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Inauguration of President Menocal; participation in the ceremonies

of a Special Mission representing the President of the United

States --

Proposal of France, Germany, and Great Britain to arbitrate with

Cuba certain insurrectionary claims of their nationals arising

prior to 1898------

Naval station at Guantánamo--

Cuban amnesty bill; attitude of the United States ----------

Zapata Swamp concession.

Concession for the construction of a bridge across the entrance to the

port of Habana; attitude of the United States --

Caibarien-Nuevitas railroad project; attitude of the United States

Scurrilous and libelous newspaper attacks on the American Minister

and the Secretary of Legation at Habana; immunity of congress-

men from prosecution for crime; attitude of the United States ---

Participation of a Cuban delegation in the dedication of the National

Maine Monument in New York City -

Dominican Republic:

Message of the President, Archbishop Adolfo A. Nouel_----

Political affairs: resignation of President Nouel; election and inaugu-

ration of President Bordas; revolution; measures in regard

thereto taken by the United States; observation of Dominican

elections by United States officials---

Financial affairs: conclusion of a loan contract between the Domini-

can Republic and the National City Bank of New York, with the

approval of the United States.-

Arbitration of the boundary dispute between the Dominican Republic

and Haiti; good offices of the United States-------

The American Minister as an arbitrator of a French claim-------

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Recognition of President Plaza by the United States

Message of the President, General Leónidas Plaza Gutiérrez, to the


Revolution at Esmeraldas; attitude of the United States.-

Claims of the Guayaquil & Quito Railway Co. v. Ecuador; arbitration

proceedings --

Sanitation of Guayaquil; discrimination against American bidders;

award of contract to a London company--

Slavery of Indians in the Province of Oriente_

Boundary dispute with Peru. (See Peru.)


Arbitration Agreement between the United States and France, ex-

tending the duration of the Convention of February 10, 1908; text-

Reestablishment of relations between France and Venezuela ; text of

protocol relating thereto; good offices of the United States---

Great Britain:

Panama Canal tolls: exemption of vessels in the coastwise trade of

the United States from payment of tolls --------

Extradition Arrangement, effected by exchange of notes, between the

United States and Great Britain, providing for extradition between

the Philippine Islands or Guam and British North Borneo--------


Assassination of King George I; accession to the throne of King Con-


War with Bulgaria. (See Bulgaria.)

War with Turkey. (See Turkey.)

Guatemala :

Message of the President, Manuel Estrada Cabrera, to the National

Legislative Assembly------

Financial affairs : restitution of the coffee revenues to British bond-

holders; good offices of the United States.


Death of President Tancrède Auguste; election and inauguration of

President Michel Oreste------


Abrogation of the right of Syrians to trade in Haiti; rights of Ameri-

can citizens of Syrian birth-

Arbitration of the boundary dispute between Haiti and the Dominican

Republic. (See Dominican Republic.)


Message of the President, Manuel Bonilla, to the Congress.

Death of President Bonilla; assumption of the Presidency by Vice

President Francisco Bertrand.-----

Recovery by Honduras of the National Railroad of Honduras and the

wharf at Puerto Cortés from the lessee, an American citizen; atti-

tude of the United States.-


Italy :

Sovereignty of Italy over Libya; attitude of the United States in re-

gard to recognition thereof; relinquishment of extraterritorial


Treaty between the United States and Italy amending Article 3 of

the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation of February 26, 1871;

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Protest of Japan against the land laws of the State of California ----

Liberia :

Message of the President, Daniel E. Howard, to the Legislature ----

Good offices of the United States in composing difficulties with the

German Government..

Claims of German merchants against Liberia ; formation of a claims

commission; good offices of the United States.-


Uprisings of natives on the Sierra Leone frontier-----

Transfer of the Donovan Trust Fund to the Liberian Government by

the American Colonization Society----


Messages of the de facto Provisional President, Victoriano Iluerta,

to Congress, April 1 and September 16, 1913---

Political affairs: assassination of President Jadero and Vice Presi-

dent Pino Suárez; seizure of the executive power by General

Huerta, cooperating with General Felix Díaz; dictatorship of

Huerta; imprisonment of opposition deputies and nullitication of

presidential elections; suppression of Díaz; uprising of Consti-

tutionalists under Venustiano Carranza; measures taken by the

United States on the border and in Mexican waters; measures

taken by the Diplomatic Corps to protect the lives of foreigners.---

Violations of neutrality: prohibition of shipment of arms and muni-

tions of war into Mexico from the United States, and exceptions


Protection of American life and property in Mexico.---

Protection by the United States of Spanish, French, German, Chinese,

and Japanese subjects in Mexico..

Claims of American citizens against Mexico for damages arising

from revolutionary disturbances-------

Chamizal controversy-.

Construction and maintenance of protective works on the Colorado

River and negotiations with the Government of Mexico concerning

the equitable distribution of the waters of that river.-----------

Settlement of the controversy of the Tlahualilo Company with the

Government of Mexico.


War with Bulgaria. (See Bulgaria.)

War with Turkey. (See Turkey.)


Responsibility of the Moroccan Government for the safety of foreign-

ers traveling or sojourning in the Empire ---


Dedication of the Palace of Peace at The Hague.---------------

Misuse of the American Flag for advertising purposes.---- .


Message of the President, Adolfo Díaz, to the Congress.----- ----

Proposed interoceanic canal treaty between the United States and

Nicaragua, and protests of Salvador and Costa Rica in relation


Financial affairs: conclusion of a loan contract with American

bankers; good offices of the United States ------

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