinploted and is examining the claims presented.

Gives names of commissioners.
Same to same.

Apr. 30

Sane subject. Transmits a transcript of the minutes

of the claims commission containing list of swarus. Same to same...

May 15 Uprisings of natives on Sierra Leone frontier, Re

ports on measures taken by Liberian Government
to suppress uprisings; describes dangers of the

Same to samo..

June 6 Claims of German merchants. The merchants who

presented their claims to the commission for a lju-
dication are disappointed at the failure to obtain
large awards.

They may refuse to accept the

• Awards. Same to seme..

July 7 Uprisings of natives on Sierra Leone frontier. Re

ports further on uprisings. Same to samo.

Sept. 27

Same subject. Reports further disorders among the

nuitive tribes,
Mr. Johnson to Mr. Bryan.. Oct. 7 Donovan Trust Fund. The fund was properly

settled by the payment of $65,511.11 to the Libe

rian Consul General.
Mr. Bryan to Mr. Bundy.. Nov. 18 Uprisings of natives on the Sierra Leone frontier.

Department hopes that the Liberian Govern-
ment will make every carnest effort to restore

order among the native tribes.
Dec. 17 Message of the President to the Legislature. Ex-
















Mr. Adams to Mr. Knox... Sept. 12 Colorado River protective works. States that work

is to be resumed and asks that renewal or permit

be obtained from the Mexican Government. 551 Mr. H. Wilson to Mr. H. L. Sept. 19 Same subject. Instructs to request that the MexiWilson.

ean Govorn ment issue appropriate orders to its

officials so that the work may be resumed.
427 Mexican Embassy to De Oot. 3 Chamizal controversy. Requests this Government
partment of State.

to prevent the Pearson firm from establishing in-
dustrial plants in the Chamizal zone, in order to

maintain the status quo.
1004 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox.... Oct. 9 Colorado River. Incloses copy of a note from the

Mexican Foreign Office stating that application for
a permit to resume work should be made by the
Colorado River Land Co. to the Department of

510 Mr. Crespo to Mr. Knox.... Oct. 12 Chamiral controversy. Acknowledges Depart-

ment's Oct. 6, 1911.
Department of State to Oct. 18 Same subject. Replies to the Embassy's Oct. 3 and
Mexican Embassy.

asks in what respect the occupancy of a lot in the
Chamizal zone by the Pearson firm is held to fio-
late the status quo; draws attention to certain
previous correspondence and to article 8 of the

arbitration convention.
Mr. Thompson to


Nov. 24 Colorado River. Reports that the Minister of Fo-
Fisber (telegram).

mento has issued orders to permit resumption of

the work.
671 Mr. H. Wilson to Mr. E.L. Dec. 11 Chamiza) controversy. Incloses the Mexican Em-

bassy's Oct. 12 and Department's Oct. 18; in-
structs him to make such oral and informal rep-

resentations as may appear appropriate.
Mr. Kehlinger to Mr. Knox Dec. 14 Same subject. Explains the legal circunstances

making proper the Pearson firm's occupancy of

land in the Chamizal zone.
Mr. Crespo to Mr. Knox Dec. 16 Same subject. Requests the Department's good

offices to prevent the eviction of certain occupants

of the Chamizalzone in violation of the status quo.
Department of State to Deo. 16 Same subject. Emphasizes the importance of expe-
Mexican Embassy,

diting the arrival at an understanding between
the two Governments regarding the Chamizal

777 Mr. Crespo to Mr. Knox... .do.... Same subject. Urges the necessity of restoring to

possession the Mexicans evicted from the Chamizal zone in violation of the status quo.








From and to whom.














1911. Mr Keblinger to Mr. Knox Dec. 18 Same subject. Refers to his own telegram of Dec. 14; (telegram).

declares there were no forcible evictions and no

violation of the status quo. Jr. Knox to Mr. Keblinger Dec. 20 Same subject. Instruction to communicate to the (tegrain).

Mexican Commissioner, Puga, bis Dec. 14 and 18. 90 Nr. Knox to Mr. Crespo.... Dec. 22 Same subject. Refers to his Oct.3 and Dec. 15, and

Department's Oct. 18; explains at length the rela-
tion to the status quo of the alleged evictions and
the occupancy by the Pearson firm. The acts

complained of violate no phase of the status quo.

Mr. Knox to Mr. Wilson Jan. 26 Colorado River. Instructs to make representations

to the Mexican Governinent to the end that a bill
may be introduced into Congress relieving the
Colorado River Land Co. of import duties for ial-
terial, food, clothing, etc., used in connection with

the levee works.
Ur. Wilson to Mr. Knox Jan. 30 Same subject. The Secretary of Fomento has given
assurances that a bill for the remission of

ties on material used on the levee works will be inuo

duced into Congress when it reassembles.
959 Mr. Crespo to Mr. Knox.... Jan. 30 Charizal controversy. Acknowledges that the de-

partment's No. 90 of Dec. 22 explains satisfactorily
the matters complanied of in the Embassy's Oct.

3 and Dec. 15.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Keblinger. Feb. 7 Same subject. Incloses the Mexican Embassy's

Jan. 30,
Mr. Fisher to Mr. Knox.... Feb. 10 Colorado River. Suggests that negotiations be

opened with the Government of Mexico for the
creation of an international commission to investi-
gate and report as to the proper method of utilizing

the waters of the lower Colorado River.
Mr. Wilson to Mr. Fisher ...Feb. 19 Same subject. Discusses Mr. Fisher's letter of the

10th inst., and requests further information. 1122 Mr. Crespo to Mr. Knox.... Mar. 9 Chamizal controversy. Refers to the Department's

Dec. 16, 1911, and gives his Government's reasons
for considering the Chamizal case to have been
finally decided by the arbitral tribunal; it will
however, listen to any proposal of the United
States provided that neither the validity of the
arbitral award nor the possibility of determining

scientifically the site of the river bed in 1864.
1309 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox... Mar. 12 Same subject. Refers to Department's No. 671 of

Dec. 11, 1911. The President of Mexico under-
stands that the conclusions of the International
Boundary Commission were partially unsatisfac-
tory to both countries, but that if they should be
reconsidered other boundary questions should be

included in the discussion.
Mr. Fisher to Mr. Knox.... Mar. 18 Colorado River. Gives further details in regard to

the proposed Colorado River Commission.
775 Mr. H. Wilson to Mr. H. Mar. 21 Same subject. Incloses copies of correspondence
L. Wilson.

with the Secretary of the Interior concerning nego-
tiations for the creation of an international com-
mission to consider the equitable distribution of
the waters of the Colorado River and instructs to

take up the matter with the Government of Mexico. Same to same (telegram)... Mar. 26 Chainizal controversy. Refers to his No. 1309 of

Mar. 12; instructs to express to the President of
Mexico the Department's gratification at the dis-
position of Mexico to reach a practical solution of
the Chamizal question, and to state the Depart-
ment's understanding of the Mexican attitude
and its hope for an early resumption of negotia-

tions at Washington.
Mr. W Uson to Mr. Crespo.. Mar, 30 Samesubject. Refers to the Embassy's Mar. 9, which

the Department understands to mean that thetwo
Governments will seek a solution upon a basis of
mutual advantage, without prejudice to the posi-
tion of either government in respect to the two
matters mentioned by the Embassy. Urges

prompt resumption of negotiations.
753 Mr. H. Wilson to Mr. H. L. ...do.... Same subject. Refers to his No. 1309 of Mar. 12, and

Department's Mar. 26; incloses copy of the Mexican

Ambassador's note of Mar. 9. Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox Apr. 1 Same subject. Refers to Department's Mar. 26, and (telegram).

reports that Mr. Calero will go to Washington with full instructions and immediately take up the Chamizal discussion.








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statu quo.







1379 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox...Apr. 27 Colorado River. Transmits copy of a note from the

Foreign Office, which suggests that the Interna-
tional Water Boundary Commission be enlarged
for the purpose of making the investigation con-
cerning the distribution of the waters of the

Colorado River,
1475 Mr. Dela Cueva to Mr. Wil May 9 Chamizal controversy. Informs the Department

that Mr. Calero, the new ambassador, holds the
instructions and powers enabling him to take
charge of the negotiations relative to final settle-

ment of the Chamizal case.
Mr. Knox to Mr. Wilson May 22 Colorado River. Department is informed that new

concession has been requested of the Mexican Gov.
ernment concerning the Imperial canal system
located in Mexico; urges necessity that this matter
remain in statu quo until the whole question is

Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox | May 23 Same subject. The Minister for Foreign Affairs ap-

proves letting Colorado River question remain in
Same to same (telegram)... June 5 Same subject. The Minister of Fomento states that

no requests for new concessions relating to the Im

perial canal system have been received. Mr. Knox to Mr. Calero.... June 6

Chamizal controversy. Refers to Mr. De la Cuera's

note of May 9, of which due note has been taken. June 14 Colorado River. Message of the President concern

ing further appropriations and works on the Colo

rado River.
884 Mr. H. Wilson to Mr. H. L. July 1 Chamizal controversy. Incloses copy of tentative

bases for a contention for setiement of the Chami-
zal case and other related questions; the original
was handed to the Second Secretary of the Mexican

Embassy on June 28.
Same to same.

Sept. 10 Colorado River. Incloses draft of a conrention pro

viding for the creation of a commission to study
the bases of distribution of the waters of the Colo-

rado River.
1690 Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox... Sept. 26 Same subject. Department's No. 974 has been com-

municated to the Mexican Government and that

Government will give the subjoct eariy attention. 1780 Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Knox.. Nov. 20 Same subject. Incloses copy of note from the Foreign

Office transmitting the counter draft of the Gov-
ernment of Mexico of the convention for the crer

tion of a Colorado River Commission.
Mr. Knox to the American Nov. 25 Protection of American life and property in Mexico.
consular officers in Mex.

Instruction to submit a comprehensive report of
all cases of violation of the rights of Americans in
Mexico from October, 1910, including murders,
hardships, annoyances, and loss of property, and a
general satement of the living conditions im-
posed on and the nature of Mexican measures for
the protection of Americans. To this are ap-

pendol minutes directions corering these poinis. 1834 Mr. Schuyler to Mr. Knox.. Dec. 30 Révolutionary claims. Incloses note from Mexican

Foreign Office to the British Minister distinguish-
ing between the merits of claims arising out of the

revolution of 1910 and subsequent ones.

Mr. Knox to Mr. Wilson Jan. 7 Same subject. Relers to the Embassy's Dec. 28, 1912.

The Department objecis to presenting claims en
masse ai the present time preferring individual
treatment of claims cases pending a general settle-
ment at some future time. Cominents on the
attitude of the Mexican Minister for Foreiga

Mr. Wilson to Mr. Knox ...do.... Political ailairs. Reports a critical situation.......

1845 Same to same (telegram)... Jan. 8 Revolutionary claims. Observations on the claims

policy of the Department, in which the Ambassa

dor believes he finds inconsistencies.
Same to same (telegram)... Jan. 9 Same subject. Refers to Department's Jan. 7. Re-

peais his adherences to the policy of treating
claims en masse insied or individually: Replies
to Department's comments on the Minis: er for

Foreign Affairs.
1160 Mr. Knox to Mr. Wilson ...do.... Same subject. Supplements instruction of Jan. 7.

Incloses memoranda of two inierviews with Mr.
Lascurain, Mexican Miniser for Foreign Affairs,
at Washington, containing statemen s of policy
as presenied to him, with his comments.









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