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Inaugural address of the President, Yuan Shih Kal.-----

Political affairs: organization of the National Assenibly ; recognition

of the Republic of China by the United States and other powers ;

inauguration of President Yuan Shih K'ai; uprising in southern

provinces suppressed; expulsion by presidential decree of Na-

tionalist members of the Assembly; formation by the President of

a Political Council.--

Loan negotiations: withdrawal of the United States group of bankers

from the sextuple consortium; conclusion of a reorganization-loan

agreement between China and the quintuple group; currency-

reform and Manchurian-industrial loan; student loans; miscel-

laneous loans --

Indemnity payments --------

Claims of American citizens against China--

Second International Opium Conference; report of the American

delegates -------

Colombia :

Relations of the United States with Colombia---

Costa Rica:

Extradition and deportation from Costa Rica to the United States as

an act of conity----


Inauguration of President Menocal; participation in the ceremonies

of a Special Mission representing the President of the United


Proposal of France, Germany, and Great Britain to arbitrate with

Cuba certain insurrectionary claims of their nationals arising

prior to 1898.------

Naval station at Guantánamo.-------

Cuban amnesty bill; attitude of the United States---

Zapata Swamp concession--------

Concession for the construction of a bridge across the entrance to the

port of Habana; attitude of the United States. ------------------

Caiba rien-Nuevitas railroad project; attitude of the United States.

Scurrilous and libelous newspaper attacks on the American Minister

and the Secretary of Legation at Habana; immunity of congress-

men from prosecution for crime; attitude of the United States ---

Participation of a Cuban delegation in the dedication of the National

Maine Monument in New York City-

Dominican Republic:

Message of the President, Archbishop Adolfo A. Nouel.------------

Political affairs: resignation of President Nouel ; election and inaugu-

ration of President Bordas; revolution; measures in regard

thereto taken by the United States; observation of Dominican

elections by United States officials ---------

Financial affairs : conclusion of a loan contract between the Domini-

can Republic and the National City Bank of New York, with the

approval of the United States ----

Arbitration of the boundary dispute between the Dominican Republic

and Haiti; good offices of the United States....

The American Minister as an arbitrator of a French claim.-------

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Recognition of President Plaza by the United States

Message of the President, General Leónidas Plaza Gutiérrez, to the


Revolution at Esmeraldas; attitude of the United States.-

Claims of the Guayaquil & Quito Railway Co. v. Ecuador; arbitration

proceedings --

Sanitation of Guayaquil; discrimination against American bidders;

award of contract to a London company--

Slavery of Indians in the Province of Oriente_

Boundary dispute with Peru. (See Peru.)


Arbitration Agreement between the United States and France, ex-

tending the duration of the Convention of February 10, 1908; text-

Reestablishment of relations between France and Venezuela ; text of

protocol relating thereto; good offices of the United States---

Great Britain:

Panama Canal tolls: exemption of vessels in the coastwise trade of

the United States from payment of tolls --------

Extradition Arrangement, effected by exchange of notes, between the

United States and Great Britain, providing for extradition between

the Philippine Islands or Guam and British North Borneo--------


Assassination of King George I; accession to the throne of King Con-


War with Bulgaria. (See Bulgaria.)

War with Turkey. (See Turkey.)

Guatemala :

Message of the President, Manuel Estrada Cabrera, to the National

Legislative Assembly------

Financial affairs : restitution of the coffee revenues to British bond-

holders; good offices of the United States.


Death of President Tancrède Auguste; election and inauguration of

President Michel Oreste------


Abrogation of the right of Syrians to trade in Haiti; rights of Ameri-

can citizens of Syrian birth-

Arbitration of the boundary dispute between Haiti and the Dominican

Republic. (See Dominican Republic.)


Message of the President, Manuel Bonilla, to the Congress.

Death of President Bonilla; assumption of the Presidency by Vice

President Francisco Bertrand.-----

Recovery by Honduras of the National Railroad of Honduras and the

wharf at Puerto Cortés from the lessee, an American citizen; atti-

tude of the United States.-


Italy :

Sovereignty of Italy over Libya; attitude of the United States in re-

gard to recognition thereof; relinquishment of extraterritorial


Treaty between the United States and Italy amending Article 3 of

the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of February 26, 1871;

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Protest of Japan against the land laws of the State of California.---

Liberia :

Message of the President, Daniel E. Howard, to the Legislature ----

Good offices of the United States in composing difficulties with the

German Government.--

Claims of German merchants against Liberia ; formation of a claims

commission ; good oilices of the United States.----

Uprisings of natives on the Sierra Leone frontier.

Transfer of the Donovan Trust Fund to the Liberian Government by

the American Colonization Society-


Messages of the de facto Provisional President, Victoriano Iluerta,

to Congress, April 1 and September 16, 1913_--

Political affairs: assassination of President Madero and Vice Presi-

dent Pino Suárez; seizure of the executive power by General

Huerta, cooperating with General Felix Díaz; dictatorship of

Huerta; imprisonment of opposition deputies and nullitication of

presidential elections; suppression of Díaz; uprising of Consti-

tutionalists under Venustiano Carranza; measures taken by the

United States on the border and in Mexican waters; measures

taken by the Diplomatic Corps to protect the lives of foreigners.--

Violations of neutrality: prohibition of shipment of arms and muni-

tions of war into Mexico from the United States, and exceptions


Protection of American life and property in Mexico.-

Protection by the United States of Spanish, French, German, Chinese,

and Japanese subjects in Mexico.-

Claims of American citizens against Mexico for damages arising

from revolutionary disturbances.-


Chamizal controversy --------

Construction and maintenance of protective works uil the Colorado

River and negotiations with the Government of Mexico concerning

the equitable distribution of the waters of that river.--

Settlement of the controversy of the Tlahualilo Company with the

Government of Mexico-----


War with Bulgaria. (See Bulgaria.)

War with Turkey. (See Turkey.)


Responsibility of the Moroccan Government for the safety of foreign-

ers traveling or sojourning in the Empire..


Dedication of the Palace of Peace at The Hague.-------

Misuse of the American Flag for advertising purposes...


Message of the President, Adolfo Díaz, to the Congress -

Proposed interoceanic canal treaty between the United States and

Nicaragua, and protests of Salvador and Costa Rica in relation



Financial afïairs: conclusion of a loan contract with American

bankers; good offices of the United States----------

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