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[Chapter 17, 1st Session, 1891.]

AN ACT providing for preliminary proceedings and registration of electors prior to a municipal election.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Wyoming :

Proclamation of Election.

SECTION 1. The mayor, or other chief officer of each incorporated city or town shall, not less than thirty days before an election therein, if possible, make a proclamation which shall be published at least one time in an official newpaper of the city, setting forth the fact that on a certain date, naming it, a municipal election will take place for the election of officers, naming the offices to be filled at such election. Such proclamation shall be signed by the mayor or other chief officer, and attested by the clerk of the municipality.

Polling Places-Designation of.

SEC. 2. The mayor or other chief officer of an incorporated city or town, together with its council or board of trustees, may designate and establish such polling places or booths within the precincts established by the county commissioners as the officers of such incorporated city or town may deem fit. Such polling places or booths to be erected or constructed in the manner prescribed by law, at the expense of such incorporated city or town.

Notice to County Commissioners.

SEC. 3. The clerk of each incorporated city or town. shall, not less than thirty days before an election, notify the board of county commissioners in writing, of the day of the next municipal election, whether the same be a regular or special one, whereupon the county commissioners shall at once notify the regularly appointed registry agents for the district embraced within such city or town, to appear at

the lawfully designated place of registry on the third Tuesday preceding such election, and to proceed to register all citizens who appear, claim the right, and are qualified to register, and who by reason of not being registered would be disqualified from voting at such election.

Registration Notices.

SEC. 4. Such registry agents shall thereupon post notices of the registration of electors in the manner provided by law for giving notice of registration before regular county elections.


SEC. 5. On the day appointed for registry as aforesaid, such registry agents shall meet and proceed to register all qualified electors in the manner prescribed by law. Such registry agents shall keep the same hours and observe all the requirements of the statute the same as during regular registration periods.

Certified Registry Lists-Posting of.

SEC. 6. At the end of the first meeting, the registry agents shall prepare and certify lists of persons who have registered, shall file the same in the office of the county clerk and clerk of the municipality, and post the same in the manner provided by law.

Registry Agents-Meetings of.

SEC. 7. Such registry agents shall meet for three consecutive days, and shall then adjourn for one week, and then they shall meet for one day for the purpose of revising, correcting and completing such registry lists and the registration of such qualified electors who have not theretofore registered.

Complete Registry Lists.

SEC. 8. When the registry agents shall have completed the registration as aforesaid, they shal! prepare and certify lists and deliver copies thereof to the county clerk. and the clerk of the municipality in the manner provided by law.

Posting Complete Registry Lists.

SEC. 9. The county clerk and the clerk of the mu nicipality shall post such lists in the manner provided by law.

Registry Lists-Preparation of by County Clerk.

SEC. 10. The county clerk, upon the request of the clerk of the incorporated city or town, shall prepare and de

liver to such clerk of the incorporated city or town, a registry list containing, in alphabetical order, and divided into precincts, complete lists of all the regularly registered and properly qualified electors who could vote at the ensuing city or town election, as shown by the registry lists in his office.

City shall Pay for Registry Lists.

SEC. 11. The city or town asking for such lists through its clerk, shall reimburse the county clerk for all expenses incurred in procuring material and assistance necessary in furnishing such registry lists. Such expenses shall be paid after such service is rendered, in the same manner that the other claims against an incorporated city or town are paid.

Precinct Registry Lists—City Clerk shall Prepare.

SEC. 12. The clerk of the incorporated city or town, upon receipt of such registry lists, shall prepare one list for each election precinct. He shall furnish a judge in each precinct with a certified list of the qualified voters in such precinct, as such lists are obtained from the registry lists furnished such clerk of a city or town by the county clerk. Who may Vote at Municipal Elections.

SEC. 13. All persons who have registered either during the registration period immediately preceding the said city or town election, or who have registered less than two years before such election during a regular registration period for county elections, and who would be qualified at that time to vote at a county election in a precinct, shall be entitled to vote at such city or town election in the precinct in which they are registered; provided, that such electors are actual residents of the incorporated city or town in which they offer to vote.

Registered Elector-How long he may Vote..

SEC. 14. Any elector who registered previous to such city or town election shall be entitled to vote in any election precinct in which they are registered until the next regular period for registration before a county election; provided, that in county elections they shall be actual residents of the county, and in municipal elections, of the incorporated city or town in which they offer to vote.

Registry Agents-Paid by Municipality.

SEC. 15. The incorporated city or town for which the registration provided for in this act is held, shall pay the salary of the registration agents, and all their fees and ex

penses for services rendered in registering before such election, as provided by law.

Judges and Clerks-Appointment of.

SEC. 16. The mayor or other chief officer of an incorporated city or town in which a municipal election is held, shall, by and with the advice of its council or trustees, appoint the judges and clerks of election for such election, under the same restrictions and qualifications as those required for regular elections.

Judges and Clerks-Salaries and Expenses of.

SEC. 17. The incorporated city or town appointing such judges and clerks shall pay their salary and expenses at the same rate as prescribed by law for similar duties in regular county elections.

General Election Law-Supplemented by Ordinances.

SEC. 18. The provisions of law for general elections shall apply as far as possible to the registration and election. Whenever the procedure of conducting municipal elections is not fully provided for by law, it may be supplemented by ordinance of the incorporated city or town, in which an election is held, and the canvass and return of such elections shall be as prescribed by the ordinances of such incorporated cities or towns.

Early Election [Obsolete].

SEC. 19. All elections of incorporated cities and towns which shall be held within a period, after the taking effect of this act, of less than the time herein prescribed for registering and preparing for an election, shall take place notwithstanding the time herein specified, and the preliminary proceedings, including registration, shall be made and done as soon as possible after the passage of this act, and before such election, and the proceedings had thereunder shall be as effective and regular as if made within the time and in the manner in this act prescribed.

In Force.

SEC. 20. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved December 29, 1890.

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