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holding the election, and at such changed place forthwith proceed with the election.

Notice of Change of Polling Place.

SEC. 71. Upon changing the place of any election as provided in either of the next two preceding sections, the judges shall cause proclamation thereof to be made and shall station a constable or some other proper person at the place from which the change was made to notify all electors arriving at such place of the change and the place to which it was made.

Space Around Polls.

SEC. 72. A space of twenty feet in every direction from the polls shall be kept open and clear of all persons, except one challenger of good conduct and behavior, selected by each political party to detect and challenge illegal voters; Provided, That where the polling place is in an established building, or it would entail unnecessary expense upon the county to build such a polling booth, the space of twenty feet need only be in such direction from the building and in such way as would leave a clear space for the easy entrance and exit of all electors, to and from the polling place, without the hindrance or molestation of any one. [Sec. 72 as amended by Act of January 21, 1891.]

Approach and Departure from Polls.

SEC. 73. The voters shall approach the polling place from one direction and depart in another.

Electors Privileged from Arrest-When.

SEC. 74. Electors shall in all cases except in those of felony or breach of the peace be privileged from arrest during their attendance on the elections, and in going to and turning from the same.

Challengers inside Polling Place.

SEC. 75. The judges of election shall permit at least one and not more than two legal voters of each party to the contest, to be chosen by the parties respectively, to enter the room where the election is held to act as challengers of voters at such election.

Oath of Elector Challenged.

SEC. 76. Any person offering to vote may be challenged and he shall not vote until he has taken the following oath administered by one of the judges of election :

"You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you are the identical person whom you represent yourself to be, and

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who is registered in this precinct at this election, and that you have not voted at this election."

Identification of Elector Challenged-Oath.

Such elector so sworn shall also before voting deliver to the judges of election an affidavit signed by two qualified electors of that precinct, stating that the person offering to vote, naming him, is the identical person whom he represents himself to be, and that the deponents have each known him for at least six months, and that they believe him to be a qualified elector. Such affidavit shall have attached thereto the jurat of the officer administering the oath, which jurat shall bear date the day of the election at which such person offers to vote, and shall be returned by the judges of the election with other election papers. Challenged Electors Voting Shall be Designated in Poll Lists.

SEC. 77. The clerks of election shall write after the name of every person who has been challenged and voted the word "sworn" and the names of the electors making affidavit to the qualifications of the person voting.

Officers of Election Shall Challenge.

SEC. 78. Each judge or clerk of the election shall challenge any person whom he shall know or suspect as not being a qualified elector.

Administration of Oath to Challenged Elector.

SEC. 79. The oath in each case where challenge is given may be administered by either of the judges of election or by any officer, resident in the precinct or district authorized by law to administer oaths.

Ballot Box-How Constructed.

SEC. 80. There shall be provided and kept by the judges of each polling precinct (at the expense of the county) a substantial ballot box with a secure lock and key; there shall be one opening and no more through the lid or corner of such box of sufficient size to admit a single folded ballot.

Ballot Box-Public Inspection before Election-Custody of.

SEC. 81. Before any ballot shall be deposited in the ballot box, the box shall be publicly opened and exhibited and the judges and clerks shall see that no ballot is in such box; after which the box shall be locked and the key delivered to one of the judges to be designated by the others, and shall not again be opened until the close of the polls.

The ballot box shall not be removed from the presence

of judges or clerks of election after locking said box as herein provided until all the ballots shall be counted and poll lists made of all the names on said ballots.


Ballots Shall be Printed at Public Expense.

SEC. 82. All ballots cast in elections for public officers (except school district officers) shall be printed and distributed at public expense as hereinafter provided.

Printing of Ballots, Etc., a Public Charge.

SEC. 83. The printing of ballots and cards of instructions for the electors of each county and the delivery of the same to the election officers, as hereinafter provided, shall be a county charge, the payment of which shall be provided for in the same manner as the payment of other county expenses and the expense of printing and delivering the balÍots and cards of instruction shall in the case of municipal elections be a charge upon the city or town in which such election shall be held.


Nominations of Candidates may be by Convention or Primary.

SEC. 84. Any convention or primary meeting as hereinafter defined, held for the purpose of making nominations to public office and also electors to the number hereinafter specified may nominate candidates for public office to be filled by election.

Convention or Primary Meeting Defined,

SEC. 85. A convention or primary meeting within the meaning of this act is an organized assemblage of electors or delegates representing a political party.

Certificate of Nomination by Convention or Primary.

SEC. 86. All nominations made by such convention or primary meeting shall be certified as follows: The certificate of nomination, which shall be in writing, shall contain the name of each person nominated, his residence, his business, and the office for which he is named and shall designate in not more than five words the party or principle which such convention or primary meeting represents.

It shall be signed by the presiding officer and secretary of such convention or primary meeting who shall add to their signatures their respective places of residence and

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make oath before an officer qualified to administer the same that the affiants were such officers of such convention or primary meeting and that said certificates and the statements therein contained are true to the best of their knowledge and belief.

A certificate that such oath has been administered shall be made and signed by the officer before whom the same was taken.

Such certificate made out as herein required shall be delivered by the secretary or president of such convention or primary meeting as hereinafter required.

Places for Filing Certificates of Nomination.

SEC. 87. Certificates of nomination of candidates for offices to be filled by the electors of the entire territory or of any division or district greater than a county shall be filed with the secretary of the territory.

Certificates of nomination for county and precinct officers, including members of either branch of the legislature, shall be filed with the clerks of the respective counties wherein the officers are to be elected.

Certificates of nomination for municipal officers shall be filed with the clerks of the respective municipal corporations wherein the officers are to be elected.

How Candidates may be Nominated Outside of Convention.

SEC. 88. Candidates for public office may be nominated otherwise than by convention or primary meeting in the following manner:

A certificate of the nomination containing the name of candidate for the office to be filled with such information as is required to be given in certificates provided for in section eighty-six of this act, shall be signed by electors residing within the district or political division in and for which the officer or officers are to be elected in the following numbers:

The number of signatures shall be not less than one hundred when the nomination is for an office to be filled by the electors of the entire territory, and shall not be less than ten when the election is for an office to be filled by the electors of a county, district, city or other division less than the territory;

Provided, That the said signatures need not all be appended to one paper.

Each elector signing a certificate shall add to his signature his place of residence and his occupation.

Such certificates may be filed as provided for in the last preceding section of this act in the same manner and with the same effect as a certificate of nomination made by a party convention or primary meeting.

Certificate of Nomination shall Name but One Candidate.

SEC. 89. No certificate of nomination shall contain the name of more than one candidate for each office to be filed and if it does it shall be void.

No One Can Nominate More Than One Candidate for Each Office.

No person shall join in nominating more than one person for the same office and if he does his name shall not be counted upon either certificate.

No One Can be Nominated to More Than One Office.

No person shall accept a nomination to more than one office and if he does not elect in writing to the proper officer before the time the official ballots are required to be printed his name shall not be placed upon the official ballot. Certificate of Nomination Shall be Verified by Oath.

SEC. 90. One of the signers to each separate certificate of nomination shall swear that the statements therein contained are true to the best of his knowledge and belief, and the certificate of each oath shall be annexed.

Certificate of Nomination Shall be Preserved One Year-Public Inspection.

SEC. 91. The secretary of the territory and the clerks of the several counties, and of the several municipal corporations shall cause to be preserved in their respective offices for one year all certificates of nomination filed in their respective offices under the provisions of this act.

All such certificates shall be open to public inspection under proper regulations to be made by the officers with whom the same are filed.

Time for Filing Certificates of Nomination.

SEC. 92. Certificates of nomination to be filed with the secretary of the territory shall be filed not more than sixty days, and not less than thirty days, before the day fixed by law for the election of the persons in nomination.

Certificates of nomination herein directed to be filed with the county clerk shall be filed not more than sixty days, and not less than twenty days before the election; certificates for the nomination of candidates for municipal offices shall be filed with the clerk of the respective municipal corporations not more than thirty days, and not less

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