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Such registry agents shall be qualified voters in the several election districts for which they are respectively appointed and shall be otherwise competent to attend to the duties incident to their appointment.

Such registry agents shall hold their offices for the term of two years and until their successors are appointed and qualified and they may be removed at the will of the county. commissioners for cause.

Meetings of Registry Agents-Posting Notice.

SEC. 16. First-Said registry agents shall meet on the Tuesday four weeks preceding each general and special election, at the office of the clerks of their respective cities or towns and villages, or at some convenient place therein designated by the county commissioners and made known by said registers by advertisement posted up in five public places in their district at least five days before the time of meeting.

Second-In incorporated cities and towns where a ward is made an election district, the registry agents of such district shall meet at some convenient place within such district as designated by the county commissioners.

Third-They shall convene at nine o'clock in the morning and proceed to make a list, as hereinafter prescribed, of all persons qualified and entitled to vote at the ensuing election in their respective election districts, designating the ward and polling precinct, in which such persons are then residing and entitled to vote, which list, when complete, shall constitute and be known as the register of electors of said election district. [Sec. 16 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

Register of Electors-How Made.

SEC. 17. Said registers shall each contain a list of the persons so qualified and entitled to vote in said election district, according to their wards and polling precincts, when there are any, alphabetically arranged according to their surnames, so as to show in one column the name in full, in another column the residence by the number of the dwelling, if their be a number, and the name of the street or other location of the dwelling place, as near as may be, of each person.

Who Must be Registered.

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SEC. 18. First-The said registry agents shall enter on said lists the names of all persons residing in their jurisdiction who are entitled to, and claim the right to, vote at the next general election. Such persons shall appear in person.

Oath of Applicant to Register.

Second-Every person applying to be registered, shall, before he shall be entitled to have his name registered, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation, which may be administered by one of the registry agents, and which shall be filed with said agents in person, to-wit: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am a citizen of the United States, that I am over the age of twenty-one years (or that I will be twenty one years of age on or before the election day next ensuing) that I will have actually, and not constructively, been a bona fide resident of Wyoming one year, and in this county sixty days preceding the day of the next general election, and that I am not registered elsewhere in Wyoming for this electoral year. So help me God. (Or for which I will answer under the pains and penalties of perjury.)"

Special Provision in Oath until July 10, 1895.

Third-Until the tenth day of July in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five, the foregoing shall contain, in addition thereto, which shall be inserted after the words "United States" the following: "Or that I have declared my intention before a competent court of record to become a citizen of the United States, and have taken oath to support the constitution and government of the United States." Registration Hours.

Fourth-Said registry agents shall sit continuously from day to day until their labors are completed, not exceeding five days, and they shall keep their office open for the transaction of their business each day during the following hours, to-wit: From nine o'clock in the morning until one o'clock in the afternoon, and from two o'clock in the afternoon until six o'clock in the afternoon, and from seven o'clock in the evening until nine o'clock in the evening. Copies of Registry List.

Fifth-When the registry is complete they shall make three copies thereof, and certify the register and the copies thereof to be a true list of the voters of their election districts, so far as they may know.

Disposition of Registry Lists.

Sixth-Within four days thereafter, the said original list shall be filed by said registry agents in the office of the county clerk of the proper county, and one copy of said list shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the municipal corporation of the election district, and one copy shall be retained by each of said registry agents, and said registry

agents shall also make a copy for each polling precinct in the district, and in municipal corporation, the last said copy shall contain the list of voters in the ward in which the polling precinct is located, showing the precinct in which said elector resides, which last said copies shall be deposited with the board of county commissioners of the county, to be by them distributed to the election officers of said precincts for their use on the day of election.

Posting Registry Lists at Polling Precincts.

Seventh-The board of county commissioners shall cause a copy of each of said ward lists to be publicly posted at each polling precinct in said district, at least eighteen days before election day, if possible. [Sec. 18 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

[Any person, however, who on July 10, 1890, was a qualified elector of the State, and continues a resident thereof, may register up to July 10, 1895, and he may register thereafter if he is a citizen of the United States. See Section 5.] Registry Agents-Meeting to Complete and Correct Lists-Time.

SEC. 19. The said registry agents shall again meet at the places herein above designated twelve days preceding the day of election for the purpose of revising, correcting and completing said list. They shall hold sessions for not exceeding two days and during the same hours as at their first meeting.

Registry Proceedings Shall be Public Hearing for Corrections.

SEC. 20. The proceedings shall be open, and all persons residing and entitled to vote in said district shall have the right to be heard in person in relation to the corrections or additions to said register.

Correction of Registry Lists.

SEC. 21. First-Said agents shall at their first meeting for revising and correcting said list, erase therefrom the name of any person inserted therein, who shall be proved by the oath of two legal voters of said district, to the satisfaction of said agents, to be non-residents of said district, or otherwise not entitled to vote in said district at the election then next to be held.

Challenge-How Opposed.

Second-Provided, That if the person whose name is . on such list shall be challenged, he shall be entitled to controvert by the oaths of legal electors of said district the allegations relating to his non-residence or other alleged disqualifications.

Proof of Ability to Read.

Third-And Provided, When the right of a person shall be challenged, upon the grounds that he is not able to read the constitution of this state, he may oppose such challenge by reading sufficient portions from an authorized published copy of such constitution. If such person challenged reads such portions of the constitution to the registry agents, the challenge shall not be sustained. It, after a challenge on account of inability to read the constitution is made, the person challenged makes and subscribes to an affidavit corroborated by the affidavit of two qualified electors of such election district, that he was on the tenth day of July in the year eighteen hundred and ninety, a qualified elector of the state, then such challenge shall not be sustained.

Any Qualified Elector May be Registered.

Fourth-Any elector residing in said district, entitled to vote therein, may appear before said agents in person and require his or her name to be recorded in said alphabetical list for the ward or precint in which he or she claims to reside.

Affidavit of Elector Applying to Register.

Fifth-Any person requiring his or her name to be so entered on said list shall make the same affidavit required of an elector who registers as heretofore provided, and shall be subject to challenge by either of the registry agents, or by any elector, and in case no challenge is made, such name shall be entered upon the registry list, or in case of challenge as aforesaid, then such person shall be registered only upon being vouched for by the affidavit of two electors, as hereinafter provided for challenges at elections. [Sec. 21 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

Certified Registry Lists to Judges of Election.

SEC. 22. After said lists shall have been fully completed and five days or more before the day of election, the said agents shall cause a complete list of the registered voters of each precinct in their respective districts to be made, certify the same to be correct and deliver to the judges of election of each polling precinct a list of the registered voters in their respective precincts.

Judges Shall Check Lists.

It shall be the duty of the judges so receiving such list carefully to preserve such list for their use on election r day and to designate two of their number at the opening of

the polls to check the name of each registered voter voting in such precinct.

Only Register Electors Can Vote.

No vote shall be received at any general or special election if the name of the person offering to vote be not on said register made as aforesaid in districts where registration is required.

Challenge of Registered Electors.

Any person may be challenged and the same oaths required as now are or hereafter may be prescribed by law touching the legality of the vote offered.

Clerks of Election Shall Make Registry List When.

SEC. 23. The clerks at each polling precinct where prior registration is not by law required, in addition to the prior duties now prescribed by law, shall enter on the poll list kept by them in columns prepared for that purpose, opposite the name of each person voting the same statement or minute heretofore required of the registry agents in making the registry.

Judges of Election Shall Return Registry List-Preservation and Public Inspection of List.

SEC. 24. After the canvass of the votes the register so kept and checked as aforesaid shall be returned by the Judges of election together with the poll lists and said register shall be retained and carefully preserved as a public record in the office of the county clerk. Such register at all times shall be open for public inspection at the office of the said county clerk without charge.

Pay of Registry Agents.

SEC. 25. The said registry agents shall each receive the sum of three dollars per day for each day actually employed, to be paid out of the county treasury upon properly verified claims.

Registry Agents-Power in Preserving Order-Vacancies.

SEC. 26. The said registry agents shall have and exercise the same power in preserving order at their meetings under this act as are given to judges of election for preserving order on election day. All vacancies shall be filled by the board of county commissioners, if such board be in session in time and if not such vacancies shall be filled by the county clerk.

Judges of Election Shall be Ex-officio Registry Agents When.

SEC. 27. The judges of election of each election precinct in Wyoming, outside of incorporated cities and towns

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