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as provided by law, and presented in one certificate of nomination in a separate group.

Vacancy-When no Election.

Third Whenever, however, a vacancy in any state or district office as aforesaid shall occur, less than twentyfive days prior to such election, then, in that case, at such election no person shall be elected to fill such vacancy. "Territory" means State.

Fourth-Wherever in this act the word territory occurs and the same refers to the territory of Wyoming, it shall mean the state of Wyoming.

"Council" means Senate.

Fifth-Wherever in this act the word council appears and refers to the legislative council of the territory of Wyoming, the same shall hereafter mean the senate of the state of Wyoming.

"Delegate" means Member of Congress.

Sixth-Wherever in this act the term "delegate to congress" appears and such term refers to the delegate to congress from the territory of Wyoming, the same shall mean a "representative in congress from the state of Wyoming." [Sec. 1 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

Enumeration of County and Precinct Officers.

SEC. 2. The following county and precinct officers shall hold their office by election:

The clerk.

The commissioners.

The surveyor.

The sheriff.

The county treasurer.

The county and prosecuting attorney.

The superintendent of schools.

The assessor.

The coroner.

The justices of the peace.

The constables.

The clerk of the district court for each county, whenever his term of office shall expire before the next general election, or whenever a vacancy therein is to be filled, and such other county and precinct officers which may be created and made elective by law. [Sec. 2 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

Special Elections-When Held.

SEC. 3. Special elections shall be held in the following cases and for the election of the following officers:

First-When there has been no choice at the general election, of any officer, not a precinct officer, who should properly have been chosen at such general election.

Second-When the rights of a person elected to the office of member of the council or member of the house of representative, shall cease by death, or otherwise, before the commencement of, or during the term for which he shall have been elected.

Special Elections-How Conducted.

SEC. 4. Special elections shall be conducted, and the results thereof canvassed and certified, in all respects as near as practicable, in the same manner as in general elections, except as otherwise specially directed.

Who may Vote.

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SEC. 5. First-Except as hereinafter provided, every person shall be qualified and entitled to vote, who is a citizen of the United States, and over the age of twenty-one years, and who has been a bona fide resident of Wyoming for one year, and of the county wherein his residence is located, sixty days next preceding the election at which he votes, and who shall be able to read the constitution of this state, and who has complied with the provisions of this act.

Second-Provided, however, That any person prevented by physical disability from being able to read the constitution of this state, shall not for that reason, while laboring under such disability, be deprived of his right to vote, and

Third-Provided, further, That until the tenth day of July in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, each person who, previous to July tenth, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety had declared on oath before a competent court of record, his intention to become a citizen of the United States, and had taken an oath to support the constitution and government of the United States, shall, if he possess the other qualifications of an elector, be entitled to vote until the expiration of the date as aforesaid.

Fourth-Provided, further, That any person, who on the tenth day of July, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety, was a qualified elector of the state, shall continue so to be is he has continued to be a resident of the state and has complied with the provisions of this act, concerning registration, and if after the tenth day of July, in the year

eighteen hundred and ninety-five, a citizen of the United States. [Sec. 5 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

Qualifications of Office-Holders.

SEC. 6. No person shall be eligible to any office, who, at the time he is chosen and during his incumbency therein, is not a qualified elector and an actual resident of the district, county, town, ward or precinct, as the case may be, in which he holds such office.

Woman Suffrage.

SEC. 7. When they possess the other qualifications of an elector, the rights of women to the elective franchise and to hold office shall be the same as those of men.

Persons Disqualified from Voting or Holding Office.

SEC. 8. The following persons shall not vote or hold office:

One who is under guardianship.

One who is non compos mentis.

One who has been within Wyoming convicted of any felony, unless restored to civil rights by pardon.

One who has made, or become, either directly or indirectly, interested in any bet or wager depending upon the result of the election at which he or she shall offer to vote. Election Districts-How Defined.

SEC. 9. The board of county commissioners of each county, shall at its regular meeting to be held in July, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and thereafter at each regular July meeting, to be held every general election year, divide the county into convenient election districts, which shall be known and numbered by the numbers designated.

There shall be not less than five nor more than thirty election districts in any county.

In laying out the county into districts, the board of county commissioners may in incorporated cities and towns, make each ward thereof, an election district. [Sec. 9 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.].

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Polling Precints-County Commissioners shall Establish.

SEC. 10. The county commissioners shall, in creating and establishing election districts establish in any one district, as many polling precincts as shall be necessary and convenient for the voters of the election district wherein such polling precincts may be established, but no polling precincts shall be established after the first day of registration as herein provided.

Change of Polling Precincts-Limitation.

SEC. 11. At any meeting prior to the first day of registration the county commissioners shall have discretionary power on petition of ten qualified voters within any election district, to vacate, change, consolidate, remove or establish any polling precincts within the several election districts; Provided, That no increase or decrease shall be made in the number of such election districts oftener than once in two years.

Size of Polling Precincts-When Established.

SEC. 12. On or before the first day of September of each year in which an election is to be held the officers charged by law with the establishment or alteration of polling precincts, shall, as far as necessary, divide the existing election districts into polling precincts in such manner that each polling precinct shall not contain more than four hundred voters.

Rule for Establishing Polling Precincts-Rule in Cities.

SEC. 13. In altering and establishing election districts and polling precincts the county commissioners shall be governed and guided by the interest and convenience of the greatest number of electors; Provided, That in municipalities the polling precincts shall not extend over more than one ward and that the polling precincts so established shall be the polling precincts for municipal elections.

Election Districts-What Shall Constitute.

SEC. 14. Each incorporated city and town and each village in Wyoming containing one hundred inhabitants, or more, within an area of one square mile of territory and all precincts located on the line of any railroad, shall constitute an election district; Provided, that in any city or town along the railroad, an election district may include more than one polling precinct. [Sec. 14 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]


Registry Agents-Appointment-Qualification-Term of Office.

SEC. 15. The boards of the county commissioners of the several counties shall, at their regular meetings held in July in the year 1890 and thereafter at each regular July meeting to be held every general election year, appoint two registry agents for each election district in their respective counties; said registry agents shall not be members of the same political party.

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